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Cascade of passionAs I sit here I imagine a steamy shower. Water cascading down our bodies. An intoxicating feeling of soap, body oils, and your hands. Kissing passionately. Hands exploring my body. Your fingers start pleasuring me. Running over my clit, entering me. Exciting me. Making me moan and sigh, and yet keeping me only on the edge, not putting me over. The water shuts off. We don’t even stop touching each other or looking at each other.Naked and wet, I kneel before you. Softly, I part my lips, and take you into my mouth. My tongue works up and down you while I suck. Hints of your taste make my whole mouth electric. Deeper I go. In the throes of foreplay, I have no desire to stop pleasing you. The look on your face as water drips down your jaw. You place your hands behind my head, stroking my hair with one hand while the other is firmly pressing on the back of my head; forcing me to go even a little deeper while you amasya escort thrust. You start to increase the speed and around your dick my brief moan escapes. We both stop at the same time, not wanting this to end before it has even truly begun.We move to the bed, Blankets already off and on the floor. We both know we won’t need blankets. Passions and desire heat our blood. We know we won’t be sleeping tonight. You lift me off the floor and lay me on the bed. I spread out, allowing you to see all of my naked body, wet with water and wanting you. Trembling, so excited and unable to contain my need for you. Your body covered mine, and your hardness presses against me. So badly I want it, need it. I feel your hands all over my breasts. Softly touching my nipples, making me cry out and beg. You pinch them, not hard, but enough to make me writhe underneath you. Your hands go down my body, between my legs. Your fingers start amasya escort bayan to enter my pussy. Allowing me to have my orgasm, and the wetness of my ecstasy excites you even further. But still you do not enter me. Instead, you kiss along me body. My neck and shoulders. Pausing to suck my nipple. Kissing further and further, down my leg, up my other leg, and then you put your mouth on my pussy.I can feel your tongue on my clit. I can feel the ecstasy increase more and more. Until I can no longer take it and I cry out your name, and beg for you to give me what I want, what I need. At last, you kneel between my legs, and you put it in me. My pussy is wet and tight, and your cock fills me. Thrusting and thrusting, harder and faster each time. I grab your hips, and thrust back, driving you deeper into me. I climax, and exhausted, fall back into the bed. But you are not finished, and I know I haven’t had all escort amasya the pleasures you can give me.You roll me over onto my stomach, and pull back on my hips, bringing my body into doggy style. You put my hands on my ass cheeks, and spread them. Your throbbing hardness presses against me, firmly until finally, I can feel you. When you were fucking me missionary style, it about passion. From behind, however, a****listic passion has taken over. Now, it’s all about fucking. Harder you go, harder and deeper until I almost can’t take it anymore. Your cock inside is now pulsating, and I know you are about to come. You pull out roll me over onto my back. You press your dick against my clit, and your hands encircle my throat. Your mouth is on mine. Air supply cut off, and deep passionate kiss unlike any other. I feel your hot semen drip down my clit. I have an orgasm to end all orgasms. Like a never-ending wave of electric fire and bliss.When I want you and need you, this is what fills up my mind. Even as I write this, my pussy is getting wet, thinking of you like this. How is it you don’t see the way I long for you? I’m waiting for you to take me. To demand it of me.

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