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Carole’s hairy cunt gets fucked by man in theSee the pictures that go with this story “Carole’s hairy cunt gets fucked by man in the spa”As an outrageous exhibitionist I enjoy going to one of our favourite naturist spas where I can flash my tits and hairy pussy off as much as I like. I get a great buzz posing on the sun chairs ensuring that passers by get a good eyeful.One spa we regularly visit has the facility to accommodate overnight and this is great fun for us as we know that once the main visitors have gone for the day it will just be my husband (Keith) and I (and perhaps some voyeurs) left to enjoy the facilities late into the night.One regular visitor to the spa that we’ve got to know pretty well is David. He and I flirt like mad each time we meet up, with our comments getting ruder bilecik escort and ruder as the day progresses.On one occasion Keith mentioned to David that we were staying in the spa overnight and David said that he was too. Keith mentioned this to me and suggested that it might be fun if I teased David to see how far he’d go with the flirting.So I took every opportunity to ‘turn him on’. In the pool I’d swim on my back so that my tits and hairy pussy were on full show. When David was in the jacuzzi I joined him and let my tits stay above the water line. I repeatedly brushed the water off them, flicking my nipples in the process, which clearly aroused him (and the others in the jacuzzi).In the sauna I sat opposite him with my legs apart so that he could see right up my pussy and the constant bilecik escort bayan crossing of his legs and shuffling around demonstrated to me that he was trying hard to avoid displaying his erection. The other guys present in the sauna also appeared to enjoy the show too.When the main session ended I mentioned to David that Keith and I would be coming back down to the pool area at midnight for some fun in the pool.Sure enough shortly after we returned to the pool area David also arrived too. Just like a couple of k**s we messed around at the waters edge threatening to push each other into the pool.The petting got quite intimate and soon we were fondling each others private parts. Still determined to push each other into the pool we wrestled until I managed to push David enough escort bilecik for him to lose balance and topple into the pool but with him grabbing on to my hands I went with him and we both plunged into the water.David pushed me up against the side of the pool and started to kiss me passionately with his hands grasping my bum below the surface of the water. I did not resist and returned the passionate kiss. After a few seconds David grabbed his cock and guided it into my pussy and thrust deeper and deeper into me.We floated away from the edge of the pool and with him still thrusting deep inside me I lent back so that my back and head were resting on the water and my tits were fully on show to anyone still in the sauna or walking past the pool.David continued to fuck me in the pool and I climaxed several times with the cool water lapping over my naked body. Eventually David shot his load deep inside me. Since that occasion David has fucked me a number of times, including in the jacuzzi and in the showers.But that’s a different story…

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