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*This is loosely based on a true story told to me by a friend. The names are made up but the account of it is true.


The night was young and Mike was horny. He wanted something, and he knew he wanted a man, but didn’t know where to go. So he went over to his friend, Chris’s house and asked him if he knew of any place that he could have some man on man fun.

Chris said that he knew of a place and was willing to show Mike. So off they went into downtown New York, to a bathhouse that Chris liked to frequent.

On the way there Chris saw that Mike was getting hard and he noticed that he had quiet a nice package. So he had to ask something.

“Mike, why is it that we have never hooked up? I have known you are bi, and I have always had a thing for you.”

Mike was shocked; he hadn’t realized that he had been so up front about his sexuality.

“I don’t know Chris. I never really knew that you were interested. But I will make you a deal, since we are going to the bathhouse already, and after we have our fun, why don’t we go back to your place and have some fun together? I’ll make sure to save some energy if you do.”

“You have yourself a deal.”

They shook on it as best as they could and kept driving to the bathhouse.

When they got there, they checked in and were directed to a changing room where they could leave their clothes and get a towel to wrap up in if they wanted.

They went their separate ways with an agreement to meet back in the changing room in two hours.

Mike güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri went off wondering down the hallways looking for someone to mess around with and maybe even pop his cherry.

He had fucked other men but had never been fucked and was ready to have it popped.

He kept looking into different rooms watching guys jack off to something playing on the T.V. He sized up all the different cocks until he found one that he liked.

The guy was about eight inches long and a good 2 inches thick, and just seeing him hard and jacking off made Mike even harder then he already was.

So he walked in and said, “Can I join you?”

“Sure, what are you looking for?”

“I want to get my cherry popped. I don’t want your name, I don’t want your age, I just want you to pop my cherry and give me the fucking of my life here.”

“Ok then we have a deal. Come on in and remove your towel and let me see you.”

So Mike took off his towel and gripped his cock in his hand.

“That’s nice. How do you want it? Do you want to play for a little bit or do you just want to go right for the goal?” The guy asked as he reached out to stroke Mike’s cock.

“Play with me a little, suck me off for a while and then when I least expect it, turn me over and fuck me hard.”

So the guy started to suck Mike’s nice seven-inch cock. He played with his balls and with his ass. Sticking a finger up inside getting Mike all ready for his cock.

Mike was enjoying himself and was so close to cumming. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri He was moaning and groaning and pumping his cock in and out of the guy’s mouth.

“Oh god, I am so close.”

The guy pulled off Mike, turned him around and opened up his ass, and started to lube him up with his tongue and spit.

Then he took some of his pre cum and started rubbing his own cock, making sure he was nice and lubed up.

“Please just be gentle at first. Then when you are in and after a moment just go ahead and start pounding me.”

“You got it man.”

So he started to slide his cock into Mike’s unused ass, inch by inch until he was all the way inside him.

“You like that man?”

“God yes, now please just fuck hard.”

So the guy just started to pound Mike. He reached around as well and started to jack him off. Rolling his balls and making sure that he was milking Mikes cock.

Mike reach under and tried to play with the guys balls, but soon found that the pleasure he was experiencing was too intense and all he could do was grip the chair rails and hold on.

Mike wasn’t paying attention to anything else but what was being done to him so he didn’t see Chris watching them and jacking off.

Chris stood there and watched his friend get fucked by the guy they called ‘the Monster.’ And he was enjoying ever minute of it.

He just stood there jacking off as Mike got his ass pounded. He watched as the others guy’s cock just went in and out of the ass güvenilir bahis şirketleri and his hand jack off Mike’s gorgeous cock.

“Oh god, I am so close. Please don’t stop doing what you are doing to me.”

“I am close too. God your virgin ass is so tight and so nice. I am going to blow my load deep inside you. Is that what you want?”

“God yes!! Please.” Mike begged.

Then the guy just grabbed Mike’s hips and started to pound even harder. He just kept going and going, and all the pressure on Mike’s prostate was too much for him and he started to blow his load all over the chair.

“YYYYYEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!” Mike screamed as he came harder then he ever had before.

“Here I cum, I hope your ready.”

Then the guy just started to tense up and shoot his cum deep inside Mike’s ass.

As both of them started to cum, Chris just started to shoot his load into his hand. He must have screamed and didn’t realize it cause the next thing he saw was Mike looking up at him with a hungry gleam in his eyes.

After the other guy was done, he pulled out and pulled Mike up.

“I hope that was what you wanted. If you ever want another round, just ask the front desk for ‘the Monster,’ and they will tell you where I am.”

Then he just walked out without cleaning himself up.

Mike looked up at Chris and asked, “How much did you see?”

“Enough to know that I want you to fuck me later tonight. And that I am glad that we came here and now know about each other. That load I shot, was my biggest one, and have already cum tonight.”

“Hmm, well I hope you have more, cause I am ready to go back to your house.”

So they wrapped the towels around themselves, and walked into the changing room to change and go home.

What happened there is another story. And that is one I will have to get.

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