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Born To Be Bred – a story written about me by GestBorn to be BredPart oneI had been a member of Xhamster for several years and amassed a nice selection of favourite videos, pictures and stories as well as a smattering of my own. Most important to me was my friends list of which probably 95% were classed under the transexual banner although they covered a wider selection from crossdressers, transexuals, Tgirls, transvestites, transgender, femboys, traps and sissies, each one is unique and special in their own way and yet i couldn’t help but have favourites. It had been an ambition of mine if you can call it that, to meet and have sex with at least one of those special “girls” “gurls” you often were unsure what to call them or at least i was because the last thing i wanted to do was cause offence especially as i have always hated men who refer to anyone especially females or one of the large percentage of CD’s etc in a derogatory fashion. I hate seeing them being called things like bitch or slut for example as it was usually men who in my opinion made up for their own shortcomings by trying to appear masterful and masculine even when talking about another man who just happened to have a passion for wearing female clothing and lingerie.Even worse were the men who got off on physically or mentally abusing women, taking pride in their videos and photos of women they had caned or whipped until their ass cheeks and thighs were scarred and bloodied, such men are worse than filth and it is the duty of any self respecting man to give them a taste of their own medicine, there are a few i’d love to grab by the throat and squeeze the life out of them, there is a good chance one or two of them might even be reading this story although they’ll have stopped by now as i am two paragraphs into proceedings and not one single bitch has had a big thick cock forced down her throat or had pints of cum shot all over their slutty face. Such is their attention span that unless such an event occurs in the first couple of sentences they lose interest and slope off in the search for like minds. You can easily spot such men, they talk big about putting women, bitches, in their place and in their videos they’ll be the one who can only get a semi and shoot less than a thimbleful of watery jizz, Yes, you, you arseholes.I digress, after another day of browsing through my favourite topics and watching videos i happened upon the profile of a “girl” called Amanda, it was her lips that caught my attention, full, pouting and oh so kissable. I’m only a man and as such weak when i see something or someone who turns me on so i clicked on the screen name below the picture to take me to Amanda’s profile, it was brief and to the point. Amanda described herself in the “About me” section thus “I am a total sub slut and like to be dominated. Love to gag on cock, be used and abused and be generally treated like a worthless piece of meat.” Poor girl i thought to myself, imagine wanting to be treated as a worthless piece of meat, why would anyone want to be John Terry? Of course i’m joking, such a wish was something i didn’t understand, i knew what it felt like to treat somebody in this way, i’m a man and by nature all men are cruel or have the capacity for cruelness, i left a comment about how attractive i thought she looked and made a friend request, two reasons, one she was Scottish and i try when i can to accept and request from any Scottish member with few exceptions, the kind of men who left before paragraph three never get accepted nor do i request addition to their list. My second reason was more basic, she was hot, very pretty, those amazing lips, a great figure with beautiful long legs and a pert young ass, she accepted.Time passed and from time to time i would return to her page and browse through her pictures, i couldn’t get the image of those pouting lips and amazing figure out of my head, i’d make a comment on a picture or two which now and then she’d post a thank you and that was it until one week when i found myself admiring those self same pictures yet again but this time something different happened. It all began when i posted a rather long comment on one of her pictures, she sent me a message thanking me for the kind words and as i usually did i replied with a complimentary response, partly good manners, partly in the hope that we might strike up a conversation, after all we were from the same country, i have been an admirer of girls with that added extra element in their panties, call it a cock, call it a clitty, call it what you want but thats my kind of girl, yet strangely enough i’ve never been attracted to shemales? don’t know why but they do nothing for me, Amanda on the other hand, she did everything for me, at least i hoped she might if i ever got lucky.During the back and forth of several messages over the following days i had made plans for a trip which included a two night stay in a hotel, throwing caution to the wind i stuck details of this as my status on my profile page, i honestly didn’t have her in mind when posting it, for one she’d only been politely thanking me for a few nice words and secondly? she was stunning, sexy, statuesque, the top 1% of the top 1% when it came to that purple circle with three dots that lumped the plethora of trans, fems, dressers and sissies together on the site, i’d set my sights lower, i’ve never been that lucky. Then a strange thing happened, i got another message thanking me after i’d apologised for my previous over long comment. She liked it, told me she enjoyed reading such comments, thats when i suggested she read a story i’d written about a closet CD who’d moved into the house next door. That was that as far as i was concerned, no way was i going to push my luck, regardless of what Amanda’s profile said, i reckoned she had a type of man in mind when she aliağa escort wrote it and it was safe to assume that type of man wasn’t me, or so i thought.Next day i noticed i had a message so i clicked on the icon and up popped the list with Amanda’s name at the top of the box and a message leaping out at me, she wanted me to write a story about her, now that i could do. Events unfolded over the next few days which prevented me from writing the story so when she sent me another message to ask if i’d written it yet i had to admit i hadn’t, i’d been busy and mentioned my upcoming trip, just for something to say to continue the conversation, ok so i admit that at the back of my mind and with my fingers crossed i thought that perhaps, just perhaps that if i was really really lucky then maybe? Another message, WOW, i couldn’t believe it, she was offering to meet me in my hotel on the Saturday night, really? was i seeing things? Before i replied i opened her profile and read it, then i looked through all her pictures, then i read that two line profile again and again, if what was written was what she wanted and how she liked to be treated then who was i to refuse? It’s harder than you think to type one handed when your typing hand and your wanking hand are one and the same, i had to stop one of them and reckoned if i stopped typing then i’d be spending my saturday night alone doing the exact same thing, i made the sacrifice and stuck my cock away so i could reply and tell her i wanted her to come to my hotel on the Saturday night. Over the next three days we chatted back and forth and i tried to glean information from her without being too obvious, it seemed that her profile details though short, explained exactly what she required, she was a sub slut and liked to be used and abused and it was up to me to decide just where the line was to be drawn and whether to treat her like the finest fillet steak or an out of date tin of spam. It seemed that i was going to learn a lot about myself that weekend, where my line was, what my boundaries were and just how much of a bastard i could be while gaining the maximum enjoyment and pleasure from the experience, most important of all, i wanted to do it perfectly so that it was memorable for her in a positiv
e way, so she’d want to do it again and again and again, i’d recently read about girls who desired to be owned, collared and caged in chastity and submit totally to a man who would own them, that sounded like the kind of future i could see myself enjoying immensely.Arrangements were made and i booked the hotel online forwarding the hotel information to her and when i intended to check in, i told her i would text her my room number and she was to arrive at 9 pm and make her way to the room. i thought about leaving the door ajar but seeing as she intended to arrive fully dressed i decided to begin as i meant to carry on and make her knock on my room door. 9pm came and right on cue there was a knock at the door, i lay on the bed and waited. I knew she’d be standing out in the corridor and hopefully feeling self conscious as she’d told me she’d never been out in public dressed, she’d met men before but had always dressed after arriving, i didn’t want that, i had no interest in seeing the person behind amanda so i insisted she came fully formed and dressed to my requirement, she knocked again, i waited.I left her standing in the corridor until i thought she’d been there long enough, i’d heard voices so knew that other guests had passed her as she waited for me to answer the door, i figured seeing that they were male voices those men would obviously have given her the once over, they wouldn’t be human if they hadn’t and she should appreciate any attention she got, for a brief second i thought about going out and inviting the men into the room and getting her to suck them off just to see the look on their faces when they saw her clitty, but i didn’t. I hadn’t seen her in the flesh myself and there was no way i was sharing her with anyone, not tonight, maybe never. I rose from the bed and crossed to the door, all i was wearing was a black jock strap and i smirked to myself as i gave my armpit a quick sniff. I had thought long and hard about how i would treat her and decided the best way was to test her submissiveness on our first meeting so i hadn’t showered in the four days since we’d arranged to meet and my pits were rather ripe, fuck knows what my cock and ass were like.I opened the door and there she was, beautiful and sexy, slightly flushed looking so obviously the men had made some suggestive comment or other to her which embarrassed her, she was showing her vulnerable side which was a mistake as i intended to exploit any weakness now that i’d got my head around the whole submissive slut persona. I took a step back to allow her to enter the room which she did, head bowed, not making eye contact, my eyes followed her as she passed me into the middle of the room and i liked what i saw, no wonder the men had made suggestive comments to her. She was wearing a white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and a burgandy tie with thin diagonal silver grey stripes on it, the blouse had the top three buttons undone showing her white lace bra, a short black pleated skirt that just covered her ass and black fishnet stockings. The skirt was short enough that you could see a good 4″ of creamy naked thigh above the stocking tops and the straps from her suspender belt adding yet more to arouse me, not that i needed anything else, not with this slutty goddess to serve me. Finishing off the ensemble were her 4″ black heels and her long golden hair which she’d had done in pigtails, i could feel my cock already thickening in the pouch of my jock strap, she turned to face me and i cleared my throat before addressing her.”Good evening Amanda, i’m escort aliağa glad you are finally here” i said, “now that you are here and i can see you’ve dressed as required so i think you’d better begin your duties by getting on your knees” I approached her as she got down on her knees, not easy with the shoes she was wearing, i stood over her, my crotch inches from her face. “Look at me Amanda” i told her, she looked up at me, doe eyed and pouting, God that pout, i couldn’t wait to see her wrap those lips around the head of my cock but first things first. I reached out a hand and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face into my crotch, “lick my jock Amanda, taste your Daddy’s sweaty old cock and balls” All i could hear was a muffled moan as i ground her face against my crotch twisting her hair in my fist to hold her there. “lick it, i’ve had this jock on for four days, lick it clean, suck my jock and balls into your mouth and taste it my little slut.” I could feel her hot breath on my balls and her wet tongue rasping up and down the jock, i could feel her painted nails digging into the naked cheeks of my arse as she pulled me closer and tried to smother my whole crotch with those lips and tongue. Her hot wet breath on my cock was having an immediate effect as it began to harden, it would have been hard already if i’d taken even a second to give the outfit she was wearing more than a cursory glance. That could wait, right now i was concentrating on those big wide eyes staring up at me as her tongue traced it’s way from the waistband of my jock, down over the thickening length of my cock as her lips tried to close around my cotton covered balls. I kept one hand on the back of her neck and reached down with the other to pull the pouch aside, my cock springing out to slap her face, i swung my hips from side to side dragging my cockhead across her cheeks and lips and saw a satisfying trail of precum leaving a snail trail on her face. Amanda raised a finger to her cheek and wiped it across the trail before slipping it in her mouth and sucking, a satisfied murmer escaped her lips. My balls were free as well and she bent her head to take one in her mouth, then the other, rolling them around with her tongue, the pain was exquisite as the head of my cock that had rested on her forehead between her eyes pumped a stream of precum onto her skin which trickled down the side of her nose onto her top lip, she tried to poke her tongue out past my balls to lick her lips which caused them to fall from her mouth, she licked the precum from her lips and traced her finger up the side of her nose to gather the rest, sucking her finger dry.Amanda looked up at me and smiled, “If your cum tastes as good as your pre then i’m not moving from this spot until i’ve been properly fed, my pussy will have to wait.” With that she opened her lips and engulfed my cock to the root, taking it all in one go, it felt amazing, within seconds i’d decided it was already better than any blowjob i’d ever had from any female, without doubt Amanda was an expert cocksucker and was giving me the benefit of all her skills and experience. I could feel her tongue running up and down the length of my shaft as her lips created a vacum around my cock, sucking and licking with a skill that defied description. She backed off a little and i felt her tongue trying to burrow it’s way inside my pisshole as her finger and thumb squeezed the shaft, trying to milk more precum from my cock which was now harder than it had ever been before in my entire life. Partly because of the expert mouth my cock was inside and partly because my cock was finally in the mouth of the kind of girl, THE girl, i’d wanted to fuck ever since first seeing her profile page on the net and furthermore, she was more beautiful and sexier looking in the flesh than in any pictures i’d seen, those pictures always made me hard but Amanda in the flesh was making me doubly hard, i was already trying to think of things to distract myself so i wouldn’t cum to soon. I knew she wanted me to feed her my load and the sooner i came the sooner she’d have me hard again and i’d finally get to fuck her gurlie pussy which was something i wanted more than my next breath, but still i resisted, until she released my cock from her lips and gently stroked it as she looked up at me, her lips glistening, her eyes sparkling. She looked down at my cock and spat a big gob of frothy saliva on it and continued to stroke me, “I know you are trying to stop yourself cumming Daddy
but don’t, feed me please Daddy, i want to taste your cum and then i’ll make Daddy hard again so he can breed my tight little pussy, don’t hold back Daddy, feed your dirty little sissy slut your hot salty load.With that she swallowed half the length of my shaft and used her finger and thumb to stroke the base as she rolled her tongue around the head of my cock, sucking it hard then licking in alternate motions, her pace increased and got faster and faster and i could feel my balls tightening, so did she as she took hold of them in her free hand and rolled then squeezed them, my balls coated with her drool and saliva as she took my whole cock in her mouth. I took this as a cue and began to fuck her mouth, holding her head in both hands as i facefucked her harder and harder, my hips thrusting my cock as deep in her throat as i could manage, that’s when i felt her hand she’d been stroking me with reach for my ass and spread my cheeks, she coated her finger in her drool from my balls and was probing at my asshole, i figured she meant to try and massage my prostate to make me cum even harder and paused my thrusts to allow her access. Relaxing myself as much as possible i felt her finger enter me and push it’s way passed my sphincter, all the way to the knuckle, she’d done this before obviously as she soon hit aliağa escort bayan the spot and i felt my cock twitch in her mouth and pulled back onto her finger but partly out of her mouth leaving only the head resting on her tongue and came. I’ve always considered myself to be slightly above average when it came to quantity, granted i only had porn videos to compare myself to but i’d watched a helluva lot of porn over the preceding 25 years and seen must have seen 100’s of 1,000’s of cumshots and knew i could hold my own with all but the freaks of nature but this load was double the best i’d ever had before, could have been her finger but i’m sure that the majority of it was down to who was sucking me and the decades i’d been waiting to fuck a girl like her, she outdid all expectations i might have had with one blowjob. I just kept cumming which even surprised Amanda as i looked down to see her gargling and half choking as the first few big spurts hit the back of her throat and still kept cumming. Five, six, seven, eight, nine big spurts before they began to lessen yet still came, another four or five lesser spurts and then as her finger applied pressure to my prostate again there was a last big squirt of Daddy juice before i felt drained, i could see my cum trickling from the corners of her mouth as she let my softening cock drop from her mouth, a trail of cum still joining it to her bottom lip, i took hold of my shaft and wiped it across her lips before releasing it, then bent down and took hold of both her shoulders and lifted her to her feet and kissed her, our first kiss.I could taste my cum from her lips, something i’d never done before, i’d often wondered what it tasted like and had decided to taste it on more than one occasion but when it had come to the moment i’d reneged, once i’d cum the moment was gone, my aroused high had vanished and i’d never tasted it, but now i did because i wanted to kiss those lips, i’d been wanting to kiss them for so long that i didn’t care that she had a mouthful of my cum, if anything once i’d kissed her once i never wanted to stop kissing her, my tongue parted her lips and found hers, we locked lips as our tongues wrestled with each other rolling cum around in her mouth then mine, then hers again, frothing from between our lips and smearing our chins with a mixture of saliva and Daddy jizz. My hands had found her perfectly formed ass cheeks and kneaded them roughly, sliding up under her short skirt i could feel her stocking tops and firm naked upper thighs, as hoped, she was wearing a G-string which was quickly slipped aside giving me access to Amanda’s pussy, i gently ran my finger up and down over her little rosebud and felt her part her legs a little, bending at the waist as she pushed back against my probing finger. There would be time for that soon enough but i remembered how her profile had said she wanted to be used like a useless piece of meat and as usual after i’ve cum i desperately needed to piss. I broke off our kiss and stepped back from her, getting a really good look at her amazing figure and beautiful face, i knew it would not be very long before i was rock hard again and ready to fuck her but right now i meant to stamp her as my property.”Remove your blouse, skirt and stockings Amanda, you’ll be required to put them back on in a while but i want you in your bra and panties in the bathroom immediately.” Amanda never asked why, she didn’t say anything apart from “Yes Daddy.” She was quickly out of her blouse and skirt and sat on the end of the bed to remove her heels and stockings, a vision which by itself was enough to make my cock twitch and show the first signs of recovery, i noticed as she rolled the stocking down her right leg that she still had some of my cum in her mouth and was swirling it around like a mouthwash, that made me smile, she obviously liked my cum, i could still taste it in my own mouth and it wasn’t unpleasant in the slightest, a pity she was a totally submissive bottom or i would have sucked her clitty till it squirted for us to share, i still might, after all i was in control and she would do anything i commanded of her, i did notice a wet spot on the crotch of her panties so obviously her clitty had been leaking while she sucked my cock. Stockings removed Amanda rose to her feet and awaited my instructions, i turned towards the hotel room’s bathroom and indicated that she should follow me.Once we were both in the bathroom i instructed her to climb into the bath and sit down, she did without hesitation, i’m sure it didn’t take much for her to guess what was going to happen and now was her chance to speak up if she objected, she didn’t. I stepped to the edge of the bath and pointed at my limp cock which was still coated with drool and cum, “suck my cock clean baby girl, you can’t go leaving even the smallest drop of Daddy cum uneaten now can you?” “No Daddy” she replied and took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to make a first class job of cleaning it up which also made me need to piss even more, my bladder was almost bursting and i took my cock from her mouth and holding it between my finger and thumb i aimed at her body and began to piss, a strong clear stream of hot steaming piss splashed all over her chest and belly, i aimed higher and her head didn’t move, she sat in the bath, her face turned towards me, so i aimed higher, hitting her chin, still she didn’t move, i aimed higher still and as my piss hit her lips she opened her mouth, the gurgling sound of my piss splashing into her mouth did nothing for me, i’d much rather be kissing those lips than pissing on them, i lowered my stream and turned my body towards the taps so the last of my piss hit her feet, i finished and gave it a shake before looking at her face. “I wish i hadn’t done that, i don’t know about you Amanda but i didn’t enjoy it, take a shower and clean your teeth then put your stockings, blouse and skirt back on, you can remove the bra and panties and give them a rinse and leave them to dry, you won’t be needing panties for the rest of the night anyway.

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