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Aussie Gap Year 1 – First nightThis is story of my gf on her gap year in Australia. 18yr old blond brit just arrived in Darwin for the start of a 6 month trip around Oz. She was suppose to be going with a friend but she dropped out a couple of weeks before.The flight landed mid afternoon and after grabbing her bags she made her way to the taxi rank and jumped in the first cab. “Mitchell St. please”. Mitchell St. is the main road in Darwin for partying, clubbing and backpackers. After about 20minutes he dropped her off out side the hostel and she made her way in. Three guys walked out as she was arriving and stared at her smiling. She knew she was gonna have fun. The staff checked her in and said she was in a mixed 6 person dorm, gave her the keys and she walked up to the room and put her luggage down. The one remaining bed was on the bottom bunk by the window. It was ok. The room seemed cleanish. One guy was asleep in his boxers and she couldn’t help but try to get a look at his body and face. He looked ok. Four of the other beds looked messy but had no one in them, she was guessing this was a room currently full of guys. As she unpacked the sleeping guy, moved around and put his hands down his boxers before settling back to sleep. She decided to leave the room, grab something to eat and hit the bars to try and find people possibly heading the same way as her. She was alone so it would work out expensive to do the trip unless she found at least one other to share with.After grabbing some food from McDonalds, the sun was beginning to set and she made her way back to Mitchell St. where the music could be heard and the crowds were beginning their night out. It was a very male dominated town. Guys were everywhere, most of them in shorts and vests or just their shorts showing off tanned, muscular bodies. From the accents she could tell they were a good mix of Australians and backpackers – most bodrum escort of which were English. The few girls in sight were all getting a lot of attention and without feeling too cocky she knew she looked a lot better than most of them. She entered the bar and could feel the eyes on her, the guy on stage called out on the microphone “just in time love. Wet t-shirt contest in 20minutes”. A few guys cheered. She made her way to the bar and ordered a vodka and coke. A guy next to her introduced himself. “You look a bit lost. Just arrived?”. She nodded. “I’m Callum”. “Samantha” she replied. “Ah you’re a London girl, come over and join me and my mates. We only arrived 2 days ago”. She followed him over to the table just by the stage. 5 guys sat around the table all looking hungover and all enjoying another pint. The guys introduced themselves, Nick, Dom, Will, Jake, Harry “and you’ve already met me” added callum. The guys all looked quite hot. Muscular and pretty smart. She quite liked them. They chatted about the area, why they were all here and their plans. They too were heading around the coast towards Cairns. The chat kinda got disrupted by the DJ calling for 5 girls for the wet t-shirt contest. Before she could do anything all of the guys had called out her name and the DJ reached his arm out and pulled her up on stage. Sam is about 5ft8, slim size 8 with 32d boobs. Her blond shoulder length hair goes well with her body. She was joined on the stage by 4 other girls. One was quite chubby but had big boobs to go with everything else big, the other three were about the same height. One Aussie girl with brown hair and small boobs and two foreigners – a French and South African girl both with black hair. Sam probably had the best body. The guys in the bar were going wild cheering as the girls got on stage. Sam, the fat girl and the aussie girl had dresses on while the other escort bodrum two had shorts and a vest tops. Usually Sam would never do anything like this but she thought about it and realised it was too late to get down now and besides nobody knew who she was so what the fuck. She looked down and thought she had a pretty good chance of winning and decided she was gonna win if she was gonna do it. She had a white dress on that ended at her knees. Underneath she had a matching neon pink bra and thong. You couldn’t see it apart from the bra straps but that would soon change. The set up was explained and the dj put the music on. Each girl would walk to the centre of the stage and be sprayed with water for two minutes. You can do what you like. Whoever gets the biggest cheer at the end wins. The girls picked a number from the hat. Sam got 4. The other 3 girls would go first then she would, followed by the French girl. The South African was first up and did a little dance got wet and rubbed her chest, she got a few cheers but it wasn’t exactly wild. Sam could see Callum looking at her and she wanted him to cheer loud for her. She was going all out for this. The second girl went out, got sprayed, flashed her boobs and danced. The crowd went wild for the sight of boobs, especially given the big girls boobs were in proportion to the rest of her. Up next was the Aussie girl, she danced, flashed her boobs and really gave it some work. The crowd were roaring. The bar had filled up quite a bit as people walking past had heard the noise. Sam was next. The dj hit the music and sam made her way to the centre. The barman started spraying her with the water and same began to dance. She uncliped the back of her bra as she danced and pulled it off, as the water soaked into her white dress, her neon thong was clear to see. She decided to pull the winning move. As she danced she pulled her dress bodrum escort bayan up and then moved her hand inside her thong, she pulled the thong to one side and flashed her shaven pussy. The crowd went mad cheering for her. The French girl would have to pull something big out the bag to win this. She danced, and took her top off completely but she wasn’t willing to go as far. Once all the girls were done. Their names were called out one by one and whoever was deemed to get the biggest cheer would win the “mystery prize”. One by one the names were called. “Samantha” the DJ called. The room filled with cheers. The french girl didn’t come close. The DJ lifted a bag up on to the stage and handed it to Sam. “Enjoy your prizes” he said and the girls made their way back to their tables. Sam looked in the bag and the guys asked what she’d won. Inside was a bottle of Absolut vodka which she opened swiged from and then passed to the boys. There was also a large black dildo which made her laugh as well as condoms. She giggled. “I’m gonna ask the DJ if I can leave this here and collect it tomorrow. Where are you guys going next?” “We’re gonna head back to the room. 405 same hostel as you. Come join us for some games”. She nodded and made her way to the back of the bar where the DJ was stood talking to another guy. The DJ was tall, at least 6ft2, muscular and covered in tattoos. He was her kinda guy. “Hey, do you mind if I leave this here and collect it tomorrow. I don’t really wanna walk back with it now”.”Sure. What do I get out of it though?”. Sam giggled. She was drunk. “What do you want?” “A blowjob” the other guy quickly replied. The DJ laughed but before he was finished, Sam had dropped to her knees and was quickly unzipping his fly. The club was half empty now and nobody had quite noticed what was going on at the back behind the empty tables and chairs. She pulled the DJ’s already semi hard cock from his shorts and began to kiss it. The other guy could not believe what he was seeing. He began smiling and cheering her on. A few people began to look over. Still not fulling be able to see as samantha started taking his cock in her mouth.

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