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Asked to Flash (Cont 5-1)After our fun for the neighbor boy we sat talking and I asked cindy if she enjoyed having an audience. She laughed and said to tell the truth I forgot he was even watching. She said if he watched it all I sure hope he enjoyed it, I know I sure did. I was nervous at first, she looked at my wife and said once you started touching me all I wanted was for you to do it. I guess I shouldn’t have put a hold on any sex other than to myself. The wife asked her why and cindy said I never thought about having another girl touch me before. The wife asked if she liked it and cindy told her oh yeah but its still not the same as being with a guy. The wife agreed and said after seeing it in the movies I was curious to see what it was like. I looked at the wife and asked what she thought and she said it was nice, then looked at cindy and said I think I would have liked it even more if you were shaved like us. Cindy laughed and said what’s wrong don’t you like my hair in your mouth. The wife said im used to it but it is a lot nicer when you don’t have to keep pulling it out. We sat talking and laughing a bit more then cindy got quiet and looked at me and asked if I do what I did to her to my wife. The wife looked at us and asked what I did, I said her butt was right in my face and I started kissing it. Cindy looked at me and said and, I sat a minute then said with it right there and doing the kissing I started kissing and licking her asshole. The wife looked at me a little shocked then looked at cindy, she sat looking at her then asked what it felt like. Cindy said its hard to explain how it felt but I sure wouldn’t complain having it done again. The wife asked her if it really felt that good, cindy told her yeah and said have him do it you. The wife looked at me and I thought she was going to ask but instead she said maybe later, right now I want a shower im cooking. Cindy said let me go wash up before you take one, they got up and went in the bathroom. While they were in there I ran out in the garage real fast and switched the breaker to turn the power back on and came back in.I was in the kitchen having a beer and cindy came in and asked for one. I got her one and we sat talking and she thanked me and said I thought you guys weren’t going to do anything but show off. I said I thought that’s what we were going to do too, but I guess the wife had different ideas. We sat out there talking and the wife finally came in saying that felt good then asked if anyone was hungry. We both said yeah and she looked at cindy and said why don’t you get dressed and we can run out and grab something to eat. cindy said ok and went to get dressed, when she left I asked the wife and said I thought you said no playing around. She said I know I did, but after what you told canlı bahis şirketleri me I did to her and having her standing there, she looked so sexy and tempting I had to try it. She came over and kissed me and started rubbing my cock and said are you mad. I said no just surprised, she said me too then asked how I would feel about letting join us. I stood there looking at her and she said not just for me but you too. I was really shocked and she said for as long as I have known her and since I enjoy her seeing you it wouldn’t bother me if she had you too. I asked if she was serious and she said yeah, I told her I would have to think about it. She asked why and said what you wouldn’t like to have the two of us in bed with you. I told her I didn’t want her getting mad and she said as long as it was just her with us I wont be. I said I didn’t know then said she may not want to do it anyway. She smiled and said oh I don’t know about that, she has already told me she would love to know what that cock feels like. She was still standing there rubbing my cock when cindy came back in, cindy said im ready. They said they would be back in a bit and the wife said I could do some more painting while they were gone.They went out the door and I went back in the bedroom to paint some more. I was working away and heard some car doors so I figured they were back. I was working near the side window of the room and grabbed the stool to get up above it. I was standing there painting and heard voices and then heard the wife introduce cindy to the neighbor lady. I glanced out and saw they were at the end of the garage talking and figured if the wife could have some fun so could I. The wife told her we were doing some painting, then they started talking about flowers. I bent down to peek out and they were still near the front of the garage when I heard the neighbor lady say she had some more flowers she was going to plant. I heard them say goodbye then heard the wife and cindy come in the house. The wife called out and said they were back, I yelled back and said don’t come in here im not dressed. A minute later the wife came in the door and started to say something and I held my finger up and told her to be quite, I turned a little bit and pointed outside. I said let me finish this up and i’ll put something on and come out. She knew what I was up too and pointed to the bathroom and turned and left. I took my time finishing up then got down and started out of the room. When I came out I looked in the bathroom and the wife was just coming out with a big smile on her face. She gave me a big kiss and said oh baby did you make her day, I asked if she thought so and she said oh yeah, she was sitting there looking right at you. I asked if she liked it and she said more than perabet giriş you know. She said what about you, I thought about it and told her yeah it was fun knowing she might be looking at me. She said good then you wont mind showing off all over the place. I told her at home here was different but I would try it when we were out too. We went in the kitchen to eat and the wife said sorry it took us so long. I asked cindy if she would like to go out with us tonight and she had to get something to wear. I asked her where and she said I don’t know but lets do something.After we ate we went back in to paint some more and got a lot more done, then decided to quit for the day. We sat around relaxing a bit then the wife said im to tired to do much why don’t we go to a movie. We all agreed then the wife said lets all jump in and take a shower. Cindy asked if she could go first and we told her go ahead. She went in and the wife and I sat there talking and she said since were just going to the movies you don’t have to get dressed up you can just wear a pair of your shorts. It was fine with me since it was hot and I figured it would be safe in the theater anyway. Cindy got out of the shower and came in already dressed and said next. I told the wife to go ahead and she said we can go together, we need to get ready if were going to make it on time. We jumped in and showered then went and got dressed. When we came out I looked at the girls and told them I felt funny wearing my shorts since they were both dressed up in skirts. They said I was fine and the only reason they had dresses on, was it was cooler. Before I could say anything else they said lets go and out the door we went. We got to the movies and went in and it felt good being air conditioned. We were watching the movie and I had a girl sitting on either side of me. While we watched the wife reached over and laid her hand on my leg and started rubbing it. I reached over and did the same to her and when I did she took her other hand and grabbed mine and pulled it up under her skirt. When she did I was kind surprised she didn’t have any panties on, but it didn’t bother me either. I started rubbing her lips and she spread her legs open for me, then she slid her hand up my shorts and started teasing my cock. She played a couple minutes then pushed my shorts leg up and pulled my cock out to play. I looked around and where we were sitting we were pretty safe from anyone seeing being it was dark. I was paying attention to my wife when I felt cindy grab my other hand. I looked at her and she was just sitting there looking at the movie and took my hand and put it on her thigh
. I want sure if I should do anything or not and she reached down and pushed it up her leg. I looked at the wife and she was just perabet güvenilir mi sitting there watching too so I moved my hand under cindy’s skirt. When I did she opened her legs and I was surprised to find she had shaved herself. I started working my fingers in both of them and when I did cindy reached over and my wife moved her hand to my balls and cindy grabbed my cock and started stroking me. The three of us sat there playing and I glanced down and my wife reached up and unbuttoned a couple buttons of her dress and reached in and started playing with her tits. We sat thru the whole movie playing with each other on and off the whole time.When the movie ended we were still sitting there playing when the lights came up. I moved my hands from the girls and looked and both of them were sitting there with their legs spread and their skirts were high enough their pussy’s were showing. They covered up but cindy was still sitting there stroking my cock. I looked over to the side of us and there was a couple down at the end getting up to leave and went to cover myself with my hand but I think the girl got a look before I got covered. I sat with my hand covering myself till it was clear then tried to get my hard on back in my shorts. When I got it in cindy asked why I covered it up then said I thought you wanted it to get seen. I told her maybe but not by everybody in the theater. They both laughed and the wife said why not that would be fun. I said yeah maybe if it were all females but either way it was dangerous. We finally got everything situated and got up and left. When we got out to the car the wife told cindy why don’t you sit up front with us. We got in and the wife put cindy in the middle and we took off. We were driving along and the wife asked if I enjoyed sitting there having cindy play with me. I told her yeah and she said then let her play with you, I said if she wants too she can. Cindy didn’t hesitate and reached over into my shorts and pulled my cock out and started playing with me again. She sat there playing with me and the wife reached down between cindys’s legs to play and said you shaved. Cindy laughed and said you said you didn’t like my hair, the wife said oh then you enjoyed me doing you. Cindy said yeah and said I just wanted to be on the safe side incase you decided you wanted to try it again. My wife went back to playing with cindy then lifted her skirt and spread her legs and took cindy’s hand and put it on her pussy. We drove along with them playing and the wife stopped then reached over and started undoing the buttons on cindy’s dress. Cindy didn’t stop her so the wife kept going till she had her dress completely undone. The wife started playing with her again then leaned down and started sucking on her tits. Cindy leaned her head back enjoying it and my wife stopped a minute and said I just love your big long nipples, I wish mine where as big as that. Cindy said I wouldn’t care how big they were if my boobs were as big as yours. We played the rest of the way home then the fun really started.

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