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AMP Visit
So this is my first post so bare with me.. I’ve gone to amps for a few years now but I thought I would share this story. Recently I traveled to Hawaii for business and I was so turned on by all the girls at the beach I decided to go to an AMP. I looked up online that had Ofer 100 reviews, I knew it had to be good . I go to this strip mall and scope out the area after 10 minutes I decide to go in. I walk upstairs and go in and there is a lady that runs the operation.. she quickly takes me back to a private room and says would u want a shower ? I respond yes ! Absolutely! She said it will be a min someone is using it.. I wait 5 min and I can hear all these girls talking and the lady comes back and gets me. I go back to the shower room and she says there u go .. (mind u I was thinking this was going to be a table shower but it’s a normal shower and there is no girl to assist me .. so I quickly rinse off and I see a Lufa I grab it and smell and it smells soooo sweet… I take it and rub my balls allll around it stroke it with m cock.. I have to piss and there is no toilet so I piss in the shower on the walls and a lil in the luffa. I’m done and I wrap myself in the towel and head back into the room.when I get back there is this sexy lil girl maybe 23 years old filapino wearing some sexy black lingerie.. I instantly get hard .. she removes the towel and tells me to lay face down . She. Then provides to give me a massage ( A very good one mind u) then after 15 minutes she takes her. Finger nails and illegal bahis siteleri glides them gently across my lower back and onto my ass touching me every so gently … now I’m rock hard … she then puts her body on mine and I can tel she is now naked her tits rubbing on my back … her kissing and licking my ear .. she continues to go back to my ass and starts to play around I get up on my hands and knees and she starts to touch my cock with her finger nails … she continues to grab ahold and starts to jerk me off from behind while she is behind me. I feel her tongue go into my ass… licking and slurping I’ve never gotten a rim job from an AMP before I was so turned on.. after 5 minutes of her eating my ass and jerking me off i quickly turn over and lay on my back . She looks at my cock and a days “wow “ amazed how big it is .. she asks if I would like to continue .. I nod yes.. she goes and licks the head of my dick and continues to suck me off while squeezing my balls.. she can only go down 2-3 inches. Before gagging … (In the back of my head I’m like fk this she is a lil whore and needs to go deeper, so I treat her like a lil whore )I take the back of her head and force her down farther and farther… I keep hearing her gag and looking up at me … she doesn’t say a word it’s like she doesn’t even care … so at this point I take her head and bob it up and down on my dick and start to fuck. Her mouth much drool coming from her.. she then stood and. Sucks on my calls canlı bahis siteleri for a good 2-3 min while jerking me off … I’m about to cum ….. I quickly pull her off my dick and lay her down … I spread open that pussy and start to eat her out .. omg she tasted soooo good… she smelled just like the luffa in the shower ..I eat her out for a good 5 min and she is now soaking wet …she grabs my cock and puts a condom on … I’m so hard. And I haven’t came in 2 days … I feel like I can burst any second … she lays down and I get on top of her and slide my cock in… she tells me to go slow but I can’t I’m about to cum… I go hard In her and maybe do 4 pumps before I cum … but she doesn’t know that … I say fk this I’m going again … my condom filling up with cum inside her and me continue to pound her .. I stay hard and continue to stay on top of her … the walls are so thin people can hear me slapping my balls against her and her moans … I call her a good lil whore and she smiles ..I told myself fk.. what else can I do to this slur… so I put both my hands around her next and start to choke her .. she says nothing ..and just moans and looks me in the eyes while I thrust into her .. i tell her I’m about to cum.. and i go harder into her over and over .. her moans sounds like cries cuz I’m go deep into her … I burst again inside the condom and lay into her …. my heart racing along with hers .. she gets up walks out of the room naked .. comes back with a towel and bahis firmaları removes my condom and she sees it’s filled to the brim with cum… she puts a towel over my cock and starts to finish up the massage … she is still naked and I’m not done yet I start to put one hand on her ass and one on my cock jerking it … she says “again ?!” I te her just to jerk me off.. she spits on my dick and starts to jerk me …but she is refusing to suck on him again… after 5 min of jerking me off her hand gets tired and tells me to do it … so I’m like “ok but I want to eat u out .” She gets in the table puts her pussy in my mouth and her face is now next to my dock in a 69 position.. now she is sucking me off while I eat her out .. while I’m eating her out I taste a lil bit of my cum. I her pussy .. I’m like “fk yes this is hot I just came in this lil whore and she has no idea “ I burst immediately after that. While she is sucking me off and I cum in her mouth unexpected .. she was a lil pissed cuz she swallowed some but idc she is a lil slut I then get dressed and she tells me next time I cum ask for 2 girls she would eat out another girl while I fk a younger one from behind … I told her u bet! So I leave my room and look over to the right and there is another girl naked waiting for the shower … she is maybe 19. 5’3 b cup and long silky black hair… she makes eye contact with me and looks down embarrassed…. I Happen to see that she has some white Stain in her hair .i get so hard again knowing that this lil whore just got fkd and is going to take a shower where I pissed in and fkd her luffa… I head out and the lady at the desk gives me a hug and says hope u had fun see u next time …

needless to to say this is the best experience from an amp I’ve ever had !

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