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Moving house way across the other side of the country wasn’t my idea of fun. I don’t honestly think that Sonia was too pleased about it either, but my wife’s medical career was in its early stages and the promotion provided some much needed extra cash. So, a new house and town beckoned and, for me, the problems of making some new friends.

I have always enjoyed playing soccer and, still being just the right side of thirty, I immediately began to look around for a good club to join. The task wasn’t too difficult. Lansville was a small town but still sported no less than three different soccer clubs and I wasted no time in selecting the most appropriate one for my level of skill. My other team members were friendly and easy going (although all a good bit younger than myself) and I soon settled in.

Sonia, meanwhile, had also settled in at the local hospital. Her long hours made it difficult for us to be together much and I found that I received more feedback from other people about how she was getting on than I did from her. Countless people would stop me in the street and welcome me to the town and then immediately congratulate me on having such a clever and intelligent wife. They would inevitable refer to Sonia as “the pretty new doc” and throw me a knowing smile or wink. But I was used to this. Sonia is a very attractive woman and, combined with her undeniable ability in the medical field, she makes up a very sexy package!

Things went well for the first few months. I’d found a job in a local accounts firm and was playing soccer at every available moment. Sonia was still working very long hours but we still managed to get ourselves together sometimes and, on the odd occasions that we weren’t too tired, we made slow, sensual love. But I still thought that there was something missing from our sex lives; I was quite happy, but my wife seemed distracted – maybe even a little bored. I kept meaning to talk to her about things, but as usual, other duties took preference. I think now that if I had asked her what was wrong, I may not have liked the answer. As it happened, I found out purely by chance….

It was a Saturday and I was driving to an away match with two other team mates in my car. We had been laughing and joking and the younger guys had been teasing me mercilessly about my age and possible lack of fitness. I don’t really remember the accident; I guess I must have taken my eyes off the road for a few moments, but the next thing I remember was waking up in the local hospital later that day.

As I slowly started to come around, I saw that I was flanked on either side by a bed containing Mike and Tony; the two team mates that had been in the car with me. Mercifully, none of us seemed to be badly injured apart from a few cuts and scratches and one or two broken bones. Tony and Mike were chatting to each other as I sat up in bed.

“Hey! Look who’s up!” Tony laughed.

“Hey guys. What the hell happened?”

“Seems like you’re getting too old to drive as well!” Mike chipped in. “You wrecked the fucking car!”

I groaned inwardly and lay back down again my head was aching a little. I decided to try and get a little more sleep.

The next time I awoke was at night. The lights had been dimmed slightly and an eerie quietness had fallen over our small private room. I could hear some movement coming from Mike’s bed next to me and glanced over. A doctor in a white coat was bending over him with their back to me. Mike groaned a little and I assumed that the medic was giving him canlı bahis an injection or something.

“Ohhh yeah, doc!” Mike moaned suddenly. I was immediately interested. That didn’t sound like a groan of pain to me!

“Hey Mike, what’s going on?” I asked.

Mike didn’t need to answer. My heart missed a beat as, now disturbed by my interruption, the doctor stood up and turned around.

“Sonia!” I gasped

It didn’t take a genius to work out that my wife had not been administering any MEDICAL treatment; Mike was laying on his back with his legs spread with a stupid grin plastered all over his face and a hard-on that bulged obscenely in his underwear.

“Sorry, Steve,” he started, “but Sonia is so sexy and I was feeling so horny! She was only gonna jerk me off. Honestly!”

I don’t know why, but right at that moment I felt no jealousy or animosity towards either Mike or Sonia. It may have been the effects of the accident, but right then all I could feel was my own growing erection under the sheet. All I wanted was for them to continue!

“Don’t mind me!” I laughed, “when, you’ve finished with Mike, Sonia, I got something right here you can take care of!”

That was it. The die was cast. Both Sonia and Mike both smiled at me and Sonia moved back a little.

“Is this better?” she asked as she again began to stroke Mike’s large bulge with her hand, “can you see better if I stand here?”

I grinned and rapidly nodded my reply. It seemed that I was to be given a grandstand view.

“What’s happening, lads?”

This third voice had come from Tony who had now been fully awoken by our talking and was sitting up in bed trying to see what was going on.

“My wife is about to give my friend a hand-job!” I cried excitedly. “And I think you and I have been invited to watch!”

“Wow! Cool, man! I got quite a hard-on myself. Hope she’s got time for all of us!”

Sonia smiled as she began to tug Mike’s underwear carefully down over his leg cast. She licked her lips as she finally exposed his hot, hard cock and began to slowly stroke the shaft. Mike moaned again, the same sound that had woken me.

“Mmmm. That looks good enough to eat!” murmured Sonia.

She glanced over at me as if seeking my approval. I nodded. There was no way I wanted her to stop now.

Slowly my wife lowered her head down towards Mike’s solid, bulbous cock-head. Her pink tongue extended and licked the blob of pre-cum that had oozed out of his slit and swirled expertly around the swollen glans. Her long, cool fingers encircled his shaft and she guided the whole thing towards her mouth.

Mike gasped out loud as Sonia enveloped his cock between the soft lips that were so familiar to me. His hips rose from the bed as he tried to push more of himself into her hot mouth.

“Oh yeah,” he cried, “suck it, baby! Suck on my hard cock!”

Sonia was doing just that. Her head bobbed up and down and her slender fingers tugged playfully on Mike’s tight ball sack.

Why not show us some of that gorgeous body?” I called out. I was fast becoming more comfortable with the situation and hoped it would develop further.

Sonia smiled again and, leaving a rather disappointed Mike nursing his throbbing cock, stood up in front of us all. There wasn’t much of her clothing to take off, but she made a bit of a show of what there was. The first two buttons of her white coat was already undone promising just a hint of her tanned breasts and, slowly, my wife began to pop the remaining bahis siteleri buttons revealing more of her secret flesh with every movement. Down and down her fingers travelled agonizingly slowly until, finally the coat lay open. And then, with one deft shrug of her slender shoulders, the garment fell into a crumpled head at her feet. The only items of clothing that now stood between her and complete nudity were a pair of standard black stockings and lacy black panties. The panties didn’t last long. Standing with her legs straight, Sonia inched the flimsy garment down over her thighs and stepped out of them.

“Leave the stockings!” cried Tony quickly, “you look so fucking sexy in them I could cum on the spot!”

“Not just yet, lover!” Sonia cooed, but she kept the stockings on anyway.

“We’ve not got much time,” she continued, “I know you all want me so lets get it together shall we?”

“All at the same time?” Mike questioned

Sonia grinned wickedly and nodded. “Come on, boys! I’m here if you want me!”

My wife was quickly pulled down onto the nearest bed which happened to be Tony’s. He was sitting up now with the sheet pulled down and presenting her with a very hard dick. Sonia cooed again as she immediately swallowed the large appendage into her mouth and I watched her throat bulge as she took him right down.

Mike was still throbbing as well. His cock was streaked with Sonia’s saliva and ready for anything. I quickly suggested that he get up on the bed and slide that dick in the hole that it was made for. Mike didn’t need to be asked twice and in a flash he was lying behind my wife and pulling her stockinged legs wide open. With a grunt and a thrust he brutally entered her. I have always known that Sonia likes to be taken hard and rough when she’s in the mood, but as Mike slammed his cock into her for the first time her body began to shudder and quake in what I knew was a massive climax.

As two of my wife’s holes were currently being used by my friends, I decided to elicit my own pleasure from her fingers. Moving closer to her, I held my hard weapon out and allowed her to close her fingers around my shaft. The feelings were amazing. Watching your wife getting fucked at both ends while she jerks you off is an experience that I can highly recommend!

Things were happening quite fast now. It seemed that neither Tony, Mike or myself wanted to cum too quickly and it was almost a competition to see who could go the longest. We switched places a few times, the third occasion finding me enveloped exquisitely between my wife’s hot, painted lips.

“Let’s turn her over, guys,” said Mike suddenly, while he was being massaged between Sonia’s fingers. “I’d love to do her doggy style!”

“But that mean’s only one at a time!” commented Tony the disappointment obvious in his voice.

“Not necessarily!” I said between gasps. I was almost at the point of cumming in Sonia’s mouth. “Mike? You want to fuck my wife up the ass?”

It was one of those rhetorical questions, obviously. With a little fumbling and groping we managed to get Sonia into the desired position on her hands and knees. To my knowledge she had never been double-fucked before, let alone tripled, but she put up absolutely no argument. She was climaxing almost continuously now and I don’t think she would have had the voice to argue even had she wanted to.

Tony was already lying face up on the bed as Mike and I lifted Sonia onto him. We spread her long, stocking clad legs over his groin and he held bahis şirketleri his inflamed cock out in front of him as her hot cunt enveloped him. Sonia moaned again in orgasm as Tony’s cock slid smoothly into her dripping vagina and bottomed out. Now it was Mike’s turn to get into position. Using his fingers and the copious amount of sex fluid that had leaked from Sonia’s abused cunt, he began to probe and lube her back door.

Sonia was sighing and moaning as Tony worked his cock into her pussy and then let out a soft murmur as she felt Mike’s digits penetrate her ass.

After a few moments, Mike seemed happy that he had stretched her nether hole wide enough for his thick cock and prepared to mount her.

“Oh GOD!” cried Sonia as he penetrated her. “That’s so fucking good! I never felt so full before!”

“I’m not surprised,” I whispered into her ear, “you got Tony’s cock in your tight cunt and Mike’s big dick being rammed up your ass! I hope you feel like a slut because you sure look like one!”

Sonia was now virtually incapable of speech. Her sweat sheened body was being rocked back and forth by the thrusts of the two men currently inside her and by the look of abject lust on her pretty face, it was a good bet that she was enjoying every second of her abuse. Her jaw hung open as she gasped out time and time again. Not to waste a good position, I decided to stuff my cock straight into her mouth!

Just as my tool slid gracefully into my wife’s throat, I heard a cry from Tony. I looked over to see his hips buck up and his loins twitch as he emptied himself into Sonia’s lithe body. Mike climaxed almost immediately afterwards and Sonia groaned as two loads of hot cum were squirted into her.

As my two friends fell back a little exhausted, I began to fuck my wife’s throat with ever increasing speed. My hips were a blur as I rammed her mouth ferociously, holding onto her long dark hair and feeling my balls slapping against her chin.

“Do it, man!” cried Tony excitedly.

“Yeah, fuck her mouth, Steve!” Mike joined in.

I wasn’t about to let my friends or my wife down. I gritted my teeth as my climax approached and held my breath. I could feel the cum surging up from my balls and I knew that only a brief second stood between me and ejaculation. With what I thought was amazing restraint, I stopped myself from drowning my wife in cum and pulled my twitching, throbbing cock from the delightfully warm confines of her throat.

With a cry I started to cum. My seed pumped wildly from the tip of my cock and I aimed it directly at Sonia’s mouth. Her lipstick was badly smeared after all the cock that had been thrust into her mouth, but the hot pink gloss still contrasted beautifully with the creamy, white sperm that splashed her face and hair.

As I emptied myself gratefully, Sonia sat up and licked the remaining drops of cum from her lips. She swallowed and smacked her lips before she spoke.

“Mmmm. That was so great, guys.” she whispered. I don’t know why she lowered her voice, our combined orgasmic utterances must have woken the entire hospital! “But I’ve got to get on. You three are not the only men in this hospital you know! There are wards full of guys I’ve got to…er…treat!”

“And a few ladies too, I should think!” I laughed.

“Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that. There’s a cute cheerleader with a broken foot up on the top floor,” my wife continued, “I guess I could give her some…er..special treatment! If you’re very good boys I might come by later and tell you all about it!”

There seemed a bristle of efficiency as Sonia pulled on her white coat and closed the door behind her. At that point I realised that there was great things to be gained by being married to a doctor!

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