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Blowin’ Down the HighwaySo there I sat in my office on a Friday after lunch when the boss pokes his head in and says ” Have you got a minute ? ” Here I want to mention that as a boss I couldn’t have chosen anyone better if I’d had the chance . He was more like the big brother I never had . Great guy .” I’ve got a couple old Army buddies coming to town this weekend and was wondering if we could swap cars so we could do some running around ? “At the time he was driving a Buick Reatta convertible which is a two seater . A roomy one but nevertheless only two seats .”Sure I said , when do you want to swap ? ” ” Now ok ? ” he said .” No problem , just let me grab my garage opener and a couple other things first .””OK ” he said “and thanks “It was perfect convertible weather so I knew my wife would enjoy having it for the weekend so I knew we’d have fun with it . When I took it home and she saw it she was thrilled and said ” Cool , we’ll have some fun this weekend with that .”We took a drive down to see some friends on Saturday who live in the country and had a very enjoyable time cruising down the back roads and enjoying the warm summer day . Sunday evening rolled around and she said ” Want to have some real fun in the convertible tonight ? ” ” Sure ” I said ,” what have you got in mind ?” ” Don’t worry you’ll love it ” she said with a grin .” Great ” I replied and we went about getting dinner ready to throw on the grill .Sometime around 9pm she said ” OK , lets go for a ride .”” I’m ready when you are ”  I told her .She said she’d be ready in a minute and disappeared for a couple minutes .We went out and got in the car and I backed it out of the garage , ” Where to ” I asked .” Lets go get an ice cream ” she said .We güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri have an old retro ice cream drive- in in town that’s always fun to go to so it sounded like fun to me . Since it was a beautiful summer evening we were both dressed in shorts to enjoy it and be comfortable . I started to head in the direction of the drive-in and she said ” Go the long way “.” Huh ” I replied .” It’s a beautiful night so let’s enjoy it , head for 55.”” OK ” I said . Where we live three interstates intersect and wind around three sides of town so I headed out . It’s all well lighted up at night as is common around urban areas and on Sunday nights is fairly heavily trafficked with semi trucks . Those guys are always working .Not long after we got on the road she reached over and started rubbing my crotch and grinning like a maniac .I looked at her and returned the grin since I knew what she had in mind . ” What’s up Hon ? ” I said . ” Not you yet ” she said still with that grin and she started unbuckling my belt and unzipping my shorts .Soon enough she had my shorts completely off and was stroking my growing cock .” I think you should be dressed the same as I am for this ” I told her so she started to remove her own shorts . I soon saw what she was doing when she disappeared before we left .” Going commando I see ” I always love it when she does that and usually have my hand up her shorts leg fingering her when I know it . She’s got a nicely trimmed pussy and we both enjoy a good , hot fingerfucking .By now we’re cruising the lighted section of the road along with all the other traffic and there we both sit naked from the waist down with her still stroking my now fully hard cock and it’s youwin standing at its full length . I’m 7 1/2 inches and average thickness and can’t ever recall having any complaints about it . She leans over and starts to lick my cock from balls to tip and enjoying herself . At that point I reached over and began to rub her clit to share in the fun . Cruise control is the best invention ever for cars ! I started to get a little more aggressive and inserted a couple fingers into her wet pussy and was working it pretty good . At this point she was giving me the works sucking my cock  and got up on her knees on her seat for better access to it .Now her ass is up in the air and I’m fingering her slippery pussy and loving it as she’s wrapping her hot mouth all around my cock and bobbing her head all over it . As I said , the road is well lighted and full of semis moving their loads cross country . They were getting a nice show as we cruised around town .Those guys deserve it with all the time they spend delivering the stuff we all need . We got into a little traffic and I had to slow down for a minute . By now she’s really getting into it and I’ve got her worked up and close to cumming herself . When she’s cumming and sucking cock she , as I believe lots of women do , gets a little wild and VERY animated . She’s going nuts cumming and moving her ass around while I’m fingerfucking that beautiful slippery pussy that’s waving around in the air . Anyone looking has a perfect view of my fingers working in and out of that wet and pretty pussy .All of a sudden I notice a truck riding right on my back bumper and I’m only driving 45 mph ! I forgot to put the cruise back on ! In the rearview mirror I see the driver youwin giriş staring into the car and grinning like an idiot . How could I blame him since the only person enjoying this super blowjob show more than him was me ! I moved over a lane and he eased up on my right to get a different view of what was going on . At that point he was looking right at my fingers working in and out of her wet pussy while it was wiggling all over the place .  Did I mention she’s got a great ass ? I glanced his way and we made eye contact and he gave my a thumbs up and the biggest grin I’ve ever seen . We continued side by side for a bit as we both speeded up a little bit . She never stopped sucking even knowing there was a truck very close as she continued cumming and sucking me off . At this point she couldn’t have stopped if her mom was there !Then it was my turn to cum and when it started I thought it would never stop . Must have been the audience . She’s cumming at the same time and I was nearly standing up and pumping shot after shot of hot cum into her velvet mouth .While he couldn’t see that detail I’m positive he had no doubt what was happening . When she’d finished draining every drop of cum  from my cock she sat back up in her seat and said ” I hope you both enjoyed that ” with that same grin . She then looked over at the truck driver , smiled , waved and pulled her top up to flash her beautiful 36 B cup tits at him . I thought his face would split in half by the smile on it this time . He waved , gave us two thumbs up and mouthed ” Thanks for making my day ” as close as I could tell . He waved as we pulled away .We re-dressed and headed over to get our ice cream laughing all the way . People at the drive-in probably thought we were crazy but hey , who could blame us as we’d just had more fun than we’d had in a while and made someone’s week !Monday morning at work the boss asked me if we had fun with the convertible over the weekend I said ” Almost more fun than I could stand “

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