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“Donna, would you mind very much if I brought over a guest tomorrow?”

“A guest?”

“Yeah… her name is Ashley.” The beautiful nude blonde girl was on her knees in the bathtub, currently being sensually bathed by the older woman who had only recently become her lover. “She’s one of my sorority sisters.”

“And why is Ashley coming here?”

“Well, it’s like this… as you know, I’m only a freshman, and they kind of like to keep a protective eye on their first-year pledges… and, as you know, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time here with you instead of doing ‘sorority things’ with the other girls… I think all they really want is to check-up on who you are, is all.”

“And what have you told them?”

“Only that you used to take care of me, and that I’ve known you all of my life!”

That was certainly true. Since practically before she could walk or talk, Brooke Thorne’s babysitter had been her older neighbor-girl Donna Travers, a dozen years her senior. Nearly every Friday night of her young life, up until around the time Brooke became a teenager, Donna would come over to her house at least once a week to babysit while the pretty girl’s parents had a night to themselves. Part of the weekly tradition they’d established had been Donna’s bathing Brooke before then putting the younger girl to bed, a long-standing weekly routine that they’d not-so-surprisingly resurrected a few weeks back with the two women reuniting here in San Francisco, with the beautiful, now-18-year old college girl getting reacquainted with her older former neighbor-girl-babysitter as the two met unexpectedly and soon discovered an intimate physical longing for the other!

Donna had kind of known most of her life that she was a lesbian, but had only acted upon it when she’d moved here to the city by the bay shortly after turning twenty-five. But rather than getting involved with a number of different women, she had instead concentrated on building a career for herself, finding success with the establishment of her very own security agency.

Beautiful younger Brooke had never suspected her older neighbor-girl of harboring any ‘Sapphic tendencies’ towards herself or anybody else, but she’d missed Donna terribly after her babysitter had moved away, and had naturally been overjoyed at discovering her here, almost by chance, shortly after starting school at San Francisco State. When Donna had suggested they re-institute bath night, Brooke at once happily agreed, quickly learning however that there’s an enormous difference between a nineteen-year-old babysitter giving a bath to a seven year old girl, and that same babysitter, now thirty years of age, bathing a gorgeous 18-year old blonde-hottie, which Brooke had most definitely blossomed into the past few years!

Donna was now regularly bathing her beautiful college girlfriend in her own luxurious tub in her own upscale flat, only now ‘bath night’ included a strong sub/dom sexual element that consisted of a number of kinky & fun new twists such as occasional light bondage, sensual spankings, followed by lots of strap-on doggy-style lesbian sex! Each of the two woman craved the other, with beautiful blonde Brooke finding it very natural to assume the submissive role in their newfound relationship, happily becoming her older girlfriend’s willing slave and sexual plaything! And oh, how much Donna enjoyed playing with the beautiful girl’s lovely, slender, & compliant body!

Donna smiled as she gently rubbed the bar of beauty-soap along Brooke’s silky-smooth back & shoulders before then leaning in to nuzzle the girl’s wet neck.

“And what time can we expect this Ashley?”

“Sometime in the afternoon, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“I think she said she’d be coming by at around two. I still have to call her and give her directions.”

The older woman continued to kiss and fondle the beautiful nude younger woman squirming in her arms, the older woman’s mouth finding Brooke’s lips for a passionate kiss before then traversing down towards the girl’s perfectly-formed breasts which she then lovingly covered with licks & kisses.

“Two sounds good,” Donna smiled, paying equal attention to both of the girl’s pert nipples, both revealing the younger girl’s own growing excitement.

“Oh, Donna… you always take such good care of me,” she sighed, as the older woman then gently positioned her onto her hands and knees, with Brooke’s head-down and ass-up, so that Donna could then give some serious attention to the beautiful blonde girl’s incredibly luscious derriere. She reached out and pulled at the girl’s curvy wet hips, maneuvering the blonde’s shapely butt into close proximity with her own face.

“Who owns this beautiful butt, Brooke?” she asked, gripping it it possessively.

“You do, Donna,” the girl whimpered. “It’s yours… all yours!”

“Damn right,” came the older girl’s immediate response, as she then planted a passionate kiss on the pretty blonde’s right ass-cheek, with Brooke then wiggling her behind appreciatively, like she always did when Donna gave it this kind of especially loving attention, which canlı bahis was often.

A few minutes later, the pretty nude girl was running into the bedroom, sent on her way with a sharp slap to that same, sexy ass. Donna followed closely behind, her hand reaching out to once again smack the girl’s curvy posterior, as Brooke climbed atop the large four-poster bed.

“Are you going to handcuff me tonight?”

“Not tonight, Brooke,” Donna responded. “But I don’t think you’ll be needing your nightgown, either.”

Brooke giggled, and then positioned herself stretched out on her stomach along Donna’s clean, freshly-scented cotton sheets, the younger girl’s ass slightly arched upward, just the way Donna preferred it before they made love. The older woman reached into her nightstand and grabbed for her strap-on.


Ashley Turner arrived promptly, just after two o’clock the next day. Like Brooke, she was a tall, slender blonde, only her hair was considerably shorter than that of the pretty freshman girl, stylish but also a bit on the severe side, and instead of donning the kind of frilly, ‘girlie’ dresses worn by Brooke, Ashley instead had on a gray professional suit that did little to show off her attractive body.

“Come in,” Donna said. “Brooke, get our guest something to drink. A beer, coke, iced tea?”

“No, thank you,” Ashley replied, shaking the older woman’s hand in greeting, before then being ushered into Donna’s pleasantly-furnished living room. “I take it you are Ms. Travers?”

“Yes, and you must be Ms. Turner from Brooke’s sorority. You can call me Donna.”

“Thank you, and I’m Ashley.” So far, so good. It wasn’t long, however, after the initial pleasantries were over, that the girl came to her point. “Donna, we at the Chi Omega house are always concerned for the well-being of our pledges, and that includes where they go and with whom they socialize. It’s been noticed that Brooke seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time here with you.”

“And that’s a problem because…?”

“No, it’s not a problem,” Ashley quickly responded. “Actually we checked you out. The father of one of our girls, Morgan Taylor, runs a firm that does security checks on people, and he was prevailed upon to run a cursory check on yourself.”


“Yes,” the girl continued. “And we discovered that your business is perfectly legitimate.”

“And so I passed?”

“Well, yes, of course you did.”

“Then why are you here, checking up on me now?”

“Please don’t get defensive,” Ashley said. “I just wanted to meet you, Donna. Brooke told all of us that you used to babysit for her, and one of the things that I learned was that you used to occasionally spank her on the behind when she misbehaved. Is this true?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Are you at all aware as to how damaging spankings can be to the psyche of a child?”

“And how would you know that?”

“Because I’m currently writing my senior thesis on childhood discipline patterns,” she responded. “I’m majoring in Behavioral Science with a minor in Feminist Literature.”

“I understand. But let me ask you something, Ashley. Have you, yourself, ever been spanked?”

“No. My parents didn’t believe in administering corporal punishment.”

“So you’re telling me that you’re writing a paper on spankings without ever having been spanked yourself? Not even once?”

The girl looked momentarily confused.

“I don’t need to have been spanked to write about it. That’s like saying that I need to have been raped to write a paper about rape!”

“Nonsense. Being spanked and being raped are NOT the same thing,” Donna stated. “And yes, now that you mention it, many female writers who have, in fact, written on the subject of rape have, in fact, experienced it!”

The other girl definitely looked confused now.

“You make a good point.”

“You really should try and experience things firsthand before writing about them, Ashley. Within reason, of course.”

“But how am I supposed to experience being spanked?” she asked. “I’m now a 21-year old college senior!”

“That’s easy,” Donna responded. “I’ll do it.”

Both Ashley and Brooke responded simultaneously. “What?”

“I’ll spank her,” Donna, answered, smiling. She got up and pulled a wooden kitchen chair into the living room, positioning it in the middle of the rug and sitting down upon it. “Come over here, Ashley, and drape yourself over my knee.”

“Donna, please,” Brooke suddenly spoke up. “You can’t spank her!”

“Why not? I just want to allow her to experience the sensation so that she’ll be better able to understand it. How about it, Ashley? You’re not frightened of me, are you?”

“No, of course not,” the girl responded, slowly approaching her like a rabbit might approach a snake. “You really want me to do this, don’t you?”

“It’s really not that big a deal. Tell her, Brooke!”

The pretty blonde blushed but didn’t say a thing.

“OK, I’ll do it,” Ashley suddenly agreed, walking to within reach of Donna.

“You’re bahis siteleri going to have to remove your skirt, Ashley. That outfit is a bit too constrictive for this kind of thing.”

“Excuse me?”

“Take off the skirt,” Donna ordered, tugging at the fabric. “Brooke, remove your bluejeans so that Ashley doesn’t feel like the only one wearing less clothing.”

Brooke sat down and immediately began pulling off her tight bluejeans, revealing her gorgeous panty-clad butt and her long, incredibly smooth & slender legs. Both Donna and Ashley gazed at the girl appreciatively.

“Your turn, Ms. Turner,” Donna said, in an authoritative voice. The girl swiftly unhooked her skirt from the side, and down it went, revealing a cute, slender body clad in dark pantyhose and expensive white panties. With Donna’s help she was then positioned over the older woman’s knees with her hands on the floor and her ass poised upwards, with Donna’s hands then coming to rest upon them, patting the girl’s butt a few times before getting started. “We’ll begin with a quick dozen.”


“Ouch! Stop it! That hurts.”

“Of course it hurts. It’s a spanking! Stop your complaining. Now I’ve got to start all over.”


“No,” she cried, wiggling her entire body, trying to escape Donna’s firm grasp. “I’m not enjoying this!”


“If you don’t stop moving I’m going to keep going until we reach fifty!”


“Ow, ow, ow… please, Donna… please, no more!”


“Ask me nicely and maybe I’ll stop!”


“Please… pretty please… I’m begging you, Donna, please stop!”

“Oh, very well… just one more, OK?”


She continued to hold Ashley in position over her lap, now gently running her hands over the girl’s stinging behind, gently kneading the reddened rump with her fingers.

“May I get up now?”

“In a minute,” Donna smiled. “What did you think, Ashley?”

“It hurt,” the girl replied. “It stung.”

“But did you like it?” the older woman asked, continuing to gently massage the girl’s firm behind. “Now that it’s over, was it an enjoyable experience?”

“This part certainly is,” Ashley purred, as Donna’s hands continued their tender exploration of the blonde girl’s chastened ass cheeks.

“Maybe you should let her up now, Donna,” Brooke interrupted.

“In a minute,” the older woman said, smiling. “What you’ve just now experienced, Ashley, is what we would call a ‘punishment spanking’ of the same kind that a young girl might get for sassing back her babysitter. Isn’t that right, Brooke?”

The pretty blonde blushed, knowingly.

“But there are many other types of spankings,” Donna continued. “Have you ever heard of a ‘sensual’ spanking?”

“No, I can’t say that I have,” Ashley responded, as the older woman then helped her to her feet. The girl immediately reached down for her skirt, still sitting on the floor where she’d earlier let it fall.

“Leave it there,” Donna ordered. “I like how you look in your suit without the skirt. It does a great job of showing off your legs.”

Now it was Ashley’s turn the blush.

“Let me show you what a ‘sensual spanking’ looks like,” Donna continued. “Brooke, take off everything but your bra & panties.”

“What have I done?” the pretty girl argued.

“Well, for one thing, you’re disobeying my orders,” Donna responded. “And in front of our guest!”

“Are you going to use her to show me what a sensual-spanking looks like?” Ashley inquired.

“Exactly right,” the older woman said, as she stepped into her bedroom, returning seconds later with a pair of handcuffs and a ball-gag. Meanwhile, pretty blonde Brooke had stripped off most of her clothing and was now facing Donna, awaiting further orders.

“Lose the bra,” the older woman said, with Brooke immediately complying, revealing her beautifully formed firm-breasts, which both of the other woman gazed at admiringly.

Donna then turned the girl around and raised her arms up over her head so that she could handcuff the gorgeous blonde’s wrists to an overhead pipe built into the ceiling for some unexplained reason. The lovely blonde looked incredibly hot in this position, both helpless and with her slender body on near-complete display.

“Oh yeah, I might as well take off your panties, as well,” Donna laughed, slowly grabbing the tiny cotton fabric from the sides of Brooke’s silky-smooth hips and gently tugging them down the girl’s long, slender legs!

“You never said anything about me having to be completely nude,” Brooke protested!

“And this is why I brought the ballgag,” Donna said, glancing over at Ashley, who was watching all of this open-mouthed. “Let me fasten this over that smart-mouth of yours, my young beauty, and hopefully it will keep you quiet.”

By now, the gorgeous blonde girl was nude, manacled, & gagged, with Donna pulling her chair over to where she could comfortably sit within easy reach of her bahis şirketleri pretty prisoner, running her hands up the girl’s sides, legs, and repeatedly over her curvy little ass!

“Are you paying attention, Ashley? I’m about to show you what a ‘sensual spanking’ looks like. Are you watching?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Go bring a chair of your own from the kitchen, so that you can get more comfortable. This may take a while.”

Brooke moaned through her ball gag.

While Ashley quickly pulled over a chair, Donna’s hands gave Brooke’s butt a gentle squeeze. “Don’t worry, my angel,” she whispered. “This is going to be fun!”

Turning to Ashley, she then explained, “what I’m about to do to Brooke is NOT about punishment… it’s about pleasure… for the both of us. Notice how many hands have not stopped caressing and rubbing her gorgeous body ever since I first put her in this position? And doesn’t she look beautiful?”

“Yes,” Ashley responded, her eyes sparkling in anticipation. “She looks hot!”


“There! Did you see how her gorgeous butt wiggled when I slapped it just now?”


“Ooooh… such a nice red hand-mark”


“Are you enjoying this, Brooke?” the older woman inquired, as her hand caressed and massaged where she’d just smacked the squirming girl.

“Mmmmfff,” was all the beautiful blonde could say in response, as she continued to wiggle & squirm under Donna’s sensual caresses.


“AS I said, a ‘sensual spanking’ is NOT supposed to be about inflicting pain… and so sometimes you have to include a loving kiss along with some nuzzling…” Here she proceeded to plant a soft kiss right on the captive girl’s right ass cheek, following that up with another one on the left, rubbing her entire face against the standing girl’s gorgeous derriere.


“Can I try?” Ashley suddenly blurted out. “May I spank her? Just once? Please?”

Both Donna and her handcuffed girlfriend stared in surprise at the visiting blonde’s request.

“I’m sorry, Ashley, but I’m the ONLY one allowed to spank this beautiful butt,” the older woman finally responded, squeezing Brooke’s gorgeous behind. “She belongs exclusively to me, and I wouldn’t feel right allowing anybody else to discipline her, even in fun.”

“I… I understand,” Ashley said, gazing longingly at Brooke’s beautiful curvy butt, poised just inches from her face.

“Tell you what,” Donna said. “While I can’t allow you to spank her, I see nothing wrong with allowing you to plant a few soft kisses on Brooke’s beautiful ass. How would you like to do that?”

“I’d love it,” the girl responded cheerfully!

“How about you, Brooke?” the older woman asked, looking up. “Would you mind the feel of Ashley’s lips on your luscious butt?”

“Mmmmfff,” was all Brooke could get out in response.

And so, for the next three or four minutes, Donna would playfully slap her beautiful blonde girlfriend’s curvy butt, caressing & fondling it, while Ashley then proceeded to cover it with kisses between the slaps. Towards the end, both woman had their mouths roaming unimpeded all along Brooke’s gorgeous derriere, licking & nibbling the entire rump of the manacled beauty.

“Mmmmfff,” the girl purred contentedly the entire time.

“I think it’s time to reward this girl with a nice, relaxing hot bath,” Donna announced, suddenly rising and unlocking Brooke’s handcuffs before then pulling her into the bathroom where she soon had the faucets going, filling her tub. “You’re welcome to get in, as well, Ashley.”

“What do you mean, all three of us in there together?”

“No, just Brooke and yourself,” Donna replied. “Get undressed. Quickly now!”

Without another second’s thought, Ashley was stripping out of the remainder of her clothing, and was soon being helped into the tub by Donna, where she was positioned right behind Brooke, still wearing her ballgag. Other than that, both girls were now completely nude together, with Donna running her expensive perfumed-soap over their glistening wet bodies.

“Why is she still gagged?” Ashley asked.

“Sometimes I leave the gag on. Sometimes I even leave the handcuffs on. It just depends on my mood that particular day.”

It was clear that this older woman had a thing for bathing pretty girls, Ashley thought. It was a totally pleasurable experience for all three of them. After the two girls had been completely bathed, dried off, & perfumed, Donna then proceeded to rub oil of Olay onto their bodies (“to keep them silky & smooth,” she said), before them dressing each of them in tiny white panties and short white tee-shirts that left much of their midriffs showing for the older woman’s viewing pleasure.

Donna then ordered a pizza and the three young women proceeded to enjoy a ‘slumber party’ of sorts, drinking wine coolers while watching a couple of Disney DVD’s that Brooke had brought over earlier in the week, “Tangled” and “Frozen.”

All three women slept comfortably that night, together in Donna’s oversized bed, with the older woman at one point taking Brooke doggy-style with her strap-on while Ashley watched in fascination. She was allowed to run her hands up Brooke’s bare legs and even to kiss the beautiful blonde’s luscious breasts, but was otherwise relegated to the role of a spectator.

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