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Note from the author: This story is a work of fiction based partly on some various truths that were brought together for literary purposes. All characters are over the legal age of adulthood (18) in this story. It includes real people with real feelings, fears and fantasies that take time to build and grow throughout the story. If you’re looking for a quick read with big-boobed blond bimbos who screw everything in sight, go to another story on this website; there are plenty of those. If you’re looking for a story that builds and pulls you as it progresses, I hope you will enjoy this one as much as I did writing it. I look forward to reading your comments at the end.


I guess it all started with my great grandmother Josie Gibbens, short for Josephine. Back in the 1920s during her prime, she was a devote Catholic and farmer’s wife who spent her life popping out children one after another and raising them up to help on her husband’s farm. All in all, she had 15 children over the course of twenty years and raised them to be very family-oriented; insisting on everyone getting together for every major Catholic holiday throughout the year.

The tradition stuck with the family; both in the size of family as well as the holiday get-togethers. Grandma Josie, as we all called her, had 56 grandchildren and my generation included a ludicrous 97 great-grandchildren who came along in four separate waves over the years. Obviously we couldn’t all get together for every holiday any longer; we were just too spread out throughout the country and even the world. Still, it was common to share a Christmas or Easter with between eighty and a hundred relatives at a time which could lead to many of the children feeling quite lost in the shuffle.

When we were children, we tended to band together in cliques, primarily within the groups of our respective age waves. In total, there were 24 of us in my group who were only about five years apart and 19 of us tended to band together each and every year as our parents were the more devoted ones who stayed true to Grandma Josie’s family vision. We would play games together and even shared rooms together; sleeping in a pile of bodies and sleeping bags sprawled out every which way on the floor.

When Grandma Josie passed away, the family tried to keep her love of us all alive by continuing the holiday visits but time had a way of drifting us all apart. By the time I turned 27, I hadn’t seen most of my cousins in more than a decade though we had kept in touch via telephone and Internet messaging. That’s why I was so excited to have received the email invitation from Tammy, one of the older cousins of my group, inviting me and the rest of the 19 to an Easter celebration at her house.

That fateful Easter weekend began with me standing before the large two-story house my cousin had won from her recent divorce settlement. I was more than eager to see who else might have taken her up on the offer, my mind flooding with the vivid memories of the fun and enjoyment I had shared in my childhood. There was, not to mention, a certain few young ladies in the group who always got my hormones raging just by seeing them too, but I wasn’t about to admit that to anyone besides myself.

Tammy’s front yard was packed with cars that sported license plates from as far away as Alaska, Arizona, New Hampshire and Florida; all cousins who had made the trip back to the Tennessee foothills where my Grandma Josie had lived and where Tammy had settled in so many years before. Mine said Colorado and was the tenth car so I figured at least half the group had turned out thus far.

“Ronnie,” voiced a chorus of female voices as I stepped into the door, being hugged one after another by my many cousins. Gerry was the only guy I saw right away and he did his usual hand-slap shake that he had taught me years before then offered me up a beer that I gladly took. Stepping inside the house, I paused at the living room, looking around, taking in who all had showed up thus far.

There was of course Tammy; two years my senior and always quite the looker. Her ex-husband had been a lawyer and according to our family grapevine, he had decided to trade her in for his secretary but not before unloading quite a bit of money into making my cousin’s physique look even better than I had ever remembered.

Her large chest was just too perky and too well placed to be that large and still be real after all. I didn’t know much about women from actual experience, but I knew enough from my intimate internet studies to know that gravity had a way of weighing on their goods, especially the larger ones, that only a good plastic surgeon could offset. Tammy still had the long straight auburn blond hair that fell to the small of her back which I had always found to be so sexy all those years ago and she had spent quite a few hours at the gym recently; that much was obvious.

Next to Tammy was the drama-queen Ashley; the same age as me off by only a matter of weeks. Where Tammy had been casino oyna artificially endowed by her ex; Ashley was pure natural beauty. Nothing had been altered over the years on her. A deep tan with flawless skin, soft blue eyes that could melt a man’s willpower in an instant, and naturally blond waves which came down to just above her bust. She, like Tammy, had a nearly perfect hourglass figure but her obvious bounce and jiggle as she laughed and giggled with the family evidenced that she was all pure flesh; no silicone parts included.

Off to their right I saw Brianna sitting on the recliner; as usual a book opened in her lap as she quietly read to herself. Some things just never change. She was just a few months younger than Tammy but they were complete opposites. Where Tammy was flirtatious, even with her male cousins like myself, Brianna was quiet and very reserved. She had a petite form, the shortest of all of us from what I recalled, but I had always thought the freckles that dotted her cheeks and nose had made her particularly cute. She also wore glasses and had a touch of nerdy awkwardness about her like me so I had always felt a connection to her there. She had light brown hair, straight as can be, that fell to just below her chest.

I recalled that Brianna had always used her hair to hide her smaller endowment; a hangover from the days when she was quite a late developer. I chuckled to myself, remembering the teasing she had gotten from our cousins and grownups alike in our younger days. I had stood up for her against older cousin James and nearly gotten my face pounded in until Tim, Gerry and Kayla had come and stood by my side, staring down James back into his place and out of our circle. Like I said, we really watched out for one another.

Off from the recliner was a long couch in front of the television where Chelsea and Gerry sat, both drinking beers and watching a sports game of some sort. Chelsea was as much a boy as a girl could make herself without a sex change. She had always hung with us guys more and dressed just like one of us too. In reality, she was only a year older than me but her lack of feminine care to herself had made her age more than the other girls. Her hair was quite short, to her chin line only, and extremely curly which we all knew was natural because Chelsea probably didn’t even own a hairbrush, much less a curling iron. She was, however, the belching champion of our group.

Gerry, sitting beside her, was dressed like he would be at work; showing off his obvious financial success in life. He had a long rounded face with straight blond hair that he held back in a ponytail and an earring in one ear in true player style. Being Ashley’s older brother by a year, he resembled her in many ways; flawless face that had always turned more than a few girls’ heads, particularly with those blue eyes of his. Rumor had it that more than one cousin in our group had a crush on him at one point or another but I never found out the truth either way. Still he was a lot like his sister, into tanning and making himself look good. He wasn’t exactly a muscle head, but he obviously spent his fair share of time in the gym each week.

Behind them both, I saw Gemma sitting at the dining room table, hunched over a book much like Brianna was. From experience though, I knew they were quite different styles of reading. Brianna tended for the knowledge based nonfiction or fantasy/science fiction styles whereas Gemma was a real dreamy romantic, always engrossed in some love story or other. Aside of her being a year younger than me and three years younger than Brianna, physically the two girls looked quite similar. Gemma also wore glasses like her older cousin and had a slender frame, though slightly taller than Brianna. Her hair was nearly as long but with much more natural wave. She also always kept it behind her ears and back, not being quite so concerned about who saw her feminine form; she had plenty to be proud of.

“Hey Ron, my man!” Tim came out of nowhere and surprised me with a slap on the back that hurt like hell. He was the real muscle head of the group, last I had heard he was a physical fitness trainer in some big gym out in LA and judging by the size of his arms, I seriously doubted that the rumors were wrong.

Though we were from completely different worlds; I was way more comfortable in front of a computer than a gym, Tim and I had always gotten along well enough. He was the same age as Gemma and looked like he might have had a tour in the marines with the way his hair was buzzed so short. I shook his hand, raising a toast to him with my beer and continued looking around the room for who else was there.

Kayla was Tim’s older sister by a year, same age as me, and she was very much an athletic person like her brother. Her legs were toned and I hated to admit that her arm muscles were probably manlier than my own ill-defined state.

“Congratulations on your big soccer gig,” I called to her, raising my beer in her cheers. She smiled canlı casino in return, cheering with a water bottle and raising her hand in victory before turning back around to continue her chat with Marissa, her dirty blond shoulder-length hair tossing about as she turned.

Marissa had always been a bit high maintenance and I could easily see that she hadn’t changed a bit over the years. She also had always been the tallest girl of our group though I still stood a full head higher; being the tallest of all at 6-foot-6. Still, it’s wasn’t hard to see why she had been scouted for a major modeling gig. It wasn’t exactly Victoria’s Secret that she modeled for, but with the way she dressed and held herself, one would think she was straight out of Milan or Paris.

Still, Marissa was gorgeous; there was no denying it. Long wavy chocolate black hair that rounded a flawless oval face with deep piercing blue eyes that hypnotized a guy immediately into a mindless robot, ready to do whatever she asked. I knew I had never been able to tell her ‘no’ before; that was for damn sure.

Just then the front door opened and I swung my head around to see who was joining us. The same chorus of voices that greeted me sang out once again. “Sabrina! You made it!” I joined in the line of huggers, taking my turn with the most mysterious of all my cousins. Sabrina was about my age as well but she had always been into strange beliefs of mysticism and the occult. She wore a gray lipstick, dark coloring around her eyes and this beautifully hypnotizing pentagram on a necklace around her neck.

Everything about Sabrina was dark and mysterious; long bluish-black hair that stopped at the curve of her butt, dark eyes that would seem cold yet somehow invited you into her world if she wanted you there. She never actually performed any of her supposed magic in front of the family except for the occasional tarot card reading; I didn’t believe in that stuff anyway being far too scientific. Still, she had a way about her that commanded a room or would let her just disappear into the fold at her whim so I couldn’t entirely be sure about her either. Still, though she was very different from us all, she was very loving to each of us as well, always ‘blessing’ us for good fortune and whatnot so I couldn’t exactly complain. If anything, I found her to be…, interesting.

“Looks like that’s everyone,” Tammy announced, raising her voice above the gathered crowd. “At least, that’s all of you who responded that you’d be here,” she added with a giggle. Ashley and Gerry were busily passing out glasses of wine. I guess it really was a special occasion; even Brianna and Kayla accepted a glass this time.

Standing on a small stool, raising her own glass above us all, Tammy led us in a toast. “To Grandma Josie…, may she always live in our hearts and memories forever!” We all agreed, taking our sips or in the case of Chelsea and Gerry, downing the whole glass at once.

Within an hour, the table had been set for an Easter dinner. Though it was technically the day before Easter, family tradition held there to be a huge feast every day that the family was together in honor of the holiday. I always thought it was because Grandma Josie was too feebleminded to remember which day the holiday actually was but whatever the reason, the tradition stuck. I figured I’d probably gain at least 10 pounds over the course of the weekend that I had planned to stay at Tammy’s place.

While we ate our fill, everyone admitting that Tammy had really done an outstanding job, there were plenty of ‘so-how-have-you-been’ and ‘what’s-new-in-your-world’ questions to go around. These eventually gave way to a series of ‘do-you-remember-when’ discussions of our shared memories together. Tammy then called us all back to the living room where she had set up two huge bowls of hard-boiled eggs arranged on a newspaper with dozens of food-coloring paint all around.

“Are you serious… eggs? What, are we ten again?” Marissa rolled her eyes when she saw the eggs but most of us clapped joyously and celebrated, taking a place in a large circle. For all of her bickering though, Marissa joined us in the traditional fray sitting opposite me. Given the deep purple mini-dress she was wearing, I was more than a little disappointed when she sat on her knees, all too aware what might have been shown otherwise.

To my left sat Tim and Ashley; the latter one also sitting on her knees due to her jean miniskirt, then followed Kayla, Gemma and Marissa. Brianna had taken the seat to my right, pushing the bottoms of her flowery white sundress under her knees, followed by Gerry, Chelsea, Tammy and Sabrina. Gerry was making no pretense to the fact that he was trying to look up Ashley’s skirt from his angle and I couldn’t be entirely sure he wasn’t actually succeeding which I thought to be a little weird since she was his sister. Still, I know I sure would have tried had I been in his position.

We painted eggs joyfully, the conversation flying around kaçak casino the room in classic large-family mixed-and-muttered style. Brianna and I had always had like minds so it was natural for us to work together too as I learned of her new promotion at the accounting firm where she worked. There was plenty of laughter and hawing on as various groups recalled our days of yore in loud enough fashion for all to hear. There was the time we turned off the breakers and made everyone think the power was out in a house with over a hundred people. Then there was the time we stole all the suitcases and dumped all the clothes into one big pile, laughing as the older cousins were trying to find their own things. More than one guy had ended up with briefs that weren’t his after that.

“Remember that time you and Tim got locked outside in your underwear by Grandma Josie?” Ashley added in, her center-of-attention laugh not failing her in the least.

“Yeah,” Tim was shaking his head playfully. “We were playing that crazy game we always did…, that truth or dare thing. Remember?”

“What about that time we made Kayla and Gemma here share the same nightgown all night?” Tammy added in, laying down another painted egg on the rack. Kayla burst out laughing while Gemma blushed a few shades of red.

“Hey…, at least ‘ole Ronnie here got his first kiss out of that game, right?” Gerry reached over in front of Brianna to high-five me in mocking form. “Who was that with again, Ronnie?” I hunched my shoulders up, embarrassed and starting to blush. Little did they realize that had been the one and only kiss I had ever received in my life.

“That would be me…, again,” Kayla called back, leaning forward around Ashley and Tim to mock blow a funny air kiss at me that made the whole group laugh once more. If they weren’t family, I’d have felt insulted but given the spirit of this group; I knew it was all in good fun that we all enjoyed together.

“Hey now…, I kind of recall Ronnie being a decent kisser by the time I had a go at him,” Gemma batted her eyes at me, smiling in a cute, joking way.

“No…, you’re thinking of John,” Marissa corrected her. “I don’t recall you ever kissing Ronnie in our games.”

Gemma looked at her confused, not entirely sure of her statement. “No…, John was the one that tried to feel me up. I’m sure it was Ronnie.” On and on the conversation went until Tammy put up her hand to get everyone’s attention.

“Well, since we’re all remembering the old games and such; anybody interested in playing again while we paint? Think it’ll be fun?” I wasn’t sure what the others thought, but the idea of playing the old game made me blush and burst out laughing at the same time. Brianna next to me hid her face in her hands while Tim, Ashley and Kayla egged on the rest, convincing the group by pure peer pressure. Not that it was really that hard to get them all to agree though.

Brianna was adamant from the beginning about not playing; much like she had always been before. I couldn’t recall her ever playing of her own free will, but once Marissa and I agreed as the ninth and tenth players leaving only her out, she sighed and nodded that she was ‘in’. Again, some things just never change.

“Alright,” Tammy called everyone’s attention again. “I’m sure we mostly remember the rules and all, but I’m still going to go over them just so we all remember correctly.” Gerry stood up and started passing out another round of drinks, giving himself and Chelsea two each.

“It’s six players that are chosen; three for ‘truth’ and three for ‘dare’.” She held up her fingers like we really needed a visual aide to her description. “When it’s your turn, choose a player who then decides if they’ll take the ‘truth or the ‘dare’ group. Then they choose the next one and so on until all six players are chosen. Then you give out the truth question for the three ‘truth’ players to all answer…, and finally the ‘dare’ for the other three players to perform.”

“Yes, yes, we remember,” Gerry smacked Tammy on the butt just before he sat back down; causing her to gasp at him but the rest of the circle was dying laughing.

“Since it’s my house, I’ll go first,” Tammy announced, scanning over the awaiting faces looking at her. “Ashley…, truth or dare?”

Ashley rolled her eyes playfully and chose ‘truth’ before picking Kayla who chose ‘dare’ with a smirk. Kayla then chose Gerry who went with ‘truth’ and he followed with Chelsea who took the last ‘truth’ spot. “You’re going to have to take dare, Gemma,” she laughed pointing across the circle.

Gemma just shrugged. “Well, we gotta get a guy in the dare group too…, so I pick Ronnie.” I blushed and cringed, though I was thankful that it was Tammy making the dare. She was always a little softer about it than someone like Gerry.

“Alright, since we’re all adults here with a few years under our belts now…,” Tammy smiled devilishly to the group. “…let’s raise the notch a little. Ashley, Gerry and Chelsea; describe to us all in detail the moment you lost your virginities.” There was a ruse of laughter and clapping by everyone, particularly Tim, Brianna, Marissa and Sabrina who had escaped this first round untouched.

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