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Brother & sister – first contactIt was another long warm summer day at home.My younger sister had her friend Marcia around and they had been in the garden and on the patio whispering, giggling, laughing and squealing like girls do. Marcia lived two houses away and studied with my sister Amy.Marcia was just a little older than my sister and had short blonde hair. I could not help but notice on her many visits to our house that her tits had started to grow and she made no effort to hide them under her “T” shirts and blouses by never wearing a bra. My sister was a bit of a late developer and her tits were only just starting to push through. After a while Marcia slipped off homeMom had been in the kitchen preparing dinner for tonight and found that she was running out of some bits and pieces and decided to drive to town to the supermarket.“Anyone want to come to the store with me?” called mom…. “Hang on….I will come” replied Amy.This was just what I had hoped for….. The warm day had made me horny and I was ready for a wank… I have to confess that I had a dark secret – we had a clothes basket in the bathroom into which we put our dirty clothes which mum washed twice a week. In the clothes basket were moms panties and I had become hooked on smelling the wonderful smell of the soft cotton crotch. The thought of being home alone with about a full free hour to have along slow wank was already making me hard.I heard the car start up and I saw the tail of the car disappear down the road.The house was wonderfully quiet and I made my way to the bathroom where a quick rummage in the basket produced the prize I was looking for – a pair of moms white panties. A long gentle sniff helped to stiffen my cock and I made my way to my bedroom.With no one at home, I decided to strip canlı bahis off for the best effect of masturbating and I lay naked on my bed. The panties were wafted under my nose and my right hand gently and lazily stroked my cock – there was no need to rush this wank.“What you doing John?” – It was my sister Amy. “Why you sniffing moms panties”It was like an electric shock had hit me. I instantly covered my cock as best I could with moms panties. “Amy – what the hell are you doing here – I thought you had gone with mom – Get out”My embarrassment grew at being caught like this. “Get out Amy – please”Rather than get out, my sister edged into the door… “Please John…. let me see your cock. I haven’t seen one before. Marcia has seen one…Marcia says that she has seen her brothers cock – and he let her rub it for him…. she made me promise not to tell anyone”Amy upped the stakes…“Please John….if you show me yours, I will show you mine” and she instantly slipped her thumbs into the waist of her shorts and removed them to reveal her smooth teen pussy which looked like the skin of a ripe, plump peach, set with a large soft cleft.“Awww …Amy just leave please – mom will kill us if she finds out”. I was still fumbling to cover my hard cock while not being able to take my eyes of Amy’s beautiful little pussy.“Please show me your cock I promise I will rub it for you like Marcia did to her brother”…. “PLEASE”“No Amy…. It’s wrong”“We have an hour before mom comes home” pleaded Amy.Then the blackmail came…… “I promise I won’t tell mom I caught you sniffing her panties”Amy had won, – as I knew she would mention it to mom if I didn’t comply…. she had a knack of getting her own way.She moved closer to the bed and removed her “T” shirt to reveal her small bets10 breasts. We were both naked and my heart was pounding. Amy moved her hand to push aside the panties and took a long hard stare at my cock. “Wow… is it always like that”… “how long does it stay like that?”…. “does it hurt?”…. can I touch it?”“O.K.” I gulped…. her small hand grasped my throbbing dick. This was the first time anybody had touched my dick – and it felt good. ……Her fingers grasped and released my member until she became familiar with the feel of my cock which by now was as pumped up as hard as it could be . “Wow… it’s really hard” she whispered… “Show me how to rub it like Marcia did to her brother”.I slipped my hand onto my cock and started to wand slowly “Here… do it like that” I said.She quickly got hold of it again and stated to bob it gently up and down. “what’s this skin for at the top?”… “Why is your cock a funny shape at the top” ….“is this where the wee comes out”… “are these your balls”…. “what do balls feel like?”“Shut up Amy and keep stroking it”…. “Try it a little faster now”It was my turn now… “Can I touch your tits sis?”…. “Sure” she said “they aren’t very big” as he moved closer to let me touch her nipples – which were by now very erect and felt soft and rubbery – like the soft eraser end of a pencil. She gasped as I touched them…..”Ooohh… that’s nice” she quavered, “it feels really good” as she shuddered with pleasureBy this time my cock was almost at bursting point as Amy skilfully worked on the top of my cock with her right hand…… what threw me over the top was when she decided to touch my nipples in return. I loved somebody else touching my nipples and the assault on my senses was too much…My head burst like a starburst bets10 giriş firwork and my cock exploded. My cum shot through my cock and spunk splattered everywhere as I pumped and pumped cum as hard as I could. I gasped like a drowning man.Amy’s eyes widened…“Oh shit… what is happening… are you O.K.”… “Have I broke it”… “It’s burst” … “does it hurt”…. “Are you O.K… say something….what is this stuff”… “It’s splashed on my face”I gasped out a breathless reply.. “I’m O.K.”. gasp…. gasp… “that was a come” – as I still struggled to gasp air“Wow” replied Amy.. “I thought you were having a fit”. Some of my cum had slashed onto her hands, face and onto her small tits and she was now exploring the silky texture of it between her fingers.. “What do you do with it now?” … “Is this what they call spunk?”….”Is this what makes babies?”….she asked..”What does it taste like?” – as she dabbed a little onto her tongue“Wow.. you cock has gone smaller”. This prompted her to explore my still twitching cock as she squeezed the last drops of spunk from the end of my cock. “When does it get stiff again?”… “Can we do this again?”… “That was fun”… “Wait till I tell Marcia”… “That was great”(I had to silently agree that it was the best sexual thing I had ever happened to me so far)“No” I insisted… “We can’t tell anyone…. not even Marcia.”…. “This is our secret”She then went to the bathroom and came back with tissue to mop up the cum and she slipped her “T” shirt and shorts back on. By now my poor cock was completely limp and I was more than satisfied“That was fun” she said again….” Let me know when it gets hard again”… “You have to promise to tell me”…. “I really liked that”That night as I was getting into bed, Amy popped her head around my bedroom door.. “Here” she said and threw a pair of “Hello Kitty” panties to me… “They are mine.. I have been wearing them all day for you… the coth is damp….. I hope they help you to get to sleep”…. “Goodnight”

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