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Blessing in the teepeeI was so worked up after going out to the hunter’s cabins by the coast earlier that day, on the first snow of the Fall that my g/f had to stop the truck and give me a good licking. When she was done she knew that I had enjoyed her efforts immensely, but she also knew that if I could get a cock in me right now my body would shake and writhe excessively in one huge orgasm. Just the mention of the possibility that some native hunters were staying at the teepee was all the incentive I needed to beg her to take me out there. When we arrived there I was very disappointed in the condition of the teepee realizing that nobody would survive staying in that dilapidated frame with a blue and camo plastic tarps partially covering over it, but huge holes were ripped open in them. I got out of the truck and was told to remove more clothing, so I stripped down a bit more just in case a man or a few men saw me. I wanted them to know immediately what I wanted from them. I was now wearing my high heel boots, black nylons, a shelf bra and sunglasses and a lacy black sweater, that was completely unzipped, nothing else.Then I was told to hand over the sweater. We could see the snow was fresh and no foot prints or ATV tracks.I crept up on the “teepee” wearing that very little, but I was so excited I never felt the below freezing temperatures, but I did feel a coolness on my upper inner thighs where my own juices were running down my legs and being smeared back and forth as I walked up to the tent. As I got nearer the door I could hear the faint sound of what sounded like a radio playing traditional native music and my hopes skyrocketed. What would they be like, what would they look like, how would they treat this naked white woman who is there to give herself to them and, ……How many were there? I stood at the door for a few moments gathering my courage and trying to see if there were any other sounds coming from inside. The wind blew the edge of window in the door open and I could see daylight streaming in from a huge hole in the roof where the tarps had worn thin and ripped open and in that moment I also saw everything inside covered in snow as well.I shook my head “no” and felt a let down and a little relief just as my g/f called out for us to go. I began to walk back to the truck, acting like I was feeling more bothered than I really was. Part of me was very nervous as I was not sure what I could have been in for, if these native men had been drinking, were horny and wanting to take something out on the naked white woman. I heard the truck start which was not unexpected but then I heard her voice say “Look!”I looked up from dejectedly starring at the ground to see her pointing behind me. When I turned I saw this man, a native dressed in black boots, black track pants and no shirt with long hair hanging down on his chest. He had a solid chin, deep dark eyes and no visible hair on his body or face. He was at least six feet tall and around 200 pounds of muscle. When I turned back to look at my g/f she was pulling back out onto the road and giving me the telephone signal with her thumb and pinky sticking out and hand to the gaziemir escort side of her face. When I looked back at the native man he looked me up and down and motioned for me to follow him. I walked behind him around the back of the teepee and saw the new smaller building that had been erected for these hunters who hunted on the land. The sound I heard previously was coming from there and a small whisk of smoke was coming from the chimney. He walked up to the door and held it open for me to enter. The only thing he said to me was, “We’ve been expecting you.”I was in awe. How could they have known I was coming there and how many are, “We”?I stepped into the cabin and my eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim light that was coming from an open fire in the middle of the single room that had a funnel over top of the fire pit that led to the chimney. I could see three more men kneeling on blankets around the fire and one empty blanket where I supposed this man had been kneeling a few moments ago. He led me around to the far side where another man, with a similar build but slightly smaller and the hint of gray in his hair which I took meant he was the older man there. The other two men were bigger like the first one was and possibly a bit older. One man had very short hair and the other had hair like the first but in a ponytail. All the men were shirtless, hairless and wearing track pants and boots. As I approached the elder, he said that I looked just like the vision he had. I quickly looked around at the other three who were now all standing out to the outside walls of the building directly out from where they had been sitting. They were eyeing me up and down and I could see that they all had large bulges in the front of their pantsWhen I looked back at the elder he took my hand and looked me over making me feel like I was up for sale and he was about to put in a bid for me. All I could say was to ask him about the vision? He said in the vision last night he was told not to go hunting today until an “angel of bounty” would come to them and “bless” them, so that when they went on the hunt they would be blessed with success and get a big moose. If I wasn’t so nervous I think I would have busted out laughing, but I wasn’t about to make light of their traditions. He motioned for me to kneel on his blanket and he knelt beside me, so that we were facing each other. The other men came back to their blankets and knelt down too. The elder ran his hand over my hair and said, “Like the vision, the angel had yellow hair, not like our women!” His hands ran down my arms and then I felt both his hands tracing along the edge of my outer legs. He smiled at me and then at the other men. I couldn’t have been more aware of my nudity than I was at this time. His hands came back up my outer leg to where my folded arms lay across my legs and he continued to raise his hands along my arms until he was at my shoulders. He stopped there and then his hands dropped down the front of my chest and across each both breasts until his hands were under them and he lifted them like he was feeling the weight. Again he smiled as raised them several gaziemir escort bayan times and then began squeezing them. He looked me right in the eyes, as he continued to squeeze my breasts and said, “You have obviously blessed many men. He looked around at the other men and said her breasts show signs that many men have enjoy them and we will too this night and be profitable hunters as well.”I was too turned on to be upset that he was saying that my partly sagging boobs meant I had screwed a lot of guys, and I was surely no virgin, but his hands then traveled down to between my legs and slipped across my hairless pussy. He worked both hands around there feeling every inch including my clit making me shiver and jerk a bit as he kept rubbing it. He slipped a finger inside my pussy and then said, “And yet, she is very tight to bless us tonight. Not like Cree women….no not like sloppy Cree women! Ah, yes, very very tight. Good”In one motion he stood up and his track pants and underwear stayed on the ground and suddenly I had a 7 inch hard uncut penis within 6 inches of my face. He reached down and grab his cock and pulled the foreskin back and thrust his penis towards me. I took most of him into my mouth and he start to fuck my face for a couple of minutes. He stopped and held me at arms length and motioned for me to lay down with my legs on either side of his blanket. He lay on top of me and once he found my pussy opening with the head of his cock he pushed all the way in with one shove. There was no ceremony or pretense. He was going to fuck me and that’s all there was to it and truth be told, that was exactly what I wanted. Especially after being so disappointed earlier this morning. The only thing he said was, “Good….tight!” He grunted several times as he pounded into me and then I felt him push it in and then try to go deeper. His cock began throbbing inside me
as his cum was forced up inside me. He did not make love to me. This was a ritual fucking, which under any other circumstance might have been humiliating, but given that they presumed me to be an angel of bounty as per their tradition or this was their guise to fuck me, I didn’t care. I came there to get laid and that’s what was happening. It was “my job” to bless them by allowing them to have an orgasm in my pussy. This was not about my pleasure at all, even though I was, in an odd way, getting very turned on by it all. As unceremoniously as it all started, he got up and the man with the ponytail laid between my legs and shoved his 6 inch cock into me and pushed it in and out until he shot his load having said nothing but, “Yes tight”! And several grunts just before he shoot his cum in me.The man with the short hair was next and he was obviously in a hurry as once as the ponytail guy was done he was pushing him out of the way and his 7 inch cock was trying to get inside of me. He was so impatient he missed my pussy almost shoving it up my ass once. I almost said something but realizing that those words could start something I wasn’t prepared for so I moved around so he could enter my cunt as quickly as possible. I’ve never had anyone cum that fast. escort gaziemir He took his time as he got up almost acting like it was a good thing to cum so quickly. He was making the younger man who found me, have to wait that much longer. When he had his chance, he laid on top of me and used his hand to guide his 7 inch, very and I mean very fat cock part way in. Then he gently pushed in a little and pulled out assuring that I was not hurting by being stretched so much. By the time he was all the way inside me I realized that he wasn’t just fucking me, but he was making love to me and before I realized how that was going to make me feel, I had that “cock in my pussy” feeling that I had been yearning for. I had such an orgasm that it caused me to yell, cry and shake like I was shivering, and then I felt his cock burst his sperm deep inside of me.This beautiful moment was interrupted by the two other younger men urging him to hurry up, the daylight would soon be gone and they were there to hunt, not fuck angels. This man was the younger man so all grunt work was up to him meaning he had to carry the common stuff. He quickly got up and started getting dressed. At one point our eyes made contact and he mouthed the words, “thank you” to me and I smiled and nodded. Before long the three young men were gone.The elder asked me if I had to go now, to which I said I had to go outside for a moment but would be back inside shortly. I called my g/f to come get me and she said that she would be there in about half an hour. When I returned inside the elder motioned for me to sit beside him again, which I did. He said to me that he and his men have just had more luck and blessings then they ever had before. He had this smirk on his face like he wanted to confide that he didn’t believe the angel and blessing nonsense, but then again they all got laid and I got to have the cock I needed and four loads of cum dripping out of my pussy so why complain. I pulled his penis out of his track pants again and stroked it a few times before swallowing the whole thing down my throat. He let me take my time sucking it and he eventually began stroking and squeezing my boobs, pulling on my nipples. I knew he was getting close by the way he was thrusting his hips and tugging on my tits. The only thing he said to me was, “Going to cum!” and I nodded my head letting him know he could cum in my mouth and did he ever. Once he was finished, I remembered that my g/f would be there soon so I jumped up and as I had no other clothes to put on just my coat, I said good-bye and he said bye. Then as I walked out of the door I heard him say to the walls of the hut, “Nothing like our fucking old women back home, not at all!”Shortly after I reached the road I could see headlights coming down the road. When she stopped and I got in, she said that I had to tell her everything, but I first have to know how lucky I was that it was her driving the truck because on the way out there another truck had been in front of her until about two miles back they pulled off onto another road. She said you could have been standing there dressed like that and have some locals drive by and see you….maybe even stop.That could have been another story, but I had 4 loads of cum running down my legs and ass and 1 load in my stomach. I did have a blessed day with a great story to tell her. See my pics for what I was or wasn’t wearing during this time.

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