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Their husbands were going to be outta town for the weekend and their company was having the Friday night Happy Hour after work, so Ang and Beth decided to get babysitters and have a big lady’s night out. They rode to work together so they’d just have one car so hopefully at least one of them would be sober enough after Happy Hour to get them home.

The day dragged but finally 4:15 came and they excitedly headed for the bar. No husbands, no kids, no responsibilities, both girls were very much looking forward to kicking back and having a good time.

Two, four, six, eight beers later it was getting late. Both girls were definitely buzzing but decided they were fine to make it home. They decided to head to Beth’s, but first stopped at a liquor store and bought a six pack of bottles for the ride home, and three bottles of wine for once they arrived.

The ride went fast enough and a beer each proved enough. It was enough to keep a good buzz going but not so much to put them to sleep. They did have three bottles of wine to drink after all.

Inside the house they started out in the kitchen. The wine was very good and the first couple glasses went fast, kicking up the buzz a notch or two for them both. They decided to head to the couch and get more comfortable.

They talked and talked, about work and the kids and their husbands and the first bottle was quickly gone. They popped the cork on the second bottle and headed back to the couch. Sitting end and end, legs crossed up in their laps, this is when Beth started to notice how tightly the seam of Ang’s jeans pulled up against her pussy. A tingle went right to her clit and her nipples tightened up just a bit as she quickly looked up, hoping Ang hadn’t caught her looking at her crotch.

Beth’s mind was racing. She was beyond buzzed now, she was horny and had a beautiful girl sitting on the couch with her who she sure was at least also in the buzzed state as well. Beth could only hope that Ang was as horny as she was. She’d always wanted to mess around with a girl and Ang was definitely one of her favorite fantasy partners. Many a time she played with her clit while she imagined it was Ang’s tongue and not just her own fingers that brought her off. This was the night. She had to go for it.

Quickly she decided that the first step was to convince Ang to stay the night and get her into something more comfortable. Luckily it started snowing lightly on the way home and now it’d picked up and was really starting to accumulate. Beth got up to go to the bathroom and on the way she turned the thermostat up five degrees. She wanted to get Ang in as little as possible.

Once back she suggested that Ang just stay to which she readily agreed. The snow was really piling up and Ang didn’t want to take any chances trying to drive home in the dark. They had the big house all to themselves so why not? Beth suggested they go get into something more comfortable and again Ang agreed. Little did she know what Beth had in mind.

They got to Beth’s room and Beth’s plan was clearly in place. She would strip naked and then put on her favorite sleep shirt, a white button down shirt tight enough to really show off her big breasts and just long enough to cover her ass. She knew when they got back to the couch it would be very hard to conceal her goodies and she was very much looking forward to having them on display.

For Ang she had something else in mind. She grabbed a small little pink cami top and a pair of small white cotton shorts. She loved the shorts because they were small and short, but the legs kinda flared out. She knew from experience that if she wore them with no panties and crossed her legs, her pussy would be on full display. The thought sent another jolt to her clit. Damn she was getting horny.

Beth decided to put on the best show she could for Ang as she stripped. She didn’t wanna be too obvious yet, but she did want to show off her body a little bit. First with her back to Ang, she unbuttoned her pants and slowly bent at the waist as she slowly pushed them down to the floor. She paused a bit as she imagined her shiny pussy lips peaking out between her legs, hoping Ang noticed. As she stepped out of them she discreetly turned her head to Ang to see were she was looking. To her delight, Ang was staring at her pussy as if in a trace.

Not wanting to freak Ang out she stood and turned as if she didn’t notice. Quickly she lifted her shirt over her head and then released her breasts from her bra. She glanced up at Ang and again she was taking in her body. Again Beth acted as she didn’t notice and then for good measure, rubbed and squeezed her big breasts a little, playing up how good it felt to release them from their restraints. She smiled inside as Ang just took it all in, still as if in a trance. This was looking promising.

Beth pulled her shirt on, pushing her breasts out a bit as she slipped both arms in. Then she just buttoned a couple middle buttons and let the rest of the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shirt hang free. A quick glance in the mirror confirmed that she looked hot. The shirt open to below her ample breasts and with a little twirl the little slit that was her pussy clearly showed between her legs.

Now it was Ang’s turn. Ang finally kinda popped out of it and realized she better start getting ready or it would be painfully clear she was checking Beth out. She just hoped Beth couldn’t tell how wet her own pussy was. Or maybe she hoped she could. Oh she was definitely horny too and the wine and Beth’s body on display wasn’t helping matters any. She’d never been with a girl, but she’d fantasized about it a few times. She’d never admit that, especially that she actually fantasized about Beth, but it was still true.

Quickly she decided she better get going. She turned and quickly pushed down her pants and pulled off her shirt. She started to grab the cami Beth had given her when Beth stopped her, pointing out that surely she wanted to get out of that confining bra and panties. After all, if was just the two of them. Why not? So quickly she pulled off her bra and just as quickly pulled the cami over her head. She didn’t realize how hard her nipples were but now it was pretty clear, as they pressed out hard against the tight light pink cami. Next went her panties to be replaced by the little white shorts. Beth was right, this did feel much better. She just hoped Beth didn’t notice how soaked her little thong panties were.

Beth had enjoyed that. She loved showing off her body but she also loved taking Ang’s in. And she loved how hard Ang’s nipples were and how wet her pussy clearly was. Ang’s panties were just soaked. Almost dripping. Clearly Ang was feeling something. Whether that would translate into some physical contact, she didn’t know. But she was optimistic.

Back to the living room and to the couch they went. It was beautiful sitting there looking out at the snow falling. Only made the mood that much better. The wine continued to flow and soon they were on the last bottle. Beth knew now was the time to step things up a notch so she started talking about sex. They started by talking about their sex lives, past and present and Beth found herself fighting to stop from touching herself. She constantly was squirming in her seat and in the process her shirt rode up and up. She knew Ang could see her pussy because she kept catching her taking quick glances and she could feel the cold air against her wet lips.

On the other side of the couch Ang was in pretty much the same predicament. Her nipples felt like they were about to cut through her shirt and there was juice seeping out of her pussy. She wanted to touch her clit so bad she could scream. She glanced down and noticed her shorts were pulled over to one side and her shaved pussy was clearly visible, clearly wet and clearly open. She looked up and noticed Beth was looking at the same thing. Her reflex was to close her legs but for some reason, she didn’t. She kinda liked it.

Beth knew she’d been caught so to cover herself she got up and went to the kitchen to get more wine. As soon as she turned the corner Ang slipped a finger down to her pussy to try to relieve some of the need. She ran her finger down between her lips and she could not believe how wet she was. Quickly her finger was soaked and so she brought it up to her clit and started slowly rubbing it in little circles. Oh fuck she thought, she was going to have to be careful here or she’d come right here on the couch. What she should have been doing she thought was covering her pussy, but fuck that, this felt too damn good.

Meanwhile Beth decided to go for it. She went to her room to get her favorite porno DVD. She hadn’t cleared it with Ang, but she’d seen her pussy, seen how wet it was, seen how hard her nipples were and caught her staring at her pussy. If now wasn’t the time, there never would be a time. She pulled open the drawer that hid her movies and thumbed through them looking for the one with the best girl on girl scenes. She quickly found it and replaced the others of course noticing the other item in this drawer as she did … her vibrator.

Oh how Beth wanted to feel that vibrator inside her but should she? She picked it up and sat down, picking one foot up on the bed and spreading her pussy open wide. Not that she needed to because her pussy was so wet, but by habit she sucked the head of the vibe inside her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and getting it nice and wet. She shouldn’t be doing this but she had to, just for a minute. She placed the vibrator down to her opening and firmly pressed it into her pussy. She was so wet it went to the hilt on the first stroke. She moaned as it hit bottom, hopefully not loud enough to be heard. Fuck, the door was wide open and if Ang came looking for her she’d find her with her legs wide open and a fake vibrating cock buried inside her pussy to the base.

She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri didn’t even turn the vibrator on but any more of this and Ang would definitely hear her coming. Would that be a bad thing? She couldn’t decide. But as much as she wanted to come, she dropped the wet toy on the bed and headed back to the living room.

Meanwhile, Ang couldn’t stop playing with her clit. It just felt too fucking good. She was listening closely for Beth, trying to make sure she heard her so she could stop before she reentered the room. She’d have sworn she heard Beth moan from the other room and that almost sent her over the top, but she backed off enough to keep her orgasm at bay. She was so close, but she was good at drawing it out, even though this was the ultimate test.

Beth walked into the room just as Ang dipped her finger into her wine and stirred it with the finger, the one that had just been rubbing her clit. There wasn’t much other choice, her finger was dripping and where else would the moisture have come from? Of course one look at her pussy which was on as much of display as ever would also give it away, but that was beside the point. Of course Ang could close her legs and she knew it, but she loved having her pussy open like this. It was so liberating and she was so horny. She wanted Beth to see her pussy. Wanted her to want it.

Beth walked past Ang and toward the TV, turning it on and placing something in the DVD player. Ang asked what there were going to watch and Beth just smiled and said, “You’ll see.” Ang’s eyes went wide as images of naked men and women started flashing up on the screen. She turned to Beth as she plopped back down on the couch and Beth just smiled, telling Ang she was getting horny talking about sex and wanted to watch her favorite movie. Beth asked if that was okay with Ang and Ang just smiled and turned back to the TV.

The first scene was pretty standard, guy girl stuff but the actors were good looking with great bodies. The chick had a nice ass and big full rack and the guy had a six pack and about a ten inch cock. Both girls had an increasingly difficult time not openly masturbating now but so far they both held their restraint.

In the next scene, the guy is on a business trip leaving the girl home all alone. The scene goes from her in the shower, taking her sweet time rubbing soap all over her wet body, spending lots of extra time on her breasts, her pussy and her ass. She finally finishes and steps out of the shower but by this time, Beth can’t help herself and much like in the bedroom, she placed her foot up on the couch and started openly playing with her clit. Ang pretended not to notice but there was no way not too. She tried to keep her eyes on the movie but was having more and more difficulty not openly staring at Beth and joining her in what she was doing.

What came next was too much, just as Beth knew it would be. The gal in the video took a bottle of lotion, took it to her bedroom and laid down on her bed. She squeezed a handful of lotion into her hand and started spreading it all over her body. She rubbed the lotion all over the big firm breasts, down over her stomach, and finally all over her pussy. She spread her legs wide as the camera zoomed in on her pussy. She ran her finger up and down through her lips, up around and around her clit, then finally right down inside her pussy. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she started fingering her pussy faster and faster. The camera was zoomed in tight and you could hear her pussy juices sloshing as her finger, then two fingers pistoned in and out of her hole.

Finally this was more than Ang could take. She finally just said fuck it and leaned back, opened her legs wide and started playing with her pussy. Beth laughed and told her it was about time as she did the same, turning and facing directly toward Ang so she could not only see what Ang was doing better, but let Ang see what she was doing as well.

It was hard to tell what was hotter, the chick masturbating on the screen or the two masturbating on the couch. All three where working their pussies over pretty good when all of a sudden the door bell rang. Good thing it wasn’t Beth’s doorbell because whoever rang it would have been watching this whole scene. Instead it was the doorbell in the movie. It was the girl’s friend and of course she was also super hot.

The girl in the movie jumped up and grabbed her robe, a short little silk number that barely covered her ass. She tied it at the waste and ran toward the door, licking the pussy juice from her fingers as she went. She threw open the door and there was her best friend, dressed in a pair of tight white cotton shorts and a tight light yellow cami. She looked almost just like Ang.

The two girls on the screen closed the door and immediately met in a big embrace, then went right into a long steamy French kiss. Ang’s eyes were wide open as she continued to play with her very wet pussy, but of course güvenilir bahis şirketleri Beth knew what was coming and she just smiled and she proceeded to noisily finger fuck her own cunt.

Immediately the two girls on screen went to the couch and started undressing each other. In no time they were naked and one was sitting with legs wide open on the couch while the other noisily lapped at her pussy. Ang lifted her butt and pulled her shorts down over her ankles, quickly pulled her shirt up over her head and then laid back and started trying to match Beth’s actions, fucking herself with abandon with two fingers.

This went on as the girl on the screen continued to eat her friend’s pussy, making the friend moan and thrash about on the couch. Then it happened. Ang blurted out, “I wish I had someone to eat my pussy like that right now!” As soon as she said it Ang couldn’t believe what she’d said, but this was just the opening Beth was hoping for.

Like that without saying a word Beth was down on her knees between Ang’s legs, lapping away over and over at her pussy. At first Ang was shocked and said, “No Beth, don’t, don’t” but she never made a move to actually stop her and quickly she laid her head back and just enjoyed what Beth was doing to her. Ang’s pussy was so sopping wet and Beth just went crazy lapping up her juices. Pass after pass, starting at the bottom of Ang’s pussy, Beth licked all the way up over Ang’s clit. Ang loved it.

Finally Beth started focusing in on Ang’s clit. She was intent on making this the best orgasm of Ang’s life. She pulled Ang’s clit in between her lips and started running her tongue all over it. At the same time she reached up and easily slipped two of her fingers into Ang’s pussy. Harder and faster Beth fucked Ang all the while assaulting her clit with her tongue. Ang was in heaven. Never before had she had her pussy eaten so aggressively and never before had it felt so good, not coincidentaly she was sure because it was her good friend Beth that was eating her out.

At last Ang knew she couldn’t take any more. She arched her back, sticking her breasts out as far as she could as Beth brought her over the edge. Her whole body convulsed and she screamed as she came harder than she could ever remember coming before. It was all Beth could do to keep her lips attached to Ang’s clit but she did her absolute best.

After several moments Ang opened her eyes to see Beth still sitting on her knees on the floor before her. Ang looked up at the screen and in the movie the girls had switched places and were laying on the floor. The girl previously getting her pussy eaten on the couch, was now laying on the floor between her friend’s legs, lapping away at her pussy while her friend played with her considerable breasts.

Ang couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but she knew what she wanted. She loved how aggressively Beth has just eaten her out and how hard it had made her cum, but she also loved how her husband ate her, slow and deliberate, building her up slowly until her whole body exploded in orgasm. This is how she’d imagined eating Beth’s pussy in her fantasies and that’s how she was going to eat her now.

Ang slid down off the couch onto the floor and without saying a word, pushed Beth back onto the floor. Beth’s legs naturally opened wide as Ang settled down in between them, closing in on her wet, slick pussy. Beth’s pussy looked magnificent. So smooth without a hair on it. Ang’s mouth watered. It looked so soft. So fucking hot. Her face just inches away, she could smell Beth’s arousal.

Hesitantly she placed her hands on Beth’s thighs and slowly started inching them inward. Moisture eased out of Beth’s pussy as she waited in anticipation for Ang’s fingers, tongue, anything to make contact with her open puss. She was dying for that touch. She wanted it so bad she thought about reaching down and fulfilling her need on her own but she resisted, keeping both hands glued to her breasts, knowing the touch would come, hoping it would come soon.

Finally Ang’s fingers arrived at their destination. She watched closely as she ran her fingers up the length of Beth’s slit. It was so smooth. So soft. Her own pussy ached as she spread Beth’s juices around her pussy. Ang was so nervous but she had to continue. Had to taste Beth’s pussy. Had to make her cum.

At last Beth felt what she so hungered for. Finally Ang’s tongue snaked out and licked the length of her pussy. She almost came right then. Little did she know that Ang almost did to.

A hand on each side of Beth’s puss, slowly Ang lapped at Beth’s lips. Tenderly, slowly, Ang’s tongue moved up through Beth’s folds, pulling her clit up and out from under its hood with each stroke, just like her husband ate her own pussy. Over and over, she started at the bottom of Beth’s pussy and licked it all the way to the top, picking up the pace ever so slightly each time.

With each stroke of Ang’s tongue, Beth’s clit hardened and extended outside it’s hiding place, begging to be touched. Noticing Beth’s clit poking out like a little prick, Ang stopped at it and lightly sucked it in between her lips. Using her fingers she pulled Beth’s pussy open wide, exposing her clit that much more. Ang knew it was time to take Beth over the edge.

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