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B7 Chapter 6 Rhiannon Takes Over – Rhiannon TransfChapter 6: Rhiannon Takes Over – Rhiannon Transformed “Well, what we saw earlier was fun, but there’s no since putting this off any longer,” said Rhiannon. She turned away from the Enchantress, and did her ‘heavy breathing’ for another minute. She placed her hands over her pussy and crotch, and focused all of her mental powers, channeling the energy in her body into that area, to create the desired effect. Suddenly, it happened. Rhiannon had changed from woman form to shemale form more times than she could count, but it was always a special feeling when her cock would suddenly appear from out of nowhere. All Rhiannon had to do was look around at the startled faces of everyone in the room, to know that she’d been successful. By now the Enchantress had obviously expected Rhiannon to somehow produce a cock of her own, and have her way with her as she had done to Jeanne. But even she could not comprehend the astonished looks of the rest of the girls in the room. This time it was even more special for Rhiannon, as she looked down between her legs. There, hanging down from her crotch, were two separate cocks, with her second cock being directly above the first one. Each one was nearly a foot long, and was already almost two inches thick. Rhiannon sported only one set of balls, hanging below her first member, but she knew that they would swell big enough to provide more than enough cum for both of her shafts later on. “Remember what I told you earlier girls,” Rhiannon said to everyone in the room. “I’ve got enough strength and experience that I can do quite a few amazing things with my body, and this is only one of them. And right now, I think it’s time my honored guest sees just what I’ve got in store for her.” Rhiannon turned around, holding each prick with one hand, and pulling them to the side, so the Enchantress could clearly see them. alanya escort The goddess’ eyes shot open in fear and shock, and the dark brown skin of Ebony became visibly paler. The Enchantress knew in an instant what fate Rhiannon had in store for her. “I’m going to teach you all about fucking in one lesson, you piece of shit, and make sure it’s a long time before you so much as think about fucking anyone else! You said earlier that you wanted to fuck?” “Well first, let’s add a little size down here,” said Rhiannon. She concentrated, and then her cocks started to become erect, the base of each shaft expanding in width with a power that almost frightened the Enchantress, as they continued to lengthen and grow. Her enormous rods slowly expanded from her crotch, lengthening as their width grew. Rhiannon concentrated on her dicks, reforming them. They were still short, but incredibly thick, and Rhiannon knew that she could use the energy in her body to shape them to her will. With a grunting effort, Rhiannon managed to shunt the seemingly unstoppable flow of energy to her ball sac below her cocks. Her twin testicles now began to throb and pulse with rapid growth. Now Rhiannon’s nostrils flared with each breath. The Enchantress’ gaze went to Rhiannon’s belly, then down to the dangling balls, and the jiggling cock shafts. She watched, and saw Rhiannon’s testicles actually swelling, getting larger with every moment, growing from baseball, to g****fruit and past that in size, the heavy flesh now bulging, and dangling between Rhiannon’s legs. Rhiannon smiled wickedly, as she realized that the Enchantress was terrified of her, and hadn’t even reached her peak yet. “Okay, bitch,” taunted Rhiannon. “You think I’m too small? Not enough for a goddess such as yourself? Okay then, watch this!” she howled triumphantly, and released the energy in her body completely. The engorged pricks jutting escort alanya before Rhiannon suddenly jerked upwards and began to grow again. They went from merely huge to titanic, and didn’t stop there. Both of the pounding members began to swell to immense size, the girth of each mighty phallus growing truly huge, the head pulsing into massiveness. The rapid growth of each cock forced them apart. The length of each shaft grew as their girth swelled, until it looked like both of the gigantic shafts would burst. Each swelled, becoming a blimp-like appendage jutting from her crotch, each smooth and shining pinkly as they grew to stupendous proportions. Rhiannon stood for a moment, hands on hips, watching the Enchantress’ look change to one of shocked disbelief as her cocks grew and grew. Rhiannon flicked her hips forward once, causing the now mighty engines of sex to slowly jog upward in a slow, heavy arc and then descend in a slow bouncing dance before her. The heads and shafts seemed to be swollen and almost bursting, looking hot and slick. “Now bitch, am I big enough for you? Still think I’m a puny mortal?” Rhiannon jeered. Both of her cocks now jutted forth in monstrous, dancing menace before her, the helmets of the cockheads pulsing to a beat matching each of her steady, angered steps toward the Enchantress. Rhiannon felt as though she could easily blow this taunting bitch to little pieces with her cocks, and fill her until she tore her apart with her cum. Rhiannon was now in a frenzy of hate and rage. She wanted to obliterate this bitch, after what she had so brazenly done earlier to Jeanne, and then bragged about it. She felt the energy within her roar to a searing blaze of white-hot heat, desperately its seeking release. Rhiannon wanted to smash this so-called goddess who had possessed Ebony’s body. A feeling of anticipation thrilled her as well. She was becoming horny alanya escort bayan just thinking about fucking this Enchantress bitch silly; of ramming her cock into her and cumming until she was spent. The Enchantress saw Rhiannon, her erections pulsing before her, each looking as if it were ready to burst. The engorged flesh jutting from her quivered with its need, the slits on her cockheads slowly opening and closing, like the mouth of some b**st. Rhiannon’s cocks throbbed, the heads pulsing with need and want. They were rock hard now, the original girth dispersed along the entire length of the burning poles jutting out from her crotch. The massive amount of energy in Rhiannon’s body had affected not only her cocks. She had now grown until her body was just over eight feet in height. She was almost identical to the Enchantress, when she had possessed Ebony’s body to **** Jeanne. Each massive cock was now over four feet long. Rhiannon actually had to concentrate and shift her posture slightly; the weight of her shafts was almost enough to throw off her body’s equilibrium. Her balls had swollen to the point that they were now considerably larger than two softballs, beneath the tremendous shafts. “All right, now let’s see if you can take it, you dirt-eating piece of filth!” screamed Rhiannon, now uncontrollably raging with anger and lust. “By the all-father, no!” screamed the Enchantress in mortal terror. “Go ahead and pray to any god that you can think of honey,” growled Rhiannon. “They may have pity on you, and save your soul. But your ass and your pussy belong to me tonight!” Rhiannon’s cocks were far too big for any kind of sex with a normal partner, but would do perfectly for teaching the Enchantress a lesson she’d never forget. Now Barocca was in the hallways of the Island. The confusion over so many events happening in so short a time was the perfect cover for her. Hardly anyone outside of Dee Dee and Tiffany’s inner circle knew the true status of things tonight. With everyone else either glued to a monitor watching things unfold in the lab, or running to tell someone else, it made the perfect cover for Barocca’s exit.

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