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Anal Sex with the French Foreign Exchange StudentThat night I awoke at 3:00 AM. Lack of sleep from abusing Emile’s tiny French asshole almost ’till dawn the previous night and at breakfast had caught up with me. My wife lay next to me asleep in a deep slumber as a result of another round of sleeping pills. Like last night, I gave her an aggressive shake yet got no response. Although it was much later than the previous night, I still had a small window of time to slip out of bed to m***** Emile. When I arrived to her room she was asleep, probably exhausted from last night’s abusive encounter. I lifted her covers to find that she was completely naked. Apparently she had prepared herself for me prior to falling asleep. I just started to pepper her ass cheeks with kisses until she finally awakened. She scolded me for my conduct that morning at causing so much risk at cumming in her backdoor at the kitchen table while my wife had been unlocking the front door. I apologized profusely and told her such risky behavior would never occur again but that I simple couldn’t be denied getting off in her ass at that moment. As I kissed her on her lips she told me that her asshole was simply way too sore at that moment to be sodomized because of the furious pounding it took at the breakfast table. I must say, I had fucked it as if it were a pussy. She told me that I would also have to wait to fuck her pussy until she saw a doctor to be prescribed birth control pills. In other words she said, tonight’s sex session would have to be strictly oral. With that said, she asked me if I wanted to be on top or the bottom for a prolonged 69 session? I kaçak bahis quickly indicated that I preferred the bottom so that her tiny ass was staring directly at my face. I took all of her pillows and stacked them so that my face was propped up. Better to access not only her wet pussy but to also provide her with a thorough rim job. We assumed the position and I was quickly mesmerized by just how tiny her ass was. Again, it was less than 8 inches in width. During the course of the day, she had shaved her pussy’s thick bush as well as the thicket of pubic hair that had ringed her anus. I must say her hairless private parts made me feel like a p*******e. Granted she was of age, but that tiny, hairless ass crack along with her miniature ass cheeks made me think that a p*****n lay atop me. That fleeting moment of guilt subsided though as I opened wide to swallow as much of her left ass cheek as I possibly could. She let out a muffled moan since she was already very busy slurping on my meaty cock. What was truly a turn on to me was that that mouthful of her assmeat now in my mouth was a good portion of her entire cheek. Again, that’s how small her ass cheeks were. Now that I had a close up view of her shaved pussy, I too was amazed at it’s miniature nature. It was slightly more than an inch in it’s vertical height. Little did she know, but as I lapped at it’s tiny, vertical slit, that I had made up my mind that I would fuck it tonight, even if she protested. I knew that even if she did, that her 80-pound frame could do nothing physically to prevent my 200-pound frame from over powering her and inserting my cock in that underdeveloped bets10 giriş love hole. In any event, that would come later. For now, I was enjoying the taste of her succulent pussy. It occurred to me that she was a very thoughtful lover because as I slid my tongue deep inside her pussy my nostrils were pinned against her anus. She had spritzed her anus with a very inviting perfume in anticipation of our 69 session. I told her how good her asshole smelled between licks and she mentioned the name of the French perfume in between slurps of my shaft and that she promised me it would always be fresh for my tongue. We proceeded to service eachother orally until finally I could no longer take it. I lifted my right leg over her head and pinned her neck down so that my entire cock shaft was buried down her throat as I released my load. Apparently she liked this because simultaneously she started to squirt in my mouth. I grasped her ass cheeks hard and pressed down to swallow every last drop of her cum. For at least 30 seconds are bodies convulsed in that ying-yang position. It was pure sexual bliss. Her stepfather had taught her well. Afterwards, she curled up next to me for a passionate kissing and petting session. That passion led to lust on my part and I was soon on top of her, French kissing her with my big cock pressed against her tiny pussy slit. She instinctively knew what was about to occur and pleaded with me not to slide it in. She told me she did not want to get pregnant. By now she was shifting her tiny hips from side to side in protest and to prevent me from entering her. She even offered to let mobilbahis me fuck her in her ass instead despite mentioning earlier just how painfully sore it was from the pounding it took in the breakfast nook. But, I would have none of it. I quickly pressed my entire 200-pound atop her 80-pound frame rendering her completely incapable of moving. I used that moment to once again line my cock up with her little hole and without further ado slowly slid it inside her. I had never fucked a tighter asshole the previous day. Now, I could say I never had fucked a tighter pussy. To put it in perspective, it was so tight that if I closed my eyes it felt the same as if I were fucking my wife in her ass. Now that I was in, I lifted my upper torso off her and was greeted by her little balled fists pounding against my chest in protest. Yet, there was no turning back. I continued to piston in and out of her. Finally, she simply gave up. She knew that she was simply to small to fight off my passions. The chest pounding was soon replaced by her wrapping her matchstick-like legs around my ass cheeks and taking a heated half-hour long pounding. She continued to plead with me, in between husky moans, not to cum inside her but on her tummy. I agreed. I told her that I could ill-afford to impregnate her because I’d lose everything and never live down the scandal. So, at the tail end of the half-hour when my ass cheeks began to tingle, I did pull out just in time, but instead of shooting my load on her tummy, I aimed my cock directly towards her pussy and shot it point blank with rope after rope of cum. I think she still feared that that may still impregnate her, so she quickly scooped my cum up with her fingers and inserted them in her mouth. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and slinked back to my room to quietly get back into bed. My wife didn’t move. To be continued….

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