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Blind DateI went with my best pal to his girlfriend’s apartment to see if she wanted to go to the city to hit s few clubs for dancing and a few drinks. She liked the idea, so I called my on-off girlfriend and found she was off for now. My friend’s girlfriend asked if her friend could come along as my date.I agreed and she called her friend, who agreed to come along with us.I hoped her girlfriend was as foxy as she was. After about a hour of light drinking and conversation, her friend knocked and entered the apartment.Intros were made and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. She was shorter than her girlfriend and rather plain looking and seemed quiet and almost shy. She had a decent body that was proportionly correct and dark nearly straight shoulder length hair.After making hasty plans for the night, we decided we would spend the night in a hotel rather than coming back late at night.Reservations were made and we were off on the nearly one hundred miles trip.I didn’t get much of a time to get to know my dates interests. I doubted she had many. My buddies girlfriend dominated the conversation on the trip.We arrived at the club and a decent band was playing and the drinks were good.My date was a ok dancer and a light drinker. Eventually the night wound down and we left for the hotel.We reserved two rooms and I thought I would end up sharing a room with my buddy but the girls decided they would spit up and join their dates in their rooms.We all met in my date’s and my room for some light conversation and plans for the morning and after a few minutes, plans were made and they retired to their on room.Sharon, my date found a escort ısparta movie on TV and I usually watch TV from my bed when at home, so I pilled pillows up and plopped down on the bed. Sharon say she wanted to take a shower.I guess I fell asleep shortly after she left the room.I woke up and felt a stirring on the bed. The lights were off and the TV was still playing the same movie. I looked for the cause of the stirring and found Sharon lying on the bed and under the blanket.I was surprised? and now fully awake. I noticed she didn’t have a pillow and I gave one to her.We talked for awhile and only vaguely followed the movie plot.She said she had never spent a night with a man before.As long as she was opening up a bit about herself. I thought I would try to learn more about her sexual experiences.She said she was not a virgin, but didn’t have a lot of enjoyable experiences with men.It was then I started thinking of ways for a better experience for her. Rolling on top of her and entering her right away was probably not the way to get the results I was looking for.I thought I would start at the head and see what develops. I reached down for her hand and rolled over slightly to kiss her on the lips. I didn’t get the response I was hoping for. Kissing wasn’t her strong suit. I rolled over untill my body made contact with her and noticed she was naked and while still holding her hand, I moved my other hand to her far side and nuzzled her neck neck with my lips.This action brought about a more favorable response. Her breathing quickened? and she seemed to tense then relax with each change in my nuzzling location. I moved ısparta escort bayan my hands to her breasts and noticed they were softer than I thought they would be. Going to the gym was not part of her routine.I kissed my way down between her breasts and on down to her soft areas. I glanced up and noticed her smiling down at me.Now I knew it was time for some serious work and reached for the TV remote and the room went nearly dark, only the soft contours of her body was visible.While still holding her breasts, I moved my kisses slowly down to the target area.I moved down along side the target area and down to high on her rougher skinned inner thigh then across to the other thigh and back up again but not touching the target area.She was starting to antisipate my moves. I worked my way back down toward her thigh. When I got along side the target area, I extended my hot tongue and lightly touched her. Her response was surprising and instant. Her whole body jerked back away from my hot hard tongue.When she relaxed again, I touched her again and got the same result. One more time and I decided it was time to enter her hot pussy with my hard tongue.She tried to shrink away from my hot tongue, but I pursued her hole till I was able to get penetration. She squirmed like a worm on a hot stove ad I flattened my tongue with each penetration and harden my tongue with a slight curl on the end as I withdrew. She was starting to move her hips with me. I moved my hands from her breasts to her butt cheeks and did some serious pussy eating. She started moaning my name and then? suddenly she raised her thighs and clamped them against ısparta escort my ears and started to run her fingers through my hair and cutting out all sounds. I moved my hands back to her breast and began to squeeze and flatten them in rhythm.I was still driving my tongue deep into her when she stated jerking my head side to side and her pussy was trying to tie knots in itself and I wasn’t able to enter her with my tongue, no matter how hard I tried. Then, the juices started to flow and I lapped them up, just to keep from drowning in them.Finally she released the thigh lock on my head. She relaxed and uttered a few ohs and awes.It was time for me to change gears and get on with some serious lovemaking. I moved up and gave her a kiss on the lips. This time the results were different. She pressed her lips hard against mine till I thought my lips were going to be cut on my teeth.I quickly mounted her and drove my now rigid cock into her still steaming pussy. She raised her hips off the bed taking my whole body with them. The only thing I had touching the bed was my hands along side of her, from my extended arms. Who would have thought this small soft woman could muster up that amount of strength.She bucked and ground her pelvis into my soft regions.I felt her hot juices began to wet my pelvic area, the I knew it was my turn. I exploded into her, jerking with each spasm, trying to drive my balls into her hot hole. I spent my load and our juices mixed into a boiling concoction of sexual excretions. Then it was over.We slept like logs until our friends knocked on our door and wanting to go to breakfast. We took a quick shower and hurridly joined our friends. We were starved and I was still trying to get dark hair out of my teeth before we entered the restaurant.If this story has a moral, it would be a small quiet shy woman can become a sexual b**st if you are willing to put in the time.

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