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Alexandra woke after a long sleep following her weekend with Kelda and her aunt. She checked the time, it was afternoon. She shrugged as she couldn’t remember the last time she had slept so late. She was eating lunch when her phone rang. She sighed when she saw it was her father.

“Hi dad, anything in particular?” He chuckled softly.

“Do I need a reason to call my baby girl?” She groaned.

“Dad, you know very well I hate it when you call me that.” He chuckled again.

“Relax. I’m calling to see how you’re doing. Are you seeing anyone?” She suppressed the urge to curse as she considered a response.

“I am going on a date later this week.” This time it was his turn to sigh.

“Alexandra, are you really not going to give me more details. What’s he like? What’s he do? And how long have you known him?” She wasted no time in responding.

“Her name is Kelda and what she is, is persistent. I’ve known her about a year. This is our first date.” All humor left his voice as he responded.

“I am sorry, it was insensitive of me to assume your date was with a man. Please, understand I want you to be happy. I think you would be happier with someone. I feel like I haven’t seen you happy in a while. So, if she makes you happy, I’m glad.” Alexandra considered this and slowly answered.

“I don’t know. She has been persistent, but I was busy working on this promotion. She didn’t take it well. I promise I’ll let you know how it goes, dad.” She could hear the smile in his voice as he responded.

“Have fun and don’t worry about calling me too early the next day. I know you’ll need your rest.” She knew as soon as she responded that her voice was a bit shrill.

“Daaad!” He laughed softly.

“Sorry, just trying to see if I could still get you to use that tone you used so often as a teenager. Bye, honey.” She shook her head certain she was blushing.

“Bye, dad.” The rest of the day was filled with efforts to ensure that she would be so ready the next day that her boss wouldn’t regret promoting her. At least that was the plan given that she had already missed a day. Throughout the day she found herself distracted by memories of the weekend. However her thoughts were turning to Arushi and the time she had spent with her before Kelda had shown up. Her eyes shot open when she moaned and she realized that a hand was rubbing a breast. She sighed as she spoke softly to herself.

“After all that, I’m still feeling pent up?” She struggled throughout the afternoon. After dinner she decided to go to bed early. However once in bed she knew that fighting it more was useless. Groaning she removed her shirt and panties, before reaching into her nightstand for her dildo. It was purple and about eight inches long with decent heft. She had bought it in college and while it had brought her to many satisfying orgasms, including when in someone else’s hands, she decided she would look into replacing it.

She rubbed it against her pussy as she remembered kissing Arushi. She moaned as she remembered the older woman’s taste as well as the feel of her lips and tongue. As she began to slowly work the dildo between her lips and into her pussy she continued in her imagination. She now imagined working her way down to Arushi’s nipples to begin sucking and looking up to Arushi’s approving face. She moaned as the dildo slowly sunk into her pussy. She moaned as she imagined Arushi pushed her head down until she was between the older woman’s legs. Even as she imagined moving her head into position to begin licking she found thoughts of Kelda invading her fantasy.

However she still wanted Arushi. The dildo was all the way in and as she began thrusting in and out she pictured licking Arushi’s lips. Her moaning grew louder as she spread the lips and began moving her head back and forth thrusting her tongue in and out of Arushi’s pussy. She was now thrusting the dildo between her own lips. She also took to tweaking a nipple. In her fantasy she moved to suck Arushi’s clit between her lips, prompting Arushi to pull her head in hard as she came on Alexandra’s face. In reality she pulled on a nipple and thrust the dildo hard. Alexandra cried out her orgasm, although the image that flashed through her mind was of Kelda’s grinning face.

She was uncertain of her feelings, but she had no doubt this was the hardest orgasm that she had yet experienced from her own efforts. She shook her head and decided the best thing to do was to get an early night to ensure that she would be at her best for work the next day.

The next day she was awake with time to ready for work without rushing. Her boss was somewhat disappointed with her missing the first day of her promotion, but Alexandra soon reminded her why she had promoted her in the first place. However this first day in the new job proved difficult as she soon found her mind drifting to thoughts of Arushi and Kelda. Finally the seemingly interminable day ended and Alexandra was able canlı bahis to go home. This would set a pattern for the week as she struggled to remain focused on the job, despite her thoughts turning to her new life and the coming weekend. Kelda somehow held off calling until Friday. Alexandra hesitated, as she took a slow breath, before answering.

“Hi Kelda, what’s up?” She tried to stay upbeat, but she didn’t think she was very convincing. Kelda’s response was a little slow in coming as well.

“How’s tonight for that date?” Alexandra forced herself to consider carefully, rather than blurting out a response.

“I’m sorry Kelda, I have a lot of work to do. But I promise tomorrow night.” She could well imagine Kelda’s face as the other woman responded.

“Oh, okay. I’ll swing by your place then. Five-thirty?” Alexandra’s stomach was starting to bother her with the date further becoming a reality. However a thought suddenly struck why was Kelda being so reasonable and not even trying to change her mind? Despite this she merely said her goodbyes and hung up. As she returned to trying to finish the work piled up in front of her she found herself reflecting. She continued to consider Kelda’s odd behavior, but she couldn’t decide what was bothering her. Finally she set her work aside and sat considering Kelda’s behavior. After sometime considering this it finally hit her. She shook her head as the conclusion was obvious. Kelda didn’t even try to change her mind, much less try to dominate her, Alexandra sat back as she considered this.

“It’s bothering me because she doesn’t seem to want to dominate me?” She groaned as the truth was obvious as to why Kelda’s behavior had been bothering her. “I don’t need this complication right now. I want her to respect me, but I still want to be dominated.” Alexandra groaned and struggled to return to the work in front of her. This would be difficult, taking the rest of the day and into the next. However at last she finished. She checked the time and realized it was almost five. So she moved quickly to ready herself for her date with Kelda. She was just finishing up when her phone chimed. As expected it was from Kelda.

-I’m outside. Ready?

Alexandra quickly replied and headed out to Kelda. As she approached the car she saw that Kelda was in the backseat, clearly she had gotten an Uber. As she approached Kelda spotted her and opened the door. Alexandra sat down and closed the door behind her. Kelda leaned into kiss her. To Alexandra’s surprise the kiss was hesitant, almost coy. When they broke the kiss Alexandra stared, eyes wide, for several moments before speaking.

“So, where are we going?” Kelda shook her head.

“Just wait and see.” Alexandra shrugged. She didn’t have long to wait before they pulled up in front of one of the nicest restaurants in town. Alexandra had only eaten there once, although it had been a wonderful experience. Kelda rushed around to open the door for Alexandra.

“So, what do you think, Lexi?” Alexandra took a moment to respond. When she did it was with a smile that she struggled to make real.

“Wow, this place is amazing, but it’s really expensive, how rich are you?” Kelda grinned and revealed a corsage that she swiftly put on Alexandra.

“Well the corsage doesn’t have diamonds, but I plan to thoroughly pamper and spoil you.” Alexandra raised an eyebrow, but followed the other woman into the restaurant. Once inside the maître d’ led them to the table that she guessed had to be the best in the house. They took up menus, but Alexandra fully expected Kelda to order for both of them, both for dominance and because she had more experience with the restaurant. However Kelda merely ordered for herself and looked up. It took Alexandra several moments to realize that she was expected to order for herself. Once the waiter departed she turned to Kelda, but the other woman seemed entirely focused on her phone and Alexandra was unsure of how to start this conversation. So, they sat in silence until their food arrived. As they began eating Kelda spoke.

“So, how is everything going with the promotion?” Alexandra swallowed to respond.

“Not too bad. Longs hours of course, but that’s to be expected when…” She trailed off when she saw Kelda’s face. “I’ve been distracted…remembering the weekend. I’ve had a hard time finishing work.” Kelda nodded, but didn’t press any further. A bottle of wine was brought to the table and Kelda poured herself a modest glass. Alexandra considered for a short time before pouring herself a large glass. Once she finished she poured herself another, this time drinking a bit slower. Soon it was clear that Kelda was merely going to nurse her glass, but not pour herself more.

“Excuse me, Kelda I need to visit the ladies.” Kelda’s eyes widened, but she merely nodded. Alexandra stared into the mirror considering her half-formed plan. She breathed slowly as she adjusted her dress to expose more leg and cleavage. bahis siteleri She returned to the table and Kelda looked up as she approached. When Alexandra realized she was being observed she quickly tried to recall everything her college roommate had said about “walking to entice”. She was gratified as she sat down to observe that Kelda was faintly blushing. When the meal was done they ordered desert. Alexandra continued her attempts to entice Kelda. Kelda’s blush deepened, but she showed no other sign that she had noticed. At last desert ended and they returned to the curb to enter an Uber.

“So, Lexi how about coming back to my place?” Alexandra considered this as they drove. Finally she shook her head as she leaned back and spread her legs enticingly.

“No, I think I’ll just go home and have an early night.” Kelda frowned and her eyes went wide. When she spoke it was in an almost begging tone of voice.

“Oh please, do say yes Lexi. I have some lovely wine my aunt gave me and we could curl up on the couch to watch a movie.” As she spoke Kelda took Alexandra’s hand in hers. Alexandra sighed as she realized her plan wasn’t working. She decided to make the most of the evening.

“Okay, let’s go.” Kelda directed the driver to her address and in a short time they arrived. Kelda unlocked the door and Alexandra followed her inside. The apartment was nice, but not as high rent as she had been expecting. If she was being honest with herself she would say that she liked it. Kelda led her to a couch that she sank into. She felt as if she could fall asleep when Kelda returned with two glasses of wine.

“So, all work and no play this week?” Alexandra shrugged as she drank her wine. Kelda stared intently until Alexandra sighed and set her glass aside.

“No, I work all day, usually bringing some home and I finish in time to go to bed.” Kelda nodded and picked up a remote.

“What would you like to watch?” Alexandra stared a moment and shrugged. Kelda sighed and picked a random romcom. They were part way into the movie when suddenly Kelda paused it and practically threw down the remote.

“Okay Lexi, what’s going on? You have been trying to get my attention all evening, but you act like you don’t want to be here.” Alexandra breathed out slowly and after a moment’s thought drained the rest of her glass.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since…then. But what I keep coming back to is that I liked the domination, in fact I crave it. The part that makes this difficult is I want to be dominated by your aunt.” Kelda shook her head slowly.

“I guess I was afraid of hurting you again. I care too much for you to want to risk it.” Alexandra stood slowly picking up her phone as she did.

“Then I don’t think there’s any point in continuing.” Alexandra walked toward the door, calling up the Uber app. She heard Kelda stand, but continued to the door.

“Lexi, wait.” Alexandra ignored her. She was just reaching for the door when Kelda spoke again.

“Stop Lexi.” Alexandra found herself hesitating.

“Turn around.” She knew she should probably leave, but nonetheless she obeyed. Kelda studied her a moment, face serious.

“In my room, naked, now.” Alexandra felt like a marionette under Kelda’s control as she removed the straps and allowed the dress to drop to the floor. Kelda nodded and turned to walk to her room with Alexandra following closely behind. Once in the bedroom Kelda pointed to the floor by the bed and Alexandra kneeled in the indicated spot. Kelda removed her own clothes and walked to her closet. She soon returned wearing a strapon. When she reached Alexandra the kneeling woman readily took the dildo in her mouth. The dildo was not too large allowing her to take it all the way inside. After a moment she pulled back and took to swirling her tongue around it. Kelda put her hands on Alexandra’s head and began thrusting away. Alexandra relaxed and allowed her mouth to be used. After several moments Kelda pulled out and pointed to the bed.

“Bend over.” Alexandra blinked, sure she had imagined the hesitation in Kelda’s voice. Kelda repeated her command and this time Alexandra saw a look of tiredness in Kelda’s eyes. Alexandra stood, but instead of bending over the bed she lay down on it. Kelda frowned.

“I said ‘bend over’.” This time Kelda seemed strained as if she was forcing herself. Alexandra suddenly felt a wave of disappointment as she shook her head.

“Join me.” Kelda nodded and climbed up onto the bed next to Alexandra. Kelda moved on top of Alexandra and inserted the dildo. Kelda soon reached speed with Alexandra moaning into her ear. Kelda adjusted to begin kissing Alexandra. They moaned into each other’s mouths. After a while Kelda stopped to lay on her side before thrusting back inside Alexandra. Alexandra broke the kiss and switched kissing Kelda’s neck. Kelda responded by moaning louder. Suddenly Alexandra broke off kissing Kelda’s neck to moan loudly as she came on bahis şirketleri the dildo. Kelda collapsed onto her back and Alexandra did the same lying next to her.

Alexandra lay breathing hard for several moments as Kelda removed the strapon and let it drop onto the floor. Once she got her breath back she turned to Kelda. Alexandra brought her lips to Kelda’s, who readily accepted her tongue. Alexandra reached out a hand to Kelda’s breasts, moving back and forth between them occasionally tweaking the nipples. Kelda moaned into Alexandra’s mouth. Alexandra slowly moved her hand down Kelda’s stomach until she was between her legs. She readily spread her legs and Alexandra rubbed against her pussy with the palm of her hand. Kelda began writhing beneath her and Alexandra soon switched to thrusting two fingers into the other woman’s pussy and thumbing her clit. Kelda’s head shot back as her moaning grew louder. Alexandra moved to sucking a nipple. Kelda moaned louder and she began thrusting her hips into Alexandra’s hand. Kelda tensed up and cried out her orgasm. She soon settled down and her breathing began to slow.

Later Alexandra woke, not realizing till then that she had fallen asleep. Carefully extracting herself she rose to dress. Satisfied that she hadn’t woken Kelda she quickly left. One short Uber ride later and Alexandra was home feeling more confused than ever.

“Am I falling for her? Don’t I want someone to dominate me?” She went to bed with no further clue as to what she wanted.

She was awoken by her phone. A quick glance before picking up told her it was nearly three.

“Hi, Kelda. What is it?” While Alexandra felt like she could use some more sleep, Kelda sounded well rested.

“Lexi, I wish you had stayed, we could have had breakfast together. But I understand.” It was at this point that Kelda’s voice dropped and she sounded upset. “I’m going to see my aunt, can I pick you up on the way?” Alexandra sat up slowly in an attempt to gather her faculties. Kelda waited patiently without comment. Finally Alexandra spoke.

“Okay, give me about twenty minutes.” She was certain she could hear the relief in Kelda’s voice as she responded.

“Wonderful. Twenty minutes then.” Alexandra took a hot shower, not as long as she wanted and dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. She had just finished applying a little make up when her phone chimed alerting her to Kelda’s arrival. When she got outside she saw that this time Kelda was driving a small black car that while nice like her apartment did not display her family’s wealth. When she sat down Kelda briefly leaned to kiss her and Alexandra readily accepted. Kelda soon broke this and drove off. After a short time Alexandra spoke.

“Kelda, what is going on? Did you pick me up so we could go out after you talk to your aunt or was there a reason you wanted me there?” Kelda shrugged.

“Better if I lay it out for her rather than trying to explain it twice.” Alexandra stared for several moments before sitting back and awaiting their arrival. They drove for almost twenty minutes before Kelda pulled up at the expensive, but somehow understated home of Kelda’s aunt Arushi. Kelda parked and led the way to the door. The door opened before she could ring the bell. Arushi smiled and stepped back to allow them both inside.

“Kelda, Lexi come in. I’m happy to see both of you.” They followed her to the living room and she directed them to sit on the couch. Alexandra briefly reflected on the previous weekend that she had spent there, discovering her submissive side. Arushi sat erect in a chair, like a queen on her throne. “So, Kelda what did you need to speak to me about?” Kelda inhaled slowly as if to focus on a difficult task that she wished to avoid. Finally she spoke.

“I’m not sure. Last night we had our date and afterwards we went back to my place.” She looked down as she could no longer speak. Arushi however responded quickly.

“It didn’t go well. Lexi, what do you think went wrong?” Alexandra jumped as she was not expecting to be involved in the discussion.

“Kelda, seemed strained and when I didn’t comply with one of her commands she seemed drained. I didn’t feel dominated…or satisfied.” She felt her shoulders slump as she had been reluctant to say the last part. Arushi nodded.

“Kelda, you’ve been trying to imitate me, haven’t you?” Kelda nodded slowly. “I thought as much. You’re not a real domme. You just want to play a bit. Perhaps spank someone. It’s okay, we grow and learn about ourselves.” Kelda rested her head in hands, not speaking. Alexandra spoke.

“So, what now?” Arushi stood.

“Stand up.” Alexandra practically jumped to her feet. She was amazed at the contrast between the other two women. Kelda would bark her orders, practically shouting them, while Arushi merely spoke in the full knowledge that her commands would be followed. “Strip and follow me.” Kelda slowly stood and like Alexandra she quickly removed her clothes and followed Arushi to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom she pointed to the bed. Both of them climbed up onto the bed. Arushi pulled out a strapon and handed it to Alexandra, who quickly donned it with a little help from Kelda.

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