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Browsing…I was in an adult book store browsing the aisles looking at the DVD covers, I paused at a group of covers that showed huge black penis’. I was mesmerized as I examined one cover after another.I was unaware that another patron had entered and was standing next to me. he asked ‘big ain’t he.’ I didn’t even look up I answered ‘photo shopped. No one has equipment that big.’ He cleared his throat in a peculiar manner, I glanced up and his eyes dropped to the floor.I followed his eyes and saw that he was holding his penis in his hand, his penile glans was a fiery red and as huge as a small ball, his shaft was semi erect and he had trouble stuffing it back into his pants. He looked at me and said ‘want to see more, come with me.’ I watched as he entered the viewing rooms, slowly I went behind him and entered the same room. He was removing his jacket and motioned me over to him, as I reached his side he unzipped his pants and his penis snapped alanya escort out like a striking snake.It caught me by surprise and I moved back, he reached out and gripped my arm and pulled me to him guiding me to my knees. I soon found myself face to face with his monstrous penile head, I noticed a drop of pre-cum ooze from his penile glans and he said quietly ‘go ahead and suck it.’Hypnotized I reached up and took hold of his massive penile shaft and begin to kiss the throbbing member. I started to lick around the head and was told again to ‘suck my baby.’I looked up and said ‘it’s to big to fit my mouth,’ he looked back down at me and growled ‘that’s just too bad, you’re gonna suck it and than I might not fuck you!’ Startled I stretched my mouth wide to accommodate the huge monster, I barely could get it in to my mouth as he gripped my head and started to undulate his body.I could barely breath around the enormously huge bulb, escort alanya he held me firm and worked my mouth and head vigorously till he groaned and unleashed a violent stream of cum that almost choked me. I tried not to swallow, but the grip he had on my head didn’t allow me to pull my head away.Cum dripped from around his massive head as I gagged and swallowed some of the slick substance. As I pulled my face away he bent down and asked ‘let me fuck you.’ Fear filled me as I thought of that massive tool invading my bung, he continued ‘I promise only to put a little in and not press the issue, if you say stop I’ll stop.’I looked at the huge snake as it throbbed and thought ‘damn, I do want to give it a try, just to see if I can handle it.’ I stood and removed my pants and turned around and bent over. Bracing my self against the wall I waited for him to enter me.I heard him spit and felt his fingers smear the goo in and over my anus. alanya escort bayan With hand on my left hip, he guided his penis to my puckering anus. His massive head pressed against my small opening and I almost panic as I felt my anal muscle ring begin to expand.Gasping in pain and anticipation I braced back against the invading monster. With a powerful lunge the bastard sunk 4 or 5 inches of his man hood into my anal canal. He stayed still for about 30 seconds, than he pulled 2 or 3 inches out and gripping my hips in both his hands he plowed back and forth into my bottom with out mercy.Trying not to cry out I begged for him to stop, he only picked up the pace till his balls were striking against mine. I was now standing on my tip toes trying to reach back and hold him out.With each lunge he lifted my feet from the floor, I reached over my head and gripped his hair as he savagely ravaged my bung hole till he once again shot a massive load of baby batter into my anus.His substance drained from my stretched anus as he pulled from my gaping bung hole. I dropped to my knees as he wiped off his penis and adjusted his clothes, I tried to dress quickly as he exited the room.Browsing…

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