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Note to reader, condoms are used at all times!

My wife Tracy and I would read and look through several adult male magazines every month and often use it to spice up our sex life and add to our new adventures.

Tracy and I have always enjoyed wild and uninhibited sex, but until that day we had only involved a few of my friends in our lovemaking. We had talked many times about getting it on with other people, and Tracy knew that I liked to fantasize about watching her with several men.

Tracy would say that she thought it would be exciting if the men were total strangers, and she had no idea who they were. But these were just fantasies, and so they remained until I decided to make them come true on her birthday.

I was working on a project for my company that summer that involved being around a group of construction workers. I approached some of them with my idea, and when I showed them pictures of my wife they were quite enthusiastic. I set up the deal for the night of Tracy’s birthday.

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant that evening, and then went dancing at a club, where we had a few drinks and stayed until closing. On the way home we started fooling around in the car, and by the time we got there we were both hotter then firecrackers. Once Tracy gets going, she has to get laid.

Once at home I stripped Tracy and began to fool around with her. When I got her naked I told her that I had a surprise for her, but that she would have to trust me and go along with what I had in mind. She looked at me kind of funny, but said okay. She asked if I was going to get undressed too, but I said, “Not yet.” I then blindfolded her and tied her hands behind her back. I led her out of the house and into the garage, still naked, and guided her into the front seat of my pickup. I could tell she was getting really hot. Even I had a hard-on.

As I pulled out of the garage she asked where we going, and I told her to wait and see—or not see. Then she asked if I had brought anything for her to wear, and when I said no, she just moaned.

A short distance from our house we came to a dirt road off the main highway, which I had explored in the past. It canlı bahis şirketleri ran through an area of woods, and a little way along there was a small clearing, which was pretty much hidden from sight. I turned in there.

When I parked the truck, Tracy asked me where we were, but I didn’t answer her. Instead, I helped her out of the truck, untied her hands and the tied them over her head from a tree limb. At that point I reminded her of the fantasies we had talked about, and asked her if she was ready for her birthday present.

Tracy was kind of shaking, but I could tell that it was with excitement. She could have backed out then and I would have called the whole thing off, but she didn’t. She enthusiastically said yes.

I took out my cell phone and called Victor, one of the guys who were waiting down the road, and told him we were ready. I had showed him the spot earlier.

As Tracy heard the car drive in and stop, she began to rub her legs together and moan, saying that she felt like a slut. But she wasn’t complaining.

Victor and three of his friends got out of the car and walked up to Tracy, who was still tied and blindfolded. They immediately started making remarks about how sexy she was and how she was giving them all hard-ons. Then they began running their hands over her body, pinching and pulling her tits and rubbing her pussy, until she was panting and almost too weak to stand.

Victor told her to spread her legs, which she did, and they proceeded to finger her pussy and ass. Finally they released her hands and she sank down to her knees, moaning with excitement.

Victor started things off by feeding his cock into her mouth. When they saw how eagerly she sucked on it, the guys couldn’t hold back. For the next half hour, Victor and his three friends proceeded to use my wife’s mouth for their enjoyment. They circled around her head and just kept on switching places when one of them got close to cumming. Two of the four however were not able to hold off, thus either cumming straight into Tracy’s mouth or all other her face and tits.

When they had enough of that, they had her lie on her back on the ground and took canlı kaçak iddaa turns fucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I had gone to the car to get some blankets and pillows, but the guys said that they wanted to fuck the bitch right there on the bare ground. They did use the pillows to raise her pussy higher from the ground for deeper penetration. One guy would fuck her pussy while another would be using her mouth, and the other two would have her hand wrapped around their dicks keeping them hard. Of course like any gang-bang, the guys would make comments calling her every name in the book, and asking her if she liked getting gang-banged.

When Victor was done fucking my wife, he came over and sat with me. He was still naked, so I thought that he was probably going to have another round with my wife. It turned out to be true a short time later. We just sat and talked while watching his three buddies fucking my wife like a pack of starving wolves.

Two surprising things happened at this time. First Victor got a call in which he stood up and walked out of hearing range until the call was over. The second thing was that the guy fucking my wife, dismounted, pulled his condom off his dick, told my wife to open her mouth wide, and then squeezed the cum out of the condom into her mouth. In about twenty or so minutes, the other two guys had done the same thing.

While the guys all sat back to recover, my wife was lying there playing with her tits and fingering her pussy still. The guys commented on what a slut she was. Victor then laughing stating that it was a good thing that he had called in some reinforcements. I then announced that it was my turn to have a go at her.

I turned her over doggie style, and just plunged my dick into her used cunt in one stroke. I was still amazed at how tight her hole was after being fucked four times already. From watching all the action, I knew that I wasn’t going to last long, so I pulled out of her hole, and into her tight fucking ass. The guys came over to watch me fucking her ass and played with her swaying tits while doing so. I only lasted a few strokes before I unloaded into her ass. When I pulled away, Tracy canlı kaçak bahis just lay there saying how dirty of a slut she felt like.

The guys gave her a couple of minutes to rest, then to get them aroused again, they asked her to dance naked to the music from the car radio. This was awkward, since she was still blindfolded, but she did it anyway. She wasn’t half way into the first song when a car drove up and two other guys got out. Victor called them over and introduced them to me. He said that since they have done a great job, he was going to give them a treat, my wife. The two new guys striped off their clothes and sat down watching my wife still stripping.

When they all had their hard-ons back, they put her on her hands and knees and fucked her two at a time, one from behind and one in her mouth. By this time Tracy was out of control, moaning loudly and urging the guys on, telling them to fuck her harder, to come in her cunt and her mouth. Finally she yelled, “Oh god, someone do my ass!” By the end of the night, they all fucked her ass.

Victor had the two new guys go first, and then he and the original three had their turn with my wife. When they finished, the other two had another go with her with one of them, going a third round.

My wife was so thoroughly fucked, that I had to almost carry her back to the car. She was put through all the paces and in every position that I could have imagined. She was dirty from being fucked on the ground. She had dried and drying cum on her face, in her hair, on her tits, stomach and pubic hair. She was a mess but a beautiful mess. I loved her even more now then ever.

It was my complete fantasy come true, seeing my wife being gang-banged by six guys; and it was Tracy’s too, since she could not see the guys and would never know who they were.

After the guys left Tracy begged me to fuck her too. She didn’t have to ask twice since I had a huge load built up from watching all the guys fuck her senseless. I left the blindfold on as I fucked her ass again; blowing a load I had been holding in all night that was bigger then the first.

We then got back into the truck and drove home. I had to put a blanket on the seat, because she had come running out of everywhere. Once in the house, I finally took the blindfold off. After Tracy took a shower, she gave me a long, lingering kiss and thanked me for giving her the best birthday present she’d ever had.

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