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“Your set is great. I need to get my own!” I texted my best friend, Tim Anderson. I had just finished a round of golf and was driving to his house to return his borrowed clubs.

“Yes you do,” the reply came. “No one’s home. Just come around to the back porch and leave them there.”

Tim and I were both 24 years old and had been friends since childhood. While each of us had decent jobs, we were still living in the suburbs with our parents and commuting into the city. Come the fall, we had plans to share an apartment downtown. We were both ready to get away from family and feel more like adults.

The Anderson’s house was at the end of a tree-lined cul-de-sac, less than a mile from where I lived. With a backyard pool and an expansive deck, their home had long been my favorite summer hangout. I parked my car in front, grabbed the clubs, and walked around to the back. As I made my way, I heard the sound of a woman moaning in what sounded like distress.

One step around the corner and I could see the pool area and the moaning woman. There was Tim’s younger sister, Kathleen, lying completely naked on a deck chair with her legs spread. And she was getting fucked with a capital F. The guy had a hold of her ankles and was moving back and forth like a machine. All I could see was his toned ass, but when he turned his head to the side, I realized Jeremy Collins was the one nailing my best friend’s sister.

“Fuck, where has this fantastic cock been all my life?” she whimpered. I stood in place, not more than 50 yards from them, debating whether to sneak off or continue watching.

Kathleen was two years younger than Tim and I and had just graduated college. She was the last girl I would have expected to see taking a hard drilling in her backyard. Always prim and proper; never missing an opportunity to shoot a disgusted look at me and Tim if we were drinking or smoking pot. I once offered her a beer at a party and she recoiled as if I was passing her a bottle of rat poison.

I was just as surprised to see Jeremy Collins on top. I never thought girls were his preference. We were on the same varsity tennis team in high school güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri when he was a sophomore and I was a senior. One day he asked me if I wanted to stay after practice and smack some balls around; his tone made me suspect he wasn’t talking about tennis. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bi-curious at the time, but I didn’t take any action. That would come in college when a drunken porno night with my roommate ended with us sucking each other off, an extra circular activity we engaged in a few more times over the years.

After two minutes of watching them I started to feel guilty. I could always return Tim’s golf clubs another time. But as I began to retreat, I lost my grip on the shoulder strap and three clubs came rattling out of the bag. An obviously startled Kathleen squealed and Jeremy quickly dismounted. They both looked in my direction, spotting me simultaneously.

“Kevin?” Kathleen asked, her mind and vision no doubt foggy at the moment. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m really sorry. I just came to return your brother’s golf clubs. I didn’t think anyone was home.” Their naked bodies were incredibly distracting but neither showed any interest in grabbing a towel. There wasn’t a swimsuit in sight. Instinctively I walked closer towards them.

Kathleen stood up. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t covering herself. Her body was perfectly tanned from head to toe, so this obviously wasn’t the first afternoon she had spent naked in her backyard. Her breasts were small but perky and her nipples were flawless. Her smooth stomach trailed down to a gentle tuft of brown hair that was more perfectly trimmed than any putting green I had seen that morning.

Jeremy was in excellent shape all over, but his spectacular cock commanded my attention. His shaft looked like something hewn from Italian marble by a Renaissance sculptor. Judging by his muscle tone, he was still an active athlete.

I..ummm….I didn’t realize you guys were a couple,” I stammered. They both chuckled.

“We’re not a couple,” said Kathleen. “We’re just having some fun for the summer. You know, trying new things.” She looked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri over at Jeremy with a deviant smile.

“Right,” Jeremy added. “Trying new things.”

Jeremy’s emphasis on “new” and their simultaneous look in my direction were a clear invitation to participate. Kathleen flopped back on the chair and Jeremy returned to his position on top of her. She looked at me and with a seductive curl of her finger motioned me to stand beside her.

While Jeremy was busy sliding in and out of Kathleen, her hands drifted to my waistband. My cock rose beneath the fabric of my golf pants, and I watched as her eager fingers effortlessly unbuttoned and unzipped. As my stiff cock popped free, she tugged at the head, drawing me to her lips. Her efforts to suck my cock at the same time that she was getting plowed by Jeremy were almost comical, yet she got just enough of her mouth on my dick to send waves of pleasure through me. As Jeremy slowed his pace, Kathleen was able to focus more attention on me. I ran my fingers through her hair and guided her head further down the length of my shaft.

Jeremy slipped his cock out of Kathleen. His swollen shaft glistened in the sun with her sticky juices coating the entire length. He caught me eyeing his cock and gave me an encouraging nod. There was no hesitation on my part. I pulled back from Kathleen and kneeled down on a beach towel in front of him, grabbing his hips and pulling his crotch towards my face. Kathleen gasped with excitement; she was in for a show unlike any she’d ever seen.

I had never tasted anything as indulgent as thick cock glazed with sweet pussy juice. The flavor of Kathleen all over Jeremy’s twitching rod was intoxicating as I bobbed back and forth, running my tongue along his every inch. Out of the corner of my eye I caught Kathleen’s face coming towards me. Her head ducked under mine and her mouth went for his balls. Together we lavished Jeremy with attention for several minutes until he muttered “Slow down, slow down!”

Kathleen and I both pulled back. She looked at the drizzle of precum running down my lips and moved in to kiss me. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Our tongues immediately became entwined as the musky scent of Jeremy’s body hung in the air. Kathleen fell back on the chair once more and beckoned me to get on top of her.

Despite Jeremy warming her up for me, Kathleen was incredibly tight. She whimpered as my cock head pushed inside her, then let loose with a lengthy, exaggerated laugh. I held the top of the chair behind her head for maximum leverage and started pumping with accelerated rhythm. Kathleen looked me in the eyes, offering a mix of wide smiles and delighted squeals.

Kathleen’s gaze began to wander and I knew she was looking at Jeremy moving in behind us. Still, his hands sliding along my ass surprised me. I slowed my hip thrusts to accommodate his touch and Jeremy’s fingers moved towards the middle. I had only ever exchanged blow jobs with a guy, but the appeal of this new experience was quickly growing. His fingers slid across my tight hole and he moved them in a circular motion. His hand slipped away, but an instant later I felt the tip of his solid cock pressed against me. I looked back at him and gave him eager approval to proceed.

A split second of pain gave way to a rush of intense pleasure. I grunted with delight as Jeremy’s cock went deep inside me. He bucked back and forth with the same pace he had used on Kathleen, and his thrusts into me drove me deeper inside her. Our three bodies moved in synchronization, my body in the middle, completely stimulated at both ends. Kathleen put her hands on my shoulders, her legs dangling off the sides of the chair. Her voice trembled as she moaned “Oh, boys. Fuck yes.”

I can’t remember if we fucked in that position for five minutes or 30; the experience was such a blur. We rocked back and forth with reckless abandon, each of us reveling in the all-encompassing excitement of every jolt.

“Come inside me!” Kathleen moaned, and her directive to me inspired Jeremy as well. From behind I could feel his entire body beginning to tense. Seconds after I pumped hot loads deep inside Kathleen, Jeremy erupted in my ass. The double orgasms created a spectacular hot mess, and the three of us collapsed in delight. Jeremy and Kathleen lay on the chair while I caught my breath on a beach towel just below them.

“I hope you’ll keep me in mind for the rest of your summer fun,” I said. They replied in unison.

“Oh, we will.”

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