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I jerked off twice so my sex drive would be diminished and I wouldn’t have to worry about making an ass of myself when I met with Ashley. But I needn’t have worried. Ashley Moore was already wearing a Bikini swim-suit when he dropped his Levis. I had expected to finally get a look at his cock. So, needless to say, I was devastatingly disappointed. We’d gotten together in the athletics department’s cafeteria to plan the photographs he wanted me to shoot. Then we went to the pool’s dressing room, where I was certain I’d get to see the rest of his naked body. It shocked me to think that, that might’ve been why he had his swim suit under his pants; however, I couldn’t imagine how that could’ve been, since I had done nothing to give him the slightest clue that I drooled to munch his butt.

Maybe he’d become gun shy, considering how many of his erection wielding admirers relentlessly pursued him. Ashley Moore was the knight in Shining Armour to every gay in the University, me included. Often, when he was in my tiny darkroom, he’d lean over me to watch his photo coming to life in the developing tray. Whenever I turned my head, my mouth would come within two inches of a French kiss; and despite the strong smell of ascetic acid I’d get incredibly horny smelling his occasionally perspiring body.

The number one, all-round, hero of Colliford University, Ashley had been the diving champion for three years in a row, as well as the captain of both the football and gymnastics teams. Impressive accomplishments, indeed, for a twenty-year-old. He was a handsome and extremely photogenic hunk. His devil-may-care, tousled, blond hair gave him the appearance of a lovable ruffian; one that I would’ve allowed to sit on my face any time he wished.

I had become the official photographer for the school’s newspaper by default. I had always attended the sports events and brought along my camera. Eventually, I was expected shoot everything in sight for the paper; thus, Ashley Moore adopted me as his own personal photographer. But that was kool. Just having a legitimate reason to be constantly close to him, and to occasionally rub against him, was all the compensation I needed.

Sadly, though, one day he caused me to crash into a deep depression when he shattered all my dreams and fantasies. It hadn’t been that I was sure he was gay. It was only that I had convinced myself that I’d eventually get the nerve to ask if he’d let me suck his cock, something I’d have given my camera for, but now I knew it was only an empty dream.

I happened to be in a cubicle in the Athletics building bathroom when several guys entered the room. They were already deep in conversation and I hadn’t heard everything they’d said, but what I did hear, I wished I hadn’t. “…and watch out if you gotta pick up the soap. The fuckin’ fags are like crabs, the way they try to suck on to ya.” I was certain it had been Ashley’s voice but I opened the door a crack anyway and saw him pissing with two others at the urinal. Shattered as I was, I still wished I could get at those three, young, pissing cocks; even if only to put my hands in the warm streams.

Though I was still madly in love with him, my fantasies were no longer satisfying. The really crappy thing was that they wouldn’t work with anybody else either. I must’ve tried fantasizing being in bed with every cute guy in the school, but I was too hooked on my diver. I was glad I got the opportunity to go to Toronto, even if it was only for the day. I had a small photo shoot that didn’t pay much but it would be a welcomed change.

Eight o’clock was awfully early to go to a bar but I felt like a drink. it was a little, out-of-the-way, gay bar that I’d heard a couple of guys on the bus talking about. They said it was a great hideaway. I was walking along Morningside Avenue, where the bar was located, when I thought I was going to crap. I almost met Ashley head on. I turned quickly to look in a shop window. Apparently he was so consumed with hiding himself that he failed to see me and entered the bar.

Shocked, I remained frozen at the window, wondering If I should go into the bar and confront him. I’d been so freaked that I hadn’t noticed I was staring into a window filled with Ladies Lingerie. After careful consideration I decided that returning to Collingwood immediately was the wisest thing to do. The trip would be little more than ninety minutes, during which time I would resume my recently abandoned fantasies. I was now able to see a real possibility of Ashley and me, lips to lips in a scorching, naked embrace.

When I photographed him at the diving finals I saw him through a sharper lens. I was sure he liked me, so I was sure I’d at least get to blow him. A good understanding of the prey makes the hunt much easier. He took the gold in The Provincial Diving Championships this afternoon, and I knew he’d be more anxious than ever to see my shots. I felt incredibly horny in anticipation of him practically rubbing his face against canlı bahis mine, while watching the image immersed in the developer.

“Rickey!” He called after me, “wait up…When are ya gonna develop today’s stuff?” He asked.

“I’m going to develop the films as soon as I get home…I guess I’d do the printing right after supper…probably around eight. By the way, congratulations, Ash”

“Thanks, Rick, I’m so happy I can hardly keep still…Will it be okay if I hang around the darkroom while you’re enlarging?”

“Yeah,” I answered, unemotionally, although it was extremely hard for me to hide my excitement.

I was ready to make the first eight-by-ten but I waited for him to arrive. I cut the white light when I heard him approach. A dim, eerie, red light illuminated the room when I unlocked the door and admitted him. “Did you develop the films yet?” He asked, excitedly.

“Yeah, they’re a shitload of awesomeness, wait’ll you see this one,” I said, switching the enlarger’s light on. After exposing the sensitized paper I immersed it in the chemical and the image began to appear, Ashley, as Id hoped, leaned over my shoulder. His cock was so prominent in the tight Bikini, you’d have thought it was touchable. That, along with his resting his chin on my shoulder, and being cheek to cheek, I had developed a very hard dick.

“Wow!” He exclaimed when it had fully developed, “What a fantastic shot.”

“Hmmm,” I sounded, indicating doubt.

“What’s that, hmmm mean?” Ashley asked.

“Hmmm,” I repeated, laughing, “I don’t think you’ll want the paper to run this one-“

“That’s the medal winning dive, Rick!” He practically screamed, “the body position is perfect. Why the fuck not?”

“…Ya sure you won’t mind if it gets posted all over the Internet, huh?”

“Why the fuck should I mind!”

“Ashley, take a real close look at the your entire body, not just from the point of view of diving form.”

“Why don’t you just tell me what’s wrong with the friggin’ shot?”

“Well…for one thing you’ve got a very erotic, semi hard-“

“Sufferin’ shit!” He said, completely deflated.

“And,” I continued, “I can clearly see the outline of your cock head; a mighty nice one, too, if I may say so.” I turned, knowing I’d brush his cheek with my lips. I slobbered the cheek with a quick lick of my tongue while simultaneously giving his cock a squeeze. I was rewarded with two, quick intakes of breath, the second being, by far, the more dramatic.

I wasn’t surprised that his reaction hadn’t been more than that. He, like I, was totally closeted, so naturally he was stunned. I thought he must have wondered how I could’ve been so bold. He moved to where the rest of the negatives were hanging. And though he couldn’t read a negative to save his soul, he studied them, one by one, probably trying to regain his composure.

“I’d like to blow this one up to a sixteen by twenty inch and frame it for my bedroom wall, is that kool with you, Ashley?” I asked, hoping to thaw our cold war.

‘…I don’t know.” He finally answered. “I suppose every guy you you take to your room will get to see my cock, huh? Ouch, that was a low one- I thought. “I’m sorry, Rickey, I wish I could take that back,” he said, regretfully, then added, “I’ve hurt us both I’m afraid. I apologize for that stupid, insensitive remark.”

“What say we forget it about it, Ashley, lets do some more work and get this job done…c’mon over here and supervise,” I said, laughing. Forgetting it all would be so hard to do. Ashley returned to stand behind me. He seemed nervous when he pressed against my back. “How about this one for the paper, Ashley, Wha’d’ya think?” He didn’t answer. “Ashley, are ya still with us?” I asked, laughing.

“Huh…oh, yeah, Rick,” he finally answered. Could it be Ashley’s cock that was pressing against me, I wondered. There were only the sounds of the easel, opening and closing, as I tried to continue enlarging photos like everything was as usual. I hoped he’d understand why I was breathing so heavily. His erection, or whatever, was still poking my back; and my dick was very hard.

“Rickey, did you…did you ever…oh fuck, never mind,” he said, sighing deeply.

“What were ya gonna ask me,” I asked, curiously.

“I said, never mind…just forget it,” he said, fidgeting and shifting from one foot to the other.

“Aw, c’mon, Ashley,” I urged, softly, “whatever it is, just ask… You’re drivin’ me crazy with curiosity.”

“I gotta go, Rick, ciao, okay?”

“I know what ya were trying to ask, Ashley.” I said quickly, before he could rush from the room, “so you might just as well ask if ya really wanna know…It not gonna bother me one way or the other…that is, of course, unless you don’t ask me at all. Then, I’ll have to badger ya incessantly.”

“Have you had sex with many guys?” He blurted out the question, fearing he might stumble on the words. Again, he shifted from foot to foot. bahis siteleri

“… No! Regretfully, Ashley, I’ve never had sex with any guys,” I finally answered. Then, having thought about it a little more, I added, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to, Ashley… especially with you…I’ve wanted you ever since the first time I set eyes on you, Ash.” I was greatly relieved that we’d gotten that out in the open.

“Neither have I, Rickey,” he said, softly. “…I’d do it with you if you promised you wouldn’t say anything to anybody else…I really wanna be your first, Rickey,” he said, staring at his sneakers.

Hugging and kissing, frantically, we repeatedly stopped to French kiss and shed another piece of clothing, on the way to the bedroom. The first thing I wanted was to have him stretched out, completely naked, on his back. I sat on the edge of the bed hypnotized by his long, perfectly developed body. And when I’d admired it sufficiently, I licked him hungrily on every centimeter of the smooth, creamy skin that had always been protected by the Bikini.

I buried My nose and mouth in his luscious, blond pubic bush and inhaled deeply. My teeth played with the long, curly hairs. Surreptitiously, I pulled some from my mouth and placed them on the bedside table; I wanted to save them. The cock outline I’d seen in the photo didn’t at all resemble the beautiful instrument in my hand. Smooth as the finest silk, his cock was as hard as Swedish steel– I kissed it, lovingly. Then, shaking with passionate desire, I could wait no longer to get my face between his thighs to suck his balls into my mouth.

“Rickey, would ya lie on me and kiss me,” he asked. I wished I could eat his face. Our tongues fought to find each other’s mouth. He licked my teeth, as well as everywhere inside my mouth.

His sweat was a powerful aphrodisiac that caused my hormones to propel me into orbit. I licked his forehead, his eyes and his ears before returning to lick his mouth. I raised one of his arms and drove him ecstatically wild by kissing and nibbling in his arm pit.

Seeing pre-cum dripping onto his stomach, I grabbed his cock and drank from his magical fountain. “Oh, Rickey, it’s all so fuckin’ good. Any minute now, I’m gonna squirt a gallon of cum all over the room..”

“Try to let me know in time, Ash.” He had been shaking and moaning ecstatically for more than thirty minutes; it was no surprise that he was nearing the end. I held his cock, hoping I’d be able to feel his approaching convulsions, then I returned to my sensual tongue-bathing. His chest was as smooth as marble. His tan, pronounced by the area that had never been kissed by the sun, was as dark as chocolate, and equally as addictive. I washed him from his neck to his tiny, Bikini-shaped, ivory patch; he squirmed and moaned, every inch of the way.

“Ohh, yeah, Rickey, take my cock right into your mouth. Oh, God, yes, Rickey, I wanna know what it feels like.” His intake of breath was loud and long. My own pre-cum was flowing freely. I moved down the long shaft until my throat muscle massaged his slippery knob. “Rick,” he said, noisily expelling breath, “you’re a fuckin’ sex magician.” That, from my hero, Ashley, warmed me all over. I hoped he wouldn’t cum to soon; I wanted the ecstasy to go on. I would’ve been delighted to live forever in this paradise with my God.

“Turn over Ashley,” I urged.

“Are you going to fuck me?” He asked, tentatively, “I hope you’ll take it easy…You won’t cum inside me, though, huh, Rick?” He was nervous, but he’d forget his apprehensions long before the time arrived for his momentous opening. Sliding my hands beneath him, I played with his nipples while biting and licking the back of his neck. his nipples grew and hardened. I tongue washed down his spine to the top of his crevice.

When my saliva oozed down into his valley of rapture, his hands were in place to separate his firm bubbles. The glorious shock of his ass hole being eaten almost bounced him off the bed. “Ohhh, fuck,” he said, squirming like a night-crawler trying to escape, “Rick, I’d never have dreamed anything could feel so unbelievably good…don’t stop, please. I’d give up diving to feel your hot tongue right up in my butt hole. Is that possible, Rick?”

“Grab the rim and stretch it…try to open it as wide as possible,” I instructed him. But just as my tongue had begun it’s journey into the great glory hole, his strong sphincter muscle activated to almost trap my tongue inside. “Don’t worry, Ash,” I assured him, “You’ll be well loosened before long.” I was licking him from his balls to the top of his crack when he raised himself to pull his hard, foreskin-covered cock behind him. It wasn’t necessary for him to tell me he wanted it included in the exciting exercise. Easing its skin back with my lips, I licked the pre-cum-dripping knob, then sucked it into my mouth, causing a jolt to pass through his entire body.

“Oh, my God, Rickey, I’ll never be myself bahis şirketleri again.” I tongue-washed him from his knob to his balls. Too large to be taken together, I gave both equal time in my mouth before continuing on to his butt hole again. “Rickey,” he said, almost regretting he was going to pop too soon, “I think I’m gonna cum, is that okay?”

“A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do,” I said, laughing, “just fire away when you’re ready.” I collected as much of his pre-cum as possible, and mixing it with mine I lubricated his twitching butt hole. I then added my saliva before gently pressing my knob on the button. Anticipating this great, new sensation, he raised his butt to hang on to his cock.

“You’ll take it easy, huh?” He asked, nervously.

“Relax, Ash, you can be the director,” I said, laughing, to put him at ease. Standing now, I pulled him to me and began to push harder.

“Rickey, it’s hurtin’ like hell,” he said, fighting to keep from screaming out, “but, please, keep pushing.” Licking more saliva into his tight hole helped. Mister Happy was slowly slipping into him in quarter-inch segments. “Oh my God, I don’t know which is greater, the pain, or the ecstasy. Push, Rickey,” he commanded, while trying to hurry the entry by backing up against my pressing knob.

I was beginning to reap the reward for my effort. “Push, Rick, owww, Oh, Rick,” he sobbed, “Push, pushhhh, ohhh, Rickey, you’re in, you’re in…Oh, yeah, fuck me hard…God, it feels incredible. I wish I could keep it inside me forever.” Visualizing that gorgeous body atop the diving tower, poised and ready to soar into the air, I found it difficult to believe that my cock was actually inside of that gold-medal-winning ass. Ashley, hot as the fires of hell, was now doing most of the work; his well lubricated butt was doing a fantastic job of firing-up my sensitive knob.

“I’m gonna cum, Ash, ya want me to shoot on your back, er what?”

“No,” he quickly replied, “I wanna swallow every drop.” I pulled out and got to his face just in time for the final pulls on my knob that sent the load into his wide-open mouth. I kissed him deeply then went to his cock. Caressing his knob with my throat, Ash moaned loudly, and while gasping for breath, it was only seconds before I was swallowing his load. “After a while, Rick, like after we recuperate, I wanna give yer ass a good licking, okay?”

“Shouldn’t take more than about twenty minutes,” I said, painting the inside of his mouth with my tongue.

Ash, casually playing with my foreskin, broke the silence by asking, “Rickey, I’m curious to know where you found the courage to touch me the way you did in the darkroom? I’m at least ten pounds heavier and three inches taller than you…I could easily have pounded you into the ground. What made ya think It’d be okay?”

“‘Cause I knew you were gay”

“Aw, c’mon Rick, I wasn’t even sure about that, myself. I never made a move on a guy in my life, How could you possibly have known?” He asked, his eyes narrowing.

“You didn’t see me, but I saw you going into the gay bar…you know the one, in Toronto, just off Morningside?”

“Oh, my God…Rick, I swear that was the first gay bar I’d ever gone to…I went there three nights running, just to watch to make sure there wouldn’t be anybody going there who might know me. What were you doing there?”

“It was practically the same for me, Ash, I’d never been in a gay bar, either; and I didn’t go in because I saw you go in. You never knew it, Ashley, but from the very first time I photographed you standing on the tower, I’ve been madly in love with you. You were hardly ever out of my mind. You had no idea of how excited I got, knowing you’d be coming to the darkroom to lean against me; maybe you felt my shaking, I dunno.”

“No, Rick, unfortunately, I didn’t know you felt like that about me. “I wish you hadn’t hidden your feelings so well; we could have been together so much sooner.”

“I guess were lucky it worked out because, recently, you almost destroyed me.”

“How come?”

“I was in one of the cubicles, in the Athletics building toilet when you came in with two other guys. You said something like ‘Watch out for the fuckin’ cling-on, queer crabs’…that was devastating, Ash.”

“Yeah, Rickey, I remember that only too well, and I’ve hated myself ever since. Anyway, I hope we can both forget it,” he said, while still pulling on my foreskin. “Ya know what I’d like ya to do, now, Rickey?”

“What?” I asked, my dick getting hard, as the result of his toying with my foreskin.

“Ya wanna sit on my face so I can try tongue-fuckin’ your ass, an’ when yer ready, ya shoot yer cum all over my face, okay?”

I was as hard as a fuckin’ rock when I told him, “the pleasure will be all mine, baby.” I straddled his grinning face and began to massage my throbbing erection.”

“The pleasure’s gonna be mutual,” Ashley assured me, as he licked up and down my butt crack. Then his hot tongue performed a gold-medal-winning dive that almost sent me to the ceiling.

Ashley and Rickey, though it was only to each other, felt happy and relieved at having finally taken one, giant step out of their closet.

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