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Business Trip Sex With Big Titted ColleagueI went on a business trip that took me away for 4 nights.On the first day we were put into teams and I had a female colleague from another office on mine.N****** was 5’4” , short black hair and everyone was commenting on her tits. As you will find out later I was able to check them out at 34EE and firm as hell at age 28.We sat together in the meetings and soon our legs would be touching each other. In the evenings we would all have dinner and drinks and her and I got closer, laughing, joking, obviously attracted to each other. By the 2nd evening we kissed at her hotel room door but she wouldn’t go further, said she had a steady boyfriend, me married.However, by the 3rd day we were touching hands under the table in meetings and that night out we went to her hotel room.We lay flat on the bed and kissed and I opened the buttons on her blouse to see those huge jugs.I asked her to take her bra off and she reached behind and unclipped. Splat, those tits fell out under their weight and I just sat and looked. I said “You know every guy on this trip is commenting on these and here I am seeing them up close.”She said she has been teased about them since she was a teenager.I put my hands out and touched each breast, lifting them up from her sides to feel their weight. My wife is a 34D but these 34EE’s were a treat.I bent down and sucked on her nipples one by one, making them erect. She was turned on now but again said “We shouldn’t be doing this.”I kept sucking at her tits and she ran her hands down my back.I got up and sat on her stomach to look at these magnificent jugs and I massaged them. She said “I thought about having breast reduction surgery to make them smaller” and I said “No way, they are beautiful, you can see how much I love them, other guys too.”I took her hand and put it on my crotch and made her rub my cock through my pants.She still wasn’t keen but I said “We can still play, have some fun”.She opened my zipper and pulled my cock out and I told her to squeeze it, tease me, while I massaged her tits. I was really dying to go to her pussy but I could tell it was not going to be tonight. We still had one more night and I was determined to try further then, before bahis şirketleri she went back home.I asked her if I could fuck her tits if she doesn’t want to have sex and she thought for a bit and said “OK, you obviously want to get off somehow”I got off the bed and took my clothes off, then got back on top of her. I pushed my luck and put my cock to her mouth and said “Suck me a little before we do it”She opened her mouth and took the head in, sucking and running her tongue around me.I was watching her and thinking the other guys won’t believe it if they see us now.I pushed a little deeper in and she grunted but I kept it in making her bob up and down.She pulled me out and said “OK, you can do my tits now”I spat on my fingers to get some lube and spread it on the underside of my cock, then slid it between those massive soft jugs. She pushed them together to enfold me and I moved back and forward, staring at the sight of my cock fucking the biggest tits I had ever seen for real.They were so smooth and closed right over me it felt like I was inside somebody’s pussy.She was looking at my cock popping out the top of her cleavage. I asked “ Is it OK, are you gonna watch my cum shoot out?”She said “Yeh, it’s good, you have a nice cock”I picked up the pace and pushed harder as if I was banging a pussy and told her “Squeeze me tight with those tits, they are the best I have ever seen”She said “Yeh I know you like them, you are in heaven fucking them”I said “OK, watch me now, I am gonna cum in one minute”We both watched as my cock took her tits, then my breathing got hard, I was stabbing her and I screamed loud as my cum shot out up onto her chin and neck, some made it to her lips.She let go of her tits and I watched as they slid to her sides. I said “Lick your lips” She said “Why?” and I said “So you can taste me” She licked her lips and took the cum inside, swallowing. I said “You just drank my cum” and she said “Yeh, there wasn’t much choice”I got off her and kissed her jugs, then grabbed her a few tissues to clean up.Shortly after I left her room as we had to work in the morning.At work that day we were much closer, one guy whispered to me “Did you bang her last night?” and I said “No, not yet” He laughed illegal bahis and said “We can see how you guys are looking at each other”So we were even more touchy feely under the table all day and I was figuring out how to best use the last chance that night.We all went out again and more booze flowed than before as people were heading back home the next day.I kept a really close eye on N***** to see how she was doing. After midnight the guys were splitting up according to when they had to get up in the morning.The two of us went back to her room and we got on the bed and lay on our sides facing each other. We started kissing, my hands opened her top and I opened her bra to get at her tits. We both took off her top and bra so she was now magnificently topless with those tits free to move.She was obviously more comfortable with it this time around and a bit drunker.When I saw she was really getting into it I slid my hand under her skirt and immediately inside her panties. She gasped. I slid my finger into her slit and said “Oh my God you are SOAKING, I could drown down there”She just said “Mmm”I said “Take my cock out” and she undid my pants and gripped my cock while I fingered her. She had a trimmed bush and I could just imagine how dark it would be with her black hair.She was letting me do the heavy petting on her and I was determined to fuck her tonight.A few minutes later she said she needed to go pee. It was now or never. When she came back I was naked and under her sheets. She said “Wow, really?”I said “Yes come here. I leaned over and undid her skirt. “Strip for me”She got undressed and into bed. We went back to rubbing each other and happily she was still soaking wet.I was really judging her pace to see I didn’t force too hard and scare her off. She was stroking me real steady and slow, had obviously been with a couple of guys.When I reckoned she was at the point of no return I got up quickly and kneeled between her legs.I got my 1st view of her pitch black bush, touched her on her labia and opened them up.I quickly slid my finger in and slid it around and she was good with it, so I moved my cock up to the entrance and pushed inside, taking my finger away and slowly pushing my cock deeper.I illegal bahis siteleri was up on my arms looking at her, making sure I was still in luck. She was moving on me, so I positioned myself so my cock was sliding back and forward on her clit.I didn’t know how she liked to be fucked or how long she would take to cum, so I wanted to make the most of my chances.She put her hands out, grabbing onto my forearms. Those beautiful tits were moving up and down as I fucked her, hypnotizing me.She was horny for sure, so I picked up the pace knowing she was all in now.I did her shallow, then deep, then slow, then fast, driving her crazy horny and then I saw she was building up to an orgasm.I kept the pace exactly the same now for the final stretch, not wanting to change anything and soon she was “Aw, Aw, I’m gonna cum”I said “It’s OK, that’s good baby” and let myself loose to cum too, knowing I didn’t have to hold back anymore. I wanted to time it with hers.A few strokes more and she was moaning, gripping my arms hard and I was ready to blow, my cum shooting into her in the middle of her orgasm.I said “Jesus that was good, I had a great view from up there checking how you were getting on” and she said “Wow, yes, that was quite a performance making me cum your first time”We lay together and I spent the night in her room. When we woke at 6.00 am she had to get ready to leave. I put her hand on my cock and said “Wanna help me out again before I leave?” She rubbed me,
kneeled between my legs and sucked me, while I lay back and watched her at work, her head going up and down, her tits swinging low in rhythm to her giving head, until I blew my load into her mouth. She sucked me all the way through my orgasm, swallowing every drop, then came up for a kiss and hug before I dressed and left.We used to have regular phone sex after that for a couple of years, where she would talk to me and I would tell her how I loved playing with her tits and being inside her. I would tell her to put the phone down to her pussy and rub it so I could hear how juicy and wet it was. I know she married the guy she was dating when I banged her, so it thrills me to know I gave her a real good fuck and she complimented on my skills on my 1st time out. The phone sex stopped when she married him. I would have had a huge thrill phone fucking her even though she was with him.She came to our offices one time but never hinted that we had any connection and then we lost contact when she changed jobs.

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