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Boots for C, Part 3From Aldo we walked over to Nordstrom. It was now impossible to conceal my erection as visions of the salesgirl helping a rather properly dressed lady (at least on the surface) try on some otk fuck boots danced in my brain, and I made little or no attempt to conceal it. On the way through the mall I caught her glancing down once or twice, perhaps admiring her work. She was a little nervous about Nordstrom as a friend of hers worked in cosmetics, and of course that was the dept at the entrance and next to Ladies Shoes. We snuck by as quickly as possible and into another array of dazzling boots. Most were outside the price limit I’d set, but she did try on a gorgeous pair of black otk leather boots, a snipped toe and calf zippers with about a 4″ heel. This time the saleslady was closer to her age and my friend was not quite as daring as before but I’m pretty sure the clerk got a view if she wanted. And again she walked around the dept kaçak iddaa once they were on, stopping to stretch and pose her legs in the mirrors and adjust them slightly as well as feeling the leather. She was talking to the saleslady as she did, commenting how wonderful they felt on her legs and how nice the leather was as she bent down and lightly stroked the shaft. The saleslady concurred and said something more softly to her that I didn’t hear, and they shared a laugh. After a few more minutes she said she would have to think about it and that we might be back, and the ritual of taking them off and replacing them with her sexy shoes. (note, on a later meeting with her I did end up coming all over them and some stockings that were never worn again).Once back in the mall I asked her what the saleslady had said to her, and she smiled and said, “She said it was pretty obvious that YOU liked them, and from the looks of things I should buy them and kaçak bahis go home right now. I know I would!” Apparently my erection was even more visible than I realized. We continued on to a few other boutique style stores and smaller stores. At one point we were walking and she reached across me to point at something and “accidentally” ran her fingers the length of my cock before moving. Nothing was said and I assumed it was purely an accident – but I later found out not, and that she’d been dying to do that ever since Aldo, if only to confirm it was real. She did try on a few more pairs in the other shops, one really hot pair of more western inspired knee highs, but nothing was knocking either of us out. We decided to return to Macy’s and purchase the Ralph Lauren boots that we both liked so much. As we were walking we saw a girl, probably late 20’s, in a skirt above the knees and cream colored boots with probably 4″ heels, and cuffed over. güvenilir bahis I’m sure they would have reached above her knees if they had been unfolded. She said, “maybe we should ask her where she got those – or if she wants to join us later.” At this point I’m just hoping to not start leaking in public. We stopped at a perfume counter so she could restock herself and as it turns out the girl was there, asking about a job. She took her time and let me enjoy the sight of the other lady as she stood and shuffled a bit nervously as she waited for the manager. They were really hot boots…but soon enough she left and C concluded her business, and back to the shoe dept we went. She tried them on “once more for good measure”, and at one point really opened her legs as I watched in the mirror and her reflection stared back, watching my reaction. She debated on wearing them out of the store but decided to change back into her shoes one more time. I think she was enjoying prolonging my obvious agony. We paid, or rather I did, as she did her best to distract me by looking at more boots and asking my thoughts on them. Soon enough we received a bag with them in it, and out the store we went.

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