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Buddy’s wifeBack when we were younger and partying like we were, some friends met us at a lake house. It was another couple, and they came to spend the day with my wife and I. They showed up having already drank a bit, and after a few hours of drinking in the sun, we were all pretty wrecked. We continued the party out on the lake drinking in a boat as the sun beat down on us. A of a sudden a rain storm came out of nowhere and the four of us where soaked through. Good thing we had all been in bathing suits. But the rain was enough to make us head back to the house. As we got off the boat, the first thing we all noticed was that my buddy’s wife was really gone. I mean, barely able to walk. He was kind of embarrassed, and upset thinking she would cause the party to be over. As the three of us helped her off the boat, she was basically passing out in our arms. We carried her to the screened in porch, and laid her on a couch. He told us how much fun he was still having and didn’t want to leave. So we all decided that she can just sleep it off while we go start a fire. The three of us changed into dry clothes, and pretty much forgot about her for the next couple hours. We continued partying by the campfire. However, every time I would pass by her to go use the bathroom inside, I couldn’t help but check out her body. She was just passed out there, in her wet bathing suit. Her nipples poking through the cold fabric, and her legs parted so you could see a bit of her pussy hair stubble from the sides of her bottoms. At one point when my wife used the bathroom she put a blanket over her, which ended my cheap thrills of checking her out. It soon became clear that my buddy was too drunk to take her home, so they would both be spending the night. My wife ended up going to bed shortly after that, so it as just us two guys sitting by the fire chatting. My wife went inside to get ready for bed, and in her drunken state, didn’t close the blinds on the window. With it being dark outside and her having the lights on inside, we could both see her as clear as day. My friend pointed it out to me, just as she started to strip down. I figured kaçak iddaa I should run in and tell her before she got her bottoms off, but he grabbed my arm and asked me to stop. So we both just sat there admiring her fully naked body as she put on her pajamas. “Damn, that got me hard,” he said. “Me too,” I replied. I was kind of surprised but the idea of him seeing her had gotten me really excited. So being as drunk as I was, I guess I did something I would not have otherwise done. I asked him if he wanted to see more of her. He immediately got excited and said for sure. So I pulled up some naked pictures I had of her on my phone and let him take a look. As he scrolled through he got to a short video I had snuck of me fucking her doggy style. He clicked it, and when I heard what he was listening to, I about came in my pants. No one had ever seen her naked, much less seeing her fucking. “Wow”, was all he could say. Then he adjusted his pants, and said “I feel bad now, I don’t have any pics to share with you. Well, I guess fair is fair, if you want, we can go see if my wife is still out and I can give you a few peaks of the real thing.” I couldn’t believe my ears, but I said lets do it. We both walked onto the porch to find her laying exactly where she had been. He said, “Here’s the plan, she is still in her bathing suit. Let’s try to change her into some dry clothes. That way if she wakes up, I can explain to her that I was trying to change her myself, but needed help. And I was looking out for her, not to freeze overnight in soaked clothes. She might get mad that you saw her, but she can’t be too mad since she got this hammered, and couldn’t change herself”.Then he picked up her bag, handed me some dry clothes, included panties she had on earlier, and tried to sit her up. She was dead weight in his hands. He propped her into a sitting position on the couch, and pulled her bikini top over her head. Her tits were amazing. He asked me if I wanted to feel them, and all i could do was nod. I quickly had both her tits in my hands, and was groping her like I had never touched a pair of tits in my life. Then he kaçak bahis leaned her back, and pulled her bottoms off her. Her pussy was shaved into a landing strip, and I about passed out at the site of her fully naked beneath me. My cock was so hard I thought it would bust through my pants. He tried to stand her up, and was basically holding all her weight on him from under her arms. So they were pretty much hugging, but with her facing out, if you can picture it. He told me to grab her panties and pull them up onto her. I knelt down and lifted up her foot as I tried to place it through the leg hole of her dirty panties. Her pussy was inches from my face, and I could smell her. As I pulled the panties around her ankles, I snuck the quickest little lick of her pussy. I know he couldn’t see around to where I was, and she obviously wasn’t going to know. I managed to get the panties up on her u*********s body, and then he sat her back down. He pulled a t-shirt over her head, and laid her back on her side. “Fuck man, that got me so horny,” I told him. “No k**ding,” he replied, “seeing your wife, and now seeing you see my wife has got me so worked up. Maybe you should go to your room with your wife now for a fuck. I need to jerk off.””Oh no chance of that,” I explained. “My wife won’t let me touch her if she is drunk, says she can’t cum after drinking”. “Damn, he said, well clearly I’m not getting any tonight either. But I need to shoot a load soon. Should we just both jerk off in here?””I’m game,” I said and we both sat on the couch opposite his wife. We pulled our pants around our ankles and began pumping our cocks. He turned to me and started complimenting my wife. Telling me how hot she looked naked, and how sexy that was seeing the video of her fucking. I didn’t say anything, I just handed him back the phone with the video pulled back up. He put it on repeat and really started stroking himself to her. Then he said to me, “if you want to see her while you cum, go ahead” and motioned to his wife. So I stood up, still stroking my cock and walked over to her. She was still on her side, so I laid her onto her güvenilir bahis back. Then I pulled her panties back down just far enough that her pussy was out. I pumped my throbbing cock over her, trying to hold back my cum and make this last. Then I heard the video stop. I looked back at him and he was walking over to join me.”Damn, man seeing you stroke over my wife’s body is so hot. Do you want to cum on her?” Before I could answer he pulled her shirt up and started playing with her tits. We were now both standing over her sleeping body, pumping our cocks. We were going to cover her body with our loads, and it was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Just as I was getting close to cumming, I saw him run his cock over his wife’s lips, and poke the tip inside her mouth. He moaned, and said, “Damn that feels awesome. You gotta try.”I didn’t have to be told twice, so we switched places and I started to push my cock inside her unknowing mouth. He started to finger her pussy, and it must have made her wet. I could hear the squishing sounds as he worked his fingers around her clit. Just then he leaned back and shot his load all over her stomach and fury cunt. I couldn’t hold back and unloaded myself all over her mouth and face. We both looked down at her covered in our cum, and realized what we had just done. I ran to the kitchen and got some paper towels. We quickly cleaned her up, and put her clothes back how they had been. I went up to join my wife, and he went to sleep on the other couch. The next morning, after breakfast, the wives went for a walk. “We can never tell anyone about that,” he said to me and I agreed. “But, that was so much fucking fun, and I want to see your wife’s naked pics and vids again. When you were getting the paper towels, I snapped a few pics of her covered in o
ur cum before you got back. If you text me your wife pics/vids, I will send those to you to enjoy.” I agreed and texted them right to him. Then I went upstairs, got a pair of my wife’s panties from the day before, and gave them to him. I said, “here so you can smell her pussy while you look at it on her pictures.” “Thanks, he said, I’ll get you some the first time I have a chance.” I never did get her panties, and we don’t see them much these days. But I always wonder if he still looks at my wife’s pics and jerks off. And I wonder if he still has her dirty panties.

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