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At The Strip ClubPretty early on I realized one thing about when it came to sex, I was pretty open to anything that felt good, and yes, I include pleasurable pain in that statement. I was not overly hung up on what was socially acceptable, and I didn’t reject to many ideas. This does not mean I would actively seek out things, but for some reason opportunities always seemed to present themselves to me. One specific example of this was with women. Even though I can honestly say I enjoy being with men, more I do find my opportunities with women to be some of my fondest experiences. One episode in particular stands out.My husband and I would often visit one of his college friends who lived about two hours away. Around the same time, we got married, his Friend Jim started to date a girl named Nichole. In fact, Our wedding was one the first big trip they took together. Nikki and I became fast friends. She was a very down to earth Latina girl who was a college athlete, which translated well to her new career as a cop.One time when we were visiting my husband and Jimmy got this idea to take her and I to a local strip club. I had never been to a female strip club so I was pretty interested. Unfortunately, when we got there Nickie realized she left her wallet and ID on the counter at home, so the night was ended early and we went back to their house and called it an early night. At the time I as pretty bummed about it, and Nikki could tell, but she said I will make it up to you next time you canlı bahis are in town. I honestly didn’t give it much thought after that. Almost a year later, while my husband was out of town Jimmy and Nikki invited me over to hang out. They knew my husband was going to be gone for almost a month, and it was Nikki’s birthday during that time. So, I drove out there and stayed with them for an extended weekend. On Friday we celebrated her birthday at a restaurant with friends, and I asked what we were going to do tomorrow, she just said “whatever it is I will have my ID on me that is for sure.” It didn’t even dawn on me until Jimmy drove up tot eh strip club with us. we parked and went in. We sat at a booth close to the stage but against a wall. Jimmy started ordering us drinks and I found myself becoming more and more appreciative of the dancers both their talents and their sexuality. I must have been rather into it, because I only scarcely noticed Nikki running her hand gently up and down my thigh, or working her fingers through my hair. It was like I was watching an intense movie scene unaware of what others around me were doing. Finally, she said are you enjoying yourself. I said yes this was great, she asked if there was a girl I wanted to see up close. I pointed to a very attractive blond with amazing breasts. Jimmy went and got her and bought me a table dance. Watching her move so slowly, so purposefully, feeling her soft hair across my skin and pressing her perfect tits bonus veren siteler against me was a very arousing experience. When it was done Nikki asked me how I enjoyed that. I told her that I never thought about having sex with a woman before, but she may have just changed my mind, and laughed a little. With that Nikki grabbed my hand and said come with me to restroom. I took one more sip and dutifully obeyed. She held my hand tightly all the way to the bathroom. When we got int here were a few other women redoing their makeup. Nikki went to the furthest stall and pulled me in. I stumbled in and before I could even ask what she was doing she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, and forced her tongue into my mouth. I was not sure if it was the alcohol, the arousal, or the fact that I am a sub, but I immediately relaxed my jaw and started sucking on her tongue as she forced it deeper into my mouth. seconds later I felt her reaching up under my skirt ad giving a long exhale of approval as she found my wet lips, and started tugging gently on my clit ring that she had gone with me to get. She started to rub my clit and pussy hard, before she began darting fingers in and out of me, first 2 then 3 at time. She let go of my hair and undid her blouse. She was also wearing a bra with a front clasp that she undid with one finger before grabbing my head again and guiding it towards her beautiful full tits with her hard brow nipples. She whispered, suck my tits deneme bonusu before I fuck you. I complied as ordered, and began sucking vigorously, and then nibbling then biting. With that she pulled my head away, knelt down, pulled my panties off, and began to lick my throbbing cunt. Her tongue was soft but firm as it stoked my clit with a near perfect rhythm. It was as if she knew my body’s most intimate secrets and how to get them to come out. All I could do was look down at this beautiful woman both adoring and pleasing my clit like it had never had before. Just looking into her eyes while she savored my juices made my body tremble, and in what seemed like no time at all I began to build to a climax and then came hard with her mouth covering my entire pussy, as she gently sucked until I stopped convulsing. With that she stood up kissed me deep again fastened her bra and buttoned her shirt. I said, can I have my panties back, she said, you won’t need them, and she threw them in the trash as she led me back out of the restroom. On the way out, we passed some random guy, who made a comment about us enjoying ourselves tonight. Nikki quickly turned to him and said “well, I just ate her pussy out in the women’s room, now it my turn, so yeah!” The guy just smiled and said He wished he could have seen that. We got back tot the table, and Jim said damn you all have been gone a long time! Nikki, said “yeah and it is time to go.”when we got back in the car Nikki sat in the back seat with me and fingered my pussy as Jimmy drove us back to the house. Once we got there, the real fun began, which I will discuss in another story, since it included quite a few firsts for me, and really developed my appreciation for uninhibited sex with women.

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