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This is pure fiction by Amy Pussy

* * * * *

Amy makes sure to be on time for Doug’s morning toilet. Its 7:00 AM. Amy brushes out her long brown hair then hustles into Doug’s bedroom And kneels alongside the bed completely naked with her chin resting on the edge of the bed. Doug’s alarm goes off. He reaches out to turn it off and lets his hand flop onto Amy’s head.

“There you are baby, I’ve been half awake for an hour ready to pee”

Doug is very satisfied at seeing Amy ready for their morning ritual. He sleepily inches close to Amy and lazily finds his cock, which is morning hard, he sits up with Amy’s face between his legs.

“Amy you’re so fucking good, now open up and let me pee, baby, ohhh, that’s it, you are so precious…yes.”

Doug throws his head back as a heavy stream of his stank morning piss makes its way into Amy’s ever-eager mouth.

“That’s right Amy don’t spill a drop of that piss, baby, ohhhh… I love it, Amy don’t spill a drop, swallow fast so you don’t spill a drop!”

Amy is successful as usual and swallows the to the last drop. She is quite use to this ritual and is eager to perform so as to please and make Doug happy. Doug pats the bed next to where he is sitting.

“You are perfect Amy, now come up here and I’ll give you your reward”

“Thank you, Doug”

Amy says, smiling and tossing her hair to the side.

Amy keeps her anus lubed most of the time because she never knows when Doug might to want to fuck it. She keeps a large tub of Crisco by her bed and applies a handful of it right after her shower.

“Are you greasy, Amy?”

Amy nods and gets up onto the bed with her ass up in the air and her hands reaching around to spread her perky ass checks to reveal a wonderfully well-used asshole. Doug stands on the side of the bed and buries a large, thick cock into Amy’s bottom with one thrust and begins to work his cock in and out at a regular pace. Amy’s ass takes him with ease and as he quickens his pace she flexes her asshole attempting to milk it. His cock veins bulge purple and his balls pulse up and down.

“Ohhhh, nasty girl, don’t you try to make me cum too quick with that sweet asshole, you know I like to take my time and make it last Amy, don’t canlı bahis you dare make me come too quick, I want to work it long and deep and if you make me cum too fast I’ll have to punish you!”

“Ohhh…. yes…ohhh, Doug pound me long and deep into my asshole for as long as you want to.” Amy relaxes her asshole as her hands continue stretching her ass checks wide. Doug strokes his cock at a variety of rhythms and after a long while is very ready to cum. He motions for Amy to turn toward him after pulling out of her with a pop.

“Ok honey this is for being such a good girl this morning”

Amy props her chin up and opens her lips ready for Doug’s cock head and as he enters the parted lips he spirts out his load with Amy getting it all in neat shots down the throat.

As Doug gets ready for work in his usual business attire he asks Amy to get out one of the bags of dry pinto beans from the kitchen.

” Now put all of those beans up your bottom honey, get them all in there before I leave for work.”

Amy lies down on the bed with her legs up and goes to work on her new project. The bag is not small and after she fits in half the bag she wonders how she is going to fit them all in there, but through her desire to please Doug she continues to work them in.

“Oh, I love you Amy” Doug says as he watches her struggle to keep loading an already full ass. When only three fourths of the beans are left Amy begins to really show sighs of a struggle.

“How does that feel, Honey?”

“Like I have to take a shit more than ever, its very, very full”

As Amy speaks her body begins to undergo delicious, visible spasms as her sphincter muscles struggle to close around the pinto bean cargo to keep them in place.

“Good baby, now work the rest in, get them all up there.”

As Amy works in the rest of the beans her forehead breaks into a mild sweat. When she walks around the bedroom her abdomen seems noticeably swollen and she rubs her belly as if to sooth it.

“Now keep those in there until I get home tonight, Amy. I know it will be hard but it will be worth it, I love you.” Doug says as he reaches for his jacket. He kisses her sweaty forehead, feeling his hard on return and then leaving for the day bahis siteleri through the front door.

Amy knows it will be worth it to please Doug, it always is because in her nasty way, she loves it. Keeping her sphincter clenched to retain a full bag’s worth of pinto beans is going to be a challenge, though. If they are still in by the time Doug gets home Amy is sure to get a treat. Amy must walk very carefully and decides that warring a tight girdle might give her a little extra help “holding” the beans. Amy chats on the phone with her girl friends and declines an invitation to go shopping. She can barley get comfortable on the phone and has to reposition herself from sitting, to laying on her stomach, to finally coming to rest on her side and then starting all over again. At about 12 noon Amy is shaking with steady and not all together unpleasant spasms. In fact Amy has grown to enjoy this sensation and looks forward to it now that she has become experienced in retaining objects in her rear. Amy sits down on the couch bracing herself and not letting her rear rest on the seat She decides to call Doug at work. Amy’s breath is heavy and the spasms ripple through her voice. “Oh Doug! Ssssssst! My asshole is just totally burning!’

“Burning baby? Calm down and put some Vaseline on it. Go get the Vaseline now and put it on while you’re on the phone”

Amy returns with a big jar.

“Are you doing like I told you Amy?”

“Yes, I’m putting a lot on, but ssssssst, Doug I can barley hold it. Can I at least let some of them out now! Oh please I cant even sit down and my bottom is so sore all I can think about is how many beans I have up my ass and hoping I’ll get to sit on the toilet soon!”

“You will get to sit on the toilet soon, but not until I get home, Amy now I told you that before I left, calm down and relax. I’ll be home in five hours. I think your being premature calling about your bum already, don’t you think honey? Now hold it tight and I’ll see you soon.”

When Amy hung up she was in quite a tantrum. She knew Doug was right though, that she was just going to have to be patient. By 4:00 pm Amy was resting and quite enjoying the heavy spasms brought on by her overloaded bowels, although the stretching sensation bahis şirketleri had quite over worked her nerves. At 5:30 Doug walked through the door, with his tie already loosened and a very noticeable hard on, the head of which was tucked underneath the waistband of his slacks and pushing its way up underneath his dress shirt. “Oh God,” Amy thought. “Just look at the size of that beautiful cock!”

“Amy How does your bottom feel?”

“I… You know I love it Doug, my ass is so full… I feel… like dirty little princess but I could barely hold these many beans in my ass all day and I really had to work hard…and….”

Amy’s voice was low and her breath quick and heavy with flush cheeks to match. Impatience was written all over her face. Doug stripped down to his boxers and began to stroke his penis, his own breath low and heavy, and his eyes hypnotic.

Doug fallowed Amy into the bathroom and watched as she inserted several fingers into her sweaty and obviously stressed asshole to unlodge the pinto beans. In a down pour they ran into a bucket Doug had handed her. Doug continued to stroke himself while Amy gasped and grimaced as her rectum emptied out.

“That’s beautiful Amy, Oh…I love you so much, you are sooo good”

Amy breathed as if she had just run a marathon, and tossed her hair back as if trying to regain composer.

“Oh Doug… Oh Doug…Oh Doug…”

Amy’s eyes widened as she gazed at the enormous pile of beans in the bucket.

“Yes baby, I know, I can barely wait honey to give you your reward.”

Doug leads Amy onto his bed and began kissing her body with his mouth and tongue slow and methodically. Amy’s pussy had been wet all day and by now was a sloppy mess. She lazily spread her knees and let Doug’s slim toned body fall onto her.

“You were so good today baby….”

Doug says as his wet mouth travels over Amy’s drooling pussy, finding her clit with his soft lips and then attaching his warm mouth to her most sensitive spot. Doug uses the meat of his tongue to ritualistically enslave Amy’s pussy by never letting up on one stoke of his mouth and tongue bringing Amy to the edge of climax over and over while his fingers move in and out of her pussy gliding over her G spot every time. Amy’s orgasm is long and intense. She can barely move after its over and Doug lays next to her, searching her profile. Later that night Amy sets her alarm before going to bed, getting really for tomorrow’s morning toilet ritual with Doug.

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