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One Saturday afternoon, I got an IM from a guy who was new on internet hookup sites. He said that he was newly divorced, about my age and a total bottom. We chatted a bit and he told me that even though he’d been fucked in the past, he had an unfulfilled fantasy for a totally anonymous scene where he was on his bed blindfolded and someone came into the room, climbed on top, fucked his ass into oblivion and then dressed and left without ever talking or introducing themselves. I told him to get naked and get blindfolded…I’d be right over.

He gave me directions and half an hour later, I was entering his unlocked front door. All of the blinds were drawn so the house was semi-dark and I followed his instructions through the house to his bedroom. I opened the bedroom door and there he was, on the bed with a single candle lit beside.

He was a small guy, only around five feet or so with a slim, boyish body. He had a scarf tied around his head so that his eyes were fully covered and was laying face down with a couple of pillows under his hips so that his ass was raised and spread. And WHAT an ass! Nice plump, rounded buns (he’d told me that he was a daily jogger) and a hairless crack with a tight, pink puckered hole.

I stripped off my clothes and climbed between his spread legs. His whole body jerked as I rubbed my cock head up and down his crack and pumped the dry head against his hole. He spread his legs even further so his ass spread open and I lay down on top of his back and dry humped my cock in his crack. He pressed his ass back against me, wanting fucked like a bitch in heat.

Instead, I swung around to the head of the bed and grabbed him by the hair. Pulling his head back I sat on the pillows facing him and rammed my hard cock into his mouth. He was bobbing his mouth on my cock and I used my handful of his hair as a handle to guide his head up and down on my cock. The hair pulling was turning him on and he started throating my dick even faster and I could feel his tongue sliding over my shaft. It felt fantastic…even TOO good, and I was afraid that much more and I’d be shooting my load down his throat so I pulled his head off of my dick and rammed my balls in his face. He immediately started licking them, then sucked my loose sack and popped each of my big balls into his mouth. He had a real mouthful but knew just what he was doing. His tongue moved back and forth over my balls as he lightly chewed on them, then pulled his head back and extended the sack so my balls were pulled tight in his mouth and away from my crotch. Slowly, he let each ball slide out of his mouth …I thought I was going to cum right then from the sensation!

My legs were already over his shoulders and he continued licking my balls, slowly working lower till he was tonguing my asshole. He reached up and spread my cheeks wide so that he could lick my hairy crack and sink his tongue into my hole. He was loving it, eating my ass like a starving man and sticking his tongue as far as he could up my hole. I loved it, too, but I was really anxious to slide my cock up his ass.

I pulled his face out of my ass and climbed back down between his legs. He reached over to the night stand and handed back a jar of good ole Vaseline, the ass fucker’s friend! I slathered a good load over my hard cock and positioned my cock head against his asshole. I didn’t even need to slide it in…as soon as he felt it in position, he started raising his hips and sucking my cock into his hot, tight hole. He was the kind of bottom who loves sucking cock, loves eating ass but ADORES having his ass fucked! He pumped his hole up and down my shaft and I could feel him flexing his ass muscles, grasping my cock tight in his hole each time he slid back to take the length balls deep in his guts.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him up into doggy style position and started hammering his hole with my cock. He was groaning and moaning, lost in the sensation of my dick sliding in and out of his ass. I could look down and watch as my dick disappeared in his hole and then slid back out into view and I could see his hole tense around the shaft each time I started the slide back in. His hole felt like hot velvet riding over my hard cock and, needless to say, I couldn’t last long.

When I started getting close, I pistoned my cock in his ass as hard as I could and he slammed back against me to get every inch inside of him. I could feel my balls drawing up and then the cum spurting out of my piss hole into his ass. He pressed back and clamped his guts around my cock like a vise grip and I could feel his hole working, drawing every drop out of my balls and into his tight ass.

I pushed him flat on the bed and lay on top of him, letting my cock go soft inside his ass and marinate in the juices. When I slowly pulled it out of his hole, the head came out of him with a pop like a champagne cork from güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the built up suction inside his ass.

Never having said a word to each other, I climbed off the bed and dressed, let myself out and drove home. I kept thinking of how I’d last seen him, laying on the bed face down with his blindfold still in place, his well fucked ass raised and spread with Vaseline and cum dripping out of his hole. As soon as I got home, I messaged him to tell him what a fine, fuckable ass he had and to ask if he was into 3 ways. His answer was, “Of course!” and we made arrangements to get together again the next weekend with a 3rd party.

That week I talked to Paul, my anonymous fuck hole, about our 3way planned for the weekend. I already had the perfect 3rd lined up. Tim was a guy who I had been fucking for about the past year. He identified himself as straight but was open to just about anything sexually. He was extremely shy, owing to having been in a car wreck that left his face badly scarred.

He worked in a foundry and had a tight little muscular body with a nice fat 7 inch dick with big loose balls and a cute little hairless ass. He knew that his scars didn’t faze me, since I spent most of our time together with my tongue buried in his asshole! We’d even developed a standard routine-he’d meet me at the door nude, I’d come in and sit down and he’d turn his back to me and touch his toes to present his ass for eating.

After tonguing his hole to my heart’s content, we’d proceed to the bedroom where he’s sit on my face while sucking my cock, and then I’d fuck his ass and finally flip him over and suck him off. He was really hot sex and always blew a big load of cum down my throat. We’d been discussing the fact that he’d never had a 3way or fucked a guy’s ass and the idea of a masked bottom that couldn’t see his scars really appealed to him.

I picked Tim up that Saturday and took him to Paul’s place. When we got there, Paul was face down on the bed as last time, his ass in the air and a blindfold over his eyes. Tim couldn’t take his eyes off of that welcoming ass and I went over and pulled Paul’s cheeks wide to show him the puckered hole.

“This is for you.” I said. “You can fuck it for as long as you want!”

We both stripped and Tim’s dick was already hard, sticking straight up. I grabbed Paul’s hair and pulled him down to the foot of the bed.

“Make your guest feel welcome.” I said and guided Tim’s hard cock into his open mouth.

Paul started slurping away on that pretty dick and I got on my knees behind Tim and buried my face between his ass cheeks so that I could tongue fuck his hole while Paul sucked his dick. He was bent over the end of the bed, fingering Paul’s hole and he said, “I want a taste of this!”

Paul then swung back around and got on his knees so that his ass was in the air and his cheeks spread wide to show his hole. Tim bent over and started eating Paul’s ass out while I continued tongue fucking his hole.

I got up to watch and I asked, “You like that fuck hole?” and pressed the back of Tim’s head into Paul’s gaping ass. “You’re going to like it even more when your cock is buried in it!”

“Let me get it warmed up for you.” I said. “Sit up at the top of the bed, so you can feed him your cock while I fuck his hole!”

Tim moved to lean back against the headboard and guided his dick into Paul’s mouth while I fingered some Vaseline into his tight hole. I lubed up and Tim bent forward to watch as my hard cock slowly disappeared in Paul’s ass.

“That’s the first time I ever watched an ass get fucked.” he said.

“That’s just the beginning” I said and let him watch as I slid my cock in and out of Paul’s hole. Paul’s mouth was bobbing up and down on Tim’s cock as I fucked his ass and I said to Tim, “Feed him some asshole.”

He pulled his legs up and spread his cheeks and Paul obediently buried his face in his crack and started tonguing his hole, so that I had the sublime experience of watching my favorite ass getting eaten out at the same time I was fucking a hot tight hole. Unfortunately, I was also beginning to feel a little jealous.

“Okay,” I said, “time to change positions!”

I pulled my cock out of Paul’s ass and lay down on my back so that my cock was pointing straight up. I told Paul to sit on my cock and had Tim help with the positioning, getting between my legs to spread Paul’s cheeks and guiding my hard cock into his hole. Tim sat back and watch as Paul lowered his ass onto my cock so it was buried up to my balls, then I told him to get his ass up onto my face. Soon, I had my tongue buried in his juicy hole while Paul rode up and down on my hard cock.

After a few minutes, I felt myself getting close to cumming so I slurped my tongue out of Tim’s asshole and asked him, “You about ready to fuck an ass for the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri first time, boy?”

As I said before, Tim was the shy type and after I pulled out of Paul’s ass, I got him up onto his knees doggy style and pulled his cheeks open so Tim could see his well fucked hole.

“Slide your cock in here!” I told him and he moved forward so that I could grab his cock and guide it into Paul’s hole. He slowly sank his dick into that hot fuck chute and when he was buried all the way in, he paused and let his cock marinate in that juicy ass. “Fuck him like a bitch!” I said, “He wants your load in his guts!”

Tim slowly started to slide his cock in and out of Paul’s tight hole and I got behind Tim and got on my knees at the end of the bed so that I could bury my face in his ass while he fucked. My tongue going in and out of his asshole spurred things up a little bit and he started fucking Paul’s hole harder and faster. I got up on my knees behind Tim and while he fucked Paul’s ass, I slowly sank my hard cock into Tim’s hole. That was the limit…I could feel Tim’s asshole clamp down tight around my cock and he shouted, “I’m cumming!” Paul pressed back to get every drop of cum in his guts and I pressed forward so that Tim could feel my cock against his prostate while he emptied his balls.

He bucked his body between us and then literally fell over onto his side, gasping for air. My cock slid out of his hole at the same time that his cock slid out of Paul’s, so suddenly I was facing Paul’s open, cummy asshole! I moved forward and sank my cock into his ass and I could feel Tim’s hot cum sloshing around inside his ass and coating my dick. Paul reached over and grabbed Tim’s cock and started licking it and cleaning the cum and ass juices off of it while I pumped my cock in and out of his juicy hole. After only a few strokes in that slick hole, the combination of Tim’s cum and Paul’s tight ass were too much and I felt my piss hole opening and my own cum draining out into Paul’s hungry hole. I let my cock soften a bit, then pulled it out of his ass and pulled his head over onto it and had him lick the stew of ass juices and the two cums off of my cock and balls.

We dressed and left Paul back in the same position, on his belly with his ass in the air…except his hole was red and freshly fucked and our combined cum was running out of his hole and down onto his balls. Tim didn’t say much on the way home but before getting out of the car, he told me that he really thought that he preferred having me fuck his ass and then drain his cock, to fucking ass himself.

I talked to Paul later that day and he said that he’s love to get Tim’s cock up his asshole again for a 1 on 1 session. I told him that I didn’t think it would happen and we talked about some of the other guys I’d done 3ways with. When I mentioned my friend Ralph who was really into watersports, Paul became all ears! He confessed that he was really into piss, too, and wondered if I could introduce him to Ralph.

I had met Ralph through a mutual buddy who was into ws. He told me that Ralph was a wild time, up for just about anything. I talked to him on the phone and then he called me one Saturday morning and said he really needed to suck a cock…so, I went over.

When I met him, he wasn’t at all what I had expected. He was a big guy, around 6’6″ and broad. Not fat, just a big, fleshy guy who looked like someone’s idea of a retired coach with short salt and pepper hair. We stripped down and his cock matched the rest of him…big and broad and fleshy, around 7 inches and fat around so that it filled my hand. Even when it was fully hard, the flesh on it was loose and fun to play with and the head was slightly bigger than the shaft so it filled my mouth. His ass was even better. It was big and fleshy but solid buns that I couldn’t resist burying my face in. And he gave as good as he got. He sucked cock and ate ass like a pro. Then, he surprised me after gulping down my cum load by asking me to piss down his throat and he swallowed every golden drop!

I contacted him and asked if he’d be up to fucking some anonymous ass and he said anytime, so I arranged with Paul for the next Saturday. I couldn’t wait to see Ralph’s fat fuck stick buried in Paul’s little ass and I couldn’t help playing with his dick all the way to Paul’s house, so he was hard before we even got in the door.

Paul was in his standard position when we got into the bedroom-blindfolded on his belly on the bed with his ass in the air and spread open. I knew it was going to be a good time because before Ralph even stripped off any clothes, he hopped on the bed and buried his face between Paul’s cheeks. I stripped down and then climbed on the bed myself and pulled Paul’s cheeks open wider so that I could watch Ralph’s tongue fuck his anus. I popped my cock in Paul’s mouth and told Ralph güvenilir bahis şirketleri to strip so that I could suck on his fat dong at the same time, so he did and then stood up on the bed straddling Paul and fucking my face. His dick was leaking precum down my throat from being played with so much and I knew he was ready to plow some ass, so I grabbed the Vaseline and lubed his cock up.

“Guests first!” I said. “I want you to open that hole up and get it loose for a nice long fuck!”

Ralph didn’t need any instructions. Like I said, he is a big guy, at least a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than little Paul and Ralph picked Paul up off of the bed and draped him belly down over the tall footboard of the bed. He grabbed a leg in each hand, positioned his dick head against Paul’s tiny asshole and sank all of that meat into his guts with one hard thrust. Paul bucked like he’d been electrocuted but Ralph just pressed harder, grinding his meaty dick deep in Paul’s hole. He started fucking him, pulling his cock’s full length out of him so that only the head was inside his asshole, and then slamming the cock into his guts as hard as he could. When his meat was buried to the balls in Paul’s ass he’d pause, then slowly back his cock out of his hole and slam it in again.

Paul was gasping from the shock and the footboard cutting into his belly and Ralph grabbed him under the arms and lifted him so that he was suspended in mid air, riding the fat prong up his ass with his feet off the floor. He wrapped his arms around Paul’s chest and proceeded to fuck Paul’s ass, sliding him up and down on his cock like a rag doll. He then walked around to the side of the bed and opened his arms so that Paul fell across it, face down as the big cock popped out of his hole and bounced and glistened in the air. Ralph fell on top of him and before Paul could move, buried his cock up to the hilt in his poor little stretched hole again with one thrust. Paul was pinned to the bed, a fat cock buried all the way up his ass, but he wasn’t complaining. Ralph grabbed his hips and started slamming his hole and I went to the other side of the bed and fed my cock into his mouth. He wrapped his hand around my cock and balls and bobbed his head up and down while getting his ass royally fucked.

From where I stood, I had a perfect view of Ralph’s meaty ass bouncing up and down and he pumped his cock in and out of Paul’s hole and the sight was too much to resist.

I moved to the other side of the bed and got on my knees to watch. Looking up between Ralph’s legs I had the gorgeous view of his fat cock sliding in and out of Paul’s pink asshole and when Ralph raised his hips, the added view of his own puckered hole between his beefy cheeks. I spread Ralph’s cheeks and buried my tongue in his asshole and as he pumped his hips, I pumped my tongue in and out of his butt. He started slamming Paul’s ass harder and I could feel his hole clench around my tongue as he shot his wad up Paul’s ass.

After draining the last drop into Paul’s stretched out ass, he rolled over, roughly pulling his cock out of that poor, gaping ass as he did so. When he was lying on his back, he reached down and grabbed Paul by one leg and swung his entire body around so that Paul was lying on top of him, his ass in his face. Ralph then started tonguing Paul’s hole and sucking his own cum out of Paul’s ass and Paul reared back, bouncing his hole up and down on Ralph’s tongue.

I figured it was my turn, now, and I got on my knees straddling Ralph’s head and guided my cockhead up Paul’s ass. Ralph was still licking his hole and I could feel his tongue on my cock and balls as I fucked in and out of Paul’s hole. He licked the base of my cock and worked his way down; pushing Paul further down his body so that he was sucking on Ralph’s limp cock as I fucked his ass and Ralph tongue fucked my ass at the same time. It all felt too good and my balls started drawing up and my cum squirted all over the inside of Paul’s loose ass.

I laid on top of the two of them, getting my breath back, my softening dick still lodged in Paul’s hole and Ralph’s soft cock in his mouth.

“I really have to piss!” Ralph said and I could tell from the slurping noises Paul was making that Ralph’s piss was going straight into Paul’s belly. Not to be outdone, I let loose a stream of piss into Paul’s asshole where my cock was still buried. We both emptied our bladders into him and when we were done, Paul hopped off of the bed, still blindfolded and ran for the bathroom where we heard him let loose our combined cum and my piss into the bowl.

I was lying on the bed, fingering Ralph’s pretty little asshole when Paul came out of the bathroom without his blindfold. His legs were wobbly as he made his way to the bed and lay down on his belly. Ralph and I both got down behind him and spread his cheeks, His little hole was puffy and red from all of the abuse it had taken and Ralph leaned over and said, “Poor little hole!” before half kissing/half licking it.

After we’d dressed, Paul got a slip of paper and wrote his number on it and gave it to Ralph. “Call me!” he said, “I need another round with THAT cock!”

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