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I let myself fall back on the bed in my room, tired from work. I have to fly to Europe tomorrow and I’ve finally gotten everything packed. Being a photographer for a magazine is pretty awesome, but the traveling gives you little to no time for romance, or anything like it… which makes you pretty much favor porn sites. Thankfully, I can get as many subscriptions to them as I want, seeing as I’m a single 21 year old male with no hope of finding a guy that’d put up with my awful business hours and business trips all around the world.

The most action I get nowadays is my overactive imagination and really expensive toys that I know how to work myself up with. I’m not complaining because with a relationship, or even just sex, comes emotions and drama. I don’t have time for drama. Drama is a downfall to every relationship I’ve seen, and I don’t personally want to delve deeper into that part of life.

I sighed and looked longingly over to my bedside table, knowing exactly why I still wanted some form of physical contact with a man, a strong, sexy man… because toys only work so well for so long and then you get tired of them, you get tired of not feeling someone’s hands on you.

I pulled the blankets back on my bed and crawled into it, turning off my light and sighing deeply, thinking. I’m not unattractive at all, at least not that I know of. I’m slim, and physically small, not really muscular or anything, you can just lightly see the muscles in my arms from years of carrying camera equipment around. I’ve been told in the past I looked like a guy version of Barbie, because I’m small, naturally bleach blonde, and have light blue eyes that seem to reflect everything. I’m sadly very not masculine… at all, but I’m very attractive in a twink way.

The handful of times I’d actually had sex with something that wasn’t rubber and silicone were pretty decent, only downfall was, it was always with one guy, and he wasn’t experienced enough to really know how to get someone off, at least not someone who’s imagination can come up with some really sexy, naughty, fantasies that no one could ever match up to.

Sometimes I hate the fact that my mind can come up with these sexy things to play out in my head like a movie, because it raised my standards… a lot.

I sighed again, and let my mind rest, knowing I had to get up really early in the morning, and I can’t be late for the flight… I have to get to Europe by six in the afternoon and my flight is at five. I can’t be late, and I can’t miss this opportunity.

*–* *–* *–*

I growled as I tried to get my messy blonde hair to do what I want it to do. “Fuck it,” I grumbled, throwing my hands up and running out of the bathroom and grabbing my bag. I have to go NOW.

I ran down the stairs and to the front of my apartment complex, looking for the company car that Antonio was supposed to pick me up in. Thankfully, he was already there; he was standing, leaning against his car looking like a god. “Hey Tayler, you just get up?” he asked, looking over my messy appearance.

“I got up, but my hair wouldn’t do what I wanted it to and my shower was cold, and my microwave broke and my pants wouldn’t zip right, and my shirt isn’t ironed because I didn’t have time… my car is in the shop and my mail box got broken into.” I said, and he frowned a little.

“With that string of bad luck, all happening before the suns rose fully; I’d be more than hesitant to get on a plane.” He said, and I sighed deeply, rolling my eyes at Antonio’s logic.

“I’m sure everything will be fine.” I said, trying to write off what he said as lip service. He normally was pretty good at predicting things, but I didn’t let it sink into my head that he was right, because there was nothing I could do about my flight. I just have to get on it, someone is expecting me in Rome, and I can’t just not show up.

He hummed and got in the car, and I got in the passenger seat, praying to god that my day gets a little bit better.

This is NOT what I thought that first class was, I thought dryly looking over the ratty looking airplane. Is this even first class seating or did they seat me wrong? Or did Damascus give me the wrong tickets again?

I didn’t know but I didn’t want to bitch about it too much, so I shut my mouth and sat down next to a man, that didn’t exactly look happy to be here either. He was cursing to himself under his breath. I sat down next to him, and he looked up startled that I was sitting next to him. When I saw his face I had to stop my jaw from dropping. This guy is handsome. His muscles stretched his white dress shirt tightly over his chest and his face was beautiful, with a strong jawline and light stubble along his chin.

I felt his eyes trail over my chest, down to my crotch, which made me blush a little and sit down next to him and cross my legs like a girl. His eyes kept looking over me, lingering on my lips a little longer than anywhere else, and I got the feeling that this would be an interesting canlı bahis plane ride.

The plane ride droned on, and never seemed to want to end. And then we heard it. Someone talking over the intercom said, “This flight has been delayed due to weather at the European airport. Please be patient while we await the bad weather.” I groaned and longed to be home.

Hours past, and it was getting dark. I felt something on my thigh, making me jump and look down at it. The hand on my thigh belonged to the guy next to me, and I felt myself hardening in my pants, blushing I met his eyes. He didn’t speak, and neither did I, but he motioned for me to undo my legs which had been crossed since I sat down.

I stared at him hard for a few seconds, before caving and letting my legs part just the slightest bit. His hand continued going up my thigh to the inside of it, oh so close to my dick which has been hard since I sat down, thanks to this guy staring heatedly at me all afternoon. I blushed, feeling his finger run over me through my pants, and I jumped a little, almost shocked that he touched me there. His fingers moved on me slowly obviously teasing my sensitive body, and I wasn’t complaining.

I wasn’t sure how far he was going to try to take this, but I wasn’t going to stop him… I don’t think at least. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I had never met this guy, I don’t know his name, I don’t know if he’s clean, or if he was married, but honestly, at this point my body didn’t care.

“Everyone’s asleep,” he said, looking around the airplane and then looked over at me, his dark eyes looking into me. I looked around to see the same thing he just said, everyone else was asleep, unhappily so but asleep nonetheless. I felt his fingers on the button of my pants, and I whimpered a little.

His hands reached into my pants, and pulled me out of my underwear, the skin to skin contact made me let out a little moan. I bit my lip and pushed up into his hand, my body loving the contact.

“Sensitive,” he chuckled quietly, and I blushed, looking down and biting my lip to keep myself from making any desperate noises. “I like it,” he said, and smirked at me, I could see it from the corner of my eye.

He worked me slowly with his hand, my dick leaking pre-cum. His hand kept moving on me, and it was killing me, making me feel so, so sensitive. I didn’t know that the first time someone besides me would make everything so much more intense.

He unbuckled his pants and brought my hand over to his crotch. I looked down at it, and saw it just barely from the light streaming in the window from the moon. It was big, thick and it made my mouth water a little just thinking about the fact that I might be able to take it in me, and feel it stretching me.

I let out a little moan as his thumb pressed onto the tip of me, making me whine and push my hips up. I reached down and touched him, happy to feel it in my hands.

Despite the fact that I loved getting off, I’d still only had sex a few times, and I’d certainly never done anything this adventurous… especially not with a complete stranger! I’d say this was like losing my virginity all over again, and hopefully it’s going to be a LOT better than the first time I did.

After a few minutes of us jacking each other off, he decided it wasn’t enough, and if I was being honest I wouldn’t be pleased if he didn’t fuck me. It’d been wonderful feeling his hands on me, but I want more, I want him in me, and I didn’t know how long I could take the teasing.

“Get in my lap,” he said, and I nodded, shifting my hips up and pulling my pants down, straddling him a little bit uncomfortably. I am really feeling this, even though it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. I felt his tip pressing against my ass and I almost whined at how good it felt… oh god, please. “Lotion, I can’t get in without it… and I need to finger you,” he said and I shook my head, trying to clear the fog in my brain.

“Just… just get in me,” I whimpered, “I c-can’t wait, I need it… I know it’s going to hurt but I don’t care,” I said desperately and he shook his head, looking up at me. I know he doesn’t want to fuck me raw, but I also know if he does much more to me, I’m going to blow my load all over him and he doesn’t want that yet.

“I’m going to at least prep you first; I can’t just get in you without it.” He said, and I knew there was no point in arguing with him, so I just nodded submissively. Seeing as it was already difficult enough getting into his lap, he didn’t try to move me; he just made me shift up a little.

I felt his finger teasing my hole, and I whimpered a little. It’s been nearly three years since the last person touched me this way, and I could tell it made this that much more intense. When I felt him push his finger in, I gasped, biting my lip to keep my mouth shut. I’ve never been a slut, I’ve always favored getting myself off to trying to get off on someone else, and I’ve always loved naughty, dirty bahis siteleri fantasies, but I’ve never acted them out like this.

I’ve had dreams, thoughts, and more like this, but I’ve never acted them out, afraid of… well I don’t know what. I know if I hadn’t have been so horny when he touched me, I likely would have told him to fuck off, but something about this felt so much better than getting myself off on toys.

This is a complete stranger, I thought as I felt him slipping another finger in, making me bite my lip down hard, I don’t even know his name and I’m fucking him, on a plane for anyone awake to see… lovely. I didn’t let the thought linger though, and he didn’t either, as if he sensed it, he started scissoring his fingers in me. His fingers alone had me dripping, and I’d be dammed if I came before I felt him in my ass. “H-hurry,” I managed to get out between pants, pulling his hair roughly. I felt him chuckle and him nod, scissoring me a couple times for good measure and then pulled his fingers out of me. I whimpered at the loss, and hoped he’d just quit playing with me and just fuck me.

I felt him press his tip against my hole, and I whined out, pushing down on him readily. “Eager much?” he asked in a low, breathless voice and I nodded desperately, digging my nails into his neck as I felt him slowly push into me. It hurts, but I knew that it would… I just underestimated how bad it’d hurt.

He was huge, it seemed like him pushing in took forever, and it felt like we was ripping me apart, honestly. I kept my lip between my teeth, chewing nervously as it hurt. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groaned, his hands holding me still. “Like a virgin,” he said, and I blushed shaking my head no.

“I-I’ve had sex,” I said, biting my lip and experimentally pushing down further on him. It didn’t hurt AS bad as before, so I took it as progress. I slowly started moving on his lap as best as I could. It was awkward, seeing as I was straddling him, and his armrests, on each side. “Mmmmm,” I moaned out, feeling him finally touch my prostate. I knew that if I could keep him going, beating into that spot over and over I’d be okay. “Fuck keep going,” I moaned out sluttily.

His hips started going, pushing into me roughly, and I bit my lip, fighting back my moans. Got to keep quiet, I thought, I can’t get caught. My mind was all over the place. Part of me wanted to let go, just keep my mouth open and take all that he’ll give me, but another part knew that I couldn’t get caught doing this without it ruining my career, so I kept my teeth on my lip.

I kept my moans low, and whispered. “Yes!!” I whimpered against his neck. “Keep going, go deeper, harder, please oh my god,” I said my voice rising an octave as he hit my prostate. Fire, my entire body was on fire. I could feel every single nerve in my body on end and my mind was mush, I was worthless for anything except this. “Oh, oh, oh,” I panted, feeling him moving in me.

For some reason the fact we were in public, we could get caught, we could get into major trouble, and none of it mattered. All that mattered was his hard cock moving in and out of me.

“Slut, you love this shit don’t you? Your dick is getting me all wet. I knew you were a freak from the moment I saw you standing there looking innocent.” He said, and I giggled breathlessly, my body shaking all over from the feelings of euphoria I was feeling. “Innocent my fuckin’ ass,” he said, and I blushed.

“I-I’m nowhere near i-innocent,” I managed to get out, barely above a whisper. He chuckled. “P-please just go harder again,” I begged him quietly, and he started moving faster. He was so big, so hard… and so worth it. I’d never thought about doing this, but now that I’ve done it, I want more.

His d!ck filled me up all the way, and it felt oh-so-good deep inside me.

He fucked me hard, his body moving in sync with mine, our breaths mingling, and our lips meeting in a passionate kiss. I had no idea who this was, he could have AID’s or STD’s and I wouldn’t know it, but I was desperate. It was too late to stop myself from getting either, anyway because he’d already entered me. Logically I knew that I should’ve asked him, or made him wear a condom, but I wasn’t thinking logically, I was thinking hormonally, and hormonally my body loved it.

Every touch felt euphoric, sensational, and my weeping d!ck was dying for attention. I reached down and started jerking myself off in time with his thrusts. I didn’t feel any shame about the fact that I was barely keeping myself quiet, and that we’d probably woken everyone around up, I just didn’t care anymore. My body was beyond caring, and I didn’t think I could keep my mouth from voicing its pleasure.

His body moved, in out, in out, over and over again. Harder, he pushed in, deeper, he was deeper, oh god, he was so deep, so thick, so full. “S-shiiiit,” I whined, feeling his dick in me, his tip brushing over my prostate once again. It was killing me. He kissed me, his lips touching mine. bahis şirketleri His hands ended up on my thighs, pushing my shirt up but he didn’t remove it, he knew that we couldn’t risk it. I however, attacked his neck, biting it, licking it, sucking it, and he groaned under me. I’d never been this horny for someone other than myself before, and I couldn’t lie… I love it.

I guess being a whore runs in our family, I thought dryly, and moaned loudly as he accidentally pulled all the way out of me and pushed roughly back into me. His dick had me dripping all over myself, on his dress pants shirt and mine as well. Oh god, I can’t think, I can’t feel anything but his dick slamming into me, making me ready to blow all over the place.

“Mmmmm, I-I think I-I’m going t-to cuummm,” I whined out and he smirked, and leaned forward to my neck and bit down on it, causing me to let out a little whimper. I felt my lips part as I came between us, and he didn’t stop moving. “K-keep going, oh shit please no, no don’t stop I need m-more.”

He fucked me roughly, not stopping even though I was cumming. I was floating, and the only thing that was really holding me down was his body, his dick still moving deep within me. My dick is leaking all over him, but he didn’t seem to care that much.

“That’s right, little slut, cum for me,” he said into my ear and I nodded obediently. He continued fucking me, my mouth stayed closed so that I could keep my noises in, but my body was too sensitive. A few minutes later, while he was fucking me, I felt him tense up, his dick pulsed in me, and I whimpered at the feeling.

I couldn’t breathe. My body was in control of my actions anymore, and I couldn’t handle much more. Every nerve in my body is seizing up and I was panting heavily. He thrusted into me harder and harder and deeper and deeper and the longer it went on the more sensitive my body got after my orgasm. “F-f-f-fuck,” I managed to stutter out and I felt his hands slipping up my shirt to play with my nipples. I moaned girlishly, and bit into his neck hard. I thought I was done, I thought I couldn’t cum again, but I was getting close… somehow.

He kept fucking me, going harder and hard and I was falling apart in the best way possible. I could barely keep my mouth shut, and I was sure that everyone on the plane knew I was getting my brains fucked out. I whimpered as I felt him going harder and harder and harder and his movements were becoming more frantic, less rhythmic and I was still high off the pleasure I felt.

He was going in and out and I am dying for more, I know I can’t take much more, but I wanted so much more. I want to remember this for the rest of my life, I never want to forget this… this is like the best dirty fantasy I’ve ever had, and I never wanted to forget the time I got fucked in the air. Something about it made it so much… hotter. All the sudden I felt him jerk up into me, and he held my hips down on him making me whimper and a loud guttural groan came out of his mouth. I felt him cum in me, and I gasped at the feeling, cumming again all over him. If we didn’t wake everyone in the plane up, we’ll be lucky.

I collapsed on top of him and he sighed deeply. We sat there; our bodies still intertwined trying to get our breathing to slow. We breathed slowly, and I felt him kissing and licking my neck. “Mm…” I let out quietly and he bit down into my neck.

When he got done sucking on my neck he laughed a little, and I pulled my head back to look at him shyly. “Oh so now you’re shy?” he asked me, chuckling, and I blushed. “I’m Benjamin,” he said, sticking his hand out to shake mine.

I shook his hand, looking him over fully now. “I’m Tayler,” I said, and he smiled, looking up at me.

“Nice to meet you Tayler.” He said, and I blushed nodding at him shyly. “So, no offense, but your ass is still in my lap, and I don’t want to get another erection on this plane, I don’t think the hostesses will ignore us fucking again… we can do that some other time.” He said, and I nodded shyly. I stood up out of his lap and pulled my pants up and he tucked his dick back into his pants and zipped them back up.

Well, I guess that this isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened. “Sorry,” I said, blushing and sitting down beside him in the seat. He smiled at me. “Let’s get some sleep,” I suggested and he nodded, looking over at me through the dark.

We didn’t speak again until the next morning when the plane was landing.

*–* *–* *–* *–*

I am so, so late, I thought tiredly as I ran out of the hotel I was staying in and to hail a taxi. I don’t have time for this shit!! I’ve got a business appointment in just a very few minutes! How did I oversleep?! That is just my luck recently! I groaned as the taxi finally pulled up in front of me. He spoke in a heavy Italian accent and I just sighed deeply. Just my luck, I thought dryly as I tried to explain to him where I was going. Once he got the idea he started driving and I sighed tiredly. Hopefully, hopefully, I will get there on time.

We pulled up at the huge building about sixty seconds before my appointment and I glared at the elevator. Why must this dammed thing be so slow!?

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