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Baby MachineTess was twenty three and already had five babies. Her husband was forty five and loved when he knocked her up each time. He had met and married her when she was young and innocent and his desire for sex was so intense. The first week of the marriage he fucked her day and night. He had his cock or fingers in her cunt all the time. When he wasn’t fucking her he was eating her young pussy. His cock was long and thick and stayed hard with no problem. He loved to see his c***d growing inside her and watch her already big tits grow huge as they filled with milk. He liked when he laid on his back and she slid down on his hard cock and let him fuck her as he played with her clit and pulled on her stretched nipples. He had fixed the basement into a nursery and had hired a nanny to be with the c***dren. He wanted Tess to be free to fuck him as much as he wanted. She pumped her tits and stored milk for the nanny every day. When Ron was home she stayed naked in their section of the house. Tonight she was laying naked on the bed as he came into the room. “Spread your legs darling. I want to see that warm nest for my cock. I have been thinking of your sexy fuck hole all day. Soon it will be time to plant my seed in that cunt and knock you up with my c***d again. I love to see your belly stretch with my seed growing in you and see those big tits get fuller with milk. I think I shall drink some tit milk right now. Then I shall fuck you all night baby.” He began sucking on her nipples drinking the milk they were filled with as his finger found her cunt and rubbed her clit then he pushed three fingers into her hole and began fucking her as he sucked more milk from her huge globes. His fingers were soaked with her cum and he rubbed them over her lips and her nipples then inserted them once more and fucked her harder making her cum hard. He kissed the cum from her lips and then tongue kissed her before he kissed down to her nipples and licked the cum from each of them. “I love the taste of your cum. Time for me to eat that pussy that I have been thinking of all day.” He spread her legs wider and began to lick all over her wet cunt. He sucked on her clit till he felt her cum then his tongue went to her love hole and he licked it and then pushed his tongue in and spooned the cum form her. As bahis siteleri he tongue fucked her and cleaned the cum out of her he pushed his thumb into her asshole and fucked it. He moved his mouth to her clit and sucked it as he heard her moan out loud. “Yes, baby. I know you love me to suck on that clit. I can feel your cunt pulse as I suck you. I am going to suck all the cum out before I give you my big hard cock and fuck you just like you want. You are so sexy and so horny. You are my naughty nympho girl. I love to fuck you. I am going to eat your pussy then let you fuck me just like a whore.” He then moved to her hole and licked and sucked all her cum. He then put a pillow under her ass and raised her as he got between her spread legs and aimed his big thick cock to his favorite hole.He watched as his cock cock slid inside her and soon he had every inch of his rod in her. “Move your hips baby and show me how you can fuck that big thick shaft. Give my cock your cunt and grip it with those muscles. Fuck me hard. Get nasty baby. Tonight I want you like a slut in my bed.” She began moving her hips in a circle as the muscles in the walls of her cunt gripped his cock hard. She reached and grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard making him moan and beg for more. “Yes baby, get nasty. I need a dirty whore in my bed tonight. Show me how naughty you can be.” As she gripped his cock and squeezed his balls she then shoved three fingers in his ass and pushed them in all the way and began to fuck his ass as she humped his cock. It did not take long to have him screaming and begging. “Fuck me baby. Fuck that cock and ass. Do me hard. Stretch my ass wide. Squeeze my balls hard. Make me cum.” She then added the fourth finger to his ass and really began finger fucking him. She heard him scream loud as he filled her with cum.He rolled off her and began sucking a tit. “You are the best baby. You know how to make me scream and want more. I am yours tonight. Take me any way you want. I like when you act like a master and make me your boy toy. I will be your male whore tonight.” Tess pushed him on his back and spread his legs. She opened her toy drawer next to her bed and grabbed the thin cord. She put it around his waist then she tied each ball and then around his cock. She pulled the cock mobilbahis tight and secured it straight in the air. She then tied his arms to the headboard. Then his legs to the foot of the bed. She then rubbed his nipples and his cock and balls and ass with with KY sensual gel for men. As it began to heat him he then began to moan and soon was breathing hard. She put a large pillow under his hips and brought out three suction caps. She attached one to each ball and pumped it hard. Then she put his cock in one and pumped it even harder. She took the gel and inserted a large glob on her fingers and shoved it in his ass. She inserted four fingers and began to fuck his ass hard. As she fucked his ass she pumped his cock and balls more till they were completely stretched and blue. He was moaning and groaning as his cock and balls and ass were on fire. It was an erotic pain and he did love it. She then took a pair of her worn panties and stuffed them in his mouth. She kissed each nipple then bit them. She took the pump on his cock and moved it up and down like she was stroking him and watched his face go from pain to pleasure. She did the same with his balls. She rubbed the gel at the top of each pump just over the parts not in the pump. She went back to his ass and brought out a large dildo and covered it with the gel and pushed it deep into his asshole. She watched him as she fucked his ass with the large rod and the heating gel. She fucked his ass a long time with the heating gel then she said to him “Are you ready for the best part?” He nodded and she smiled then pulled out the large rod. Next she soaked her hand in the gel and began to shove her fist into his ass. As she fucked him with the hot gel she pulled and twisted on the pumps and her boy toy husband was screaming as his cock filled the pump with cum. She fist fucked his ass hard as she pulled on his balls. Then she released the balls from the pump and grabbed them with her hands and then covered them with more hot gel. She looked at her husband and told him “Your balls look a little red. I am going to release your cock and jack you till you cum again for me. I have my fist high in your ass fucking you till you cum. But I think I need my strap on to really give you a good hard fuck.” She then removed her mobilbahis güvenilir mi fist from his ass and put on the strap on and then she got between his spread legs and shoved it deep in his ass. As she fucked his ass she released the pump on his cock and she began to stroke his cock and rub his balls. “There now my sweet nasty slut. I am going to fuck you hard. The longer it takes you to cum the harder I shall fuck my dirty naughty boy. You are such a good boy whore with that huge cock and those nice big balls.” She then began ramming his ass as she jerked on his cock and played with his balls. It took almost twenty five minutes to get him to cum and she was pounding his ass hard as she really gave his cock and balls a good work out. Then he squirted cum in the air and she watched it cover his chest. She took the gag out of his mouth and rubbed cum on his lips and told him “Now that was a good boy. Such a good cum slut. Now stick out your tongue and I am going to pussy ride your face. I want you to lick my cunt clean then tongue fuck my love hole. I am going to rub my pussy all over your face like the cum slut you are. You are a nasty boy.”She move up to his face and he stuck out his tongue as she sat on him and moved her pussy all over his face. Then he began licking and sucking her clit then down to her fuck hole. He pushed his tongue in deep and began
to tongue fuck her. His cock was on fire as he ate her pussy. He loved this sexy nasty woman. She really spiced up their bedroom with her kinky sex. She let him tongue fuck her for quite a while before she got off and then began kissing his cum soaked face and mouth. “I love you. You are such a good boy toy. You love how nasty I can get.” Then she untied his hands and legs but left his cock and balls tied to the cord around his waist. He pushed her over on her back and held her down. He told her “I may just knock you up tonight to show you what a man I can be. Maybe you need that belly full of a baby to settle you down. Now give me some tit milk and then I am going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you till that sweet cunt is raw. Then I am going to eat that pussy till you beg me to stop. I can’t wait to see how big those huge tits get as my baby grows in your belly. I am going to keep breeding and knocking you up till we have an even dozen k**s. Then we will fuck just for fun. You are such and nasty slut. Just the type of whore I like in my bed.” He then began to suck her nipples and bite them. He loved his wild wife and could not get enough of her sexy body and her kinky abusive sex.

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