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Carmen’s date pt3
Darren helped me walk back upstairs and into his bathroom where we entered the shower stall and he turned on a nice stream of warm water. As it soaked my body, he gently started to caress me with handfuls of a lotion he had there and a relaxing feeling started to come over me as the soreness began to fade away.
“That feels so good” I said softly as Darren caressed my tits. As he did so from behind me, he would lean in and kiss my neck sending feelings of lust running through me.
“Did you enjoy your session downstairs” he now asked me.
Thinking about the abuse I had taken and realizing I did enjoy it a little,
“Yes lover” I replied
“But it was so unexpected” I managed to add.
“Your husband and I talked about how you liked to be abused while you were in the shower” Darren now said.
“He said he didn’t mind if I were to have fun with you” he added.
I stood there thinking of how much Joe liked to see me receive punishment, especially on my tits. Seeing them red with whip marks or colored from bruises. How it turned him on so very much.
Looking at Darren,
“No, Joe would not have minded you beating my tits or whipping them” I finally told Darren.
Darren leaned in close and we kissed there underneath the shower spray. After a few minutes we broke off and he reached over, turned the water off and reached for a towel. I let him dry me off with nice gentle strokes and returned the favor as I took hold of his cock, started to dry it a little,
“Suck my cock” Darren suddenly said and down on my knees I went and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked on his cock slowly at first, licking around his cock head, licking his balls and then taking his rock hard cock fully into my mouth and sucking it off fast and hard. Darren grabbed hold of my wet hair and now began to fuck my mouth hard with his cock. I gagged a bit as he drove it deep into my throat and soon I felt a stream of hot, sticky cum shooting down my throat as I swallowed as best and as fast as I could. When he finished jerking, I took his cock out of my mouth and licked it clean. Standing back up,
“That was ümraniye escort bayan fuckin’ great baby” I whispered to him.
“I just love the taste of cum” I added and then leaned in and kissed him some more.
I had brought a short black nightie to wear and while I put it on Darren put on a pair of pj’s and we headed out to the living room to relax. Darren made some drinks and we sat and talked for a while when the conversation turned to sex and Darren asked if I was interested in seeing some of his sex tapes. We sat on his sofa and watched various tapes of Darren and some of the women he had brought back to his place and as I leaned up against him, I reached down and finding his cock getting hard again, I gently jerked it while he reached over and caressed my tits.
“You look so fuckin’ sexy baby” I said to him as I watched a tape of him fucking another woman while kissing a second one. The scene switched to the one woman sucking his cock while the second one sucked the woman’s cunt.
“Fuckin’ nice” I said. Looking up at his face,
“You like threesomes don’t you lover?” I asked him.
“Especially with two women” I added
“Fuck yeah” he replied. Then looking down at me,
“You like making it with another woman?” he asked me.
Smiling, I answered.
“Almost as good as sucking and fucking a nice hard cock” . That was all Darren had to hear.
He moved me off to the side, got up and reached for his phone. Calling a number I heard him say,
“Kathy, Darren”
“Get the fuck over here now” he said sternly before replacing his phone. Looking back at me,
“Let’s just see how much you like having another woman” he said to me and I realized he was going to want me to have sex with this Kathy he had just called. A few minutes later the door opened and in walked a young, beautiful girl with what looked like a gorgeous body and a nice set of tits. She was dressed in a sheer white nightgown, panties and heels; obviously knowing Darren was going to fuck her or whatever he wanted her for and she strolled over to him, leaned down and kissed him. When she stood up and looked at me,
“Kathy, ataşehir escort Carmen” Darren said as he motioned to me.
Kathy moved over towards me, leaned down and kissed me. Her lips were so soft I felt a tingle as she broke off and looked back at Darren.
“Baby” Darren said
“I want you to make love to Carmen for me” he added,
“She loves to kiss and suck another woman’s cunt like you do” he then said. With that Darren rose up off the sofa and Kathy moved down to where he had been. Looking at her,
“You’re very lovely” I said to her
“And a nice set of tits” I added.
Leaning in to me,
“Kiss me whore” Kathy said to me as she reached around my neck and pulled me to her. Her kiss was still as soft as possible and we lingered there kissing, tonguing each other, sucking each others tongues when I finally felt her hand move onto my tit and she began to caress me gently at first, then firmer as our kisses became more heated. I managed to reach over and found her tit and was it ever firm with a really large and hard nipple. When we broke off kissing,
“Suck my tits you fuckin’ whore” she demanded as I watched her raise the nightgown over her head and throw it off to one side. Apparently she had been trained by Darren to act this way with another woman and I found myself getting really turned on to this woman being such a demanding bitch. I didn’t hesitate and leaned over and began to lick all around her one nipple while I caressed her other tit; then started sucking on her nipple and twisting and pulling the other one at the same time. I heard her briefly moan as I increased my sucking when she suddenly grabbed my hair, pulled me back a bit and started slapping my face hard.
“You fuckin’ whore” she said as she slapped me hard.
“Be gentle” Darren suddenly cried out loud and Kathy looked over at him.
“Make love to her baby” he then said to Kathy.
“She’s a married whore” he added. Kathy smiled at me, softly caressed my cheeks’
“Sorry honey” she said softly
“I usually act like that to please Darren” she added. With that she leaned back to me,
“Kiss me again lover” she said bostancı escort softly and back to kissing we went. She was in a position to spread her legs and soon I lowered my hand down and found her shaved pussy and soon had my fingers in her nice wet cunt, finger fucking her as best I could. She was moaning more now and breaking away from me, she leaned back on the sofa, spread her legs further apart,
“Suck my fuckin’ cunt love” she said to me
“Make me fuckin’ come” she added. seeing her beautiful shaved cunt spread wide open for me, her hands holding open her cunt lips, I didn’t hesitate and practically dove into her cunt with my tongue. The taste of her cunt was so fucking sweet, the aroma sending signals to my brain, driving me into a frenzy as I relished in the sheer delight of this woman’s cunt. Her moans now filled the room as I drove my tongue deep into her, took my two fingers and shoving them into her soaked cunt, began to finger fuck her hard and rapid. The juices soon flowed as she reached a climax and I got soaked as she reached down, grabbed my hair and kept my head firmly in place as she spasmed with delight. When she finally calmed down enough, she let go of my hair and I rose up. I looked over at Darren and saw that he was jerking his cock off while watching ne suck out Kathy.
I moved around to the head of Kathy and leaning down,
“You tasted so fuckin’ good love” I told her. Finally coming back to earth she looked up at me’
“Oh fuck baby” she said
“God you were so fuckin’ great” she added and we again kissed, long and passionately. When we finished Darren had come over and when I looked up,
“Suck my cock whore” he ordered and into my mouth went his cock again.
“Share my cum with Kathy” he now ordered.
I didn’t have to suck long as he exploded into my mouth and I took his cum, savoring the taste as I tried not to swallow as best I could. When he finished, I leaned over Kathy’s face and with her mouth open, I slowly let loose Darren’s cum into her mouth. When I finished, I leaned down and kissed her some more.
“Beautiful” I heard Darren say,
“You’re quite a talented whore aren’t you Carmen” he said to me. Looking up at him and smiling,
“I try”
Darren kissed Kathy goodnight and off she went back to her place. Taking hold of my hand he led me back to the bedroom and we called it an evening.

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