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It was Sunday morning at 11am. Bonnie put her little girl to bed for her nap. Ken was off to the golf course with his friends and Bonnie sat at the kitchen table and drank coffee. Her mind reviewed recent events. Here she was a content homemaker that never ever even thought of having sex with another female. She was abducted by four dikes and forced to eat their pussies and she liked it? Then her boss at the hospital blackmailed her in-to having sex with her and many others, so many that she lost count, all in one week.

Should she tell her husband? What would he say? What would he think? She loved her husband and did not want to keep anything from him but this was different. Bonnie was pulled from her thoughts by the ring of the doorbell. She shuffled to the door in just her robe and slippers.

She peeped through the window and saw that it was her next-door neighbor Terry. Terry embraced her and said, “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you all week.”

Bonnie served her friend a coffee and told her that she would not believe the week that she had.

“Try me, you look all wound up, what the hell is wrong?”

“I don’t know where to begin.” Bonnie felt that she needed to tell someone but she was so embarrassed.

“Just start at the beginning, you need to get it off your chest.”

“Well, It all started when four women abducted me and put me in a van and made me have sex with them. Then Maria at work blackmailed me and made me do her. To make matters worse, I enjoyed it!” Bonnie was trembling and sobbing.

Terry moved to sit next to her and put her arm around Bonnie to console the visibly distraught friend and neighbor. “Now, Now, relax and everything will be alright. So you enjoyed having sex, its not as if you killed someone.”

“You don’t understand, there is more, I went under a table and licked the cunts of a dozen women and there is an oriental girl at work that makes me lick her pussy and ass, she orders me around and treats me like a slut and it turns me on more than anything ever has in my whole life! Before that, I have never even thought of having sex with a woman. I am so terrible.”

Terry embraced her young friend and kissed away her tears. “You are not terrible at all, you are submissive and love being controlled. What the hell is so wrong with that? When I was in college there was this petite girl that all the girls took advantage of. She was as kind and as sweet as any girl could be. The girls all picked on her and one day this big fat bully bitch picked a fight with her and when she was pinned to the ground the fat bitch sat on her face and made this sweet girl eat her cunt!”

“That was only one time and she did not have much choice.”

“No that was not the end of it. After that, we all made her do vile things to us. I was no better than the others, dominating this sweet girl turned me on so much. It was so hot, I still think about it.”

“Sounds like you miss her; have you had sex with another woman since?”

“No but I want to now, feel how wet my pussy is.” As she moved Bonnie’s hand to her hot sopping cunt. With her other hand the busty 40yr. Old redhead opened the robe and squeezed Bonnie’s tit. Terry inserted her finger in-to her friend’s wet cunt. “I can see that you want this as much as I do, don’t you slut?” Terry remembered how Bonnie loved being dominated and talked dirty to.

“Yes, I do love it and I am a slut!”

Terry stood up, lifted her dress over her head, and tossed it to the floor. Then she unclasped her bra and shoved the 38D’s to Bonnie’s face. “Suck them baby, suck my big tits, nibble on them, and suck the nipples like a little dick.”

Bonnie needed no more encouragement; she lustily nursed on the long nipples of her neighbor. Bonnie sucked with fervor and could not get enough of the big boobs. Terry was furiously finger fucking her friend’s hot cunt. Bonnie was moaning and fucking back at the fingers in her wet pussy.

“Good girl, now pull my panties off and feast on my cunt.” Terry ordered as she lifted her self on top of the kitchen counter. Her hands were shaking as she pulled the panties down to her older friend’s ankles. Terry shook her foot until her foot was clear of the panties and she spread her legs wide open. “Now put your pretty face in my cunt and eat it.”

Bonnie just stared at the thick red haired cunt, thinking how sexy her neighbor looked with nothing on but her high-heels and her panties dangling from one foot. She slowly moved closer.

Then suddenly, Terry grabbed a fist full of blond hair and pushed that pretty face roughly to her wet hot cunt, demanding “Eat that cunt bitch, this is your Sunday brunch. Eat it all up, yes, do it. Lick the clit, suck on the pussy lips, and stick your tongue all the way up that fuck hole. Ohooo, yeah, sooo… good! Yessss…!”

Bonnie licked and sucked for all she was worth, she had abandoned all self-control, she let out muffled moans of lust as she feverishly devoured Terry’s oozing cunt.

“Yes, bahis firmaları you are such a good pussy licker, you don’t know how long I’ve pictured in my mind having your sweet face in my cunt. It is even better than I imagined it would be. Here it comes all over your face, yes lick up all my love juice, lick it clean, sooo… good, don’t stop.”

Her whole body shaking and grinding in-to Bonnie’s face Terry reached orgasm after orgasm as Bonnie licked every drop of the flowing love juice. Terry tried to stand but her wobbly legs made her fall to the kitchen floor bringing Bonnie with her. They wrapped their arms around each other in a tender embrace and kissed passionately. As Terry’s tongue explored the younger woman’s mouth, she noted, “My pussy does taste good and you are the best little cunt lapper in the whole world. You are so beautiful. I know you liked my pussy, you loved it didn’t you?”

“Oh yes, Terry, I have never enjoyed anything so much in my life. Your pussy is so hot, this mouth was made for eating your cunt!”

“Maria is not the only one that is going to take you on adventures. Us girls have a group that meets for cards once a month at a different home. From now on we will play a much better game than cards, thanks to you.”

“Oh no, You want to share me with your friends; you want me to be the neighborhood pussy licker!”

“You got it baby, look at you, eyes shining bright, face beaming, you never looked so good and you know that you love it.”

“Yes, but can’t it be just you and I?”

“Look, face it, you love to be submissive, no matter who you thought you were, now you know who you are. Go with it and enjoy it. Please don’t be ashamed, I love you and think you are the most fantastic person I have ever known.”

“Do you really love me?”

“Yes I surely do, I love you for the person that you are and the feeling you give me, nothing will ever compare to the sight of your pretty face buried in my pussy as you look up at me with those big blue eyes. Now, we better get dressed before Ken comes home.”

Before Terry went out the door, she kissed Bonnie good-by and promised to call her tomorrow. Bonnie sat down and stared in-to space, not knowing what to think, then she decided that it was time to shower and get dressed before her husband returned.

Terry walked home with a big smile on her face. Beyond a doubt, that was the best sex of her life.

Bonnie entered her new office and marveled at the elegant surroundings, the thick carpets, the plants all over the office, the huge desk and the paintings on the wall. She sank down on the plush leather chair at her desk and smiled. She was so pleased with her new position and eager to prove her self worthy. Bonnie studied her job description carefully and started to make schedules and read the employee evaluations.

Mi Ling brought her coffee and greeted her with a good morning, offering to assist in any way that Bonnie wanted. Everything was going well and Maria checked to see how things were going. Maria welcomed Bonnie to her new position and said that she was pleased with the way things were progressing. “Keep up the good work.” She winked as she left the office.

Bonnie was engrossed in her work and was startled when Mi Ling announced, “Lunch time!”

“Already, I had no idea it was that late, where shall we eat?”

“I have a hot meal right here for you my little slut!” as she sat on the big desk and lifted her skirt and exposed her silky haired cunt inches from Bonnie’s startled face. “Eat this hot Chinese pussy, you fucking slut.”

“Chinese, You said Japanese last time.”

“How very observant of you, my mother was Japanese and my father was from Hong Cong and was Chinese and French. So I have an international meal for you.”

All Bonnie could do is gaze open mouthed and wide eyed at the exposed cunt in front of her. She could feel the tingle from her pussy as she became increasingly aroused. Bonnie licked her lips and moved forward to the hot slit. Mi Ling helped by sliding forward to meet her. Bonnie could smell the sexy intoxicating aroma of the delicious cunt. She dove right in, kissing, licking and sucking feverishly. She was lost in erotic lust.

“Yeah slut, move that tongue faster, all the way in my cunt, put it in my ass hole, you know I love it you little fuck slut!”

With strong legs wrapped around her neck, Bonnie could feel her own arousal mount. Mi Ling was Cumming as she shouted out ” Eat that pussy, lick it all up you filthy little whore.”

Bonnie knew that she was nearing a climax and she was close herself.

“I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming all over your face, you pussy licking cum eating fuck slut!” Bonnie could hardly breathe as the dripping hot cunt was slamming in-to her face, but she was having her own orgasm and her desire for this hot cunt was overpowering.

Bonnie heard a noise and looked up from Mi Ling’s sopping cunt to see Maria and Terry watching her! “Terry what are you doing here?”

” kaçak iddaa I thought that I would see if I could help you with your blackmail problem but it is plain to see that that you have no trouble at all. You have a new position, more money and it is obvious that you love your work.”

Maria guided Terry over to Bonnie, they both lifted their skirts, and the little slut went to work on the cunts without having to be told.

“She eats pussy so good.” Maria moaned.

“Yes, I’ve fallen in love with her tongue.” Terry added.

“I love to humiliating the cunt lapping little slut!” Mi Ling stated.

They all laughed and Bonnie cooed “It’s so good to have my three favorite pussies at the same time.”

Bonnie returned home that evening and was surprised to see Ken home and he was packing. Her heart sunk and she worried that he was leaving her. “What are you doing?” she nervously inquired.

“Oh honey, I got a promotion and have to travel to different cities and give lectures. But I won’t be traveling all the time. This will be my home base. I have to hurry to the airport, call you as soon as I am able, love you, by honey.”

An hour later Terry came by to have a drink with Bonnie, she informed her that Maria was a friend of the owner of the company that Ken worked for. Ken would be home every other week and she could spend all of her free time with him on his home weeks but the other weeks she would be used by us girls. Like her, Ken would receive a substantial pay hike. Also Bonnie need-not worry about a babysitter, the girls have offered to all chip in and do it free of charge, except maybe a little pussy licking. “Maria said to tell you that you owe her, she had to have sex with the woman that owns the company to get Ken the raise. More good news dear, the party will be at your house on Saturday, have plenty of food and drink. Chow baby.”

Next morning Maria entered Bonnie’s office and wanted to know how she liked the new arrangement.

“Well at least our financial problems are over but I will miss Ken.”

Placing her fingers on Bonnie’s check Maria said, “Don’t worry my little pet, we won’t let you be lonely.”

“You know Maria, I’ve been thinking of telling Ken all about what is going on.”

“I understand but what would he do? He could leave you or perhaps he will want to join you in your little adventures! Then again he may be turned on watching you eat pussy, I could always get one of my friends to fuck him while I sit on his face, would you like that dear?”

“No, please leave Ken alone, don’t involve him.”

“Look, you stupid fucking cunt, keep fucking with me and you will both lose your jobs, you won’t have shit. What about your little girl? You will still want pussy and from time to time, I will send low life whores to rape you. I know some crack whores that would tie you to their mattress, sit on your face, and make you clean out their cunts after they turn tricks with bums. Then they would get you hooked on crack and bring tricks to fuck you. Is that what you want?”

“No, please no, I won’t tell, you have done so much for me and I will do anything you want.”

“You better fucking well do as you are told, instead of quality pussy you will be licking crack whore stinking cunts and turning tricks for them. I wonder what your husband will think of his sweet little wife then. I’m pissed you ungrateful bitch, your one fuck-up away from hell, now get the fuck out of my sight.”

Mi Ling took Bonnie’s arm and said they were going to lunch, as they were leaving the office Maria Yelled out “Both of you take the rest of the day off, I don’t want to see her face again today.”

Mi Ling told Bonnie that she has never seen Maria that angry; as she was unlocking her car, her cell rang. ” Hi, Yes of course we will wait for you. Ok”

They waited in the car for fifteen minutes and Maria got in the car and told Mi Ling to go to the Dragon bar. They went to a booth and ordered drinks. Maria announced “I’ve changed my mind and I have decided to put Bonnie to a test and make sure she tows the line.”

Lin the owner of the bar joined them at the table and ordered a round of drinks. Lin was a tall and elegant Chinese woman that sold her place in Hong Kong when Mainland China took over and moved here. She placed her hand on Maria’s, displaying long slender hands with extra long fingernails that were painted green to match her long dress. “Maria it’s so good to have the pleasure of your company, to what do I owe the honor?”

“You know Mi Ling and the blond that you are giving the eye is my little slut. She has been very bad and must be punished. One more screw-up and she will receive a fate worse than death or hell. Lin, could you loan me two fat and ugly sweaty workers and a place where they could sit on my sluts face!”

Bonnie had a look of horror on her face. Lin smiled and softly answered, “Yes of course, for you anything, but I was wondering if you would let your little slut pleasure me first.”

“Why kaçak bahis Lin, don’t you have enough pretty girls to lick your exotic cunt?”

“You never have enough, you of all people know that. And a beautiful blue-eyed blonde-haired woman is a special treat. Shall we go to my office?”

As they walked to Lin’s office, she told the bartender to send Fen up. The office was spacious and elegant with plush carpets, mirrors and a large white wrap-around sofa. Fen knocked and entered, she was a real beauty, a much younger version of Lin. She was instructed to bring Bonnie over and assist her disrobing Lin. Once Lin was naked, Fen was told to bring back two workers that fit Maria’s request. Fen seemed to want to stay with the 50yr. old beauty but left to do as she was told.

Lin sat in a large chair, spread her long sleek sexy legs, and beckoned Bonnie with her finger. The young blond slowly moved toward the exotic beauty. Mi Ling told Bonnie to strip and Maria told her to keep her high-heels on and nothing else. Lin commanded Bonnie to craw to her on her knees. Not one woman in that room would have minded pleasuring Lin herself .

Bonnie started kissing the legs of the exotic woman and was captivated by this sensual creature. Lin instructed her to suck her toes and lick the bottom of her feet. Bonnie looked surprised but immediately complied. All could hear slurping sounds as Bonnie sucked with passion. Then she licked the bottoms of her feet with her tongue fully extended in long deliberate laps.

Lin was moaning in ecstasy, “Now, lick and kiss up my legs and linger at my thighs, I will tell you when you may kiss my pussy.”

As the petite blond kissed and licked the thighs of her dominating lover, Fen reentered the room with two huge Chinese kitchen workers over 300lbs. each. They looked like female soma wrestlers. Fen told the large women to strip. They did as they were told, never taking their eyes off the blond girl kissing the thighs of the sexy Chinese woman that was their boss.

They were ugly as sin. Teeth missing, tits hanging below the waist, they were covered with sweat and their stomachs hid the smelly cunts. They were told to stand and watch.

“Lick my cunt now, you little slut, first kiss and then suck my pussy lips, I love to feel them stretched. Just do it until I tell you to stop. That’s it , do it ,yesss feels sooo good Ohhh, now stick your tongue in my cunt and let me cum on your sweet face.”

Bonnie was eating cunt like her life depended on it, and it did. Lin was bucking and pounding her cunt in-to that pretty face.

“That’s it I’m coming yes Ooooohhhhh.., lick it all up, suck every drop from my cunt.MMMnnnn yes.” Having reached several orgasms, Lin released her grip on her lover’s neck, but Bonnie kept on lapping on and all around the sopping bald pussy. Finally Lin lifted her head up and declared, “You were wonderful my dear, thank you, nobody does it better.”

Bonnie was pulled by the wrist to the center of the room, she was placed on the floor and laid on her back as the two giants hovered over her. Her legs were spread wide and fat fingers were forced in-to her slit. The other woman lowered her fat hairy cunt to Bonnie’s fear filled face. For the first time the cunt was visible; fortunatley the woman placed her knees on the floor so that all of her weight was not on Bonnie, it would have killed her. Bonnie was licking the smelly cunt; she was now being fist fucked and fingers were pushed in her tight little ass hole, then the whole fist was forced in her ass as well. The woman had a fist in both holes, as she tried to push her fists deeper she had a wild look in her eyes, she looked insane.Bonnie’s face was now being held tight to the sopping cunt, she was licking, gagging and crying at the same time.Fist were shoved deep in-to her and the woman was clutching her hair as she reached orgasm. Then she pissed all over Bonnie’s face.The crazed woman was attempting to force her arms in Bonnie, she was now past the wrists.Bonnie was sick from the stench of the cunt in her face and she was in severe pain from the abuse of her pussy and ass.She was in trouble, she was trying to cry out but the sounds were muffled..

“That’s enough, no more.” Maria yelled out.

Lin repeated the command in Chinese and the women moved away from the sobbing young blond, dressed, and left the room.

Bonnie was on her side crying and gasping for breath, she felt sick, humiliated and totally degraded. The anguish on her face brought feelings of compassion from all.

“Maria, I am aware of the fact that you are a powerful woman but that lewd disgusting display made me sick and I will not ever permit it to ever take place in my establishment again!”

“I’m so sorry and I can assure you that it never will. I feel bad and will make it up to all of you; Mi Ling, will you come with us and help me take care of Bonnie?”

“Meet you at the front door, I’ll bring the car around.” Mi Ling answered.

Lin told Maria that she and Fen would assist them, Maria gave her the address and helped Bonnie to her feet, placed her arm around the younger woman and said, “Let’s go home darling, you are going to be pampered and nursed back to health.”

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