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I have submitted this elsewhere so another version exists in cyberspace with the ages relating to the UK legal age of consent which is 16. The main charater who relates the story is coming up to that age.

As with one of my other stories posted here, A New Life Spent in Perpetual Orgy (group)I have modified this story to respect the Literotica age rules, although in these 2 parts, 1 and 2, intercourse and oral do not take place.

These chapters were designed to lead into the title theme of Becoming a Man. Chapter 3 is under construction and I hope to follow with it quite soon.

I was concerned that something would be lost with the modifications. The concept of initiation at the legal age with the tease building up to it is part of the story’s flavour.

I would be interested to know what people think of this version.

* * * * *

Part 1

This story begins just before I turned 19. My parents had been moved abroad with my father’s work and they had arranged for me to be taken in by my mother’s best friend from her schooldays, Barbara. This was an ideal situation as I happily got on with Barb and her only daughter Emma who was 18, a few months younger than me and very much a surrogate sister, much like Barb was to my mother.

Barb’s husband had died several years earlier which was another reason Emma and I were close. Being an only child, as I was, she found a soul mate in me which saw her through the loss. We spent a lot of time together and observers quietly noted that we seemed like a courting couple, though the pseudo sibling element unconsciously got in the way, so we weren’t aware of it.

Both mother and daughter were attractive which I was aware of. Their relationship was immediately obvious, both stood a little over five feet, both had dark hair and liquid chocolate eyes framed by adorable faces. They differed in their builds, Emma being slim and athletic and exquisitely proportioned with Barb having a fuller hour glass figure, wider hips, rounder thighs a narrow waist topped by large breasts. They were both toned though with Barb still maintaining a flat tummy. In fact Barb’s figure had the more immediate effect on me. Nothing moved in the wrong direction and she had a sultry erotic quality that stimulated an almost animal lust.

Living in the house with only Emma and Barb was a new and exciting experience. We had known each other for so long that the usual modesty started to slip. At first with Emma. The house was a small three bedroom cottage with one bathroom all upstairs, so it was difficult maintaining any modesty. Because we had known each other for so long we almost immediately fell into a family situation in that we simply lived with each other. Evenings would see us ready for bed, watching the telly, trotting from bedroom to bathroom. If they had actually been my family none of this would have had an impression but this did.

The other problem was me specifically. For some time I had known I was different from the normal. Biology had illustrated it and the school showers proved it with the incessant teasing. I was called donkey. Still a skinny youth my slimness only served to pronounce my assets. I gathered that my balls were at least twice the size of normal nuts and my cock was shocking. Flacid it hung a good thick 6 inches with a position which suggested mild arousal, it sort of announced itself. Erect I had measured it at 11 inches without the common floppiness often seen in porn films when featuring the well endowed. When hard I got almost painfully hard. The other quirky trait I seemed to have, though this I only surmised from the text books and occasional porn film, was that I produced huge amounts of cum. Usually some time before actually ejaculating I ran with cum, boiling over and running down my shaft. It gave me long orgasms.

This was a problem because although Emma had heard the rumours and no doubt told her mother (they shared) I was nervous as hell that they should actually get the full picture. At this time I was still a virgin and actually feared the real thing since I was convinced what I had below would terrify any girlfriend away.

So, I spent my time trying to conceal myself more than they did. Which, as they became more relaxed caused me no end of problems. I lived in perpetual horniness, feverishly masturbating twice a day. When alone in the house I found myself going through their rooms, touching and smelling their clothes, finding a headiness in stuff which was close to their skin. I started to develop fetishes, deprived of actual sex, I sought whatever sensation I could find. I found I had a thing for detail. I watched them in the normal things, the way they moved, the shape of their hands, necks, feet. This last was a problem. Both Barb and Emma had fantastic bodies but they both possessed perfect feet. Beautifully proportioned, wonderful shape, no roughness. Just very pretty feet. And they were virtually always barefoot around the house. I was worried they would discover how often I masturbated, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I was surrounded by constant stimulation.

It was the start of the summer holidays and I had broken up from school a full week before Emma. Barb worked part time with different shifts through the week and was around the house at varying times. One morning as I was finishing up in the bathroom Barb was talking with me from her room, the conversation was about nothing in particular but with a towel round my waist I went to her door. She carried on talking as though it was perfectly usual and because I didn’t immediately leave or avert my eyes I found it increasingly difficult to actually do one or the other. Barb was sorting through some clothes wearing only her bra and panties. She looked fabulous and without breaking conversation selected a pair of tights, put them on with the rest of her office outfit, a conservative skirt and jacket.

There was no way she could not have noticed my cock straining against the towel and as soon as I could I slipped away to my room. I dropped the towel, lay flat on the bed and started to stroke with a vengeance, eyes tightly shut conjuring that first image of Barb in her panties and bra, which has been burned into my memory.

Lost to this vision I was totally unaware that Barb was standing in the doorway, not until my cock started its voracious stream of cum, soaking my balls did I open my eyes and see the object of my impending orgasm watching with an expression of absolute pure lust. She said nothing but our eyes locked as I cried out her name and came. Thick cords of cum jumped from my cock and my hips thrust up as I tensed and writhed, completely out of control. Abruptly it ended, I slumped into the mattress and in doing so broke the eye contact. When I looked up again she had gone. Moments later I heard the front door close.

I spent the rest of the day in confused terror. Convinced I was going to be admonished and hugely embarrassed later that evening. I stayed in my room almost shaking when she returned at the same time as Emma. After a while Barb called up that she had prepared a supper. I had no choice but to go down and face the music.

Nothing. It was as if nothing had happened. The evening went by and we all went to bed. In the morning though I understood why. The same events happened. I avoided standing at her door but she told me to, as I did, I saw her standing in the room wearing panties and bra. Just standing there, looking at me. Saying nothing she picked up her tights, sat on the edge of the bed, legs open as she prepared the nylons and then slowly pulled them on. I hurriedly left as I again hardened up. This was different though, she let me watch. I left my door ajar and lay so she could get a good view. I came again with her in the doorway, this time though with her stare fixed on my cock.

This ritual went on every morning for the whole week and we became different round the house. Glances, little knowing smiles. Barb went the extra distance with relaxed modesty, she took to moving around the house when getting dressed, letting me see her in her bra and panties a lot. Emma began to notice and one evening she came to my room. I was sitting crossed legged on my bed wearing only a dressing gown. Emma came in and mirrored my position but she wore a T-shirt so her legs were right in front of me and being crossed I could see her panties stretched over her pussy.


“What?” it came out slightly nervously. Her manner said something.

“I need to ask you something”


“Is there something between you and Mum?” she came straight out with it. No messing around, straight to the point. I could hardly speak and neither could I lie to her. I loved this girl in a way I still did not understand. I murmured “Sort of” to which she had a sharp intake of breath, held it for a while and then slowly let it out.

“Have you slept with her?” she asked slowly.

I told her everything. How it started and how she watched, how I watched.

“She’s seen you cumming?” Emma’s eyes were wide. “she actually watches you cumming”


Emma was quiet for a while. My nervousness became easier as she was thoughtful. “I’ve never seen a boy cum before. I’ve had sex with a boy but he came inside me, very quickly, I didn’t……he didn’t… was disappointing.”

She shifted slightly, getting more comfortable, she pulled her legs in a little tighter revealing more panty as her T-shirt rose higher up her thighs. She didn’t actually look at me but carried on talking, quietly.

“I’ve had a few boyfriends Charlie, you know, we’ve talked before, but never about stuff like this” she seemed tense. The topic was giving me movement in my cock, just a twitch but I got a bit worried something unwanted might pop up.

“I’m gonna tell you something private Charlie. Something which makes me nervous. I like boys Charlie, I love you Charlie, you know that but 6 months ago this girl at güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri school, Susan, she and I, we, we kinda got off together but she didn’t really go for it, I know that, she tried something new but she didn’t really like it. I did though Charlie, I liked her body, her kisses, her touch, she tried tasting me, you know down there, and she did try, I almost came, but she stopped. I insisted I had a go, she was really tense and wouldn’t let me finish her but the taste Charlie, the scent, the feel…..I, oh Charlie what am I going to do?”

By now my cock was fully hard but my dressing gown hid it. I was speechless and emotionally confused, I wanted to hug her, hold her, tell her everything would be alright and at the same time I wanted to take her hard, slamming my passion into her. Before I could answer though she started talking again.

“I’m happy that I like girls, I get turned on looking at some of my friends, a couple of the teachers are nice but Charlie I think I like my Mum and if she likes looking at your cock…..can I?”

I smiled and without thinking opened my dressing gown. Sitting as I was, crosslegged and a little hunched my 11 inch cock rose to my chest perhaps making it look even bigger. Emma gasped.

“Bloody Hell” she whispered. I leant back on my arms so my cock stuck obscenely out. I found myself desperate for her to touch me. Emma was transfixed. She started moving from side to side looking at me from every angle. I watched her, her legs, her feet, arms, her face, as she leant forward I could see her bra, white cotton matching her panties, I started to throb.

Emma sat back and lifted her legs so as to place them either side of me, as she did, her right foot brushed my cock, not on purpose but I groaned. She froze, her lips open, tongue just poking through and without thinking gently moved her foot back against me. I groaned again, she grinned. I stayed absolutely still as she brought both her feet onto my cock. She slid then up and around my shaft, her soft soles stroked over my bulging moist head, her toes wriggled as she masturbated me increasing the pressure.

I had had my eyes closed but needed to look, Emma leant on one arm, her free hand was inside her panties the fingers clearly moving quickly, I could smell her, then I looked at her feet on me and started to boil. Her face opened into amazement as I streamed cum, drenching my balls and her feet and her mouth suddenly opened as she started to cum. She pushed her legs out, closing them tight, her feet left my cock and pressed against my stomach, my bursting shaft wedged between her calves. I followed her and hit my climax, she saw me cum, like her mother had as a white jet erupted 12 inches into the air, splashing onto her legs. I kept cumming harder than ever before, I fell back onto the bed taking hold of her feet slick with my semen and humped between her legs. Emma had fallen back as well, we lay there exhausted.

For some time we said nothing. Then we sat up, legs either side of each other. My softening cock, now reduced to 9 inches lay thick on the bed between us, pointing directly at her pussy. My cockhead was only an inch or so from touching her cotton covered pussy lips. She ran her fingers over my still twitching cock, the fingers which only moments earlier had been inside her panties. She ran one finger over a line of my cum and lifted it to her mouth.

Mesmerised I watched as she stuck out her pointed pink tongue and tasted. She smiled. “Now I have tasted your cum, its not unpleasant. Another time I may taste more.”

I looked directly at her pussy. She guessed. Slipping her hand inside, her fingers writhed for a while and then re-emerged, she lifted them to my face. Taking her wrist in my hand I opened my mouth and sucked on two of her fingers. She tasted sweet, musky and tangy at the same time.

“I’m gonna have a bath and go to bed Charlie, see you in the morning” and she left me alone.

I lay there for a while and then cleaned up. I was in heaven. My sexual excitement stayed with me my cock didn’t seem to want to go right down. Emma was still in the bath when Barb came in. She had been working a late shift. Tired she headed straight for her room. Emma heard her and called out a greeting. They chatted through the closed door which is when I had a lewd idea. I opened my door, in full view of Barb. I was now naked, my cock hung 9 inches, semi hard. She saw me standing 10 feet away from her. She had on her tights, skirt and blouse. Getting stiffer I started to stroke myself. Barb played the game and still chatting with her daughter she took her blouse off and dropped her skirt. I loved her in her underwear but wanted more. I moved towards her. She went to stop me but I just smiled and very quietly stepped right up to her and knelt. Her face was a mixture of wanton lust and worried panic. I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of her tights and very very slowly peeled them off her. I had to lift her feet as she was virtually güvenilir bahis şirketleri frozen to the spot.

I then stood, wrapped her nylons around my cock and still stroking moved back to my room. Her face was flushed red, her breathing was hard and ragged and I blew her a kiss as I closed the door. Nothing else happened that night though I could have sworn I heard a moan from Barb’s bedroom.

In the morning the post had several envelopes for me. We were having breakfast together, both Barb and Emma being a little gushing with the conversation. I wasn’t sure if they had talked, or that either would share that much with each other. Either way Barb enquired after my post. They were birthday cards, 2 days early but Barb’s face became almost conspiratorial.

“19 then Charlie. Two days and you are 19. I am sorry I didn’t realise, we will have to do something. I mean 19 is a landmark isn’t it. Your last year as a teenager.” She said with a giggle “why don’t we go out or something, a day out perhaps”

Part 2

The following evening I thought to be daring. Feeling nervous, excited and horny I went into Barb’s bedroom when both she and Emma were watching TV downstairs. I was naked and had no intention of wearing anything that evening, in fact I was fantasising about being naked all the time we were in the house. Typically Barb’s room was strewn with clothes and her wonderful scent hung in the air. I was soon as hard as nails and I found her panties from that day, she had showered after coming in from work so all her clothes were piled on the floor. She was now wearing her dressing gown.

I wrapped them around my shaft making sure that my moist head came into contact with that area which had held her pussy all day. I didn’t want to cum, just move the level of frustration up a notch or two. Sitting on her bed I luxuriated in what I was doing, it was tempting to just lie back and cum in her bed. The sheets were rich in her scent. I had no fear of getting caught, in fact it would have been fun so the anticipation became stronger.

After a while I felt the tension in my cock rise to the degree where I had to stop. It was time. Still naked, still very erect, I went downstairs taking a towel with me. Emma was reading a magazine, curled into the armchair wearing black nylons and a loose T-shirt, Barb sat on the sofa watching the TV in her dressing gown, her legs stretched out in front of her. I walked in and stood directly in front of Barb who looked at me in shock whilst quickly switching her eyes to Emma who hadn’t yet noticed. Then Barb stammered a whisper which alerted Emma whose eyes widened with complete pleasure. Seeing this reaction Barb smiled. I lay the towel out and knelt on it. My cock stood out like a cudgel as I locked my eyes to Barb and started stroking.

“It’s OK Mum, I know, Charlie and I talked last night, I also made him cum with my feet” said Emma

“Your feet?” Barb asked with gentle amusement “and you saw him cum?” Emma nodded in reply adding “so did I”.

Barb then wriggled deeper into the sofa and watched. My breathing was audible and getting more ragged as I let out a moan. Slowly she undid the dressing gown belt and opened it. She was naked. She parted her knees with her feet still together giving me my first complete view of a pussy. OK I had see pictures, top shelf mags, read books, seen plastic models in class, occasionally a porno film but nothing, nothing had prepared me for Barb’s pussy. She shifted her bottom forward in such a way to give me the most wonderful sight. To this day I can see that image in every detail. Her smooth thighs drew my eyes to the most beautiful neatly trimmed bush which itself framed glistening lips, slightly parted. Above this her flat belly was topped by large round breasts tipped with large, dark and very erect nipples.

I was stroking slowly as I drank in the sight. Then Barb raised the game and let her fingers idle play with her pussy. Softly running her fingers through her pubes, over and between her lips and circling her clit. We carried on like this for some time, her scent steadily filling the air, my cock getting tenser by the moment. I needed to touch her so edged forward but Barb raised her free hand

“No Charlie. Not yet. Not yet. The day after tomorrow you are 19. You can have me for your 19th birthday. You can have me Charlie, lick me, suckle me, rub me and we’ll see how much of that unbelievable cock you can get inside me”

Barb saying this made everything go dizzy. The room swam as I furiously rubbed my cock, my eyes glued to Barb’s pussy. During all of this Emma had been silent but I felt her come up behind me, I looked round as she hunched down balancing on her toes, nyloned thighs either side of me. Her hands appeared and lifted my arms away and for the first time someone else was stroking my cock. I groaned loudly thrusting my cock upwards to meet her downward strokes, feet and toes were wonderful but her hands were a different matter. Getting close to my customary boil Emma whispered into my ear

“Me as well Charlie. I want to fuck you Charlie, my love, I want to suck you and you to eat me. But more than this Charlie I want you to watch as I eat my mum out. I want to suck her pussy with you inside me. Look at her Charlie, she’s beautiful….she’s cumming Charlie”

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