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Ashley is a 19 year old high school student, one of the last in their school’s grade 13 program which is now ending. She found a tablet she was able to translate and now she has the ability to control minds. She has used this power to fill her growing pee fetish she discovered one evening when she pissed into her 18 year old sister’s favorite teddy bear.

At a trip to a nearby museum she located another tablet similar to her own. She was on her way to negotiate her acquisition of this tablet when she wound up in an elevator with a couple of her classmates. The girl was really desperate to reach a washroom before she wet her pants. Of course Ashley had to have her fun with this situation before they got off the elevator.


Ashley was spending all her free time studying the new tablet she had “convinced” the curator of the museum to give her in a seedy bar. In exchange she gave him the contents of her bladder. She had filled a glass with it covertly and told him to down it right there while it was still warm.

The new tablet was as powerful as the first, giving the power to manipulate not only the bodies of others but also her own.

This included not only physical form; she had actually been able to remove a few minor blemishes; but also bodily fluids. She experimented on the toilet of course, trying to alter her pee. She found that this tablet seemed even more mystical than the one before it, allowing things not normally possible.

If she focused she was able to not only create more pee but she was also able to make it more concentrated like the time she peed all over Meghan’s clothing. Only now it didn’t take a day of planning ahead. She focused on making it dark, and it would turn dark yellow mid-pee. She tried thinking highly acidic and it began to sting her until she quickly focused on a new thought, making herself resistant to acid.

The burning went away and she wondered if she could make it strong enough to damage metal but decided she would just stick with just a bit stronger than the pee she let out all over Meghan’s collection of clothing. Ashley couldn’t wait to see the look on the face of the next person she makes drink out of her pussy.

This tablet had so much potential but for now Ashley just wanted to find more places, and newer hotter ways to piss all over stuff. She could probably just go into anyone’s house and pee wherever she wanted, right in front of their owner if she chose. It seemed like it might be more fun to try to sneak a pee over some stuff without too much mental manipulation. If she got caught she could always make someone forget but she could at least try not to be spotted for the fun of it.

She was just searching out for possibilities that Monday when she heard the banging of a lid closing and almost immediately she knew what she was going to do next. The sound came from just down the hallway branching off from her left. She peeked around the corner. She saw the school janitor and the source of the noise. He had just closed the lost and found box, a box about waist high wooden box with a hinged lid that closed on a downward slant.

The box was fairly large and could probably hold a few people if they squeezed in there. This was perfect, a box full of stuff and there was at least one new thing in there right now.

Ashley wondered what could be in it and began opening it while looking around to see if the coast was clear. Then she had an idea, maybe she wouldn’t look inside. The mystery was such a thrill and the idea of pissing all over the mysterious contents without knowing whose or even what it was turned her on so much that she decided she would approach this a different way.

She turned around, the box behind her, and lifted it with her butt. Hovering over one end of the box she focused for a moment on dark yellow pee then began to urinate into the box. Her stream splashed and sputtered against the contents of the box wetting them possibly even soaking some of them.

There could be books, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri backpacks, or pencil cases in there. Maybe there was a jacket or two in there. Ashley made a note to come back here in the winter when there would often be a winter coat or two that someone would forget during gym and pick up at the end of the day. She would love to soak some of those.

She shuffled from the end of the box she started down to the opposite end wetting as many things as she could in her dark yellow piss. Seeing that the hallway was still clear she rubbed herself to a quick climax peeing into the box as she finished at the other end of the box.

Ashley decided that as finished studying the tablet this week she was going to come here every day to pee into the lost and found. She didn’t want to have to come up with new ideas so she could focus more on her research while not falling behind in school.

The next day she did just that. However this time she missed one person who spied what she was doing because he was using a mirror to very carefully peek around the corner. Kevin had been so turned on by Ashley that there was no way he wouldn’t notice whenever he saw her in the hallway, and he noticed her come down here the day before. This time he was ready to spy on her and see what she was doing.

Though he hadn’t expected her to return the next day she did more than just that. By that Thursday he had figured it out. She would come to the box about the same time each day toward the end of the day before the last class of the day but after the one just before it. She would always start at the same end and most importantly she would never actually look inside the box.

On Friday he made his move, not knowing for sure if she would be there again but knowing that if she were it would be worth it. Kevin told the teacher of the second to last class that he had an emergency appointment and would have to cut the last 10 minutes of class time.

Kevin was a trusted student and didn’t skip classes so the teacher allowed it even though he did not have a note since it was an emergency. He made sure to go straight to the lost and found box well before class was out and without being spotted.

Once there he opened the lit and climbed inside being sure to put his head where she always finished her pee. He would not be able to move once she was there or she would hear him. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down to around his knees, his underwear around his thighs, so he would have access to himself.

Then he waited. It seemed like about half an hour passed by but it was really only a little over five minutes; his heart racing the whole time. Then he heard her. Ashley walked to the lost and found box like she had the rest of the week. The class she had just come from was always quite boring to her so she was really looking forward to today’s release into the lost and found. She focused on making her pee strong and yellow while raising her skirt hem and lifting the box with her butt.

The box was dark and Kevin could only hear her walking just outside the box until it opened. Then he saw her, the feminine curves of her ass hovering over his feet and he began to move his hand up and down at the sight alone. Then her stream entered the box first hitting his shoes and soaking them, then moving up as she shifted along the box. Her pee soaked his pants and Kevin was glad he left a change of clothes in his locker for his last class.

Her stream continued up his body wetting his underwear then splashing his crotch and his shaft as well as his right hand still moving with excitement. His shirt was splashed soggy by her piss as she finally moved directly over his head. Once again Ashley’s pee splashed on Kevin’s face, only this time Ashley didn’t know it was happening.

Ashley had been rubbing herself this whole time and as she began to cum she pushed out her last big spurt of pee. Kevin seeing this and having watched her all week opened his mouth to catch the final spurt. He wanted to cum as he swallowed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the last of her pee. However when he caught her final spurt the strong concentration of it threw him off, and he choked slightly coughing once involuntarily to clear his throat before covering his mouth and regaining himself enough to swallow.

Kevin was sure she would have heard him but was relieved when she moved forward letting the door close behind her. The relief was short lived however as immediately after that Ashley swung the lid wide open standing at the end of the box where hisfeet were. There was no avoiding it now, she saw him for sure.

Ashley quickly grabbed the feet of the boy and pulled them up with the enhanced strength she had given herself, not with enough force to hurt him but just enough to lift him almost off the ground. She then dropped his feet behind his head and quickly placed a hand on his back focusing her body manipulation power into making him unable to move out of this position.

She walked around before recognizing the boy in the lost and found box. “You again Kevin? It seems I’ve pissed all over you this time. Only this time for sure you did this on purpose. There is no way this was some kind of accident. Now that I think about it maybe you set up the last event too.”

She smiled at him as she looked over the position he was now in. His butt was in the air and his head on the bottom of the box, his knees were almost touching the box on each side of his head and she noticed something that got her imagination going, his cock was directly above his face still almost as big and hard as it could get.

“I see you’re quite horny from your shower. Did I catch you before you could finish though? Maybe I should help you with that.” Ashley reached out and touched behind his testicles with one finger. She could sense the semen stored within his body, he was about as full as his normal capacity allowed. Exerting her new control she decided that at the moment that was not enough for her.

Kevin felt an odd warmth where her finger touched his body followed by an odd feeling of being very full as his testicles began to shift and churn energetically. Within seconds Ashley had multiplied his cum by twenty, temporarily increasing his body’s capacity. She knew that he should have over a cup in there and was ready to set it off when she thought of something more fun. She took her hand away and commanded Kevin to open his mouth with her mental power.

Kevin couldn’t believe it when his mouth opened wide despite his best efforts. “I’m going to play a little game with you Kevin. Seeing as you have yet to finish I will be so kind as to help you. If you really don’t want this you should be able to not cum, but if you do want to or your will is weak that mouth is going to be very full very soon and when it is you will swallow everything that lands in that mouth of yours.”

Kevin didn’t know what was going on but he knew he had to avoid cumming at all costs. He hadn’t masturbated in the last three days waiting to be pissed on, he knew he would have a lot of cum. What he didn’t know at this point was just how much cum it would be.

Ashley began her little game running her hands over her chest, squeezing her boobs through her shirt. Kevin looked away and closed her eyes. “Now now Kevin, you must watch or this won’t be fair for me.” As he looked back he saw Ashley teasingly grip the hem of her skirt and pull it away from herself. She began rubbing her pussy with her other hand.

Kevin’s dick had begun to soften but had now jolted back to complete firmness at the site of his crush rubbing herself right in front of him. Ashley saw this and smiled, “not long now” she thought. Kevin was really worried now, he was on the edge of orgasm when she found him and this show was bringing him right back there. It was also possible; just possible; that what she was trying to do; was turning him on, but with how hot he was finding her show it was hard to tell for sure.

Ashley had one only one last güvenilir bahis şirketleri thing she needed to do, one last show to put on and she would win. She knew just what to do too. “You saw my pussy last time, but you never saw these.” She grabbed her shirt and lifted the bottom up over her chest to expose her boobs to Kevin. The moment her nipples came into view Kevin felt like he got harder than he had ever been in his entire life.

Ashley saw this and commented “that is nice hardness you have there.” and made a mental note to try something once this was over. Her shirt over her head she started massaging her breast making sure to give Kevin a good view. This was too much for Kevin seeing this girl he admired doing her best, trying to turn him on like this while eyeing his cock as it hardened. Ashley squished her boobs together and made the most sexual expression she could think of as she kissed the air in his direction. That’s when he felt himself reach the point of no return as his orgasm began to build.

She smiled as she saw his shaft pulse and twitch, she had won and was about to get her show. Kevin, still unable to close his mouth, could do nothing to stop it as the first spurt of his spunk shot straight into his open mouth. This was followed by several more spurts covering his tongue and beginning to fill his mouth. He was astonished as he continued to spurt strong even after five shots and his mouth continued filling with his cream.

Ashley began rubbing her pussy with one hand and kneading her tit with the other one. She began moaning at him, “Mmm, yeess, fill that mouth, god that is so hot. Look at all that cum. This is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.” Kevin couldn’t believe it but his ejaculation seemed to be lasting so long that he was starting another orgasm.

Seeing Ashley masturbating above him as she forced him to cum like this was awakening Kevin’s submissive side. He was beginning to love this, love being made to take his cum for her, and love the fact that it was turning her on. His mouth was beginning to overflow as his body finally stopped squirting cum into his mouth Ashley was cumming too.

“Yes; yes; yes; so; hot; now; swallow; swallow it; for me” Kevin’s mouth closed on it’s own as his lips pressed together and throat contracted. Ashley saw his adam’s apple bob which strengthened her orgasm. “Mmm hmmmmmmmm!” she moaned. Kevin had to swallow several times before his mouth was empty and Ashley watched every one of them intently.

Seeing him swallow actually reminded her of something she thought of earlier. Ashley always did wonder what semen actually tasted like, different girls who had it in their mouths at some point or other disagreed as to whether it was good, bad, or a couple who said they were indifferent. Since she had complete control over her body she now no longer had to worry about any diseases.

She reached out both hands and put one under the head of Kevin’s penis gathering a dribble that had been dangling there, and used the other to squeeze out what was left in his urethra. She pulled her hand up with a small pool of semen and tentatively stuck her tongue out to lap half of it up.

She analyzed it in her head, not as salty as she had expected from what she heard, almost like a doughy taste. She swallowed her sample and it had an odd feeling as it went down her throat. It was definitely something she could get used to, but she did have complete control over her body.

She focused inward on the idea of realigning her sense of taste and the feel in her throat then she licked her palm clean. It was different this time, not necessarily like something she would eat out of hunger but a good taste, a very sexual taste. She really, really liked the taste it now had to her.

She was almost envious of Kevin for having received so much when she realized she could always make him do it again and made a decision. He would be her toy, for now. She needed a body to try out her new powers on anyway and she had the whole weekend to try stuff out on him.

Kevin really liked her decision. Once she let him move normally again she asked to see him after school. “This time you can put something in my mouth.”

He could hardly believe it after all that had come out of him, but as she walked to her class ahead of him he began to get hard again.

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