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Anita in ParadiseI can’t believe what’s happened to me! Here I am in a swingers’ paradise on a beautiful Caribbean island. Last night I had sex with seven people and tonight – who knows? Maybe more!Well I better put you in the picture – my name’s Anita and until about a month ago I was just one of those lonely divorced women who thought they’d never have sex again. That was until my wonderful, wonderful friend Lorraine came round with a gift – and what a gift! A magic wand which unlocked my sexual yearnings and within the hour on that morning I had had multiple orgasms, squirting orgasms and full on messy sex with Lorraine. Yes my life as a bisexual adventurer had started and so far it’s been a journey of joy and wonderful pleasure.The last few weeks have boosted my confidence. Gone are my fears about being seen with little on. Now I strut my stuff among the well honed beauties of this sun soaked tropical paradise. Let me set the scene for you. It’s the middle of the afternoon and the sun is high in the sky. All round the swimming pool everybody is naked. There are all shapes and sizes here but also some gorgeous people. The bar is doing a roaring trade and we are all waited upon by golden skinned men with nothing on and sporting huge erections. These Viagra fuelled boys are passing by me every few minutes with their erections bobbing up and down. The food is served by beautiful dark skinned girls who are all completely naked with delightful breasts and beautifully groomed pudenda. I am sitting at a table with Lorraine and her husband Jack. Yes, my friend is married and she and Jack have been swinging for years- unbeknown to me. Also at the table is Etienne, a tall handsome Frenchman who has been our companion since we arrived here. Well, I know what you are thinking and you are right. When the sun goes down and the pool area is bathed in seductive low lights then there is much activity here and the perfect waiters and waitresses provide more than just food and drink. Take last night for example. The management here organised a mini sex Olympics competition. The waiters and waitresses paired up and in the arc lights on the stage at one end of the pool area they performed breathtakingly athletic sex and then we got to vote and three couples got medals.Jason and Rosa won gold and that was no surprise. Their act was stunning. It was a sex ballet that was choreographed to build up sexual tension and the music by a contemporary Italian pianist added to this build up. Many in the audience responded to the tension by masturbating themselves or others. edremit escort Some were having full on sex and next to me Lorraine had one hand on Jack’s cock frantically wanking him and her other hand was pressed on to my clit, sending waves of pleasure through me, pleasure augmented by my reaction to what was happening on the stage. The couple on the stage performed their lithe and splendid act as the tension mounted and finally exploded in a massive shared orgasm. Almost at the same time that I came, I saw Rosa’s ejaculate shoot out across the audience and Jason’s spunk fly into Rosa’s face, all this was beautifully captured by the close up camera relayed to large TV screens. Half a minute later Jack’s spunk shot through the night air and landed across my breasts – well aimed! I shouted. Next to me the woman who straddled Etienne let out a high pitched scream as her orgasm overwhelmed her. At the end of the show the three winning pairs were given their medals one after another. Rosa stood there with her lovely smile. Her body was still dripping with Jason’s spunk. The couple who came last in the voting underwent some playful humiliation. Poor old Tomas was tied up and had a wooden spoon inserted up his anus and his partner Daphne had her wrists cuffed to her legs and her beautiful pussy was invaded by a turnip and two carrots. All this captured superbly by the close up camera.Anyway, that was last night and this is now. In the heat of the day I like to take my drink to the cool of our room. The question is though, who will accompany me? I look across the pool and spot the nice couple I met on the first day. Drink in hand, I go round and ask them whether they would like to sit on our shady balcony as I know theirs is in the sun at the moment. They are delighted at the invitation and within a few moments we are sitting in the shade on our balcony. My friends are Daniel and Jenna – young, bright and great company. Daniel is well hung and not very hairy. As for Jenna she is small but not petite with nice firm breasts, her well groomed pussy is exposed as Jenna has chosen to sit with one leg resting across the other as she relaxes in the chair. I imagine pushing three fingers into her wet sex and making her scream with pleasure.We start off with small talk but soon our conversation turns to last night’s spectacle. “I was riveted” declares Jenna. “Jason is so fit! I’m not leaving this place until I’ve had my fill of him.”“Well if you want Jason then I’ve gotta have Rosa at least give me a blow job” says Daniel. “I’m sure it can be arranged” I assure escort edremit them.A gentle knock at the door and I say “Come!” (really I know that should be “Cum!”). In walk Jason and Rosa. The room lights up with their full on horny, beautiful presence.“What a pleasure to see you both again” I say.“Yes”, says Jason. “Rosa and I think you could do with some extra company”“Too right!” I say, “We were just talking about you and how wonderful it would be to spend time with you.”“Well”, says Jason. “Let’s get to know each other better!” At that point Rosa taps Jason’s massive cock and it bobs up and down, as if it is beckoning us to come closer, to lick and taste it, to suck the juices out of it in an explosion of riotous indulgence. Rosa smiles beautifully and her eyes settle on the neat pink pussy that Jenna is revealing as she sits back in her chair. Rosa moves forward between Daniel and Jenna and with one hand is stroking Dan’s hard on and with the other gently running her fingers across Jenna’s thighs. The young couple are soon softly groaning. I waste no time in responding to Jason’s cock invitation and in a few seconds my mouth is filled with the rock hard flesh, the hot, delectable firmness of Jason’s helmet. I bounce my tongue around this smooth pebble of a surface. I gently bite along Jason’s massive shaft and then take each ball in my mouth sucking each one of his sperm banks and letting my tongue excite and arouse him. He soon starts to explore me and before long I feel his hardness invade me. A firm fullness overwhelms me.I turn round and while Jason is pounding my dripping sex I gently lick Rosa’s pussy from behind – it is right next to me – she is bent over seeing to Daniel and Jenna. My tongue pushes around her golden folds and finds its way into her sex. I push my tongue hard against the rough patch that is her G spot. Rosa shudders as at the same time I rub her clitoris with my finger and thumb. I keep a rhythm going in time with Jason’s pussy stretching penetration of my vagina. Soon I feel Rosa working up to an orgasm as she delivers the same service to Daniel and Jenna. Young Daniel is the first to come, with Rosa’s gentle licking and stroking there is no hope of putting off the delicious moment. With the cry of a abandon Daniel shoots his spunk through the air. It hits Rosa in the neck and dribbles down to her shoulder. Beads of white spunk rest on her shiny black hair. Two more shots of spunk quickly follow, liberally hitting Rosa and Jenna. The sight of Daniel’s huge cock ejecting streams of love juice onto her body edremit escort bayan and Rosa’s body brings Jenna to the edge. She shudders as Rosa inserts a fourth finger into her tight little pussy and grinds on her clit and G spot. There is no stopping her and a drawn out loud moan fills the balcony and beyond. Jenna’s orgasm is massive and total, her eyes staring wildly ahead of her as if the intense pleasure is reaching all parts of her body. As Jenna’s moan subsides I
can feel my own climax moving upon me as Jason continues his relentless hammering of my stretched and indulged pussy. I step up my assault on Rosa and she responds with jerks and brings her body up and puts her hands on her head as she comes with a small cry of “thank you”. I withdraw my hand from Rosa’s soaked pussy and lick off the love juice and then plant a kiss on Rosa as she turns round in readiness for my moment of crisis. And the moment is very soon upon me. Jason withdraws and Rosa and Jenna concentrate on me. Jason has opened me up so Rosa easily slips her whole hand and wrist into me and turning it one way and then the other in a rapid movement. Jenna is licking my clit hard. A warm sensation moves itself up from the small of my back and invades all parts. I feel a sharp intense pleasure within my vagina as it clamps around Rosa’s busy hand and shudder strongly as the orgasm reaches its zenith. My cries of pleasure are being heard by all.As we lie here in our post-orgasmic fog, Jason knows there is one thing left undone. Jenna wants Jason to fuck her. In her vulnerable state, still recovering from her own strong climax, Jason wastes no time. He pins Jenna down on the floor and pulls her legs wide apart. He inserts his massive erection into her sensitised fanny. She responds with a yelp of pain and tries to move away but Jason has her firmly in his grip. She can do nothing but endure his trusting. The beautiful sight of Jason and Jenna going at it makes both me and Rosa rub ourselves. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Daniel sliding his hand up and down his shaft as he watches his girlfriend being pummelled. It isn’t long before Jenna is having her second orgasm, even more powerful than before. She sets up a continuous loud moan as she writhes and twists on the floor. Just as Jason withdraws a firm spray of ejaculate comes out of Jenna and soaks Jason and the floor around them. A second squirt is emitted. Finally Jason throws his head back and moves himself from side to side to ensure everyone is hit by the copious amounts of spunk he is producing.It must have been a good 4 or 5 minutes before any of us spoke. We were lying intertwined on the floor covered in spunk, love juice and Jenna’s ejaculate.“Well Jenna, darlin” says Daniel “I think we just fulfilled our ambition”More of my adventures to follow!

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