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“Buona sera Signor e Signorine Masters! Benvenuti my friends! It’s my pleasure to serve you, at Ristorante Verutti!”

I held out my hand for Signor Verutti to shake and gave the proprietor a warm smile. I replied, “Ciao Carlo. How could we possibly go anywhere else? You serve the best Italian food in Seattle. Everyone knows that!”

The elderly gentleman looked back at me with a twinkle in his eye, “You are too kind, Mrs. Masters,” before giving me a kiss on each cheek.

Carlo then looked up at my husband, Adam. “Welcome back Mr. Masters. Is this a special occasion?”

Adam shook the owner’s hand firmly, and affectionately touched his shoulder with his left hand. He replied, “Yes Carlo… a very special occasion for Martha and me… our tenth wedding anniversary!”

Carlo’s eyes lit up and he grinned back at us. “Ah, so wonderful! Bellissimo! I have a very nice table for you, where you can have a quiet and intimate dinner and will not be unduly disturbed. My son, Anthony, will serve you tonight, and I will see to it that you receive the excellent service that you deserve on such a joyous occasion! Anthony will not treat you like a guest. No, tonight you are family!”

Signor Verutti led us to a secluded table for two, situated along the back wall of the dining room. The lights were turned down low, and classical music played softly in the background, while the scented candles provided a cozy warm atmosphere. The setting was perfect for our romantic dinner.

Adam, always the gentleman, pulled my chair out for me as I sat down, and then sat down in the chair to my right. Carlo handed us our menus, wished us “Buon appetite” and left us.

I looked at over my handsome husband and smiled; I liked what I saw. Adam was dressed perfectly. I love a man who knows how to dress well. He was wearing dark gray slacks, a light blue dress shirt with black onyx cufflinks, a black silk necktie, and a black leather sport coat. Adam has a slim but muscular physique with a flat belly. He’s forty-five years old, but he looks ten years younger. He’s a successful business owner, and many beautiful young women have thrown themselves shamelessly at him in the past, but he chose me, a woman eight years his senior. He prefers a woman who is older than him because, “she knows how to please a man.”

Tonight I decided to go with a sexy look for our anniversary dinner. I was wearing a flashy red party dress covered in two-tone sequins that showed off my curves. It was cut with a deep v-neckline and a thigh-high slit up the right leg. Underneath it I wore a red pushup bra, which accentuated my cleavage, and my sexiest red bikini panties, which are Adam’s favorites.

He loves looking at my breasts, and he loves sucking them. I know he feels proud to have me as his wife, and he gets a thrill from showing me off in public. Occasionally I’ll see men admiring me from a distance, and I’ll wonder what they’re thinking. Maybe they’re wishing they had an amazing woman in their lives like Adam has.

Signor Verutti has been the proprietor of this four star restaurant for over twenty years, and he knows how to make his guests feel comfortable. All of the tables are covered with oversize tablecloths, which hang down two feet over the edge, so ladies can sit comfortably and not worry about having to cross their legs or having some strange man looking up their skirt. That’s one of the many reasons I like coming to Verutti’s. I decided to relax and sit comfortably with my legs slightly apart.

A busboy arrived with a pitcher of ice water and filled our glasses. He smiled politely and left us, but he returned a few minutes later carrying a serving tray, which contained several items that he placed on our table; a relish tray of carrot sticks, celery sticks, and an assortment of olives. There was also a small dish of whipped butter, a small plate filled with olive oil, and a basket of warm rolls that were baked in house.

Soon after the busboy departed Anthony came over and greeted us, “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Masters, it’s an honor to serve you. May I bring you something to drink?”

Adam replied, “Hello Anthony! Yes, drinks would be very nice. Martha will have a champagne cocktail, and I’ll have a gin and tonic, in a tall glass with a lime, please”

Anthony replied, ” Very good, Signor. I will return shortly with your drinks.”

I like it when Adam takes charge; when he takes care of my needs. It makes me feel protected and safe, and loved.

A few minutes later Anthony returned with our drinks. He proceeded to list the daily specials, and Adam told him we would need a few minutes to make our decision. Anthony nodded and left.

We browsed through the menu. Adam looked over at me and asked, “What looks good, dear?”

I thought for a few seconds, “I’m going to have Veal Scaloppini. Can we have blue point oysters as an appetizer? Oh, and I also want tiramisu for dessert. This place has the best!”

He smiled back at me and replied, “Of course, dear. This is a special night and you will güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri have whatever you want!”

Adam chose the shrimp and wild mushroom risotto. He raised his hand to get Anthony’s attention, and a few seconds later our waiter returned. Adam gave him our order, and Anthony suggested a nice wine to accompany our entrees.

Our food was delicious and we spent well over an hour eating and enjoying it: savoring the flavors. The busboy arrived to clear our dinner plates, but I asked him to leave the whipped butter and the plate of olive oil. I had plans for later and I might have a use for them.

Anthony returned to check on us, and Adam ordered a piece of tiramisu for us to share, and two snifters of imported brandy.

When Anthony returned with our dessert and drinks Adam said, “That will be all for tonight, Anthony. Our meal was perfect. Please give my complements to the chef.” Adam took out his wallet and handed Anthony a credit card.

Our waiter replied, “Very good, Sir.”

Anthony returned in a few minutes with our bill and credit card. “Will there be anything else, Mr. Masters?”

“No, Anthony. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I’m going to sit here for a while and enjoy the company of my beautiful wife. If we need anything else I’ll raise my hand to get your attention.”

Anthony nodded his head and gave us a heartfelt farewell, “Arrivederci miei amici, e torna presto,” which means “Goodbye my friends, and come back soon.”

By ten o’clock the dinner rush was over and the dining room was nearly empty. Two other couples were seated at the other side of the room.

I placed my right hand on top of Adam’s thigh and said, “Well Mr. Masters, are you still happily married after ten long years?”

He looked at me and smiled, “Let me think about that…hmmm… am I happily married?”

I moved my hand and touched the inside of his thigh, “Well, are you?”

He still didn’t answer me. I moved my hand up to his crotch, cupped his balls in my hand and gave him a squeeze. Now I had his full attention.

He replied, “Darling, my marriage to you is what makes my life worth living, and yes, I am very… happily… married.”

I chuckled, “Good answer.”

I pushed the table away from us about six inches. I needed a little more room to play with Adam. I grabbed the napkin off his lap and put it on top of his thigh. Then I moved both of my hands down and unbuckled his belt.

He looked me in the eye and smiled. Then he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You are an amazing woman… have fun, but be discreet… we don’t want to get thrown out.”

I replied, “Darling, we won’t get caught… I promise… just relax and enjoy a romantic night out with your wife.”

Adam and I do not have what you would call a “traditional sex life.” We love pushing boundaries and trying new things. The more unusual the act the more we like it. We follow the advice of the Greek poet, Horace, “Seize the day, and put little trust in tomorrow.”

From the day we first met we were adventurous lovers. The first time I saw Adam he was in his executive office on the forty-second floor of the building directly across from my office. He was wearing only a pair of running shorts and he was looking at me through a pair of binoculars. I liked it that he wasn’t embarrassed when I waved to him. We exchanged cell phone numbers and within an hour I persuaded him to get naked and show me his beautiful cock. In exchange I stripped to the waist and sucked on one my nipples for him. I even pulled my panties aside and spread my pussy lips open for him. This was our first game of “Tit For Tat,” where we took turns exhibiting for each other.

The next day I got to see his cock ejaculate onto a dinner plate, and the day after I masturbated for him with a vibrator in my ass, a large penis shaped vibrator in my pussy, and a mini vibrator on my clit, with all of the toys pleasuring me at the same time. We both came that day. Adam shot his load onto his office window and I still savor the memory of watching it drip slowly down the window and onto the floor.

I unzipped him, unbuttoned the fly of his boxers, and pulled his beautiful cock out. He was only half erect, and I intended to make him rock hard. I started scratching the underside of his dick with my thumbnail. Adam loves it when I scratch his “sweet spot.” After a few seconds his dick slipped to the side. I whispered “Baby, hold your dick steady. It keeps moving away from me.”

Adam wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and held it in place for me.

I applied more pressure and scratched hard. Adam squinted his eyes and purred, “Yes baby, you know what I like, yes… yes… yes!”

I asked, “So you like getting scratched? Ok, let’s turn it up a bit.”? I picked up a fork off the table. I thought to myself, “this should work.” I raked the tines of the fork very slowly down his shaft. I looked down and sure enough that did the trick. Adam’s cock had grown to seven inches güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and was rock hard. The head was turning purple!

Adam said “Oh shit, baby… you’re too much… I love it!”

I liked my husband’s response. Next, I gently pricked the head of his cock with the tines of the fork. Adam closed his eyes and started to hum. I thought he was going to come right then, but I wanted to play with him longer. I put the fork back on the table. Then I whispered in his ear, “I have to go pee. Wait here and do not zip your pants up. I’m not done with you yet.”

Adam smiled back at me, “I’ll wait right here, but please don’t take too long or I might have to start without you.” He winked at me.

I gave him a serious look, “Don’t you dare start without me. I’ll decide when you come.”

Adam looked me in the eye, “Whatever you say, Mistress Martha.”

For modesty sake I placed Adam’s napkin back over his lap. Then I got up and headed to the ladies room.

While I was in the stall I thought about ways to keep the situation going. I took off my red panties and put them in my purse. My dripping wet pussy had soaked the crotch. After exiting the stall I briefly checked my hair and makeup and headed back to Adam.

He watched me keenly as I walked confidently back towards our table. Normally he would stand up and pull my chair back for me, but because his cock was hanging out he remained seated. I thought to myself “Good man, you followed my instructions.”

I moved Adam’s napkin back onto his thigh and stroked his cock a few times to get him hard again. I smiled at him and said, “I have a gift for you.”

He replied, “Ooh, I love gifts!”

I pulled my panties out of my purse and draped the moist crotch over the head of his hard cock. He looked down at my panties, and then brought them up to his face and sniffed the crotch.

“I love my gift … the smell of you, dear!”

He took a few more seconds to sniff my panties. Then he wrapped them around his dick and said; “Now I have a gift for you.”

He reached across the table and grabbed my purse. He opened it, and pulled out my mini vibrator. He turned it on and it made a low pitched humming sound. He brought it towards my wet pussy.

I adjusted my chair so I was facing him, pulled my dress up and opened my thighs for him. He held the vibrator on my clit for a few seconds, and then began moving the toy in circles all around my clit, just barely touching it… just enough touching to drive me wild! He continued to tease my clit for about two minutes, and then I came. It was a nice little orgasm, and I was able to enjoy it without the loud screaming that I normally do during a big orgasm.

We relaxed for a few minutes, sitting quietly and enjoying being together. I took a few sips of my brandy. Adam stirred his gin and tonic with his swizzle stick and took a sip.

I started thinking about how much I love being married to Adam… about how much fun it is having sex with him. In the ten years we’ve been married I think we’ve done just about every sex act imaginable. I looked him in the eye and asked “Adam, is there anything sexual that you would like to try that we haven’t done yet? You can be honest. If I don’t want to try it, I’ll tell you.”

He looked back at me, “Really? Well, let me think about that for a minute.”

Adam looked across the room, but I could tell he was processing in his mind what to say. About a minute later he spoke. “Martha, there is something I saw online a few months ago that looked interesting. It’s called sounding. Have you heard of it?”

I’d never heard the expression in the context of a sexual act. At my age I thought I knew pretty much everything. I was interested to learn more.

I answered him, “No, I’ve never heard of it. What is it?”

Again, he thought a for a few seconds before answering me, “Well, a sound is a medical instrument used to probe inside a man’s urethra. It’s used for clearing obstructions in the urinary tract, and it’s also used for bladder and prostate problems. The sound is a thin stainless steel rod. Gay men were the first to use them in a sexual context, but now it’s becoming more common for couples to use them. If you’re interested, I can show you a video on my phone so you can to see how it ‘s done.”

The whole idea of sounding seemed very strange to me. The first thing I thought was that it must be very painful for the man, and intimidating for the woman. How could anyone, man or woman, get pleasure from putting a metal rod into a man’s penis? I decided to learn more.

I smiled at my husband, “OK, show me the video. I’m curious.”

Adam started a web browser app on his phone and opened up our favorite porn site. A few seconds later he found a video titled “How to Use Urethral Sounds,” and hit the Play button.

The opening scene shows a middle age man and woman, sitting on a couch. They had just finished watching something on the television in front of them.

The woman güvenilir bahis şirketleri turns off the television and turns to the man, “Well, what do you think? Do you want to try it?”

He replies, “Yeah sure, I like trying new things with you. I’m excited! Are you?”

“Yeah, I’m a little nervous, but I can do it!”

In the next scene they’re in a different room. The man is lying naked on his back on a large table that is about four feet off the ground. He has a pillow under his head. The woman has changed out of her street clothes, and is wearing tight shorts and a matching tank top. She’s also wearing black leather knee-high boots with high heels. You can see the top of her black thong panties above the waistband of her shorts. There are some objects on the table next to the man’s thigh.

The woman looks to be about thirty. She has a cute face with and an attractive smile. She looks like the girl next-door, not some trashy porn actress.

She looks at the camera and smiles. “Hi everybody, I’m Tracy, and this is John. So today we’re going to try out sounds.” She puts her hands on the man’s thigh, “Hopefully my man here will help me through this… cuz I’m a little nervous, but I’m really excited.”

She looks down at the objects next to John’s thigh, “I’ve got everything I’m going to need.” She opens a leather case and holds it up to the camera. “So these are the actual sounds.”

There are eight sounds in the kit, and each sound is eight inches long and has a slight ‘S” shape. The thinnest one is about an eighth of an inch in diameter, and the thickest one is about an inch in diameter.

The camera zooms in on the objects on the table next to John’s thigh as she points to each one. “I’ve got lube, alcohol, cotton balls, and some paper towels.”

She smiles at the camera, “OK, I have to get my man ready… so he wants to play with me.”

She brings her mouth down to his penis and licks him all over, and then puts it in her mouth. She uses her mouth and her hand at the same time, stroking and sucking his cock. It takes about a minute for John to get an erection.

She pulls her mouth off of his cock and straightens up. She takes the thinnest sound from the kit and lays it on the table. Then she takes a cotton ball, moistens it with the alcohol, and cleans the sound with the cotton ball. Next, she picks up the bottle of lube and squirts some on the sound and then a few drops on the tip of the John’s penis. She uses her fingers to spread the lube all over the surface of the sound. She wraps her hand around her man’s cock, gently stoking it.

She looks at his face and whispers, “Are you ready?”

John responds, “Yes, let’s do this.”

The camera zooms in on the head of his penis. John’s dick is circumcised and his erection is about six inches long.

“OK, I’m going to put the smaller end in first.”

She places the tip of the sound at the opening and inserts it about a half inch.

Tracy looks at John’s face, “Are you ok? I mean… am I hurting you?”

He smiles back at her, “Not at all dear. I’ll let you know if it hurts.”

She holds his dick with one hand, pointing the head up towards the ceiling. She holds the sound loosely with her other hand to keep it vertical. The weight of the sound causes it to slowly descend into John’s penis.

“Oh my God, it’s just sliding in there… all by itself!”

In less than ten seconds seven inches of the sound are inside of him.

Tracy looks relieved. She looks up at the camera and chuckles, “It went in a lot easier than I thought.”

She looks closely at John’s dick from the front and the back. She holds the end of the sound so it doesn’t drop all the way inside of him. Then she slowly pulls the sound out.

Tracy giggles, “Wow! I’m impressed. How did it feel, John?

He thinks about it for a second, “You know, I didn’t feel much of anything. Just some pressure at the tip, but no pain at all. How was it for you?”

She smiles back at him, “I was really nervous about hurting you. It’s funny… that something can look painful but it’s not. Are you ready for the next one?”

John chuckles, “Sure, let ‘s try a bigger one.”

She leans over and gives him a light kiss on the lips. She whispers something in his ear and he laughs out loud, “You’ll be fine dear… I trust you.”

She takes the next bigger sound from the case, cleans it and applies some lube. This one was about a quarter inch thick. She applies another drop of lube to his dick and slowly strokes it a few times, until it’s hard again. She brings the tip of the sound to the opening. Again the camera zooms in on the head. She sticks the tip of the sound into the opening and holds it vertical. The sound slowly drops down into his cock about six inches.

Tracy yells out, “Holy shit… this is wild!”

She places the tip of her index finger on the end of the sound and slowly pushes it down into John’s cock.

She looks at his face, “Does this hurt?”

He smiles back at her, “Not at all. I really like watching it go inside me. It looks really neat… um… I think it’s turning me on. How does it look to you?”

She pulls her face back about a foot and looks closely at his cock with the sound in it, and giggles, “It looks like I’ve got a shish kabob! OK, I’m going to pull it out now.”

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