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Amulya Falls For Money Chapter 1deletedHere we start my real life sex experiences series, an erotic saga and adventure ridden trail of a world class slutSonika(My name changed) gets prepared for a 3some with her employer and friend.After her tasty interlude with Hema, our dear Radha returned home to quickly dress up and go to the office, she worked for a Newspaper company at Chennai in South India. She was a very energetic lasso of 21 years, in her short career of roughly 3 years had already made an erotic mark going beyond the shores of Chennai. Her most ardent a****listic admirer was a portly 40year old short height (162 cms to the 170cms tall Radha) businessman at Delhi. He gave a lot of business to the newspaper directly and also from his contacts. This man was married and had two baby with a doting wife who would give him her pussy once a while but never suck on his cock which she used to, in their early days after marriage. This man was irrepressible when it came to getting sex satisfaction. His personal cupboard was full of sexually obscene and extremely explosive set of literature and videos. If given an opportunity or the time Ripu (that is his name) on a working day would take off with his latest female addition in the office for a quiet 4 hours at the steamy Sauna resort in the outskirts of Delhi.Ripu recruited well-stacked and all willing pussies, the only exception to this addition was Ramya, a sultry south Indian cashier at one of his local malls who refused his advances, even though all of them very sophisticated and well mannered.Ripu always lured the pussies in his own inimitable style, first with his money and later enticed them around his dirty dick. None of the pussies could get away from mouthing his irresistible 6″ long prick, which had plans to squeeze into the elusive caverns of Karishma and Amisha together, sometime in the future. Radha was Ramya’s cousin and one summer in late 90s was visiting her sibling’s family on a regular holiday and gave away her cherry. That was a glorious moment for the man who took her cunt for the first time, for him it was a strawberry just plucked from the tree. This man was none other than our dear Ripu.Ripu fucked Radha in a very lewd manner, right in front of Ramya who had no option but to see the copulation for she was bound to a chair at the resort with absolute no chance to do anything but keep her eyes open and watch. How did they make it to the resort?Well that is what we will cover in the later part of the ‘Sonika’ series and the actual busting of Radha’s virgin pussy would be in there. But do not worry, you will get to read a steamy ‘Sonika’ series with a lot of group copulation.Sonika a well to do damsel worked as a sales girl in Ripu’s office. Sonika and Ramya used to have the same shift timing and were very good friends though Sonika was pretty outgoing and busily making money at the expense of her scantily clad body or at times not clad at all. Sonika was never allowed to wear a bra and was put in the sections, which had stocks not moving fast, Sonika would end up making them sell like hot cakes. The other aspect of Sonika’s selling was, she only sold men stuff.Sonika’s saga at Ripu’s hands began in one of these transactions where she met Shatir Agarwal, another lusty character 5’8,” 220 lbs guy, balding and above 40 years in age. He was a close friend of Ripu who had tipped him off, to accost Sonika as a customer and later plans kaçak bahis were to enjoy the 37-27-28 in the cool confines of Shatir’s cosy penthouse a few metres away from Ripu’s office. Shatir dressed up that day for this. He told his wife Sanjana to give him breakfast early and was bothered by the raging pain between his legs right from then. Ripu had tipped him off last evening, Sonika is a willing pussy only if there is money, at which she will not only show the darkened aureole on the nipple but also precious clit on her shaven cunt.’Oh, wow’, the butter on the bread which Sanjana put in front of him gave ideas to Shatir.He could not stop the leak, which started wetting his underwear thinking of Sonika. He had seen her a couple of times and was framing her in his bed for quite sometime, of course would do a 3 some with Sanjana and Sonika if the former Okayed Sonika. Sanjana was a willing wife only when the 3rd partner was a female. She was a born lesbian and her only man was Shatir whom she fucked. But she had a galore of sexual bouts with pussies. This day, she knew Shatir was planning to enjoy but was afraid to ask, most of the time pleasure came to her without asking and by expressing interest, she knew it could backfire. Shatir reached Ripu’s mall and straight went for the Men’s section. He could see Sonika in a skimy top on her skirt with a black bra within and the rest nothing to hide. He was a born teaser and of course flashing the gold chain around his neck and the bracelet on his wrist approached Rani, the other female at the desk. ‘ I need 34″ underwears, please give me a couple fast, by the way Designer range is what I am looking for’ saying he put his hand to the front pocket on his shirt.A designed accident made him drop the 500 rupees wad of notes on the floor. Sonika was distracted as she left the shirt on the sill and rushed to help Shatir,’ Can I help you Sir’ saying she in fact touched Shatir’s arm with her bra clad left boob. Shatir (actually just wanting to suckle on that 37″) put up a grimace and agreed, allowing the shapely lass to do the needful. Sonika was a college dropout, would not age more than 19 years. She started her career as a waitress at the nearby ‘Pizza’ corner and came to work with Ripu for the money he offered. She counted all the notes and turned around to give it to Shatir, was really surprised and very angry at what she saw. It was a slight to her personal self, after all her body was any day more appealing than the dust laden Rani. Shatir was giggling away with Rani on some incident, Sonika reached Shatir and gave him his money but not before as a continuation to his just acquired jest, Shatir ventured out and patted Sonika on her cheek, offering her 2 of the notes as a gesture of thanks.The already angry Sonika refused bluntly and turned away to go back to her position. Shatir, a wooer of great patience ‘ Sorry Ma’am I did not mean to hurt you, was very happy that you took the trouble to pick up the money, that’s all please do not mind. I would apologise in writing if that would help with no intention to demean your gesture. Please do let me know if I can be of help to you. This is my card’, saying so left the place.Sonika was flabbergasted and got worried because the direction he had chosen to go was towards Ripu’s closed high wall office. She quickly composed herself. She could be in trouble; Shatir seemed to be a close friend of Ripu. güvenilir bahis She quickly went to the phone and called up Ripu to explain the situation. Ripu knew that something will happen and was already rubbing his hands on the naked dick in his hand and smelling the aroma of his own prick and the oozing oil from time to time. He answered her plight in monosyllables and finally concluded’ Let him come and if need be will call you over. He is not the type to complain.’ Keeping the phone down, his other hand was holding the fully prick. He had massaged himself to that condition.Shatir walked in and winked at Ripu, ‘ Saale, you are enjoying yourself knowing she will come and hang on that dick’, Ripu startled him by saying ‘ She has not yet opened up with me, if she had done that, you will not see her wearing a bra.’ While they were talking Sonika knocked and entered the room, profusely started asking sorry from Shatir.Shatir knew she was scared to death and was thinking she will lose her job. He quickly grasped the situation and sat on the sofa next to Ripu who by now had conveniently concealed his dick.”Why don’t you sit down and not get so worried’, saying he pointed the seat in front of him to her. Sonika sat down visibly flustered and was more concerned looking at the proximity these two
enjoyed. She was not prepared for this and though she knew Ripu’s eye for women and the possessions on their body, she was not prepared for a morning like this. The previous Sunday evening, one of her 45yearsold ex-lover blackmailed her into a fuck with his son while he watched.The 18 year old youth had drilled his nice polished cock in and out of Sonika’s lubricated pussy all night long, dumping her at home in the wee hours of this morning. Coming back to the Monday morning, Sonika in her state of mind almost u*********sly shifted her sitting position. She crossed her legs at the ankles, and the thighs came slightly apart, the middle aged men across had a straight line view to her panty clad pussy, now dark patch visible, just a fraction of an inch wide. Sonika rested her hands on her lap pushing the skirt between the thighs, stealing away even the suspicion of daylight. Shatir held up his hand as if in defense. “OK, I’m Sorry errs what is your name?”Sonika Gill’ said Ripu who by now decided to try out testing Sonika’s true colors. During the job interview, it was 99% clear to him that she is a money thirsty female and needs the same in plenty and would do anything, partnering in the bed was least of the issues for her.Shatir continued ‘ I didn’t come here to start an issue or any argument with you or anyone in the store. But it’s kind of hard to avoid considering the beauty that you are, that is something, which I could not have told you in front of your friend and now I can. I really came to meet you and hoping that we could cooperate, for a change.” “Cooperate?” Sonika asked, a little amused. “How could we Cooperate on anything? I mean, isn’t that like asking a sambhar to cooperate with a poacher?” Shatir knew he was on the target and in front of her eyes, got up to reach the door latch and fastened the same adroitly, Ripu called the reception’ Jill, no more calls till I tell you.Shatir smiled and laughed, like he might do if he was arguing about stock market with his friends, started acting very friendly and Sonika couldn’t tell if the approach and events were really as she thought, ‘I always türkçe bahis had a tough time knowing men other than their dicks and dirty asses.’ He said, “Don’t you think, that analogy is far fetched and we have a lot of things to share with each other.” Now Sonika understood the ploy, Shatir was dangling the 1000 grams gold bracelet towards her, she smiled back at him, wondering what he would do next, “Such as?” she said. “Well your well being and keep you healthy financially, you do not have to sweat it out 9-5pm in this hole. of course take Ripu’s salary and do not come for work here. Work for me and for my clients, make our business soar by taking care of our clients and that is not a 9-5pm activity, you will do it with a lot of rest in between and also at your convenience.’ Sonika stopped smiling and looked away. “I don’t want to talk about that. I know what you are trying to say, listen Mr. I am not a whore” saying she started to get up. Shatir was unruffled and stopped Ripu in his tracks who was about to pounce on Sonika by saying ‘You aren’t doing very well. I know that you are four months behind on paying the rent for your little house. You are six months behind on your student loan payments, and you could be having a full legal case slapped on you soon,” Shatir continued pressingly,’ I can help you to get back to normalcy. Your father cannot even give you 10% of it and he will be very sorry to see you suffer. After all your mother too, did give him hard time.’Sonika shook her head, trying not to listen to him but couldn’t help it. Damn him! He knows my weak spots, and he has pressed them just right. She had forgotten about the sly part of Ripu and her ex lover. They knew each other well and now it was a third person like Shatir who was using all that to his advantage. She knew her time was running out and had to give in but she wanted to make this deal a long one and help her get out of all other botherations. She told them of issues with her ex lover and there were tears in her eyes by the time she concluded with the last evening incident.Shatir feigned help, “You mean he is trying to buy you off and make you his slave somehow?” Sonika was strongly say,’Yes, but I won’t take their filthy money but they have got pictures which could ruin my marriage and family reputation!”Shatir looked away for a while feeling secure that this pussy will engulf his prick in a short while, “Now, he’s threatening you …and and … blackmailing you!” Sonika nodded her head and by now she was looking like a lump of goose just ready to be cut and eaten. Her skirt was flying all over with the flimsy panty covering next to nothing.Shatir whistled across to Ripu thoughtfully, and asked, …” So, what we do, we need to give her some joining bonus, that asshole Ravi Sanghi has set her up … and got it all on Film?”Not known to Sonika, Ravi was a close friend of these two guys and they knew of the whole affair. Anyway Sonika saw light at the end of the tunnel and just did not bother to ashamedly tell Shatir ‘ I am ready to fuck anybody provided you get me the film and close the issue with the PIG (Ravi).”I don’t want to see both the father and son for the rest of my life.’ So you are saying, till then we will have to rub our hands like this’ saying which Shatir unzipped his fly and showed her the underwear with a wet blotch. He started running his hands on the same. Shatir and Ripu got the shock of their life when they saw her get up and say…”Shatir Darling,” curling up next to him and leaning in close, her sexy body writhing sensuously under the tight-fitting blouse and loose skirt. “Make me happy, both of you….. Wait for next update

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