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I don’t think I am that unusual. That is, not that unusual before my accidental encounter with a high school acquaintance turned my life upside down.

I am married, fit guy, in my mid-thirties. At just a tad under five foot eight and 155 pounds, I have a slight build. I am a naturally hairless and smooth guy. I always considered myself straight but have also always been attracted to men. I have a normal sex life with my wife. I don’t see other women outside of my marriage. In fact, I only rarely even look at other women.

I started viewing gay porn in my mid-twenties. I would watch a video of one guy blow another guy, or watch a group of guys force feed some cocksucker and then cum all over his face and chest. My cock would get as hard as steel and I would quickly shoot my hot wad halfway across the room. I always imagined I was the guy sucking those cocks. Servicing those hard men and taking what they had to give.

I watched the porn occasionally at first and once I got my balls off, I was good for a week or two. However, this became more and more frequent and the urge to actually have a cock in my mouth became more real to me. I finally felt as though I couldn’t stand it any longer and, once while travelling on business, I checked the online ads in one of the websites that has sex ads. I found a guy looking to get sucked off. He was looking for a “worshipper”, I thought that sounded about right. I invited him to my hotel room. I was really nervous about meeting and it took everything in me to follow through. When he arrived, he asked if I wanted to suck his cock and all I could do was mumble a breathless “yes” and sink to my knees and wait to be fed.

He was an average looking guy, nothing special. An office guy on his way home from work looking for a willing wet mouth to cum in. He told me to undo his belt, take down his pants and pull his shorts down. I was in a trance and did just what he said. His cock was thick and beautiful.

He grabbed it and wagged it at me and said, “suck my cock faggot!”

I am not a faggot but didn’t want canlı bahis to take the time away from sucking his cock to argue the point. I just reached for his cock with my mouth and sucked him into me. I enjoyed the slippery smoothness of his growing member sliding over my tongue and into my mouth and throat. When he was fully hard he grabbed my head and thrust his cock deep into my throat. I had never tasted cum and wasn’t ready for it when it came. He shot a lot and filled my mouth twice. I choked a little as it coated my throat. In a stern voice he told me to not waste what I had worked so hard for. He wanted his cock clean and empty. I kept gently sucking his deflated cock until he pushed me off it. I was hooked.

Since that time, I get the urge to suck every few weeks. I make the arrangements on line and then do what I do best. This has happened maybe 10 times and each time it got a little easier. I always try to be careful. I live in a rural area, where everyone seems to know everyone. I want to be careful not to catch anything and I certainly don’t want to accidentally meet someone I know from a work, or a buddy or something crazy like that. So, I try to screen my sucking encounters as well as I can.

Recently, I was feeling the urge particularly strong and placed an ad looking for a dominant married guy who needed relief. I got a reply very quickly from a guy about my age, a business traveler. This was perfect. There would be little chance we knew one another. He was looking for a submissive guy take his 8″, thick cut cock. We exchanged a few emails. His preference was for a fem guy, which I am not. I am completely masculine and straight, I just happen to turn into a wanton cock-slut when someone waves their cock in my face. After some back and forth, he agreed I was welcome to come get on my knees and beg for his cock and cum. He sounded like the kind of dom guy I like. They know what they want and want it done their way.

The hotel was not far from where I worked. I was there in about fifteen minutes. I had done this a few times now and was feeling bahis siteleri very confident. I quickly made my way up to his room, still a few butterflies, but I swallowed them down and as I reached out to knock on the door, I noticed the door was slightly ajar. I entered. The room was darkened. The shades were pulled down and the lights were off. There was enough light that I could make out a figure of a man moving across the room. He had moved over to the desk and was just about to seat himself. He looked to be wearing a towel that he was just uncinching to toss aside. I had closed the door and made my way into the middle of the room. I could see his cock was semi-hard and beckoning me over and my mouth started to water. I could see he was very fit and medium build. He was sitting but he seemed to be taller and much more rugged than me.

He spoke “so, you like sucking cock buddy?”

I couldn’t lie, I really did and said so.

“Then come over here and suck this one then.” He was waving it at me as he tempted me over.

It was the biggest one I had ever seen in person. It was thick, cut, and even semi-hard had my knees weak with anticipation. I had continued to inch my way close and now I was right there, on my knees in front of the chair. His cock reaching up, my open mouth and watering tongue extending down. I reached to grasp the shaft to position it to enter my hungry mouth.

“No hands” he barked at me.

I withdrew my hand as he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in. Before I knew what was happening I was throat-deep on his cock and he was pushing my head further down on it.

“I like it a little rough” he said as he pushed even harder forcing his python down my throat.

I was involuntarily making an audible half gulping, half moaning noise with each thrust down my throat.

“Suck it bitch” he angrily said.

I was trying. I couldn’t breathe, my nose was running and my eyes were watering. He struck me across the top of my head with his open palm, “I said suck!”

I started sucking. His cock bahis şirketleri was completely hard sliding in and out of my mouth and throat, I was sucking hard at each out thrust and moaning around the width of his wonderful tool. I tasted the precum and heard him say I was a good little bitch. He grabbed my head again and then pounded his cock rapid-fire into my throat until he came in multiple huge spurts.

“Drink it all bitch, drink it all”, was his advice.

I did. His dick softened as I continued to gently suck. It’s my trademark. I did this until he pushed me off.

The light snapped on, I was inches from his crotch and still looking at his gorgeous semi-hard cock mesmerized, still wanting more, and too embarrassed to look up and make eye contact.

“Do I know you?” he said.

I quickly glanced up. My mind froze. I did know him, it was Jeff Jordan, a kid who lived up the street from me when we were kids. He was older and bigger now, but this was him. He was wearing the same arrogant smirk. He and his brothers tormented me and every other kid in the neighborhood from grade school through 3 years of high school when they finally moved away.

I tried to cover who I was, “I don’t think so man, I am not even from around here.”

Why did I say that? It was stupid. He knows I live around here. I told him I was a lifelong local guy in our email exchange. My mind is racing now. If he tells anyone, everyone will know I am a cocksucker. My life will be over.

“Yeah. I know you. You are that Carleton kid, Tommy.” He almost sneered my name. “Little Tommy Carleton. Am I right bro?”

He’s smiling broadly now. “You know, I had you figured for a cocksucker in 6th grade. Too bad I didn’t know for sure then, I would have broken you in good.”

“This is all a little awkward,” I murmured adding “I hope…”

He cut me off, “Yeah right, you being a faggot cocksucker and all.”

He continued, “I am moving back here you know. I just bought a place and I am here to close on the loan. Hey, I have an idea Little Tommy the Cocksucker” he exclaimed with mock surprise, “I think you’re going to be my new best friend in town that sucks cock. This is going to be great. Just like the old days, only better. What do you say?”

My stomach sank.

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