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Another Day another InspectionAs we drove into my Village after a day out shopping I informed Jay “when we get in you have 10 min to strip and get ready for a full body inspection” Once the order was given Jay know it was get in – get naked –get showered – make sure cunt and arse are well douched out – stockings and suspenders on together with her collier and her arsehole well-greased and stand feet apart, head down for instructions. Knowing for every sixty seconds above that 10 min would earn 6 strokes of the whip / cane to any part of her body I select.As I walked into the room Jay stood in the middle of the lounge legs well apart head down collier on and shaking since she had not had time to find her suspender belt so had selected hold-ups instead – 10 inch heels and a full 180 seconds aydınlı escort late.With a cup of hot coffee in my hand I pressed it against her left tit – watching her nipple get hot and her knowing she better not move I ask ————- and bitch!!! Sorry Master I could not find my suspender belt ———- I really looked Master but that’s why I am late.Pushing my hand between her legs grabbing her cunt lips which by now due to my pulling on them had become quite a handful – led her to the table —- bend over bitch head down arse up I place my cup aside picking up the new birch rod I had place there earlier applied 6 heavy stokes across her arse cheeks – smiling as she jumped higher with each stroke.Sliding my finger between her arse cheeks I located the hole pushing pendik escort first one finger and two deep into her arse she started to grown and moan into the cloth —– push back bitch push back I said.I inspected her greasing process ——- when I inserted another finger making it three – Master how many more Jay asked ——- Just another one I said and a thumb with a smile —— good girl push back ——- she had cleaned herself well only clean liquid owes through my fingers.Good girl offering my hand to her mouth for sucking and licking clean.I am always buying Jay presents and this week was no exception opening the side draw I removed a beautiful pony tail attached to a but plug of impressive proportions in depth and garth applying a good amount of grease I inserted orhanlı escort it to the hilt taking no notice of Jays protests and begging to take it easy Master please!Up bitch I told her an started my tit inspection —- it never ceases to amaze me the ability of the body to heal its self ——— nearly all last week’s whipping marks had faded if not gone.Sitting myself down with a glass of wine I said “Now bitch trot show me those tits bounce”Jay being well breasted, her big tits bounced so well but those 10” heels were very hard to walk in let alone trot but applying the carriage whip to her arse each time she passed kept her mind on the job and my aim was well in that night as the lash went between her legs hitting her cunt on many occasions.The sight of a well whipped arse and screams each time hit got my cock rock had so throwing her to the floor I fucked her cunt over and over again only stopping to pull out the butt plug and forcing my cock deep into her arse and fucking her till spunk shoot deep into her.

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