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A week passed with no contact from Karyn. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and about the filthy foot-fetish sex we’d enjoyed on her kitchen table. I’d had a scary thought, though, on the morning after I’d been sucking her fabulous toes; I’d just fucked a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl without using a condom. The lust of the moment had utterly negated all thought of birth control. I quickly convinced myself that the girl was now pregnant; my cock having dribbled its seed deep within her while I greedily sucked and worshipped her exquisite bare feet. I, of course, withdrew and ejaculated all over her bare feet, but I also remembered the wetness of my dick with pre-cum before it had slipped inside her beautiful young vagina. I also seemed to remember watching the tip of my stiff cock — glistening with Karyn’s copious pussy juice — releasing stray droplets of cum as I’d desperately tried to hold back my orgasm during our wonderful tabletop fuck. I’d simply wiped it against her splendid teenage anus before gliding blissfully back inside that boiling, smooth orifice between her thighs.

I began to worry.

“You seem quieter than usual,” Melissa commented. She was heading for a night out with office colleagues.

“Hmm?” I absent-mindedly responded, wondering how to break the news that I was now the father of another woman’s child. “Oh, uh… just busy with work. Bit preoccupied.”

She shook her head, pulling on her jacket to leave.

“It’s Friday night,” she replied. “Have a drink and watch a movie like a normal guy.”

She smiled. I still loved her smile. I still loved her, despite the lack of physical intimacy in our marriage.

“You’re right,” I agreed. I sighed and stretched, adding a yawn for good measure. I stood from the dining room table, closing my laptop screen.

A car horn sounded outside.

“That’s my cab,” Melissa said. “I shouldn’t be late. It’s just Hannah, Linda and Siobhan tonight so dinner and drinks in town.”

“Enjoy yourself,” I said, somewhat jealous I wasn’t included although Melissa’s work colleagues made me want to puke. I had met them all six months ago at a party; Hannah was devoid of personality, Linda was an old troll who did nothing but complain, and Siobhan talked about nothing but her divorce and her hatred of men.

Divorce. That would be the best-case scenario for me when Melissa inevitably finds out about Karyn.

The front door closed behind Melissa. I intended to do what she said — pour a drink and try to turn my brain off for as long as I could. I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and sat down in the living room, reaching for the T.V. remote.

Just as I was about to take a swig of beer, I heard güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my phone ringing. I’d left it sitting on the dining room table!

Fuck, I thought to myself. I leapt off the couch and darted through to where I’d previously been working. George was supposed to call me tonight with details of a meeting I was supposed to attend in a few days. This call was most likely from him and I didn’t want to miss it.

I looked at the brightly lit screen of my ringing phone. It was Karyn. She was FaceTiming me, no doubt to demand child support, immediate full disclosure to my wife and to schedule parenting classes.

I quickly tapped the green ‘pick-up’ icon.

“Hey!” I said. Her image appeared on my screen. I could only see her from her shoulders upwards, which were bare. She didn’t appear to be wearing a shirt.

“Hey yourself!” she replied, smiling. “How are you?”

How do I answer this, I thought to myself?

“I’m..” I started. “I’m a little worried, actually.”

“Worried?” Karyn replied. She appeared to be sitting upright on her bed, her blonde hair in a ponytail which rested against the side of her neck. “Worried about what?”

“Well,” I replied, “I don’t know, it’s just that… well, we had sex without a condom last week. I’m worried I’ve got you pregnant.”

Karyn let out a laugh, the phone shaking in her hand.

“Oh please,” she smiled, displaying her perfect white teeth, “I’m on birth control. You think you’re the first guy I’ve let put his horny dick inside me without a rubber?”

While her phrasing certainly left a lot to be desired, this revelation calmed me in an instant.

“Fuck me,” I exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief.

“That’s the idea,” she replied. Any innocence which had been in that smile of hers was slowly vanishing.

I felt a pang of lust — the first in a week — in my loins. Memories of her delectable toes flooded my being; the fragrant smell of her teenage feet, the sensation of her high, wrinkled arches against my bone-stiff prick, sucking her exquisite eighteen-year-old toes, savouring the hot wetness of her beautiful, tight, teenage cunt.

I touched myself with my free hand, caressing my stiffening erection through the denim of my jeans.

“Have you been thinking about me?” she asked.

I smiled, watching as she coyly bit her bottom lip.

“Thought about you all week actually,” I said. It was the truth. While I had been worried about impregnating her, I had been replaying the intense liaison over and over in my head.

“I’ve been thinking about you too,” Karyn replied. “I wasn’t going to text or call again, but I couldn’t help myself güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tonight.”

She swapped hands, moving her smartphone from her right hand to her left.

“As a matter of fact,” she continued, “just talking to you again is making me wet.”

My pulse quickened.

“Really?” I smiled. I unbuttoned the fly of my jeans with my free hand. My cock was now straining painfully inside my underwear. I eagerly pulled the waistband of my shorts, my hard dick springing freely from its confines.

“Mmmm,” she sighed. “I’ve been masturbating all week thinking about what we did on the kitchen table.”

My free hand was on my cock, stroking. My foreskin rolled back and forth, exposing the hard, thick glans penis underneath.

“Oh, you make me so fucking hard,” I said, wanking my dick while I stared at the girl on my screen.

“Show it to me,” Karyn said, almost whispering the command.

I flipped the camera on my phone, changing Karyn’s view from my face to my throbbing, erect penis and balls. She gasped in delighted lust.

“Stroke it for me,” she said. “I want to see you play with that cock.”

All this time, I had been standing at my dining room table. I laughed, keeping the phone trained on my dick as I bounded upstairs. I felt this conversation would go far better from my bedroom. I kicked off my jeans and underwear, taking care to keep the camera on my phone trained on my dick the entire time. I could hear Karyn whooping with every item of clothing I discarded. I removed my shirt too, quickly pulling it up and over my head so that I now sat naked on my bed.

“Socks too,” she commanded. I sat on my bed, removing each of my socks from my feet.

“Show me how you fuck those big man-feet with that cock,” she said. “Can you touch your toes with it?”

I laughed, enjoying her perversion. I brought my right foot up closely to my groin, my balls now touching my heel. I held my bare foot in place while I slapped my fat, veiny dick against my upturned sole, just barely able to touch the tip of my big toe with the tip of my penis.

“Oh, fuck,” I heard her moan as I gave myself a DIY foot-wank.

“You like that, huh?” I said, watching as some of my pre-cum leaked onto the sole of my bare foot.

“Here, what do you think of these,” she said.

I watched as she lowered her phone, now showing her beautiful teenage bare feet in full view on my screen. Her toenails were adorned with glitter-purple nail polish.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, my cock suddenly stiffening to an almost painful degree.

“I know,” she replied. “And watch this!”

I watched as she took her left bare foot güvenilir bahis şirketleri in her hand, easily bringing it up to her mouth while keeping her phone focused on her face. Her eyes on me, she tenderly kissed each of her perfect teenage toes. I watched as she extended that tongue of hers, allowing it to snake around her beautiful pinkie toe, pulling it inside her hot, wet mouth therein to be skilfully fellated.

Fuck, the way she sucked her painted toes — her saliva glistening — was making my cock drool pre-cum. I licked it from my hand, tasting my own juices while I watched the hot teenager sucking and licking her incredible toes.

“I bet you wish you were here now to suck these fucking toes, don’t you?” she said, wiggling her wet piggies for me.

“I’m going to suck those toes,” I said, gasping as I masturbated. “I’m going to make you cum while I suck those fucking hot little toes of yours.”

Karyn panned out, holding her phone at arm’s-length. I could finally see that the girl was, indeed, naked. I delighted at the sight of her beautiful, firm young tits and belly. She brought her phone close to her body once more, this time displaying her shaved teenage pussy.

My penis spasmed with lust.

“My dad is sending you to a hotel next week,” she said off-camera. I watched her as she spread her index and middle fingers around the apex of her delightful vulva, trapping her magnificent clit between her fingers. This she squeezed, exposing the intensely wet and aroused little nub, which I studied with great arousal and eager interest.

“I’ll know your room number,” she continued. “I’ll find out from my dad’s diary. I’ll come to your room, and then…”

She paused just as I was on the verge of orgasm.

“…and then I want you to fuck me again, fuck me while you suck my toes, fuck me and cum inside me this time!”

The sight of her clitty-cunt and the insistence of her commands made me sperm my load. My cum leapt into the air; five, then six, then seven thick ropes of spunk hitting me on the chin, chest, belly and thighs.

Just as I was about to groan my acute approval and acceptance, she ended the call.

I took several minutes to calm and regroup as I lay there on my bed looking like a bukkake casualty, panting and sweating.

So, George is sending me to a hotel on a business trip next week? Of course, Karyn would see and hear every little developmental detail from the inner sanctum of his home office. She would know my hotel room number before I would.

I stood, careful not to drip cum on my bed or the carpet. A few droplets fell from my chest, landing smack bang between the big toe and second toes of my bare right foot. I paused, smiling at the irony.

My head spun with lust as I showered, the girl’s sweet feet and pussy consuming my every thought.

Words going around and around in my head:

“…fuck me and cum inside me this time!”

Get ready for the conclusion of the Karyn’s Toes trilogy in PART 3!

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