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Maddie woke up as her alarm went off promptly at 7 am. Unlike the usual parade of snoozing, today’s morning was important. She had to start getting ready for her date with Dileep that night!

Madelyn stepped into the shower and enjoyed the feeling of warmth all over her naked body. She rubbed extra soap in her armpits, feet, and other smelly areas. However, what she did when she stepped out of the shower is what made her different from most. Though many girls would put on disgusting deodorant, Maddie always got stinky right after a shower (she had to keep her body odor fresh, after all). She went outside and jogged for about half an hour, enjoying her aura of BO on the way back to her apartment.

As she walked inside, she woke up her roommate and best friend, Olivia using her armpits. Olivia inhaled deeply while lying in bed.

“Maddie! You smell nervous today,” Olivia said with an innocent smile, pretending to have forgotten about her friend’s date with her crush.

Maddie rubbed her finger in her friend’s armpit and brought it to her nose. “You do too.”

The girls giggled and started getting wetter. Of course, the more they got excited, the more moist their crevices got. Pretty soon, Maddie and Olivia were in a tickling contest, armpit-focussed. Both of their fingers were covered in juicy, sticky liquid from their natural pores in just minutes. Every now and then, they’d lick or sniff their fingers to keep themselves wet. Maddie made sure not to use her hypnotic power on her friend, as they had always agreed.

A pair of handcuffs, dildo, and lube later, they found themselves lying in bed in a sweaty, stinky heap, breathing loudly.

“This date is going to be so hot!” Olivia said while panting.


Ever since Maddie had hypnotized Emily, Dileep’s now ex-girlfriend, everything had fallen into place. She had Emily start wearing deodorant every day bahis firmaları and, of course, with Dileep’s armpit fetish, that was a deal breaker. Emily truly felt as if something had possessed her (little did she know how right she was!) and she begged Dileep to keep her, so they ended up just being friends… with benefits. Every now and then, Emily would suck her crush’s cock. However, hypnotizing Emily had revealed some of Emily’s deepest, darkest secrets, including a cuckquean fetish and a need to be financially dominated. A week after they broke up, Emily was able to stop wearing deodorant (all part of Maddie’s plan), so she went back to Dileep. Little did Emily know, but during that week, Maddie was ingraining fantasies about Dileep fucking Maddie and Olivia into Emily’s mind. She masturbated twice a day solely thinking about his thick Indian cock pounding their tight little white pussies. Emily would feel spurts of pleasure every time she thought of Dileep’s manly cum dripping from Maddie’s labia. She also fantasized begging Dileep for money and being dependent on him.

Now, after all of Emily’s assets had been transferred into Dileep’s name and she had moved into Maddie and Olivia’s apartment, Maddie was executing the hardest part of Plan Dileep: making her crush fall in love with her without hypnosis. Sure, she could have kept him enslaved by her moist crevice for the rest of their lives, but Maddie wanted a genuine relationship. More importantly, she deeply desired to be dominated by a strong Indian man.


Maddie and Olivia lay on the bed together, their noses in each other’s armpits, fingers coated in the other’s cum, when Emily walked into the room. She performed her usual task: cleaning up both girls. This brought her to orgasm very quickly, but she needed to be thorough so that Olivia and Maddie could go through the rest of their day without showering.


The kaçak iddaa past several days, Maddie was busy hypnotizing everyone who caught a whiff of her as she roamed through her college’s campus. All of the men got a simple command: buy a chastity belt and keep your dick locked up. This made them subliminally act submissive to Dileep, the only man not in a chastity belt.

The girls’ command was not quite as simple. They needed to keep their armpits stinky, and flirt with Dileep whenever possible. However, they weren’t allowed to have sex with him or let him smell them particularly deeply.

This made Dileep simultaneously confident (due to other men’s submissiveness) and sexually frustrated (because of the girls). In other words, it put him in the perfect condition for date night sex.


Maddie walked into the restaurant in her grey, short-sleeve shirt (which already had pitstains) and mini skirt. She didn’t want to be subtle about how open she was to an armpit fetish marriage. Waiting at the outdoor table for her man, she was a little anxious, and started to sweat a little in the humid environment.

Five minutes later, she saw Dileep walk into the restaurant, looking quite dapper in a tuxedo, wearing his hair in a way only an Indian man could. Unconsciously, the lips of Maddie’s pussy started to glisten as he made eye contact with her and smiled. She felt like she was in a sauna, and her cheecks turned red.

“Hey Dileep,” she said in her sweet voice.

“Hi Maddie. How are you?” he asked while he hugged her. Maddie was nervous, and though she knew he would appreciate the natural smell of her armpits, he didn’t want him to think she was weird for sweating profusely. She tried to keep the hug short and clamp her pits shut, using her elbows to move her arms to embrace her. It was awkward, to say the least, and ironically this only made her sweat more.

“Tell me a little kaçak bahis about yourself,” Dileep said, locking eyes on her like she was his prey. Her pussy started to drip, and she brought one hand down to her skirt. Luckily, she had skipped panties, thinking that Dileep would want easy access after dinner.

While slowly inserting one finger into herself, she told him about her studies and ideal career.

Dileep listened patiently, clearly interested. As the conversation went on, Maddie felt heard. More importantly, she felt safe and, honestly, beautiful. Dileep complimented her throughout the date, not once mentioning her pitstains.

Halfway through, Maddie ran to the bathroom. She raised each arm and took a deep sniff, something she had started to do regularly to energize and motivate herself.

She texted Olivia, arranging for her to pretend to need Maddie’s car. The plan was to seduce Dileep in his car, but she needed an excuse for him to drive her first!

As the date wrapped up, Maddie heard the expected buzz in her phone.

“Oh. Olivia says she really needs to borrow my car.”

“Is something wrong?” Dileep asked, genuine concern in his manly face.

Maddie felt bad for lying to her future master and King, but she was extremely horny.

“No, nothing’s wrong. Olivia just needs it for a prank on a friend.”

“Ah, okay.” Dileep said without asking anything else. “I can drive you home then.”

And there it was. She accepted without hesitation.

While Dileep backed out of the parking spot, Maddie silently turned off the air conditioning. He didn’t even notice!

As they drove, Maddie raised her arms and rested them above her head. Still in her grey top, her pitstains were obvious. But she wasn’t nervous anymore around Dileep. It felt like she could be herself.

Within minutes, the car filled with her musk. She knew Dileep had noticed her pitstains and sweating from the start, both because he didn’t say anything and because she saw the massive bulge growing in his pants. But was he the type of guy that had sex on the first date?

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