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Blackmailed bt jealous female co workers
They ask me if I’m working out i say yes I’m going to change now. I go into Jenny’s office as i have done for the two years i have been here to change my clothes. I take sexy pictures for my husband in here because its risky and exciting . As i get naked and set my ipad to the timer i start to get excited,i take pictures in the chair the desk by the window . These are really hot really risky and then my life changes forever. Let me go back ,my name is Michelle , I’m a tall blonde 5’10” 38dd ,long legs ,tight ass, very statuesque . Im mid forty but i look early 30s. I am married for ten years and we have a great experimental sex life . I work in a business thats more blue collar ,I’m in accounting but many if our clients are builders, truckers, and landscapers. I dress mostly conservative but i do wear a lots if skirts,stockings and button shirts, but honestly no matter what i wear my firm natural tits cant be missed .Most of the other women have been there forever and dress very casual and i know there is a lot of petty jealously. Don’t get me wrong there are some attractive women but they don’t bother to dress nice, and u get a lot of attention from the men.
Having an active sex life i like to take pictures to send to my hubby ,some at work in the bathroom,or in the car and occasionally at my desk i slip in a pussy or tit shot. Im very careful not to get caught but i find it exciting and he loves them . Two days a week they bring in a personal trainer and we work out for an hour from 5-6. When i change to workout i use Jenny’s office ,or the file room and i use that opportunity to take pictures. The padt two weeks seemed different everyone seemed so friendly ,and more if the women took the time to say hi and its just was great but just a little strange . I didn’t think much about it at the time. Now back to today, as i was caught up in taking my pictures i didn’t notice the door was partially open, when i started to get dressed i finally noticed the door flew open, It was my co workers and before i knew it they surrounded me . Hmmmmm whats going in here one said , i replied I’m just getting dressed to workout lets go . Not so fast another replied as they blocked my way. Hey whats the deal i said lets go ,and Zoe held up her phone and showed me pictures they took of me taking pictures. I was startled but i played it off like i was mad,how dare you take pictures of me erase them immediately. I dint think so karen said as she pushed canlı bahis at me, Karen was heavy set not attractive but young . Listen we know what you have been doing for a while now. Ok so whats the big deal its private . The big deal Karen said is the struct company policy regarding professional behavior . Look i just did this today its my husbands birthday and, i was cut off by Rebecca an older and bitter women who’s husband left her for his secretary ,no sweety we have been watching so we set up a camera here and in the file room ring a bell? Ok sounded defeated what do you want money i can pay you oh thats sounds great they all said but we want so much more you slut. Do you want to lose your job,husband and reputation ,because its easy to ruin you. Ok what do you want ill do anything. Good michelle you can start by stripping .
What strip yes strip workout is canceled for us anyway lol . Isn’t there anything else we can work out ,why are you doing this what did i do to you . Listen bitch we can stay here all night and give you our reasons but if you want to get home sometime tonight you better strip ,Karen was clearly in charge. I started to pull off my shirt ,then tried to plead with my eyes and was met with lets go , from Rebecca ,and Zoe whispered shes doimg it i cant believe it ,they were all thrilled . After i got my yoga pants off i stopped i was in my bra and panties when i tied to get control back and said you have had your fun now lets stop before this gets out of hand. STRIP I SAID karen screeched ,and i started to cry , tears wont help you Rebecca chimed in now lets go. So i took off my sports bra ,and reluctantly my panty s. Cat calls are bad but when they are women its worse, wow look at those fat tits ,and cute little pussy karen said,i asked may i get dressed now please, i was answered but four phones taking pictures as i scrambled to covet up my Tits and Pussy and then my face but to no avail. Karen ordered me to get my hands behind my back and fucking smile, click click click more puctures. Ok Michelle not so high and mighty now lol go to the desk put your handson the desk ass out and dont fucking move. I did as i was told thinking it was already 530 and we usually leave at 545 . Karen came over me and it started ,she smacked my ass, DONT MOVE I SAID, she groped my tits. Hey what do you know they are real, nice tits slut,the all roared,i was mortified. Then she slid her hand to my pussy, omg shes wet what a slut. No im not i cried its normal , yeah tipobet giriş were forced to strip, groped and took pictures and your wet yeah thats normal for a slut lol Rebecca said. Ok slut stand up and do 20 jumping jacks ,what are you serious ,she raised her hand so i started before she smacked me ,they were laughing calling me a slut whore tease and worse they were filming it. Now get on the floor and crawl around and bark like a dog , no i said this has gone far enough. Karen said your right lets just post the pictures. Ok ok i crawled and barked like a dog ,stopping for pictures.ok michelle now stand up put your hands in your head and stand there and don’t move. This position made my tits really stand out, karen said ok girls have at it. All four came forward and started groping me,examining my pussy ,squeezing my tits ,this seemed like it went in forever. Ok girls playtime is over, i was relieved.
I meekly asked may i get dressed now,hmmm let me think ok slut shirt no bra,underwear only so drive carefully , lol they all laughed ,i cant do that ,Karen interjected would you rather go naked,as i was not near my clothes. No thats fine i said. Good choice slut. Ok heres the deal you if you don’t want your life as you know it ruined you do everything we say. Understand? I nodded . From now in you dress as we tell you and do everything we say. First you call us mistress when we are together alone understand , yes ka i mean mistress, they all chuckled . Tomorrow dark bra,white shirt ,mini skirt no underwear, i cant do that i said, are you disobeying already ? No no ok i will. Listen Michelle we now own. You ,your body is ours you understand ,now get some sleep tonight because tomorrow starts your new life as our slave,and get in early your workload has increased 4 times lol also tomorrow i have arranged an extended lunch on the premise we are all trying to get along. Bring your credit card your paying .
I left in horror what have i done ,maybe i should tell my husband ,or maybe they had there fun and its out if there system ,i will give it a day and see. No sooner did i finish my thought did i get a series of txts from all the girls ,pictures of me posing ,squeezing my tits or sticking out my ass. Some taken by me but most by them,by for e but looking at the pictures it looked like a xxx photoshoot , then came the video. Me crawling on the floor ,barking like a dog ,getting my tits and ass slapped. Then a txt from Karen, you better follow our instructions tipobet to the letter ,when you get to work ,we all want pictures of your bare pussy sitting on your desk back toward the window or else and make sure you are smiling in the pictures ok slave? All i could txt was yes mistress . Btw you may not know this but one if us is a lesbian,one is bi ,and one is heavy into bdsm, have a good nights sleep and take care of our body.

Zoe,Karen, and Rebecca three girls from work are now blackmailing me ,and the payment isn’t just money but my servitude to them . I got up early and dressed as i was told,i also brought my usual work clothes in case this was a one time prank. The only white button shirt i had was small, and the only dark color bra i had was sheer ,lingerie really so my tits would surely be in display. With the short skirt in there was no way to go up and down stairs without my bare pussy on display. I got to work early and was hoping no one was there, my heart sank when i saw the maintenance man . He never talks to me but today he stopped to talk just to **** me with his eyes. I finally got to my desk set up my phone hopped on the desk and took about 5 pictures. I picked out the best one and sent it to them, then waited. The first response was from Karen , clearly in charge she said nice bush slave but thats not what we asked. I responded yes it is my back is to the window, im exposed and I’m dressed as you said. Nice try slut but you made 2 mistakes . What mistakes? Well first you sent us all the same picture. But you never , AND three times now you did not address me as mistress or madam. I dudnt know , i mean mistress i didn’t know you wanted different ones ,i took more here i will send them. As i sent all five pictures i saw a message from Karen ,well you need to learn you do what we say to the letter. So now i want that shirt buttoned all the way down to your bra clasp. I cant do that mistress i will get in trouble . Your already in trouble but good thinking. Dont just unbutton them ,but rip them off, then you have an excuse . See you at lunch ,i hope you brought money being your owner makes me hungry,but dint worry, you wont be eating. As one if your rules we want our slave to be in perfect shape . At lunch we will go over your rules of what we expect from you , who gets your body what days etc . You better get to work you have to do all my invoices by 12 you wouldn’t want me to get in trouble would you? What am i going to do , im going to stop this now and take my . chances,they are going to decide what days they use me ? This is crazy then i got a txt from Rebecca , nice job juggs, getting the company logo in a smiling picture if you at your desk exposing that sleezy cunt of yours.

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