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Chapter 71: Solemn Wish

Adam grunts as his wrists are tied in the lavender satin sashes, and bound to the upper corners of the bed. He blushes as he is completely naked, and his legs are spread apart on the bed, tied tightly as he is bound tightly, helpless as Merrick really makes the bonds tight so Adam can hardly move.

Merrick prowls onto the bed as Adam writhes a little, feeling somewhat embarrassed as his lover slides his body against the other, putting his hand on one side of Adam’s head as he mouths and nibbles on Adam’s lower face.

As it turns out, tulips seem to be a lot like catnip to Merrick – it’s been making him crazy horny ever since Easter. It hasn’t affected Arnaav in the slightest, either because he’s a preteen, but after calling and asking Syrinx if she’s bought any tulips – which she has – and she hasn’t felt any more aroused than usual. Tulips seem to only intoxicate Pisciens in particular. Merrick has been so randy at home, he can barely think. Yuri loves her some pretty flowers, and Merrick loves him some fat dick.

“Nnnhh” Adam feels aroused, but not sure if he likes not being able to move. Merrick really liked having his wrists tied together, and strung up while Adam fucked him from behind. His catch Merrick picking up an unfamiliar toy… It looks like a jockstrap with a removable pouch… And a dildo? “Babe, what’s that?”

“Your new undies~” Merrick answered. He pours lube over the plug before crawling into bed, and slide the slick toy under Adam’s butt.

“W-Wait, Merrick, lemme get- A-Ahh!” Adam felt his hole get spread open. His back arches as a thick intrusion pushes into his ass, “Ghhh!” Once partially in, Merrick took the straps attached to the dildo, and equipped it to Adam’s waist, and pelvic sides, pulling them, securing them, and thus pulling the toy up into Adam’s anus, making him whine and tense as Merrick fondled Adam’s displayed balls. He then took the small dial on the middle of the waistband, and turned it to VIBRATE, and pressed the button on top.

“OH! OHH!” Adam’s body jumbled as a mad buzzing kicks inside his ass! He writhes more as his ass clenches and struggles as the dildo inside him shakes with insane intensity.

Adam moans and squirms in his restraints as Merrick started to give full love bites on Adam’s cheek as his hands firmly felt on and around Adam’s body. Merrick growled before he latched his mouth onto Adam’s right nipple.

“Ooohh!” Adam gasped as his sensitive nub is chewed on. His back arches as he pulls his arms to no avail as Merrick slurped and pulled his nipple with his lips. Merrick moved to the other nipple to gnash his teeth against it. “Ahhh! OHhh! NNN!” Adam’s fists clench as Merrick’s teeth scratched down the middle of each pec and nibble on each tender nub.

“Ffffff,” Adam hisses as Merrick sucks on each nipple harshly and thoroughly, as if trying to draw milk, as his lips pushed down onto the nipple while digging the tip of his tongue on the erect tip, “Hhaaww, God,” Adam huffed as his dick stands erect while Merrick slurps on each nub, all while the vibrater still going nuts inside his ass. “C-Can you suck on my dick now?? Please?” Adam asked timidly, with a hint of desperation as his wang throbs.

“Mnngghh~” Merrick slurps off from the wet nipple, and takes a moment to lick Adam’s hairy chest, “Even better~” Merrick then pulls out what appears to be a ballgag. Adam eyes it as Merrick opens it up.

“Wait, when did you get tha-aallmmp!” Merrick clogs Adam’s mouth with the gag, and clicks it into place behind his head. Adam moans and huffs as his teeth push down on the rubber ball, his knees and elbows still pulling as his electrified rump pushes needingly on the bed.

Adam breathes heavily as Merrick pops open the bottle of lube. “HhhhMMMNNN~!” Adam moans as the cold slick dips on the summit of his throbbing member, a chill going up his spine as Merrick grabs his thick rod and finally giving it some much needed attention, while Merrick masturbates while fondling his lover.

“Nnnhhhh~” Adam moans with his tongue rubbing against the ball, before moaning more as Merrick starts to fondle his actual balls with all that lube. His hand rubs the lube all over Adam’s cock, and then cups those heavy nuts inside Adam’s sac. Adam’s fingers shake and push on his palms as Merrick roll his tender testicles around there, massaging his balls and warming them up very nicely.

“That feel nice~?” Merrick asked as he gently pulled Adam’s bag, and then mushed them carefully in his hand. Adam moans in delight as he looks at his balls feeling the hot grab and roll.

Merrick climbs over his tied lover, and squats down. He overs his ass over Adam’s rock solid cock, and pressed his crack down onto the top of Adam’s dick. Merrick rubs his bubble butt along that hard dong, until he felt it slide on his asshole. Merrick reaches in to hold Adam’s dick, and gasp as he felt the initial penetration. He puts both his hands onto Adam, and lowers himself down to sit down on Adam’s canlı bahis şirketleri dick.

“MMMM~!” Adam moans out in his rubber ball as his cock is crushed by the wondrous softness of Merrick’s ass, his toes curling as Merrick pushes his butt down on that hairy patch, while his wrists pull on his satin sashes, but is still bound by such a silky fabric.

“Ohh fuck yeah~!” Merrick says as he pulls himself up and sits back down on Adam’s dick, and rocked his hips against the other. “FFFFFffff, oh God~!” Merrick slams his butt down again and clenches his ass full of dick, his own weapon oozing pre like a faucet as he fucks himself with Adam’s penis.

Adam can hardly move as his head thrashes side to side – with Merrick forcing his hot ass onto his lubed manhood over and over again, his ass is also being buzzed like an angry rattlesnake tail endlessly, and with each pull he tries with his arms, the futility feeds his overall arousal as his teeth clench on the rubber ball in his mouth.

The two men bounce on the bed as Merrick rides Adam up and down on the bed, growling and moaning as he bucks himself up and down on Adam. Merrick moans and gasps as he pushes his ass down and mushes his butt down as hard as he can on Adam’s crotch, before rocking his hips more, as if he literally needs more dick inside his ass.

“Mmmf! MMFF! MnnnNN!” Adam clenches his eyes shut as his chest inflates and deflates as his arms strained in pulling on his bonds.

“You gonna shoot, hun?” Merrick asked, panting from both the exertion and how very horny he is, “Are you going to blow in my ass~?” Merrick turns the level of vibration inside of Adam’s anus a few levels, and forces Adam’s pelvis to shoot up against him!

“MMMM! Mmff! Mhm!!” Adam nods his head quickly as his head pushes down on the pillow. Merrick sinks his butt down, and then starts to pull Adam’s cock up, and swallows it again. Adam whines loudly around the ball as his penis tingles madly inside Merrick’s ass

“Aw yeah~ FUCK yeah~” Merrick moans as he milks Adam’s cock into drive, his wet, soft insides feeling like a silky vacuum as his rear sucks and slurps down on his thick, manly cock over and over again.

“MnnFF! HHHNN! NNHHH!” Adam’s eyes clench as he feels his balls withdraw inside him, and felt a hot splurt from around Merrick’s lubed entrance as the first shoot overfills him.

“Awwww yeah~” Merrick moaned with delight as he feels the hot fluid flood into him and overflow. He pulls his ass up and out, rolling his eyes up as he feels Adam’s dick squirt another white splotch onto his crack.

Merrick rubs the cum from Adam’s dick around theirs, frotting their penises for a moment and using that spunk as a lotion as he jerks off while still sitting down on Adam’s loins, his butt dripping with a mixture of lube and semen.

Adam looks pitifully up at his boyfriend, now he’s spent, but the toy in his rump is still going berserk inside him! He whines as he squirms and pulls his bonds as Merrick gets himself off. Merrick goes to untie Adam’s ankles, but then strings up his legs to expose Adam’s strapped undercarriage. Adam closes his eyes and grunts as Merrick turns off the dildo, and practically yanks it out of him, along with the spandex straps from under, rendering Adam technically nude. Adam blushes harshly as he feels so helpless and exposed, still squirming with his arms bound down, and his legs held wide open for his predatory boyfriend.

“Mnnhhh~” Merrick strokes his dick as he comes up on Adam’s exposed asshole, all used and slickened with the lubed toy.

This won’t take long. Just that last moment to satisfy the ravenous merman for the last hump of the night. He puts the glans of his shaft to Adam’s loosened sphincter, and slides in with complete ease.

“Ohhh yeah~” Merrick moaned with pleasure as his cock pushes into Adam’s warm tunnel. “Oh~ Mnnh~” Merrick smoothly glides his hips back and forth, his lover’s sphincter having been systematically loosened and tenderized. Adam moans lovingly with his mouth full of rubber ball, his anus filled with Merrick’s nice, calm penis instead of the electric monster raging in there. Like someone who just ate a spicy chicken sandwich, and is now enjoying a soothing glass of cool liquid.

“Like that, stud~?” Merrick said. Adam moaned as he nodded, looking so sexy as submissive as he is in his binding state, “Oh God, you feel so good. By the depths, your ass…” Merrick rolls himself over and over again into Adam’s slick entrance.

“Mmmff… Mnnh~” Adam moans, and blushes as he feels his penis start to tingle again. He looks to see his balls roll up and down from each gentle shove given by his boyfriend. He’s so tired… But his ass is so susceptible, Merrick is turning him on all over again.

“Almost there~” Merrick puts his hands onto the bed’s headboard, and humps softly into Adam. He closes his eyes, and inhales sharply. “Nnnnhh yeah, fuck yeah…”

“Mmmf~ Nnhhh~ Mmmnnhh~”

“God, Adam, you’re being so fucking canlı kaçak iddaa hot…” Merrick said as he looked at Adam, the brawny, hairy stud, mighty and bound tight, arranged in a very slutty position, so muscular with just a little flab on his stomach to hive him a cuddly appeal in his otherwise manly image.

“Mnn… Nnh~” Adam flexes his buttocks, and pulled a moan out of Merrick’s lips.

“Oh! Ooh!” Merrick tensed as his hips pivot on the spot, “Right there. Right thheerrre…” He moans as he rubs his sensitive flesh into Adam’s insides, before his whole body twitched and rough groans forced their way out of his mouth, “Ahh! NNnn! FFFFFFffuck!”

Adam moans as he feels Merrick gush deep inside him. His arms pull harder on his satin restraints, as his muscles feel so warm and tingly, but is still unable to move, even as his dick perks from the slight recovery.

“Hohh fuck…” Merrick groans as he pulls out, his cock and nuts feeling sore from all of the excitement – they’ve been fooling around for an hour since they went to shower.

Both men pant with exhaustion as Merrick untied Adam’s legs and released his arms, before settling down, together, naked, one of them sweaty, and the other satisfied.

“Fuck… That was hot…” Merrick moaned as he turned and cuddled to his boytoy. Adam grunts as he clicks open his Merrick’s ballgag, and set it aside, rolling his jaws a bit in relief.

“Ghah… Yeah… Heh…” Adam pants as he leaves the satin laces on his wrists and ankles, keeping on his back as he presses a button to turn on a remote controlled fan to blow on them. He rubs his tender penis a little, still feeling a sense of arousal, “God, I need to get more tulips… Maybe some poppers too… Kinda curious about trying Viagra at least once before I turn 60.”

“God, I don’t know what it is about those damn plants…” Merrick panted, “They turn me into some kinda sex freak…”

“Ahaha…” Adam chuckled weakly, “You’re still the cutest thing on two legs~” He rubbed a fingertip on Merrick’s nose lovingly. Merrick smiles and kissed his finger as he cuddled up to him. Merrick blushes as Adam’s hand glides down his back, and started to fondle Merrick’s wet anus, “God, I love how slutty you can get…”

“Nnnh~” Merrick whines as those fingers press on his taint.

“Like that, honey~?” Adam rubs on Merrick’s pink bud in circles, “Like playing with youe hole~?”

“A-Adam…” Merrick moans as he holds him tighter as he lets those fingers stimulate his pucker, “Ohhh~”

“Hehehe…” Adam gives mercy and gently cups one of those sumptuous buttcheeks, “God, you’re easy… I’m really am the luckiest guy in the world.” Adam mumbled.

“Mmn…” The merman smiles as he relishes the touch of his man, “I love you…” Merrick mumbled as he snuggles his face on Adam’s fuzzy chest like a pillow.

“I love you too…” Adam answered as he rubs his mate as they lay there, tired, with the room smelling musky and thick. He turns his head to the clock to read the time – 1:19AM. His heart shudders inside him as he looks at the ajar drawer of his nightstand with the lamp. Adam gulps as he thinks about what he has hidden inside there…

Adam looks back to the ceiling as Merrick nuzzles him deeply, before Adam’s lips give a single, silent movement.



Arnaav lies on his back, enveloped in his big blanket. He holds the beautiful jeweled butterfly he found in the Easter Park up above him. He smiles as it glints and sparkles in the moonlight. Adam says it’s a hairpin, that human females put them in their hair to accessorize themselves.

He rolls over onto his belly, still holding up the glamorous hair piece like one hold up to read a comic book, kicking his feet up as he just lays there, admiring it.

The boy brings it close to his face, and takes in the scent from the trinket. His face tingles as he can detect a pleasing smell, feeling his little chest pound again, just like at the park…

Arnaav puts the butterfly to his nose, and takes a deep sniff, and then exhales. He curls tighter in his bundle as the wondrous scent immediately brings up someone to his mind: that girl from the egg hunt. The scent is impeded in this barrette… A mixture of cherries, cleanliness, and divinity…

Arnaav smiles as he thinks about her, giggling quietly as he hugs the cute trinket to his bare chest as he thinks about hugging her instead, holding her hand, and curling up with her…

With these happy thoughts in mind, Arnaav snuggles up on the couch, his little body consumed in the big, fluffy blanket as he holds the butterfly closely as he hugs his Mochi.

–The Next Day–

“Hehehe!” The otter boy giggles as he splashes about in his bath.

“Yeah, there we go,” Yuri says as she scrubs Arnaav’s wet, furry back with a firm scrub brush. The glass shower can be converted into a bathtub by selecting and sealing the right glass slides.

“God, you are so much more cuter in your real canlı kaçak bahis form!” Yuri commented with a smile as she digs her hands firmly into Arnaav’s head with the fur-wash. Arnaav squeals with glee as he keeps his eyes clenched shut. He loves these ‘bathes’. His body feels so much more better every time Yuri gets done cleaning him.

Arnaav purrs as the rough bristles feels good on his little head while the soap bubbles in his pelt, and when the brush pushes down against his belly. He dives into the bath water for a moment before shooting up and shaking himself wildly, and grooming his own face, while Yuri takes the showerhead and cascades the water onto the boy. He aims his head into the pour, his little hands rinsing over and round the upper part of his body.

“Ok, that’s every inch~” Yuri scratched Arnaav’s cheekfur before reaching in, and unplugging the drain. She continued to rinse and spray Arnaav around with the showerhead until the water emptied into the drain. As usual, Arnaav struggles on his water-legs, and he wobbles as he holds onto the edge of the glass.

“Alright, hang tight…” Yuri takes a thick towel, and starts to quickly run the towel on and round the otter kid. She still can’t see just how or where Arnaav’s tail disappears to, but it vanishes all the same.

Once completely dry, save for his hair, Yuri wraps the towel around his shoulders to cover himself, and unseals the glass shower doors to let him out, “Right then. Lets get you dressed…”

Adam comes out just as Yuri and Arnaav emerge from the bathroom, wearing some formal clothing, taking deep breaths as he grooms himself a little.

“Go ahead and go in there,” Yuri told Arnaav.

“Ok.” The boy wanders into her bedroom, before Yuri turns to Adam.

“Damn, Adam, you look fantastic.” She said with a grin, “If you weren’t gay, I’d sooo go out with you.”

“Heh, thanks,” Adam said nervously, “And if I were straight, I’d rock your world.”

“Pff, yeah,” Yuri scoffed as she rolled her eyes, “Like you can afford me.”

“Ghahah” Adam snirked, and took a breath, “You’d do my grampa proud, anyway.”

“Ah, yes. I remember… First day we met.” Yuri said with a reminiscent smile, “He was such an old creeper.”

“The worst…” Adam smiled, “The new bedroom wasn’t even finished yet, and you came answering the roommate ad they wrote up for me.”

“And your grandpa tried to set me up with you not one minute after we said hello.” Yuri said, “Heck, he tried to get us to share your room.”

“Yeah…” Adam chuckles, “Talking like you were some exotic harem lover from a far away land, as a dowry for the prince of the Persia.”

“And you called for your granny, and she nearly ripped his ear off when she found out how perverted he was acting.”

“Hahahaha!” Adam laughs with her, “I remember she wouldn’t let him get more than 5 feet near you for the rest of the time they were there, and she handled all the agreements between you and them.”

“Damn right, he made me uncomfortable. Still does when he comes over and he still hints that he wants you to go out with me.”

“Hahaha, and then, when you moved in,” They walk to the living room, “We sat on this couch, watched our first movie together as roomies. Kung Fu Hustle, wasn’t it?”

“Oh God, you were so, Ahhh!” Yuri laughed as she held her head, “You actually ASKED me if I can teach you some of what they were saying! You honestly didn’t know the difference between Japanese and Chinese?”

“I was 17! I hardly knew anything back then!” Adam laughed, “It was an honest mistake! And what did you call me?”

“I called you a ‘Hito shusabetsu jakkasu’, and I believe I was kidding.” Yuri said as she crossed her arms.

“You tried to smother me with a pillow!” Adam said.

“Well what else am I supposed to do with a stupid jerk??” Yuri laughed.

“Yeah, and God forbid I hit you slightly, or you’d throw me across the house. You know, I thought you were bluffing about YOUR grandparents teaching you karate, until you broke the freaking coffee table.”

“Ok, it’s Jujutsu,” Yuri corrected, “And again, I was KIDDING. I didn’t know that table was as old as dirt.”

“It was antique, and my gramma threw a fit when she found out.”

They both laughed for a moment as they remember when Yuri demonstrated a fierce technique and ended up destroying a precious, old sentiment of the house.

“Ahahaha… God, 10 years…” Yuri sighed with her hands on her hips, and taking a moment to turn her head and look around the house’s walls and ceiling. So much has changed since she first arrived, “Going on 11… Has it been so long?”

“M-Mhm…” Adam nods, “Yuri… I’m so fuckin nervous, I don’t know what to do.”

Arnaav peers around the doorframe, wondering what’s taking Yuri so long.

“What’ve you got to be nervous about?” Yuri said, “Everything is going to be ok. No, better than ok, it’s going to be spectacular.”

“I still don’t know…” Adam said, “I-I feel like I can’t wait any more… I-I really… But it’s like… He’s waiting for nothing. Really, to him, we’ve got everything we need. What I want… Seems pointless, a-a-and I,” Adam stammered as he held back a sob, “I want this so bad, and I can’t stand that he-“

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