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An Old Japanese Man Seduces MeI wish this really happened to me.After a few days of visiting Japan, I found a surprising not-so-secret interest in homoeroticism among some of the older men there. Among such Japanese men so inclined there certainly was an openess to solicitation of, if not, in some cases, prefernce for, western men, like me.The Japanese were polite and subtle, but it did not take many hints before I realized that some older men were flirting with me and showing interest in being sexual. I had had no previous gay experiences, so only When there was little doubt as to the intentions and availability of these mature Japanese men for erotic adventure did I become flattered to be an object of sexual attention. With both the realization of what was before me, and my recent awakening to interest in gay porn, especially, it just so happened, porn that featured old Japanese men, I started to get tittilated by the posibilities of succuming to their flirtations. I was attending a conference that had many such men in attendance, and on the first day, a sweet looking one showed obvious interest by sitting next to me and making frequent eye contact. Looking around, I noticed that there was a lot of pairing going on between younger guys and older daddies as they sat and chatted, in many cases making it quite obvious as to what was taking place. I learned that my new friend was 78, his name was Asi Hito, and at the end of the day of flirting, closeness and “accidental” contacts with him, we parted ways but not before he gave me a longing look and lingering handshake, taking my hand with both his. This unexpectedly turned me on, my cock twitching it’s pleasure, and I instinctively kissed the old man on the cheek. I blushed, realizing that maybe I had gone too far, but he smiled, licked his lips, narrowed his eyes and said, “Hoping to see you tomorrow, darling.” I had never been called darling by a man. My mind was already fluttering like a teenage girl, before he called me that, by the day’s little intimacies between us. I went back to my hotel and, that night, in my room, I jacked off thinking about Asi-his flirting, his sensual goodbye and calling me sweetheart-and fantasized about how it would be to spend intimate time with him alone. I wondered what it would be like being naked in his arms, kissing, being vulnerable to him, making his cock hard, and I was so horny that I went down to the lobby, where I knew there was a lingerie shop, and I bought a pair of red little panties and stockings with red garters to wear under my clothes the next day, for Asi, in case we did get more intimate, hoping he would like some kinky femininity. Back in the privacy of my hotel room, I proceeded to try the naughty apparel on in front of a full-length mirror, and I drove myself wild with lust when I saw the depraved image of myself dressed as a slut, my rock-hard dick straining the silk panties as I undulated sensually in my thigh-highs and red garters.The next morning, despite the fact I had cumm 3 times over night, sleeping with my twinky attire on,I could barely fit my once-again raging hard meat into my new little red panties, so aroused was my dick at the thought of what may happen, and how much I wanted something to happen, so much that I would do my best to make illegal bahis siteleri it happen. After slipping on the stockings, I was ready for my man, ready for a totally new and exciting experience, to be a submissive whore for a man. When I got to the conference next door to the hotel, I didn’t see Mr. Hito at first, but I must have given away my present state of horniness as several old japanese gentlemen proceeded to smile at me and came very near. Of course, besides their radar, visible evidence was involved, as those who noticed such things saw by the lines of my skimpy panties under my pants that I was a closet slut, and, most of all, my crotch betrayed any attempt at concealment of my naughty intentions. I did enjoy this new blatant attention and it increased my arousal. I wanted to be faithful to Asi, the first object of my new-found desire for Japanese men, but since he was not in sight, I did not want to foreclose options, as I did not want this opportunity to be wasted. One horny japanese gentleman eyed me with such desire and looked lasciviously at my indiscreet bulge that I agreed to walk around the corner into an alcove where he caressed my ass and bulge while kissing me, first my neck, then my mouth, with his tongue soon sneaking inside my mouth. It was the first time I had ever been kissed by a man. It felt so good that I was prepared to give myself to him, but someone walked by and we had to abandon, at least for the time being, any further intimacy. We exchanged contact information and returned to the crowd, where I noticed Mr. Hito. He was very happy to see me, and even kissed me on the mouth in front of everyone. I blushed and got quite hard. He noticed and decided we could no longer put off consumation of our desires for each other. I accepted his invitation to his hotel room which we got to in a cab. In the back of the cab, we began the prelimaries of a long session of love-making. Asi did not seem concerned about the cab driver’s opinion, as he rubbed my crotch and kissed me like I was a girl. His horny actions made me submissive and so dizzy with desire for my first-ever man. I got really naughty and even harder as I pulled down my zipper and revealed to my old new boyfriend that I was wearing tiny red panties. After seeing that I was a slut with a feminine side, his kisses got more ardent and we were practically drinking each other’s saliva as our tongues licked sensoully inside each other’s mouths. He unbuttoned some of my shirt, got his hand in and started to feel me up like a woman. I was so weak with lust that I could barely walk out of the cab into the hotel lobby. On the elevator, alone, we continued our homoerotic passionate necking, sharing mouth fluids and him feeling my man-breasts, tweaking my nipples. Once inside his room, we resumed making out accompanied by slow stripping away of our clothes, helping each other to become more and more naked for each other, for total abandonment to east and west love making. As we kissed deeply, and got my pants off, he got even more lustful upon seeing my bulging red panties framed by the sexy stockings and garter. I was now undulating my panty clad ass as he fondled my buttocks and pulled me in closer. He broke our kissing occassionally and called me sexy and loving youwin giriş names, like “my panty boy”, “my baby”, “my sweet boyfriend”, and it made me more and more surrender to him and be the slut he wanted. I moaned and whimpered as he put aside my silky panties and put a finger inside my boipussy. I enjoyed his fingering way more than I ever expected, and my increasing lust drove me to get the old man’s pants off, discovering that he, too, had little thong panties that were straining from the erection our loving had created. His were a sexy pink, and I caressed his sweet hard flesh and the precum wetness through the silk as he moaned and put his mouth on my right nipple, sucking on my tit like a woman’s. I moved aside his pantie nylon and encountered a beautiful, hard, asian cock and I was determined to make it feel so good. I loved the feeling of firm, warm wet-from-his-precum flesh in my hand. He wimpered his approval and I got on my knees and adored his intimate swollen flesh with my hands before covering it with little kisses, then licks, and finally, I put it inside my hungry mouth. I gave him a loving blow job, and he was moaning loudly in appreciation. It was the first time I had a dick in my mouth and I knew it wouldn’t be my last. I loved the taste and feel of the old Jap’s rigid meat, slimy with precum and my saliva, so hard and soft at the same time. I surrendered myself to it, dedicating myself to its pleasure. It was so erotic, as I acted like a cock whore, moving my mouth up and down its length while fondling the balls underneath it, very often gazing up into the eyes of my approving lover, who added to my fe
elings of total lust for him when he lovingly put his hands on my head, stroking it while whimpering erotically. His moaning and whimpering increased as he gently thrust his lovely Japanese dick in my adoring mouth: I knew I was about to receive a most intimate gift from a man, his semen, for me to drink… my first ever load of ejaculant in my mouth and I was eager for the taste. When it came, my darling first lover thrust his swelling beautiful penis crown frantically and spasmed as he whimpered in ecstasy and sprayed my teeth, tongue, inside cheeks and palate with his wonderful Japanese semen. It was so warm, fairly thick and sticky, so pungently sweet, it made me instantly happy and in love with the old man. I was drinking his seed! The experience overwhelmed me and tears of joy mingled with the other liquid mixture of semen and saliva which seeped from my lips as I could not keep up with my original goal of swallowing all the love milk that I pulled from the balls of my lover through his meaty shaft.I reached for his hands and held them tightly, as if to say I’m yours, Asi, and you’re mine…forever..I sucked the sperm out of this lovely man with a deep love and tenderness, I felt so close to him now. I milked the last drops of his sperm, then suckled his cock as if it were a c***d’s pacifier. I was ecstatic but it got even better when the old Jap laid down on his bed and ardently pulled me on top of him. He grabbed my throbbing dick and stroked it as he pulled my head to his and opened his mouth to share some of the cream he had deposited into my mouth. We kissed and moved his cumm back and forth for what-seemed-to-be perabet hours, lost in homoerotic bliss. As we kissed, he old jap felt me up, teasing my nipples, and then he moved down and sucked on one, then the other. I felt like I was his gurl-boi whore, ready to do anything for him. We switched into a 69 position, and kissed, licked and sucked on each other’s cocks and balls for quite a while.After I came in his sweet loving mouth, we kissed some more and shared my cummm, and then, him being quite erect again, he put me on my back, asked, “You want me fuck you?” At this point, I was like a bitch in heat, and I responded by spreading my legs and putting them up in the air, letting him know I was his to posess. I undulated my hips and ass, eager for his hard, japanese dick to enter my boipussy, to fill me with his love sperm. He licked my pussy, making me so wet and horny, then added some lube. Now he was over me, his swollen meat at my hole, teasing me, probing me. I wrapped my legs around his body and pulled him in..his big dickhead was now passed my sphincter, and i felt so hot, so slutty, and so submissive…I wimpered from the feel of his flesh in me.. overcome by the emotion of the feeling of the loving union of our bodies, joined together in loving copulation by the beautiful penis, the first I had ever had in my mouth, that I had caused, for the second time to be engorged by his desire for me, now deep inside me..the first ever inside my virgin pussy…he fell into my arms and his mouth was on mine, united by our tongues, mimicing the erotic love making down below us…with one hand I stroked my own engorged dick and the other, I caressed Hito’s sexy old japanese ass..I was in heaven and wanted the obscene and beautiful act to last forever, although I also longed to feel his baby-making cumm to spurt so deep inside me…mmmmmm…my darling lover was fucking me so good, moving his hard flesh so sensually in and out of me..I was so horny, my pussy tightened around his loving member, milking him, as I groaned so loudly into his mouth, and then, the pace quickened, I knew I was soon to receive his loving seed, and I met his thrusts with my own urgent hip movements, so ready, my own hard dick let go ropes of cum, soaking both our bodies with sticky love juice, and then…it came…the old jap released his hot sperm once again for me,this time deep inside me and flooded me as he moaned loudly and I whimpered with joy at being bred by my darling lover…we countinued to make out ecstatically and he kept his flesh inside me, as I felt his hot cummm starting to seep from my filled pussy..I never wanted his dick to leave my insides, and desperately clung to him, wrapping my legs behind his back even tighter, but eventually, it softened and slipped out. When it did, Asi lay on his back and pulled me on top of him in a 69 position, which allowed him to feast on the sweet sperm he had deposited in my love-sore pussy, as it leaked from it. I reveled in the access I now had to the sperm soaked deflating sweet rod of loving flesh that had penetrated me and provided such erotic bliss, now hovering over my head. As I savored the delicious feeling of my lover’s tongue on my pussy and balls, I kissed, licked and sucked on his cummm-soaked deflating sweet rod of loving flesh, as I blissfully reflected that this sweet, sexy old Japanese guy had, in such short time, had been successful in the making of former-straight me into an eager slut that now eagerly looked forward to more cock in my mouth and pussy…Berti

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