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Breaking and Entering Ch. 4More from the series I posted on Literotica… I’m holding copyright, and hope you enjoy!————————————————————-I could not believe how sore my butt was after Malik and Jewan had shared me. Jewan was quite well endowed, and when my butt was all done, it was all I could do to walk without limping along. I spent the next few days working on my tan and recovering, not even leaving the house. I saw Jewan drive down the street behind our house a few times and look over, and I am sure he saw me sunbathing, again working on my all-over tan. I have to admit that I was looking really good by that time, with my brown hair getting a hint of sun-bleaching, and my tan lines almost gone. My hair had last seen the stylist before graduation, by now down past my shoulders, and I started to part it on the side, so just one eye and part of my face was visible if I curled it just right. My pubic hair was even lightening a bit, too! My parents had some friends over the night before, and I overheard them talking, and Daddy’s friend remarked that Daddy needed to keep an eye on me, as I was turning into such a babe!I grinned to myself as I continued to work on my tan that next day, letting my fingers again do their walk down my body as I let the sun sink its rays into me, warming my outside as I warmed my inside. I fantasized about being in bed with Daddy’s friend, wearing a white satin baby-doll, or maybe not even being in bed, but in the back yard with him… or even more, my needy, naughty mind thought, the front yard! My mind became fixated on that, having sex in public; letting the whole world see my body as a massive cock slid back and forth inside me. I climaxed rather violently, and I could not help but moan and squeal as I felt the pleasure flood through me. My mind was made up. My body would go on display, but I had now idea how it would happen. As things went, Jewan would unwittingly give me my fantasy, and more!It was Saturday night. My parents left that morning to go on a long weekend alone, and would not be back until Monday night. Daddy had given me the familiar “No parties in the house and don’t have any fun” speech. He told me no alcohol, no boys, no disturbing the neighbors, water the yard, do the dishes, and so on. It seemed like his speech was longer than his trip! I had to smile, though, as there was one thing he never thought to mention. Mom and I wear the same size, and every once in awhile, we would swap blouses or skirts, and shoes when Mom wanted to feel younger again. I also knew Mom had a number of dresses and outfits she wore when she was younger that were pretty hot. Daddy liked her to keep them, and have her wear them sometimes when they went on a date. The car wasn’t down the street ten seconds before I was thumbing through Mom’s closet, checking out her wardrobe of things to borrow that night. There was the black silk off-the shoulder dress Mom wore to graduation. It was very nice, and rather daring backless design that plunged to the small of her waist. The skirt was also pretty tight, with the hemline stopping just above the knee. On a whim, I stripped and tried it on. To my chagrin, I found that Mom and I were not exactly the same size, with my butt being just a bit bigger than hers. I managed to get the dress on, but had to remove my panties to do so. No way was it going to work. I re-hung the dress, and continued flipping through her closet. The next thing I saw stopped me cold, and sent a shiver down my back.It was a crème satin blouse and black skirt, nearly the same outfit I wore when Jewan took my virginity. I though about it for a moment, re-living the night. The loud boom and clap of thunder as the fireworks exploded. The look on Atal’s bleeding face as he watched Jewan impale me, sending my body through the shivers of pleasure he would never do. I let my hand fall to my pussy, my fingers probing my labia, only to be surprised at how wert I already was. I came back from the memory, and kept thumbing through dresses.I came across Mom’s Halloween costume from two years ago. She played a vampiress, and her costume was not one of those catalogue phonies. This was the real deal, with a rich black satin cape that had blood-red satin lining, a white sheer blouse, and a short black satin circle skirt. I ran my fingers over the satin cape, feeling the long, cool threads slipping past my grasp, when I noticed that the cape actually seemed to have some wear on it. I had only seen her wear it once, and that was to the party we went to. Then the wicked smile creased my face as I realized what was going on. Mom wore this, probably for Daddy when they had sex. So, my mind finally realized, my parents were not the straight-laced, uptight, puritanical people I thought they were. They had a wild side, but weren’t letting me see it!I thumbed through a number of other dresses and outfits, some pretty nice, one or two too horrible to mention. I stopped at the last one tucked in the corner of the closet, and pulled it down, holding it against me, checking for fit. It sure seemed short, the skirt seeming to barely covering my butt as I thumbed casino siteleri the soft shiny white satin material it was made of. Still naked, I decided to try it on, thinking it might not be too bad. I gathered the soft satin over my head, and let the dress slip down my body, caressing my breasts and nipples as it fell over my form. I slipped the halter behind me neck, hiding the small clasp holding it together under my hair, and shrugged my body as the silky satin fell into place.I ran my hands down the front, smoothing the lines of the dress as I inspected it. The bodice had a very large d****, one that completely revealed my cleavage, my breasts barely covered by triangles of the bodice to either side. I turned and discovered that the sides of my boobs were also revealed, as the fit was rather loose, like the dress was made for a double-D cup, instead of my C-cup chest. I took a deep breath, and was surprised to find that the fit was looser than it looked, but as I continued to examine myself, the dress was actually more revealing than it looked. The deep cut of the back of the dress actually went down past my waist line, and made it rather iffy about wearing panties without letting everyone see the tops of them. The skirt length was also pretty short, the hem only a couple of inches below my butt. The cut was definitely a circle skirt, and as I twisted my hips, the hem flew nearly straight out. Who ever designed this dress obviously made it for showing more assets than a proper girl would want! I nearly jumped out of my skin as the very second I was checking out the skirt length, the door bell rang!Taking a quick look around, I realized I should just answer the door as I was, since there was no way it was Mom or Daddy, they would not have knocked. I bounced to the door, my bare feet padding against the tile floor as the chime rang a second time. I smoothed my skirt again quickly, and opened the door, only to find Jewan standing there! His eyes looked me up and down for a moment, then he spoke.”You look hot!” he leered, “I wantcha’ to wear that tonight!”The perplexed look on my face told him I had no clue what he was talking about. He explained that he knew my parents were gone, and he was going to a party tonight, and I was his date. I thought about it for a moment, and in my reverie, he asked me a question.”You wearing panties again?” he asked. It was more of a confrontation than a question.I shook my head no, and he reached forward to me. “Show me!” he demanded. So I turned around, and let him see the back of the dress, or rather the lack of back of the dress, and as I turned back, I told him I was doing what he told me to. It did not satisfy him. He motioned me closer, and leaned in to kiss me, right there in the doorway! My eyes flew open in shock as I looked furiously to see if anyone was watching us. There wasn’t, and as I softly sighed to his kiss, his hand reached up my skirt and rubbed my pussy. I was being groped in broad daylight, in
full view! It instantly made me wetter to think I was being seen, at the same time I was mortified that someone might actually see me, or even worse, tell my parents!He broke the kiss, and withdrew his hand. He told me he would pick me up at eight o’clock. I didn’t even think of turning him down, and merely said ok, as he got back in his car and roared off. I shut the door behind me, leaning my head back against it as I sighed. Jewan’s touch and grope had definitely turned me on, and I wanted him, right then. I padded back to my Mom’s closet, and shrugged out of the dress.I ran to the store to pick up a few things, napped, and ate a small early dinner as evening approached, then took my time to get ready. After showering, I put on my usual light makeup and pulled my white, strappy heels out from under my bed. I tossed them by the bed, then pulled out the small package I had bought at the d**g store. My heart raced as I opened it, letting my fingers trace over the slippery mesh of the white thigh-high hose as I pulled them out. I leaned back on my bed and pulled them on, one leg at a time, making sure the seam along the back was centered on each leg. Stepping into my heels and wrapping them around my ankles made balancing tricky as I slid the dress down over my shoulders, the silky soft material caressing every curve of my breasts, waist and rear as it fell into place. I took one look in the mirror at my butt, and verified no way was the dress going to cover my panties, so I shrugged and lifted my fingers under the skirt and drew them down, kicking them onto my bed. I shivered that nervous feeling of doing something naughty away, taking a deep breath. My breasts strained at the fabric, my nipples plainly showing their profile through the thin satin covering them. I took a couple of steps back, and looked myself over. My now-deep tan contrasted very nicely with the near pure white of the dress, with the dress showing my assets nicely, and only covering enough to make sure any man would be tantalized! I checked my makeup again as the doorbell rang. Jewan was just a few minutes early!I took my time to answer the door, strutting in my heels, trying to develop canlı casino a “come-hither” kind of posture, making sure the click-clack of my heels could be plainly heard on the tile floor. I reached the door as the bell was rung again, and smiled as I opened it, only to have my eyes pop out of my face, and my mouth gape wide. It wasn’t Jewan at the door, but Mr. Drake, the same guy who told my Daddy that I was becoming “such a babe”! He took a moment to eye me up and down, before speaking.”No, Mr. Drake. Daddy is out for the weekend with Mom.” I answered his question of if he could speak to my Daddy. He smiled for a moment as he looked at me, as if he was considering something, then abruptly thanked me and left. I could only stand there and hang my head back on my shoulders. Damn, I was caught! Mr. Drake was going to tell my parents, Mom would certainly freak out, but Daddy was absolutely kill me! I remained standing there for a moment, terrible thoughts of doom and worse racing through my mind as the cool evening breeze brought me back to reality. The rush of cooling air through my thighs awakened me to the realization that my body was exposed, and as I looked down, sure enough, my skirt was floating out in a near perfect circle! I sighed as I felt the pleasure and began to close the door, only to hear footsteps approach. Those footsteps belonged to Jewan, who looked me over and smiled, his bright teeth a sharp contrast to his ebony skin.I looked him over as he smiled at me, and what I saw made me smile, too! He was wearing a black silk dress shirt, dark grey slacks, and dress shoes, looking every inch a gentleman, and a wealthy one, too! He approached me, holding up his hand and enveloping my shoulder with it as he greeted me with a kiss. As we kissed, I felt slight movements, and then something slide around my neck. As I broke the kiss in astonishment, he cut off my question by telling me it was something he needed me to wear. I fingered the strap fastened not too tightly around my neck, feeling a buckle and metal ring attached to it. I had not heard of things like Domination and Sexual Slavery, and did not know what it meant to wear someone’s collar. He extended his hand and took mine, leading me to his car and off on our date!We drove for about 30 minutes, until we were in an industrial complex, with lots of warehouses and other buildings where they build stuff. He pulled into a vacant cul-de-sac, and stopped, getting out of the car and I joined him. He kissed me again, and I could feel his bulge through my skirt as his hands roved over my body and under my skirt, particularly my bare butt, and I thought we were going to make love right there. He broke our kiss, and stared into my eyes, his look growing hard.He told me that we were going to a special party, and that I was there to make him look good. I was his candy, so to speak. He would tell me what he wanted, and I was to do it, no questions. He groped my crotch, and asked me if I would show him my pussy. I didn’t even flinch as I gathered my skirt up and lifted the front up so that the satin was in a taught half-circle. He smiled, and told me that was good. Then he glared at me again, and asked me if I could do that in front of a total stranger. I gulped, and said yes. He smiled again, and reached into the back seat of his car. Coming up, he showed me a long dog’s leash. My eyes saw it, and I scowled in confusion. He told me that if I didn’t behave, didn’t do exactly as I was told, when I was told to do it, he would use it on me! I resolved right then and there that I did not want to be whipped, and told him I would be a good girl. He put the leash in his pocket as we got back in the car, driving a short distance to another part of the complex, where I could hear loud rap music and see a bunch of people milling around. He led me into the building, and I could feel many eyes on me, as well as see many other guys openly staring at my body with an evil grin as I strutted slightly behind Jewan. I didn’t have any time to keep my skirt under control, as he was walking a bit fast, so I had to just let it go, and hope that not too many guys got a look at my body. As we passed the front entrance, all hopes of privacy were blown away, as the ventilation system forced a rush of air past, and my skirt went straight out for a few moments, and at least 30 guys got a look at my bikini-trimmed vagina, my face blushing a deep red.The building appeared to be some sort of warehouse, with a couple of small offices against one wall, and rows upon rows of big racks of boxes. Really big boxes. It turned out that this place was a furniture warehouse and showroom, and as I looked around, I could see all different types and sets of furniture set out, just like in a living room in any house! Along the far wall was a raised platform, where some musicians were playing, and weird lights were flashing about. He seemed to be looking for someone, and after a few minutes of leading me around, he pointed to a corner of the building where there were a few other girls clustered together, telling me to wait there for him. I looked at him for a moment, watching his eyes grow hard, kaçak casino and I realized what he meant. So I nodded and strode off to join the other girls.As I walked up, one of the other women smiled at me, said “Hi!”, and the circle of them widened a bit to let me join them. Then the questions began. Who was I? Where was I from? Who was I with? Was this my first time? As I answered the questions, I began to notice a few things. First, all of the other girls were dressed similar to me. A short skirt or dress, high heels, and not much else. Also, most of the others were also wearing something around their neck, like me. Two were even dressed alike. My curious gaze was answered when the older one of them told me she was there with her daughter, and sure enough, I noticed her wedding ring. I could help myself but ask why her husband would bring her to something like th
is. Her reply almost floored me. Her husband didn’t know they were there! She then went on to tell me her name (Andrea), and her daughter’s name (Ashley), and the reason they were there. They were at the party for one thing. Black men! Black cocks, and as many as they could get! It was then I realized that of the over 100 guys there, I hadn’t seen one white man. Another girl told me this was her second party, but that she hadn’t been to one for awhile because her black boyfriend had gotten locked up in jail. Just as I began to ask another question, they all started to straighten up and primp a bit, and I turned to see who approached. A rather short and portly black man reached us, and pulled one of the other girls to him and led her away. We watched her go with him, and I noticed some of the men watching them pass, their eyes leering, and some of them mouthing some comment, dirty ones, no doubt.Andrea told me that the girls who had collars, or necklaces as she called them, were there with a particular man, and those who were not were there for any man. She then confided in me that she had even gone to parties without her black boyfriend so as to be claimed by more men. I was totally shocked by all this, and had to ask about her husband. She was quick to defend herself, saying she really loved him, and he was a good man, but was not blessed with a big cock, and so she went elsewhere for her satisfaction. My mind took all this in as Jewan approached me. He reached for my hand, and told me to come with him. I waved good-bye to the other girls as I was led off, now a bit more self-conscious about what I had gotten myself into.Jewan pulled me over to one of the furniture sets, and whispered in my ear, telling me it was time. Time for what, I didn’t know. Then he put both hands on my shoulders and guided me down to my knees before him. My eyes never left his and as I knelt before him, his fingers wrapped in my hair, and he pulled my face to his crotch, bumping me against him, kinda’ hard. I got the idea, and reached up, undoing his slacks and letting them fall to the floor, his dark member jutting out, ready for pleasure. I leaned forward, and parted my lips to suckle him, placing a big, pouty kiss on the head of his black stick before taking it into my mouth. Jewan seemed to be in a rush, and pulled my head harshly onto him, the back of my throat tingling as his head pushed farther in. Finally I had to take one last breath as I felt Jewan pull harder on my hair, and I arched my back, so my head could tilt back farther. Using both hands, he pushed his cock past my throat, or more accurately, pulled my throat onto his shaft. He kept pulling my further until I felt his pubic hair at my nose. It was then I heard some yelling from around us, and I realized we were putting on a show!Jewan left me there for a few seconds, and let my head withdraw, until my nostrils flared as I could breathe again, his cock giving a few shallow thrusts as I caught my breath. I heard a few of the raunchy things the watchers said, one of them even offering Jewan $20 for me to suck his cock. I kind of dismissed it, until Jewan said maybe later, but it would cost much more than twenty bucks! Then his hands were pulling me onto him again, and his cock re-invaded my throat. The catcalls returned as my lips were stretched around his base, and I began to use my fingers to massage Jewan’s sac. I didn’t know exactly what he wanted me to do, but somehow I figured if I could impress the other men, then Jewan would be pleased. Jewan and I continued to perform in front of the other men for a few more minutes, then he pulled up on my hair, rising me off of my knees, and making me wince. I whimpered a bit and heard him command me to show my pussy to the others. I lowered my hands and grasped my skirt with my fingers as before, and lifted the hem like I did for Jewan. The cheers and catcalls erupted as I showed the room my body to them, with guys offering to show me a good time, offering Jewan for even 10 minutes with me, even one guy who reached his arm out and began to rub my butt through my skirt! My head turned both ways, confused and a bit frightened as I just stood there, holding my skirt up. Jewan then pushed me backwards until I fell back on a bed, and he clambered between my wide-apart thighs, his throbbing manhood a dark probe ready to explore my inner depths. He lowered his body to mine as I raised my skirt out of his way, and there was a loud yell from the crowd as I squealed from Jewan’s carnal contact…

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