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BBC for my Wife and Me CUCKOLDWhen I arrived home she was in the kitchen finishing up dinner. I ask what we were having for dinner and she replied my favorite. I told her that didn’t look like my favorite dish and she said who was talking about food. She took my hand and started walking toward the bedroom. She told me to get undressed. As I undressed she walked over to the corner and pulled out a kitchen chair.I ask what that was for and she replied for me to sit in. I couldn’t imagine what kinky thing she had thought of. When I was naked she told me to sit in the chair. As I sat down she left the room. A few seconds later she returned whit some rope and began tying my legs and arms to the chair.By the time she finished tying me my cock was throbbing so hard it hurt. She took a couple of steps back and admired her handy work. She grabbed my cock and started jerking me off. When she sensed I was about to cum she stopped. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that tonight she was going to put on a show for me and I was now allowed to touch my cockShe turned and walked into the bathroom. I thought I could hear her talking to some one. I called out to her and she told me to be quiet or she would gag me. When she returned to the bedroom someone was with her. I recognized him as one of the men who had been working on the house next door.He was a muscular black man about 6’5″ and she was leading him by his cock. It was huge compared to mine. I would guess it was at least 11″ long and almost 3″ across and it wasn’t even that hard. She asks me if I liked my surprise but I didn’t have to answer. My cock was as hard as it could get.They walked over to me and she stroked his cock just a couple of inches from my face. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and she seemed to delight in showing it off. She was still dressed as she got down on her knees and started licking his cock. He started to get harder as her tongue stroked his black skin.The wetness of her saliva made the veins in his cock stand out even more. He was starting to lick a little pre cum. My wife took her tongue and made a big show of licking each drop as it formed. She looked at me and said she wasn’t being fair in licking all the pre cum herself. She took her finger and placed a drop on the tip then brought her fingertip sakarya escort to my lips.I turned my head away and she said that would not do. With that she grabbed my head and held it still as she rubbed his cock on my lips. They both laughed as his cock head touched my lips. She held his cock and rubbed it all over my face. I was now wet with his pre cum.It was hard to hide my true feelings, as my cock was ready to burst. She told me his name was Terry and I had better treat him right. She grabbed my cock and told me to open my mouth. She squeezed harder and harder until I opened my mouth. As I opened my lips she pulled him into my mouth. She said I was to get him good and hard for her.She stood up and started to undress telling me to keep sucking his big black cock. He was even bigger than I thought as he shoved hic throbbing black meat into my waiting lips. I could feel each vein as it worked its way into my hungry mouth. I secretly had wanted to suck another mans cock for a long time. I would always suck my wife’s dildos telling her I was just getting them wet for her.Terry said that I was a pretty good cocksucker for a wimpy white boy. By now my wife was naked and sitting on the edge of the bed watching her husband suck a big black cock. She was finger fucking her bald cunt as I sucked his throbbing member. I could tell by the moisture on her fingers she was getting very wet. She reached out with her hand and started to rub his balls. They were hanging low and I was pretty sure they were full of hot white cum. The more she toyed with his balls the deeper he tried to stick his cock in my mouth. He had managed to get about 5″ of that big black cock in my mouth and I was sure that was all I could take. My wife said she wanted fucked now and I would have to sit there and watch. Terry pulled his cock from my mouth and turned to her. She parted her lips and took over 6″ the first time. I don’t know how she did it but he pulled her hair forcing another two inched down her throat. She pulled her mouth from his cock and told me not to worry because before I was done I would be able to take that much too.He pushed her back onto the bed. She spread her legs wide and he rubbed the tip of his cock on her pussy lips. She told him to fuck her bald white cunt with his black escort sakarya cock. He stared to sink his cock head in her pussy. The deeper he went the wider she spread her legs. As he continued to slide his cock into her pussy I tried to reach my cock but with no luck.He was now fucking her with long slow strokes. I watched as his long black shaft slid deeper and deeper into her pussy. Before long he was buried up to his balls in her cunt. At first he was slow and gentle while he fucked her. Soon he picked up the pace and was pounding her cunt good and hard.She was screaming “fuck me you bastard fuck me with that monster black cock”. Terry asks if his white bitch wanted her white cunt filled with his big black cock. All she could manage to say was “yes you black bastard fuck my white cunt”.As hard as I tried I could not reach my cock, it hurt so much, I needed to cum. I watched as Terry pounded away at her cunt. I could her juices running down her ass as he pulled back only to ram his cock back in. His balls were slapping her ass hole as he thrust deep into her hungry cunt.My wife screamed out “FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER I’M CUMMING”. With that Terry fucked her harder and her whole body jumped. Terry pulled back and shoved harder and deeper then ever. He said “here it is bitch I am filling your white cunt with my black seed”.I saw his ass cheeks clinch as he shoved his cock in one final time. He lay on top of her for a long time. I could see his balls flinch as he shot his cum into her pussy. He finally pulled his cock from her and rolled over onto is back. Even after he had cum his cock was twice my size.I looked at her swollen cunt. It was still open and dripping cum. Terry’s cock lay over on his leg and a few last drops of cum fell onto his leg. My wife leaned over and licked the cum from his leg.I begged her that I heeded to fuck her also. She got up and walked over to me. She said there was no way that my little pecker was getting any where close to her cunt tonight As she stood there I could see the cum running down her leg. She started stroking my hardCock. It didn’t take long before I came shooting my little cum load onto my stomach.Terry said he had to leave soon but he wanted to shower first. My wife winked at him and asks if he would like his cock licked clean sakarya escort bayan first. She nodded her head toward me and he smiled.He got up off the bed and put his cock in front of me. I opened my mouth wide. I wanted to suck that black cock again. As he fed me his soft cock I could taste my wife’s pussy juice. He started to get a little hard as I sucked his cock. I wanted him to get hard again but he said he really had to go. My wife untied my hands and I reached for his balls. I lifted his sack to my lips and licked the cum that had run down his balls.He backed away and he and my wife went to the bathroom. I saw him peeing in the commode as my wife rubbed her tits against his back. I saw her hand on his cock as she shook the pee drops off. She said she had to pee also and he stepped aside. Terry stood there watching her pee as he stroked his cock. She never let me be in the bathroom while she peed let alone watch her. Now she was peeing in front of a black man stroking his cock. She wiped her pussy then they both got into the shower.I leaned back in the chair stroking my cock thinking I must be the luckiest man alive. A few minutes later they both came out of the bathroom and headed for the front door. I heard the front door close and my wife came back and began to untie me. She asks if I enjoyed the show and of course I said yes. She than ask if I was still h
ungry and that answer was yes also. She told me to get on the bed on my back. As quickly as I could I was on my back waiting. She climbed over me and put he pussy over my mouth. She said she saved me some desert. I gazed at her swollen red lips and could see Terry’s cum on her lips. I started licking her lips as fast as I could. She grabbed her pussy lips opening them and forced his cum to flow from deep in her cunt.By now I had a raging hard on and started to jerk off. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load of cum onto my belly. As I finished cleaning his cum from her well-fucked cunt she asks if I liked what I was eating. Of course I said yes. With that answer she smiled and said she was glad because there was going to be a lot more for me to eat from now on.As soon as I finished eating her pussy she climbed off and said that I had better get packed for my trip tomorrow. As I was packing I heard her on the phone. I don’t know whom it was bet she was making a date for while I was gone. She came back into the bedroom and said that when I got back she would have plenty for me to eat. Now I couldn’t wait to go so I could get back and enjoy another meal.

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