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I’ve done some strange things in my day. You name it, I’ve done it. People got no idea how freaky I am. And I like it that way. This is the story of who I am, what I’ve done and how in Hell I managed to keep it all out of the public domain. My name is Jefferson Haworth Brown and I am a Congressman currently serving the State of Massachusetts. One of the few black male politicians operating in the legendary halls of Beacon Hill.

Currently, my secretary Marianna “Nana” Fogel is on all fours, her plump white butt cheeks spread wide open as I thrust my cock deep into her asshole. Nana is fifty five years old and this old Englishwoman desperately addicted to black cock. That’s more than okay with me. I grip Nana’s wide hips and push my cock deeper inside her. Nana has been with me since my days as a young lawyer in downtown Boston. And I appreciate her services, in more ways than one. I absolutely love Nana’s ass. This old broad may be plump but she’s definitely shapely. And she does things that a lot of young women simply won’t do. Like taking up the ass with hardly a grunt. It’s part of her charm, I am sure.

These sessions of ours have been happening for years now. I am married and so is Nana. She has a husband named Adam Hamilton Fogel and two grown sons, Kyle and James. I have a wife named Rachel Slade whom I am not that fond of. Truth be told, I married Rachel for her money. When I met Rachel two decades ago, she was a tall, slender young black woman who had recently graduated from the University of Boston with a bachelors degree in business. Her father, Lucas Slade, was a world-famous African-American millionaire. He made a fortune in real estate. Rachel was sexy and smart. But she didn’t like to take it up the ass. The few times I got to fuck her ass, Rachel whined the whole time. She’s a total and complete bore. Most black women refused to partake in such acts. Which explains why tons of black men are into white women.

I thrust my cock deeper into Nana’s ass and she grunts slightly. I marvel at Nana’s ass every time I fuck it. This big woman’s ass has only gotten better with age. Her asshole is still tight and grips my long, uncut dick just the way I like it. No matter how many lovers I have, Nana will always remain my favorite. I gently squeeze the tender flesh of her big butt as I thrust my dick deeper into her. Rachel grimaces, then tells me she likes it. She urges me to fuck her harder and faster. I nod and do just that. Nana is something else. A prim and proper lady who can suck cock and take it up the ass like a professional and doesn’t whine or impose herself on her male lovers. She knows that I have other lovers, both male and female. It doesn’t bother her. If my wife Rachel knew, she’d have a fit.

I shudder as a wave of sexual energy courses through me. I warn Nana of what is to come. She tells me she’s ready. That’s when the magic happens. I cum, releasing my manly seed deep inside Nana’s tight ass. She screams in pleasure as my hot cum fills her tight asshole. Slowly, I pull out and watch as my cum güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri leaks out of Nana’s ass. I flip her on her back and began licking her tits while rubbing my cock against her pussy lips. I smile and so does Nana. We kiss, and remain like this, locked in a tight embrace on my desk. A few minutes later, my clothes are back on as are hers. We both go back to work. I smile gently at Nana as she heads to her desk. At fifty-something years of age, she’s still beautiful. Five feet ten inches tall, chubby, busty and wide-hipped, with black hair streaked with gray and vivacious green eyes. And her fat ass is still da bomb, as the young guys say!

I leave early today. I drive from Beacon Hill down to Iverson Tech, a small private school not far from the political and business heart of the city of Boston. I am just a tall, good-looking black man in a business suit striding through the halls of Iverson Tech. I am no stranger to this place. Before I went to Suffolk Law School, I did my undergraduate work at Iverson Tech, which I attended on a football scholarship. Iverson Tech has changed a lot in twenty years. For starters, the student-body is forty eight percent female these days. When I went to Iverson Tech, eighty percent of the students were male. And only five percent of us were black. Nowadays, thirty eight percent of Iverson Tech student body is of African-American descent. Originally, the school offered Men’s Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Rowing, Sailing, Cross Country, Track & Field, Rifle, Pistol, Alpine Skiing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Golf, Football and Volleyball along with Women’s Varsity Softball, Basketball, Sailing, Golf, Rifle, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Soccer and Volleyball. Nowadays, they offer the same exact amount of Men’s sports, but a plethora of additional Women’s Varsity sports such as Women’s Equestrian, Swimming, Tennis, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Rifle, Pistol, Rugby, Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Ice Hockey. What a difference a few decades make.

As I walk through the school, I found myself feeling somewhat nostalgic. I like to come to Iverson Tech to gather my spirits. I am a distinguished alumnus as well as a supporter of the college. I have given many speeches which ninety percent of the school’s ten thousand students attended in the titanic auditorium. My son Charles really disappointed me when he passed on Iverson Tech and chose Boston College instead. As did my daughter Eileen when she enrolled at her mother’s alma mater, Boston University. I understand that they are grown now and need to make their own choices. I still can’t help but feel disappointed.

As you can tell, I am not that happy with my home life. My wife is a whore who drinks a lot and doesn’t hide her affairs with young men too well. I don’t ask for her fidelity, only her discretion. If a reporter ever caught her on camera, this could mess up my political career and bring unwarranted attention to both our lives. I pretend not to know that Rachel is sleeping with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Timothy Halton, a big and tall black guy who’s our neighbor. Timothy’s wife Jessica Halton, a tall and skinny white woman, is a closet bisexual who’s my colleague on Beacon Street. She’s a District Court Judge who only hires female clerks whom she sleeps with. I helped her weather a near-scandal last year. Her former clerk, a lawyer named Megan Ashton, came back and tried to blackmail her. I helped Judge Jessica Halton silence lesbian lawyer and would-be blackmailer Megan Ashton. I had evidence of Ashton’s drug use on camera and threatened to destroy her career if she didn’t leave the Judge alone.

After this, Jessica Halton was very grateful. She put in a good word for me in high places and I was elected to Congress for a third term. I don’t think judge Jessica Halton has learned her lesson. I’ve seen her with a female clerk named Alicia Stone recently. Alicia is a tall, busty, thick and fat-bottomed young black woman. Her father, Supreme Court Judge Anthony Stone was a friend of mine. If she weren’t his daughter, I might have gone after her myself. Once, quite by accident, I saw her and Jessica Halton having fun together in a secluded area of the State House. Judge Jessica Halton lay on a desk, her dress at her ankles and her legs spread. Kneeling between those slender white legs was Alicia Stone, a plump young black woman. Alicia licked Jessica’s pussy and fingered her tight asshole, working that Sapphic magic. I watched silently from behind a curtain. I couldn’t help myself. It was very hot. The judge moaned as the young black woman sucked her clit. I’ve watched bisexual male erotic videos and lesbian porn movies but this was very hot. Much hotter than the movies.

Alicia worked her magic and soon, the Judge’s pussy was squirting hot girly cum. Judge Jessica Halton squealed in pleasure. Then, things heated up. Jessica was now donning a strap-on dildo. Alicia got on all fours and Jessica mounted her like a pony. The tall white chick spread the black woman’s pussy lips and shoved her dildo inside. Alicia grunted as Jessica began to fuck her energetically with the strap-on dildo. The more she screamed, the harder Jessica fucked her. Hot damn, the judge knew how to fuck! Alicia’s initial screams of pain turned into howls of joy as she bucked wildly under the force of Jessica’s thrusts and begged her for more. It was so damn hot! As for me, I ended up coming three times in my pants. I walked away hard as a rock. Hot damn, lesbian sex was hot! I am pretty sure that someday, some woman will blackmail the judge with sex again! That woman is just not careful enough.

While at Iverson Tech, I stop by to see my favorite student-athlete. Leonard London. He’s a tall, good-looking black stud who’s a lineman on the football team. His presence on the gridiron has turned Iverson Tech into a powerhouse in the Division Two College Football world. What the rest of the world doesn’t know is that this sexy stud is bisexual. We’ve been güvenilir bahis şirketleri having some fun together these past few months. Leonard is six feet six inches tall, three inches taller than me. He’s also got a twelve-inch cock that I love to suck and ride. As soon as I showed up at his dorm, Leonard welcomed me with a big kiss. He was glad to see me. We didn’t waste time with the pleasantries. He unzipped his pants and we got busy. I sucked on Leonard’s long and thick black cock. Leonard thrust his cock down my throat, making me gag on it. I suck his dick and lick his big balls. When he finally does cum, I drink him dry. Afterwards, he bends me over and stuffs his cock into my asshole. I love getting fucked in the ass. I’ve fucked both women and men in the ass over the years. Leonard is the only person I let fuck me. Why? Because he’s got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!

As Leonard pounds his way into my ass with his thick black cock, I stroke my dick. I scream as I get fucked. A few minutes later, Leonard and I are rudely interrupted. In walks his girlfriend. She’s a tall, busty, chubby Latin woman with a fat ass. Her name is Miranda Sanchez Santiago Y Lobo. I met her a few months ago. As she walks in, Leonard and I freeze. What can we say? Miranda stares at us, hands on her hips. She seems mad. I just hate it when bisexual men’s girlfriends or wives walk in on them with their male lovers. Miranda’s frown turns into a smile as she says she wants to join us. I look at Leonard, stunned. The black football stud smiles and tells me that his girlfriend is okay with him being bisexual and that she is into threesomes. I smile. Lucky bastard. Leonard grins and resumes fucking me. As Leonard thrusts his cock deep inside of me, I watch Miranda undress. The plump Latina has a banging body. My dick hardens and she notices.

Miranda comes over and asks me if I want my cock sucked. What do you think I said? Miranda came over and began sucking on my cock and balls as her boyfriend Leonard filled my ass with his cock. We fucked like this for some time, then improvised. Miranda took a ride on my nine inches. I slid my dick into her pussy and pumped it up as Leonard ruthlessly pounded my ass. Man, this was fun! Miranda was a real firecracker. I slammed my cock into her pussy and she squealed as I fucked her. The plump Latina’s tits were succulent-looking and I eagerly sucked on them. Meanwhile, Leonard came, flooding my ass with his cum. I screamed as his cum invaded me, and Miranda and I continued to do our thing. I put her on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. Slowly, I pressed my cock against her asshole. Miranda growled sexily and told me to fuck her ass. I did just that. I shoved my cock into her ass and began pounding my dick into the depths of her asshole.

Leonard watched us, stroking his cock. He seemed to be enjoying the show. I gripped Miranda’s hips and shoved my cock deep into her asshole. Miranda’s asshole was incredibly tight. I loved fucking it. Miranda screamed as I pounded her ass. Her asshole gripped my dick like a vise while her plump booty continued to grind against my groin. We went at it until I came, flooding her asshole with my cum. Afterwards, the three of us hit the showers. It was a very good day. I went back home to my wife as if nothing had happened. It was a very good day. Am I good or what?

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