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An Interesting NightI Had a Long Day, Just wanted to get home, to my bed, and fall into a Deep sleep.As I doze off I receive a Message from my lesbian friend. “We’re home safe. Thanks for coming to the show. I’ll call you in the morning”.I was at ease to hear she was home ok. But who is “We”. Seems she had met up with one of her Girlfriends for a Night Cap. I didn’t think much on it, and just went off to bed.A few hours later, I was woken by my phone. It was her. She asked “What are you up to?”.What she didn’t know was I had a Live-in Girlfriend, who was fast asleep right beside me. So I get up to talk in a more private area of the house, as to not wake up my Girlfriend.I replied “Not Much, Just falling asleep. You?”. She then hints toward wanting to lay next to me. To which I reply “Don’t start something you can’t finish”. Feeling Dared, She offers to put me in a Taxi cab back to her Place. Curious, and without Hesitation, I freshen up, get dressed, and Proceeded on my way to what would be an interesting Night.While in the Cab, I call her to let her know I’m on my way, when I hear sounds in the Background.I asked, “Are You watching Porn?”. She relied “Maybe”. Fascinated by what might happen, Made my Cock Pulsate through my Jeans. I arrive at her place, where She Greets me wearing nothing but a Towel and a Smile. Her HUGE Tits Barely concealed, I caught a Glimpse of her Huge Chocolate Nipples. I divert my eyes to show a little restraint. Then she leads my toward the Couch and offers me a drink.After a few minutes of Chit Chatting, I Notice her towel was no longer hiding canlı kaçak iddaa her Big, Luscious Breasts. Though her hands slightly covered them. Suddenly, I hear a sound. Coming from the Bedroom. She quickly mentions she’s not alone. “Oh”, I replied. Baffled and Disappointed at the thought that Maybe this Wasn’t a Booty Call. She reassures me “Don’t worry, That’s Part of the Surprise”. Now, With No Towel, and her hands grasping mine, She leans in to kiss me. Quickly undressing me, and Straddling onto my Lap. She grabs my hands and Guides them over her Large Breasts, and Lets out an Erotic, Passionate Moan. She was on fire. Her Body was Soft and Unblemished. Goosebumps Soon followed as I caressed nearly every part of her body, while kissing and Licking her Lips, Neck, Breasts. She Pushes my head back and begins to lick my neck, working her way Down my Chest and Abs. Now on her knees, Her hands begin to explore my lap, where she finds that I’m Fully Erect, and Pulsating with Anticipation. She proceeds to Lick and Suck my Raging Wood, Using Only her Mouth. Her Hands caressing her Huge Tits the whole time. Moaning and Drooling all over my Shaft, She runs her hands down to rub her dripping wet pussy. The Sight had me in euphoria. I could Blow my load at any minute. But I wanted to Taste her. BADLY. As I attempt to reciprocate, She pushes me away, and says “I want you to do something for me”, and leads me to the bedroom. At the Bedroom door, she whispers “Ready for your Surprise?”. Standing there, with my Cock at Full attention, I couldn’t wait to find out what canlı kaçak bahis was in store for me. As she opens the door, I see her Girlfriend Lying on her stomach in bed Fully Naked, passed out from a long night of partying.As she stands behind me, she Whispers “I want you to eat her pussy While I watch and Touch myself”.I look over at her Girlfriend and I’m Captivated by her Big, Round Chocolate Booty. She Nudges me to proceed, and I work my way over toward her sleeping Girlfriend, Placing my hands on her Phat Ass, Fondling and Groping, Spreading Her Cheeks. And still, she’s Fast asleep. I begin Kissing and Licking her ass, working my way between her legs, Spreading her Ass open and Licking her from Clit to Crack. As my face is buried in this Sweet, Big Ass, I look over and witness My friend sitting with her Legs Spread Wide, rubbing her pussy. My cock pulsates yet again. Aching to Cum all over.Moments later, “Now I want you to slide that big cock in her and make her phat booty Jiggle.Without a second thought, I was aiming my hard cock into this dripping wet pussy. Slowly, I slide in, Inch by Inch, until My cock is Drenched in Pussy juice. Wet enough to slide in completely, I Cram my entire Cock into her, and she lets out a gasp, followed by a confused look. My friend looks over at her and Says “Take it like a Good Girl”. She then Arches her back in order to get a better feel on my entire rod. Instantly, She Cums and Squirts All over my cock, Screaming in Ecstacy. Twitching and Squirming, She attempts to Pull away, So I grab her, Flip her over, Pull her bahis siteleri canlı Legs high over her head, And shove my cock in once again. This time, I give her a REAL good Pounding.She moans and screams even Louder. Crying “It’s So BIG!!”, She Shakes and Cums harder, Squirting once more. Seeing how Out of breathe she is, I turn to my friend with a Sinister look. She had cum three times watching my fuck her Girlfriend. But Now, It’s Her turn. I hop up and Grab her, Bend her over the bed with her face in girlfriends Dripping Wet Pussy, And Ram My Cock into her Tight Lesbian Pussy. She Screams, and pulls away. I grab her by the hair and force her Back down, making her lick her girlfriend clean, While my cock Pulses in her tight, Wet Pussy. On that sensation alone, Her breathing becomes heavier, and she cries “I’m Cumming!!”. I quickly Pull my cock out, and Whisper “Not yet”. I work my tongue down her back toward her ass, and begin to Penetrate her tight little hole. Moaning and Shivering, She cries “Please, Please Put it in me, Please.” After Licking her pussy, and Tongue fucking her tight little Ass. I lay her on her back, and slowly slide my cock in her. Immediately, She begins to convulse. She can barely get out the Words “I’m Cu-cu-Cumm-Mi-ming”!. I reach over to her Girlfriend, Lying there Speechless and Out of Breath, and Motion her to come Taste her Pussy as she cums. As She squirts all over, Her girlfriend begins lick it up, and Moaning heavily. As I continue to pound away The sensation becomes over-baring. I can’t hold out any longer. I scream “I’m Gonna Cum”. Her Girlfriend positions herself to receive my Load, and catches it all on her tongue and face. She then leans toward my friend to Share it all with a Slow, Sensual Kiss. Gasping for breath, I slump over them. And we all fall asleep. What a Night..

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