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Another Casual Encounter (true story) (craigslist)So, ever since the first time I sucked a cock, i’ve been on the hunt for more and more. I’ve sucked off 6 other guys with big cocks since my first time. For all of you guys that want to try this out, I go to craigslist, and I’m very picky too.This is my most recent and favorite encounter.So I posted an add, not expecting much from it since my last few got no luck. I posted it and decided to check on it way later in the day and came across several uninteresting ones, but one of them was a guy who claimed to have a very thick 9 1/2 ” uncut cock with really nice pictures of it. At first I couldn’t believe it since I’m not new to this, but I replied, and he replied with another picture, this time a nice high resolution of him holding his huge cock in all its glory. Now I could tell it was huge because he could not close his hand around his cock and he could have easily used three other hands to cover it. I’m a pretty attractive guy, so bahis firmaları he really wanted to meet with me, and we e-mailed back and forth for a while until we got to know each other a little better. We finally decided to meet at the school library and then see where too from there. At the library, we got a study room and were each studying for our classes and chatting. I was beginning to feel comfortable around this guy and having a good time. I started noticing him grabbing his crotch and was immediately turned on and started staring at his crotch area so he would whip it out. This study room was big enough for two people, and the door had a window, so we didn’t feel safe to mess around in there too much. So he just stroked his huge cock for me to see while we studied, or tried to study. We were both so horny. I was precumming like crazy and just wanted to grab his huge cock and suck on it. We both agreed that we couldn’t study anymore and we had to go somewhere more tipobet güvenilir mi private so I could get more personal with his cock. It took us a while to decide since my I had a roomate and he didn’t have a place in town. This is at a university. I couldn’t take it anymore and said lets just go to my place, hoping my roomate would be gone. and he was! We immediately got to business. He pulled his sweat pants down and his giant piece came out hanging. It already looked really big soft, and I didn’t waste time to grab it and start sucking on it to see how big it looked hard in person. I couldn’t believe I had such a big cock in my mouth. When I got it fully hard, I had trouble fitting his huge head in my mouth, but I learned how to suck it better and off I went. I kept alternating between sucking his cock and stroking it, to licking his balls, to just stroking it and admiring how huge it looked in my hands. He always kept a hand at the base while I had bets10 my right hand stroking the shaft and my mouth sucking the head and whatever part of the shaft I could manage to get into my mouth. I eventually got to making attempts at going as deep as I could. To my surprise, I was able to get his entire cock balls deep. THis took several tries of course, but it was so hot. after a good long while of worshiping his huge cock, he put one of his legs over me to assume a dominant position and started stroking his cock harder while I still worked on his godly cock head. He pulled his dick out of his mouth to cum on his belly, but I pulled it back to my mouth, insisting him to cum in my mouth. He began stroking his cock harder while I caressed the bottom of his head with my tongue until he shot a lovely tasty load in my mouth. I swallowed all of it and kept sucking his cock for about five minutes longer, until he had to head off for his next class. It was an amazing experience. I haven’t seen him again since I lost the password to my email and we forgot to exchange numbers, but I’m sure i’ll bump into him at school again. Oh, and for all of you guys that want to suck cock . Try craigslist. It works. You just have to be very picky and careful.

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