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Auntie Anne and her slipsSeveral weeks ago, whilst on vacation from college, I had the most extraordinary, but wonderful experience with my Auntie Anne. She had discovered that I had for many years harboured a secret desire to see her slips, or petticoats as she called them. On this particular day I was sitting opposite Auntie, who is an attractive woman in her mid-forties, and caught sight of the lace hem of her slip as she crossed her legs – rather provocatively I thought. I immediately felt my cock swelling at this sight and, excusing myself, dashed to the bathroom in order to relieve this tension.Once there, as I lowered my trousers to reach for my cock, I noticed something soft and silky that had been discarded on the floor. It was a dark blue full slip. With trembling hands and with my cock rigid with desire I picked up the beautiful garment and held güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it to my face. It smelt of Auntie’s musky perfume and, beginning to lose any inhibitions, I started to wank myself, the pre-cum leaking inexorably on to my hand. Just as I was about to orgasm, to my horror a few drops of pre-cum dripped on to Auntie’s slip whilst at the same moment Auntie knocked on the door to see if I was alright.This was the start of an incredible few days with Auntie. After mumbled explanations about my fetish, Auntie didn’t reject me as I had feared but accepted me lovingly and with understanding. What followed was beyond my wildest dreams. It transpired that my lovely Auntie had something of a lingerie fetish herself. She had a large collection of slips, both full and half, and drawers full of silky nylon panties güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and sheer stockings. The day that she saw me emerge from her bathroom, red-faced and with a cock about to explode, continued in an ecstatic few hours of mutual nylon worship as she wanked me to completion, her soft blue slip encasing my cock. She herself masturbated through her silky panties as she cried out in her lust about how she needed the soft nylon to bring herself off. It was so good to be with the Auntie I loved so much and to love her in an even more intense way as we shared our lingerie passion. She urged me not to feel any guilt about our relationship but to enjoy it, although it was to be a secret from the rest of the family who would regard it with horror. Yes, it was i****tuous, but as we loved each other with such güvenilir bahis şirketleri complete fulfilment we saw nothing wrong. And now I was on my way to see Auntie again. I was on vacation and Auntie had asked me to come and stay with her again. In her letter she indicated that she had some new slips to show me and that she wanted to share these with me.I trembled with anticipation as she opened the door to welcome me. She looked stunning. Her soft brown hair, styled into a bob, framed her lovely face. She was already dressed in her new slip. It was black and to my initial disappointment was plain and without any lace. She ushered me inside and motioned for me to go in to the sitting room. Closing the door behind her, she kissed me and urged me to feel her slip. I understood at that point why she liked it. It was incredibly shiny and made from a silky and slippery polyester that immediately gave me a hard-on. In that instant I knew that I wanted it, to wear it perhaps and feel its silken folds around my cock. What followed between us was even more wonderful than our first sexual encounter. It was to be lingerie heaven and I will recount our experience in the next part.

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